Tips on How to charge a Smartwatch

Ever wondered how technology has evolved and how you inevitably have to evolve with it? If you have surrendered to this, then, you must have quite a bit of indulgence in gadgets and technological tools. 

Some, among others, are smartphones, computers, trackers and smartwatches. While this article does not focus on the former, it emphasizes the last item on the aforementioned list- the smartwatch.

Now that there is an unavoidable need to get hold of technological tools, we do need to know how to completely get “hold” of them by knowing how to operate them. 

This article aims to solve certain issues that demand informative assistance as regards the operation and usage of a smartwatch. One of which is how to charge a smartwatch. This area of focus encompasses the information on the smartwatch battery and factors that contribute to a smartwatch not charging.

A smartwatch is called “smart” for a reason but not for which would degrade humans’ ability or sanity. Why struggle with a technological tool that was created by humans -when the operative directives were designed by humans and to be understood by humans, clearly not robots.

How to charge a smartwatch 

How to charge a smartwatch has been one of the most searched questions about a smartwatch and this article promises to provide information for that.

The smartwatch can be charged using the USB charger found in the same smartwatch packaging.

It automatically powers off when fully charged

Place your smartwatch directly on the wireless  charger. Once this is done, a lightning bolt will be projected on the portable screen of the smartwatch to indicate that it is charging. In some cases, the bolt will be directly beside the battery display so you could scroll to check.

Check out the link below to know more about the above discourse:

NOTE: the above videos provide answers based on the type of smartwatch you acquire.

Smartwatch Battery

Sometimes, the ubiquity of “smart” gadgets weakens me. Undisputedly, they have saved us in a lot of ways, they have made life easier too but little do we know that whatever generates and provides power would have a point of weakness which may be as powerful and indispensable as the source.

A smartwatch has the power of traditional watches. Hence, the added sophisticated features will demand more voltage perhaps which would have the “life” of the smartwatch, its battery.

Smartwatch batteries range from 300mAh to 500mAh

Smartwatch Battery Life Problem 

Batteries and other phone accessories differ based on their life span and tolerance, and the smartwatch battery is not excluded. 

The prices of smartwatches also differ based on this postulation. Apparently, watches tend to spend more time with us than our phones, because even when we leave our phones to charge, we still have the watches on our wrist. 

Hence, the life span of smartwatch batteries is desired to last, perhaps longer than the tolerance of a smartphone battery. We could inform the intelligent manufacturers of smartwatches to tighten their shoelaces and get to work again. 

However, manufacturers have been constantly looking for ways to improve battery tolerance, expand battery lifespan, charge through specific external power sources, and even hope to significantly improve battery life by replacing fuel cells and bio-batteries with new battery technologies. Oh! This world might be invaded with robots someday.

Since the advent of “smart” gadgets, liquid lithium batteries have been inputted into them. But this kind of battery was gradually replaced with lithium-ion polymer batteries. While these gadget manufacturers believe the gadgets should be charged almost every day, we can agree that that is almost unreasonably and unrealistic as regards using or charging a smartwatch.

If the idea could work with a smartphone, it will certainly not work with a smartwatch, since, an average user of a smartwatch will demand more hours to use the smartwatch compared to a smartphone. This will, then, make it hard to charge the smartwatch every day or as often as possible. I will most definitely not be able to pull that off, or would you?

Smartwatch function

Ranging from 300mAh to 500mAh, the current smartwatch battery capacity has been dependent seriously on its functions. Individuals who purchase smartwatches take high cognizance of the battery capacity and this is because of the power consumption of the diverse functions that the smartwatch can perform. 

Imagine having to do so many things using just one gadget there would be a need to have a long-lasting battery or at least a backup. While the smartwatch does not have this, it is important to acquire one which has a high battery tolerance.

Some of the functions a smartwatch performs include but not limited to: 

  • Fitness tracking
  • Mobile phone connection 
  • GPS positioning
  • Heart rate monitoring 
  • Exercise tracking
  • Health tracking
  • Elevation rating

The above functions consume a whole power pack, which will yet demand more improvement to ensure that a smartwatch user conveniently utilizes and maximizes its functions. So, it’s pretty logical that there would be a continuous need to upgrade battery capacity and tolerance.

Moreso, if you choose to charge your smartwatch without using a USB cable, there are ways you can go about it.  Just like some devices, your device might be acceptable to certain connectors. In a case where your device uses the same connector as Android devices (Micro-USB).

For more information on this, check the link below:

Smartwatch not charging 

 In a case where you have been trying to charge your smartwatch but to no avail, try inspecting the tool and its accessories using the following guidelines and tips :

Ensure the smartwatch is on 

I know this might be a bit difficult since you wish to charge the smartwatch probably because the battery is flat. The trick to using here is to ensure that the smartwatch isn’t used to the point the battery becomes extremely low, then turns off. 

This means you have to be mindful of the battery level while you use it. The reason this is so important is to enable the monitoring of the charging indication and frequency.

Warranty or it does not matter?

This next tip is something I do often. I check if a product I’m about to purchase is under warranty if there’ll perhaps be a need to return or/and replace such product. The reason for this is that the product might be defective, and if you are like me, the one who loves to make online purchases, getting products with a warranty is quite paramount.

Charge the smartwatch while it’s cool

Growing up, I have always been mindful of not plugging in gadgets while they are hot.  My Father would always say “Plugging in a gadget gives heat to it which converts to power, so, if you plug a hot gadget to get heat, you might burn the circuit and your hands.” Apparently, the “burn your hands” was just to scare me but I took the tip by heart.

Oftentimes, if the device gets too hot before or while charging, it will go into a thermal shutdown mode until it cools off and then will continue charging once it is safe again. So, the trick is to remove the device from the charger or the power circuit .wait for it to cool down, and place it on the charger again or plug it in to charge.

But, if you are down the road and you think to yourself “I have done all these and there is no indication that the smartwatch is charging”. There are certain tips you could try and the tips are as follow:

  • Remove the charger or charging USB cord from the smartwatch and put it back in, this works almost all the time.
  • Ensure the cord is in the charging point firmly.
  • Ensure nothing is between charger and device, i.e. no dust, tape, etc.

Does the charger work

Be certain that the charger works and verify by using the USB cable to charge other acceptable gadgets.

  • Try changing the charger’s power source, i.e. move to the wall outlet from the laptop. When charging via PC or laptop, the device.

For more tips on how to ensure your smartwatch is charging, visit the websites in the links below:

Looking for a good smartwatch?

Check out the following sophisticated products:

1. Best Affordable Smart Watch: Realme Watch S Pro

Realme watch S Pro performs functions a conventional smartwatch can perform and so much more

Looking for how to acquire a smartwatch, maximize its uses, and still be on a budget? Look no further, the smartwatch for you is the Realme S pro watch. This smartwatch performs functions a conventional smartwatch can perform and so much more. It’s stylish, affordable and highly recommended.

Also, you will find the specification of the products, features, and benefits you will get in purchasing the product in the article in the link below :


  • Advanced in display and style 
  • Long lasting battery
  • More health and sports features 
  • High-tech performance.


  • For a watch that has advanced features, it is rather expensive.
  • Although it has more health features, it does not contain oxygen information. 
  • Display can be inconvenient due to insufficient data.

2. Best Looking Smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6  More tracking features an advanced, attractive and customizable display

This sophisticated Apple Watch has been the Editor’s Choice for a while now. It’s no wonder owing to its excellent performance and its advancements . 


  • New health, sleep and exercise features 
  • It contains blood oxygen information 
  • It enables GPS
  • It is water-resistant.

Here is a review on the Apple Watch Series 6 to know if it is just what you need. There is no doubt that at the end of the  review, you will definitely know its worth. 


  • More tracking features 
  • Advanced, attractive and customizable display


  • It is expensive
  • The battery life could be better 

Shop at Shop journey, where you’d most certainly get what you purchased, and other accessories that you wouldn’t want to ignore.

3. Best Smartwatch For Exercise: Huawei Watch Fit

Huawei Watch Fit performs multiple functions that a conventional smartwatch and a fitness smartwatch can perform

One of the renowned and best smartwatch brand, Huawei is the maker of the Huawei Watch Fit. It gives you quality while being on a budget. 

The smartwatch performs multiple functions that a conventional smartwatch and a fitness smartwatch can perform. 

Key Features

  • It has an oxygen monitoring sensor
  • It has sleep and health features 
  • It enables GPS
  • It has a water resistance of about 50 meters
  • It enables smartphone alerts
  • It accepts media storage.

The Watch Fit is proof that you do not have to spend a million bucks to acquire the best smartwatch. Find out more amazing features of the Huawei watch fit at You can also make a purchase effortlessly.

4. Best SmartWatch for Women: Garmin Venu Sq

Garmin Venu Sq ,features an ECG app, a noise monitor, and a workout tracker

Over three years ago, Garmin emerged as an American multinational technology company and joined the list of remarkable technology companies.  The brand opened as a GPS technology brand, serving in the marine, automation, sports and aviation industry. Today, it has become top-notch and part of the most sought for.

Garmin smartwatches are high quality which makes them very expensive. But trust me, it’s worth a purchase. Although most people tend to look out for affordable smartwatches, it is advisable to consider how many benefits you can enjoy from the smartwatch.

So, dear strong females, you can look stylish at work while you rock this smartwatch or on the running track wearing it. With an always-on display and a dedication to your health, this is sure to keep you looking and feeling great. 

It features an ECG app, a noise monitor, and a workout tracker to promote and kickstart your healthy life. Every health goal you want to reach becomes closer with this remarkable watch. Check out the benefits and shortcomings below:


  • The quality is worth the price 
  • It is sleek and comfortable to wear


  • For a smartwatch that can perform multiple functions, the battery tolerance could be better.
  • The display and style features could be better.

Check out this credible and life-saving gadgets shop, Shop journey to see more reviews, gadgets and other accessories you might want to purchase. 

Final Verdict

Having a smartwatch offers more benefits than most people know. Smartwatches are able to track your health, tell the time, receive messages and do what smartphones do. As you will expect, smart watches have components that allow them function the way they do. One major component of a smartwatch that affects its function is its battery.

It is important you know that smartwatches batteries differ. Some smartwatches have better batteries than others. The difference in battery capacity can be attributed to several factors. A perfect example is how you charge your battery.

If charged properly, chances are you are prolonging your batteries capacity. Hence, a need to charge your battery properly. This article provides information on how to charge your smartwatch, what to do when it’s not charging and how important a battery is to the smartwatch lifespan. You can also check out various smartwatches discussed in the article.

We know that this article provides answers to many questions you may be having surrounding smartwatches. Feel free to let us know what you think or shoot us any questions in the comment section. 

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