Huawei Watch Fit review

Overview of the product

The Huawei Watch Fit is a good quality entry level wristwatch

The Huawei Watch Fit is the latest smartwatch and fitness trackers from one of the Best Chinese SmartWatch makers. This is a budget smartwatch, so don’t expect it to be the most feature-packed timepiece you’ll ever buy. The Huawei Watch Fit comes after the Watch GT 2 and Watch GT 2e from Huawei both of which performed really well as fitness trackers but have some major software limitations.

The major difference between this watch and its Watch GT predecessors is its lightweight design. It is also a lot more affordable and over everything you need as far as rudimentary health and fitness tracking is concerned.

Comparable competitors to the Huawei Watch Fit includes the Garmin Vivosport and the Fitbit Charge 4. But this watch’s slim design, longer battery life, and Amoled Display set it clearly apart from these other watches. It also comes at a significantly lower price point with a lot of advanced features that sets it up as a worthy competitor to many of the higher-end options.

The Watch Fit is proof that the best smartwatch does not have to be the most expensive. Read the rest of this Huawei Watch Fit review to learn more about this watch and all its features.

Things to consider before buying a Smart Watch

This watch comes with loads of features you’ll hardly find on any product in its price range

Before buying a smartwatch, there are a few important things you need to think about. For instance, what brand of smartwatch is the best? Is the smartwatch compatible with my smartphone? How long is the battery life going to be? What features am I looking for in a smartwatch? Am I buying a smart watch for men or a smart watch for women?  Your answers to these questions will be quite helpful in helping you select the best smartwatch that suits your preferences. Some of the factors to consider when purchasing a smartwatch include


Smartwatches, like any other product, are available at different prices. As a result, you don’t have to break the bank in order to get one. There are affordable smartwatches with the ideal features you need. Do your due diligence, research properly and you’ll surely find a suitable one. 

Phone Compatibility and Operating System

Before buying a smartwatch, check that it is compatible with your smartphone. Some smartwatches only work with certain smartphone brands. The OS of the smartwatch is also very important as it determines the kinds of apps you’d have access to and your user experience.

Battery life

This is important because you want to be sure your device can last for a long time after a single charge. Weak battery life is often a major complaint about smartwatches, so make sure you look carefully and go for a smartwatch with good battery life.


When buying a smartwatch, go for a brand that is well known and popular. They have more credibility as compared to unknown brands. It also saves you from buying fake products.


Some important features to look out for in a smartwatch include; cellular connectivity, fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, GPS, app notifications, water resistance, music, design, and personalization.

Interface and Display type

Smartwatch interface can either be a touch screen or button, depending on your preference. The display type is another thing to consider. Some smartwatches come with colored LCD while others are available in monochrome.


Buy a smartwatch that offers at least one year warranty in the event of a repair or part replacement.

Huawei Watch Fit Specifications

Display456 x 280 HD with touch capability
StrapGraphite Black Silicone StrapMint Green Silicone StrapCantaloupe Orange Silicone StrapSakura Pink Silicone Strap
Screen size1.64 inch AMOLED
ModesGPS mode96 workout modes 
Sensor6-axis IMU sensor (Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor)Optical heart rate sensorCapacitive sensorAmbient light sensor
Dimension46 × 30 × 10.7 mm
Battery180mAh (10 days battery life)
WeightAbout 21g (without the strap)
Features availableHeart rate monitorSpO2 trackerAnimated workout guideWater-resistant at 5ATM or less
Price in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)RM369

Features & Benefits

In this section of this smartwatch review, we will narrow down more specifically on the unique features of the Huawei Watch fit as well as its benefits and limitations for each of the points to be covered.

Design and display

The Huawei Watch fit has several customizable watch faces

With the Watch Fit, Huawei solves one of the biggest issues users have with its range of wearables which is their bulky design. Take an Apple Watch and press or stretch it out a bit and what you get is the Huawei Watch fit. It has a streamlined slim body and is also lightweight which makes it suitable for all-day use.

It has a touchscreen display, but there is a physical button on the side as well. This watch’s AMOLED screen measures 1.64 inches with a 456 x 280 pixels display. Huawei has always managed to deliver sharp and crisp display on its wearables and with a colorful and sharp display, this watch is no exception.

Although there is no conventional always-on display mode on this watch, there is an always-on watch face that shows basic info even though the watch is inactive. The screen has a gesture-wake function which works quite efficiently. The watch face is slightly curved and the display is not quite full-screen but it doesn’t even feel like it isn’t. The software has been optimized to work with this display and the screen is still easy to read. Of course, the reduced screen means the font will be much smaller than what you would have gotten with a watch with a larger screen size. But this display works well too.

The Watch fit comes pre-loaded with up to a dozen watch faces and you can conveniently customize it to your preference. You will also be able to download more watch faces from the Huawei health app.

Battery life

At full charge, this smart watch can run for 10 days at normal usage

One of the major areas where this smartwatch really shines is with the battery life. Compared to many of the best luxury smartwatches to buy in its price range, the battery life of the Huawei Watch Fit holds up pretty well. Huawei advertised that the battery can last for up to 10days on a single charge. while this claim is subject to how it is used, it is still a valid claim.

If all you use it for is light workouts and have a heart rate monitor, you’ll be able to get up to 10 days of use out of the 180mAh battery. However, if you turn on features like the GPS or you play music with it, you will cut the battery down to 5 to 6 days which is still great compared to many of the other fitness watches in its price range.

The watch uses a two-pin charging cradle with fast charging capability. it takes approximately 90 minutes to take the battery to a full charge.

Unique feature

Like watches in the Huawei GT series, the Huawei Watch can monitor your blood oxygen level

Just like its predecessors (the watch GT series), the Watch fit also comes with a sleep monitor and a SpO2 monitor which track blood oxygen levels. While this is a feature you’ll find in many high-end wearables, it is a unique feature for a watch of its price range.

The Watch Fit can measure blood oxygen levels during your workouts and at specific intervals throughout the day. This data can also be tied to GPS data and heart rate data to estimate your workout recovery times, training effects, maximal oxygen intake, and so on for a more effective workout session.

Performance & Software

The watch fit can sync with phones to receive notifications

This is one area where the Huawei Watch fit conforms with the other wearables in the Huawei watch family. Like all the others before it, the Watch Fit runs on the Lite OS. However, the user interface is slightly modified to allow it to fit in with the rectangular screen design of this watch.

This looks good and works great too. As far as navigation, opening apps, and other general functionalities of the app go, everything works as expected. Performance is in the same league as the Samsung Tizen and other high specs smartwatches.

However, the software is not without its quirks. one of the major issues is with the notification system. As many users report, the notification system doesn’t quite sync with the phone. you’ll also have some trouble swiping notifications off singly and you’ll have to use the clear notifications button which is located all the way down to remove notifications on the screen.

Connectivity & Compatibility

This watch syncs easily with both Android and iOS devices

one of the areas you’ll probably have slight complaints about this watch is compatibility especially if you are an iOS user. it is compatible with Android devices with an Android 6.0 OS and above. it is also compatible with Apple devices with iOS 9.0 OS or later. however, you’ll find this watch more compatible with Android Phones than iPhones as it is likely to have some trouble pairing and Syncing with Apple devices. Also, the all-day-stress monitor may not work properly.


The Watch Fit can track a wide range of fitness activities

Although this smartwatch is not by any means the most advanced workout wearable out there, it is still quite impressive for its price range. It offers an efficient suite of features for tracking your health and fitness. You can use the Huawei watch fit to monitor every activity from walking to light jogging. it may also be used to track advanced workouts like cycling, swimming, and even martial arts.

The Watch Fit has a real-time heart rate monitor. You may notice some slight differences between what this watch records and what you’ll get with a standard monitor. But the results still give you a fairly accurate picture of your heart rate while resting or during your workouts.

The Huawei Watch fit is a good quality budget smartwatch with a versatile fitness tracking capability. It is designed to be your ideal workout companion with up to 90 workout modes and 12 fitness courses. The courses include a brief explanation of the workout and animated guides that demonstrate how each workout works.

In addition to being useful as a workout companion, the Watch fit is also fairly accurate for tracking fitness activities. It can detect reps, strokes, and steps really well. This makes it easy to track your performance on a wide range of activities. It also comes with a GPS which makes it possible to track your outdoor runs without a need to carry your phone with you.


The Huawei Watch Fit is your ideal fitness partner

This is a water-resistant watch with a limit of up to 5ATM. This means you can use the watch in a pool but not for diving. It offers Bluetooth LE/and BT5.0 connectivity. Although it has a storage space of 4GB, you cannot store music on it. Sensors on this watch include an Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, and Heart rate sensor (PPG).

Other unique features

This is a water-resistant watch with a limit of up to 5ATM. This means you can use the watch in a pool but not for diving. It offers Bluetooth LE/and BT5.0 connectivity. Although it has a storage space of 4GB, you cannot store music on it. Sensors on this watch include an Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, and Heart rate sensor (PPG).

When paired with a Huawei phone, you can use this watch as a remote shutter. This makes it possible to take pictures by simply pressing the button on the watch. This works quite efficiently with no lag between when you press the button and when the phone takes the picture.


Pros and cons of the Huawei Watch Fit


  • AMOLED display with responsive touch and swipe gesture
  • Affordable smartwatch
  • strong battery life (can last for up to 10 days
  • reliable fitness tracking with several workout modes


  • The strap may be problematic
  • the design does not look original
  • limited software with some compatibility issues.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 has a signature rotating bezel design

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is obviously pricier than the Huawei Watch fit and it comes with a number of significant upgrades as well. Its most notable feature is the rotating bezel which you have on many of the other Samsung Galaxy watches. But it is even more refined on the Active 2. This watch has a slim and minimalistic look which makes it quite appealing as a timepiece for work and workouts. Like the Watch fit, this watch also doesn’t pair well with Apple devices but will work smoothly with your Android phone. Both watches are quite lightweight. The Active 2 weighs about 26g while the Watch fit weighs 27g. Unlike the Huawei Watch Fit, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a microphone and can play music from your phone.


  • a slim and minimal look with a lightweight design
  • impressive workout features
  • rotating bezel design


  • It may not sync well with iOS devices

If you are looking for a higher-end watch with loads of extra features, then you should get the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Smart Watch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker

This smartwatch is a cheap but good quality alternative

KL SEND Y10 Smart Watch is more rudimentary compared to the Huawei Watch fit and also comes at a lower price point. So as you’d expect it is not as feature-packed as the Watch fit. However, it still comes with basic features such as Bluetooth connectivity and also works as a heart rate monitor and general fitness tracker. It has a circular watch-face instead of the Watch Fit’s rectangular and the display is also full screen.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • affordable smartwatch
  • basic fitness tracking capabilities


  • this watch is quite rudimentary

This is a cheap smart watch to buy if you cannot afford the Watch Fit and any of the other pricier alternatives.

Fitbit Sense (Carbon/Graphite) (Lunar White/Soft Gold) Health Watch

The Fitbit Sense is a premium quality high-end fitness smartwatch

The Fitbit Sense is another high-end wearable device so if you’re looking for a Budget smartwatch to buy, this may not be an ideal choice for you. That said, this health watch is definitely among the best smartwatches out there with loads of advanced features. It has a sleek design which makes it suitable as a smartwatch for work or casual outings. it also comes in a wide range of colors and designs. But in addition to its aesthetic appeal, this watch is also a versatile health tracker. It comes with a GPS for monitoring your exercise, an on-wrist temperature sensor, heart rate tracker, and fitness mode for your workout routines.


  • inbuilt GPS tracker
  • it can be used to monitor skin temperature
  • heart rate monitor


  • This is not a cheap smartwatch


Smartwatches are more popular today than they ever were. With one on your wrist, you can keep track of your health and fitness activities, receive notifications from your phone, make calls, and reply to texts. Many fitness enthusiasts go for smartwatches because of the fitness metrics they offer such as in-built heart rate sensors, GPS, stress level measurement, and many others. The Huawei watch fit is one of those smartwatches that offer all of these features and more which makes it such a versatile watch. It also offers an extra perk of being cheaper than many of the other alternatives. This Huawei watch fit review should give you an idea of the features of this watch in order to determine if it is the right option for you.

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