Realme Watch S Pro Review

Realme watch S pro radiates elegance and confidence

Noiseless but impossible to ignore. Realme S pro watch not only starts the conversation well but also closes the deal assuredly. Do you need the Best Smartwatch but undecided about which to pick? Are you in search of a personal guide who monitors and guides you to increase your total well-being and improve a healthy lifestyle? Worry no more. This article introduces you to the perfect and most reliable smartwatch that will help in tackling these problems. 

A watch that speaks more than time. In fact, time-telling is at least one of its functions. It radiates elegance and confidence. It is significantly different from the conventional smartwatch and can replace them. The higher the improvement, the more functions it can carry out. The SmartWatch S Pro is the only best for all these and more.

New features of Realme Watch S Pro

Advancement and reviews in SmartWatch have significantly brought about improvement in specific functions they carry out like preloaded certain health-related apps and workout modes. This article talks more about the Realme S pro watch, common factors you should consider before buying one. Also, you will find the specification of the products, features, and benefits you will get in purchasing the product in this article.


  • Pro Display.
  • Pro battery.
  • Pro sports.
  • Pro health.
  • Pro smart.
  • Pro performance.
  • Pro style.


  • It is more expensive than lesser versions.
  • Realme Watch S Pro cannot  be a medical device.
  • Blood oxygen information is not stored on the Realme Watch S Pro.
  • Lower sport modes
  • Limited data which makes display inconvenient

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Smart Watch

When searching for a Smartwatch to buy, various factors must be considered and diligently sought after. In choosing your choice, you should not only consider the outward appearance but also, the benefits available with each one. Below are some factors to consider before choosing the best smartwatch for yourself.

  • Compatibility

This is an important factor to consider before buying a Smartwatch. You have to ensure that your smartwatch is compatible with your phone. For instance, Apple smartwatches can only work with iPhones while operating system (OS) devices are compatible with both iOS and Android. 

However, smartwatches made by Samsung, Polar and other brands that fall into this category are also compatible with both iOS and Android just that you will have to install a companion app.

The operating system of the smartwatch also dictates the type and number of smartwatch apps you can access.

  • Brand

For someone new to the world of smartwatches, you might be confused as to what brand to purchase. We understand that there are many brands out there and it can become very overwhelming for a newbie. However, the first thing you should note is that the choice of brands is very relative to the individual making the purchase. Some brands have one size fits all smartwatches. That is, they can connect to any kind of phone. 

While some are very selective on the kind of phone they connect with. Here’s our advice for you, purchase the brand of smartwatch that corresponds to the brand of your phone. This means that if you are a Samsung phone user, get a Samsung smartwatch. However, other brands can connect with your phone if you are an android phone user. Examples are:

  • Realme.
  • Huawei.
  • Xiaomi.

Always have it in mind that you should opt for the best and we’ll know brands when purchasing a smartwatch. 

  • Budget

Best smartwatches normally range from $200 to $350.  Unlike average smartwatches that range from $100 to $200. Best smartwatches have more features than the average smartwatches. Hence their more expensive nature. They have advanced fitness and communications features. 

Beyond these features, special features such as an inbuilt GPS tracker, storage for music, and beautiful displays that an average smartwatch will not have.

Some companies however make specialized fitness watches with super-advanced features and functions. These smartwatches are very expensive. We do not recommend that for an average user. 

There are also luxury smartwatches that cost a fortune. We do not recommend this either. This is because you would be paying for the brands of these luxury smartwatches instead of the features in them.

  • Features

What do you want your smartwatch to have? What do you want to see in your smartwatch? These are vital questions that you should ask yourself or anyone around you that wants to buy a Smartwatch. You would not want a situation where you go to the store and get any smartwatch only to discover that the smartwatch is performing less than what you wanted it to perform.

Be on the lookout for the features you want in a Smartwatch. If you are looking for a health or fitness tracker smartwatch, to help keep up with your healthy lifestyle then these are some of the features to look out for. If you just need a workout assistant, then that’s what you should look for in the smartwatch.

  • Design

Best Smartwatch designs refer to the kind of display, the size of the screen and the type of the screen as well. There are two types of smartwatch screen display. They include:

LCD: LCD screen displays are usually in black and white. LCD screen displays have longer-lasting batteries than AMOLED screen displays. It is because they do not need a high current to power their black and white screen displays. 

AMOLED: AMOLED screen displays also known as “OLED”. They display colourful and bright colours. Unlike the  LCD screen display, the OLED screens exhaust more power thereby making their battery lifeless durable.

  • Battery Life

This is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a Smartwatch. People all over the world have had issues with the battery life of their smartwatches. It is one of the greatest complaints about smartwatches. However, improvements are being made constantly to improve them.

Apple Watches and most OS smartwatches can last up to 2 days without running down. Watches using the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor can support a battery extension of 5 days without running down. This 5 days standby mode does not include charging. However, smartwatches that can last up to 7 days usually have lesser features.

  • Warranty

It is no news that smartwatches may have some technical issues caused by either the manufacturer or the owner. It happens to the best smartwatches as well. Smartwatch companies usually have laid down policies to take care of damages.   

Most smartwatches have warranty plans that cover from 6 to 12 months after purchase. The warranty plans depend on the kind of damages. Some damages are very severe that the warranty cannot cover. We advise that you pay attention to the warranty policies of your smartwatch before purchase.

Specification of the product

Display1.39″, 326ppi pixel density, 2.5D Gorilla Glass
StrapDetachable silicone straps, 22mm width, 152-223mm adjustable length.
Screen size454×454 pixel colour screen
ControlSports Modes, Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Cycling, Spinning, Hiking, Swimming, Basketball, Cricket, Yoga, Rowing, Elliptical, Strength Training and Free Workout
SensorPPG optical heart rate sensor, SpO2 sensor, 6-axis accelerometer, Rotor Vibration Motor, Geomagnetic sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Wear detection sensors.
Dimension257.6 x 46.0 x 11.1 mm (with wrist straps)
Battery420 mAh
Weight63.5 grams (with straps)
FeaturesReal-time heart rate monitor, Blood oxygen level monitor, IP68 rating, Sleep Tracking, Sports Tracking, Step Counter, Meditation, Smart Notifications, Idle Alert, Drink Reminder, Phone Finder, Weather Forecast, Music and Camera Control
Price in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)599RM

Features and Benefits

  • Display

The RealMe Watch S Pro has a 1.39″ AMOLED touchscreen. The Realme watch S pro has a 454 by 454-pixel resolution. It also has powerful protection of 2.5D Gorilla Glass. It gives the watch a vibrant look with a nice touch response.

The Realme watch S pro has a 454 by 454-pixel resolution

The RealMe Watch S Pro’s screen comes with a peak brightness of 450 nits and 5-level adjustments. It is bright enough for outdoor usage. You wouldn’t face any issues viewing the content of the watch S pro under heavy sunlight at maximum brightness. The smartwatch also comes with an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment, which works well and adjusts the brightness quickly.

  • Battery life

The Realme Watch S Pro packs a 420 mAh battery which is claimed to offer 14 days of autonomy on a single charge with the following settings and usage:

  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring.
  • Raise to Wake feature lighting up the screen 80 times a day.
  • Synchronizing data with the Realme Link app five times a day.
  • 20 incoming call notifications per day.
  • Receiving 100 message notifications daily.
  • Two alarms every day.
The Realme watch S pro boasts of 14 days of autonomy on a single charge

Once the Realme Watch S Pro’s battery is fully drained, you can charge it for 2hours with the bundled dock. The bundled dock has a rubber grip at the bottom to prevent it from slipping off. 

  • Performance & Software

Similar to other Realme AIoT products, the Watch S Pro also relies on the Realme Link app. This is used to set up the smartwatch, customize its settings, and sync data. The app was exclusive to Android devices for a long time, but it’s finally available for iOS users, so you can now use the Realme Watch S Pro with your iPad and iPhone as well as opposed to earlier versions. Notably, the Realme Watch S pro has a simple and clutter-free Universal Interface which makes it easily accessible to users.

The Realme Watch S Pro is powered by the ARM Cortex-M4 processor and runs an unnamed custom OS. The Watch S Pro’s UI is pretty simple and straightforward and works similarly to the first-gen Watch and the Watch S; earlier versions of Realme watches. A swipe on the right side presents quick shortcuts to Power Saver, Flashlight, Brightness Adjustment, DND, and Lift Wrist To Wake Screen, in addition to displaying the connection status, battery level, and date and day.

The Realme Watch S Pro is powered by the ARM Cortex-M4 processor
  • Connectivity & Compatibility


The Realme S pro smartwatch, unlike older versions, is finally available for iOS users. This means that you can now use your Realme S Pro with your iPhone, iPad and androids also.


The Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch can be connected to version Bluetooth 5.0. Others include:

  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Works with realme Link.
  • Support Android 5.0+.
  • Support iOS 9.0+.
The Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch can be connected to version Bluetooth 5.0
  • Fitness

The Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch has upgraded and advanced health and fitness features that bring an improvement to your health. The Realme Watch S Pro has the following fitness features:

Realme watch S Pro has different health and fitness features

Health monitor

The Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch has the following health features:

  • Automated Heart Rate Measurement.
  • 24-Hour Heart Rate Measurement.
  • Resting Heart Rate.
  •  Exercise Heart Rate.
  • Heart Rate Alert.
  • Blood Oxygen Measurement.
  • Sleep Detection.
  • Calories and distance counter.
  • Drink Reminder.
  • Sedentary Reminder.

Sport mode

The Realme Watch S Pro smart watch has 13 sports modes. They include the following:

  • Outdoor Run.
  • Indoor Run.
  • Outdoor Walk.
  • Indoor Walk.
  • Outdoor Cycling.
  • Spinning.
  • Hiking.
  • Swimming.
  • Basketball.
  • Yoga.
  • Rowing.
  • Strength Training.
  • Free Workout.

Blood Oxygen Monitor

The Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch has an advanced blood oxygen monitor. It has been equipped with the Realme Watch since its inception. This gives you clear, accurate and precise data on your health. 

Heart Rate Monitor 

The Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch has a new and upgraded PPG bio-sensor that gives accurate precision data to the Watch S Pro. This provides you with a real heart rate monitor. This new technology helps you as an individual to improve your healthy lifestyle. 

Other health features include:

  • Drink reminder.
  • Sleep monitor.
  • Meditation.
  • Sedentary reminder.
  • Warranty

The Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch offers a one-year warranty policy for system damages caused by the manufacturer.

  • Spec

The specifications of the Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch include the following:


  • Color:Black
  • Size:257.6*46.0*11.1mm(with wrist strap)
  • Weight:63.5g(with wrist strap)
  • Wrist strap
  • Removable wrist strap
  • Width:22mm
  • Length:152-223mm (adjustable)


  • Battery:420mAh
  • Working Time:14 Days


  • Screen size:3.5cm(1.39”)
  • Resolution:454*454 pixel
  • PPI:326


  • Accelerometer Sensor.
  • Geomagnetic Sensor.
  • Gyroscope Sensor.
  • Heart Rate Sensor.
  • Wearing Monitoring Sensors.

Other unique features

The Real Me Watch S Pro features include; heart rate monitoring, a SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen level measurement, and an automatic step counter. It also offers sleep tracking, sedentary reminder, drink reminder, meditation training, and 15 sports modes. Aside from the health and fitness features, you also get;

  • Camera and music controls.
  • Compass.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Phone finder, stopwatch.
  • Countdown timer.
  • Smart notifications. 

The Realme Watch S Pro also supports smart notifications that alert you of incoming calls and app notifications. Both Realme Watch S Pro and Watch S have waterproofing capabilities. However, the Watch S has only IP68 certification which is not suitable for use in swimming and showers. 

The Realme Watch S Pro, on the other hand, can endure water up to 50 metres and 5ATM pressure. This only means that the watch is capable enough for water splashes and sweat. Interestingly, Watch S Pro has a swimming mode. 

This particular feature is great for swimmers.

Realme Watch S Pro Alternative SmartWatch to Buy

Huawei Watch GT2 

The Realme Watch S Pro is a better option for this brand because it has more features that support a healthy lifestyle than this brand. 

Huawei GT2 Smartwatch features double tap command to power on


  • Buttons: Power button and Multifunction buttons that also support double-tap commands.
  • Sensor: Acceleration Sensor, Optical Heart Rate Sensor, Gyroscopic Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, and Capacitive Sensor


  • Colour: Matte Black Strap and Brown Leather Strap 
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth frequency of 2.4 GHz, BT 5.0. Ranges from 10m to 50m
  • Memory: 4 GB ROM,32 MB RAM
  • Screen: 1.39 inch AMOLED , 454 pixels
  • Screen touch: Touch gestures
  • Battery: 455mAh Non-detachable lithium-ion polymer battery


  • Magnetic thimble charging port.
  • Minimalistic aesthetic design.
  • Strong battery life.


  • Does not support Wi-Fi.
  • It is not waterproof.

Smart Watch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker

The Realme Watch S Pro is better than the smartwatch Bluetooth with a fitness tracker because it has a stronger battery and offers a one-year warranty.

Smart watch bluetooth with fitness tracker features heart rate detection


  • Bluetooth push notifications.
  • Heart rate detection: heart rate monitoring, monitor your heartbeat around the clock.
  • Pedometer that measures; calorie consumption,  exercise step count, and exercise mileage record.
  • A sedentary reminder that sends reminders and notifications for exercise time.
  • Sleep monitor that monitors, records, and analyzes your sleep status quantitatively.


  • Battery: 220mAH
  • Bluetooth version: 3.0 and 4.0
  • Model: Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.78 HD IPS
  • Screen resolution: 320*385
  • Touch screen: 2.5D full touch screen


  • Have found your phone/watch features.
  • Noiseless notification type.
  • Supports Bluetooth call.
  • Side button crown.
  • Encoder knob.


  • Limited warranty
  • Lesser battery capacity than the Realme Watch S Pro.
  • Limited waterproof capacity.

Xiaomi Haylou Smartwatch

The Realme Watch S Pro is a better option for this brand because it has more features that support a healthy lifestyle than this brand. It also has a stronger battery than the Xiaomi smartwatch and a better warranty package. The Realme Watch S Pro screen display is a better catch.

The Xiaomi Haylou watch is dustproof and waterproof


  • Brand: HAYLOU
  • Model: LS01
  • Bluetooth Version: BT4.2
  • Battery Capacity: 210mAH
  • Notification Type: Vibration.
  • Operating Mode: Touch screen/button
  • System Requirement: Above Android 4.4/ IOS 8.0
  • Screen: 1.3 Inch TFT colorful screen
  • Water Resistance: IP68


  • Heart Rate Monitor that accurately monitors pulses and heart rate changes to generate a professional health report.
  • Sleep Monitor monitors your sleep quality through measurement of deep sleep duration, non-REM sleep, and wake time.
  • Multiple Sports Modes: Walking, cycling, running, hiking, climbing, fitness, mountain, spinning, treadmill, and yoga. 
  • IP68 Waterproof that can cope with all kinds of water scenarios in life leisurely.
  • Long Time Standby that supports up to 14 days of normal use and 30-35days of standby time. 


  • Can function as a pedometer
  • Has fine phone/watch features.
  • Noiseless notification type.
  • Waterproof


  • Supports only one language.
  • Low battery capacity.
  • Limited waterproof capacity.

To Wrap It Up

An appealing accessory has a great effect on your personal and professional lifestyle. It forms the definition of your reality in one way or the other. The Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch offers you all these and much more. The Realme Watch S Pro smartwatch has come a long way from its first-generation smartwatch with the Watch S Pro.

It has a premium design, sturdy build, and packs a vibrant screen that’s legible outdoors even under strong sunlight. The Watch S Pro’s user interface (UI) is also pretty simple and straightforward, and its custom OS paired with the ARM Cortex-M4 processor does a great job at offering a smooth experience. These amazing features make the Realme Watch S Pro a better choice for you. It promises a tremendous improvement to the present and future health of individuals.

The efficacy of the Realme Watch S Pro battery life cannot be overemphasized. It has a longer standby and usage time due to its 420mAh capacity. Click here to purchase your Realme Watch S Pro watch.

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