HITEC Fridge Malaysia – Best HITEC Freezer review in [2023]


In older times people used to put their food items in rooms full of ice to keep the foods fresh and consumable but with the invention of the liquid heating technique by William Cullen in the 1740s, the world of refrigeration saw a massive change. Now there are numerous refrigerators in the markets and they are of various types. Each type of fridge has different special purposes but in recent times HITEC freezer has become the most commonly used fridge because of its special features. Every family has different food and storage needs so they should get a fridge that can suit their requirements perfectly. However, it is not easy to choose the best mini freezer in Malaysia as there are many types. So every family needs to have some basic information about the fridges before buying them. In this short HITEC fridge review, you will find everything there is to know about the best fridges that you can buy in 2021. So carry on reading the article till the conclusion and then buy the perfect fridge for your home. 

What are the features of HITEC fridges available in Malaysia?

HITEC fridges available in Malaysia boast a range of features, including energy efficiency, adjustable temperature control, spacious storage capacity, and advanced cooling technology. These fridges are designed to keep your food fresh and organized while providing convenience and reliability for everyday use.

What Are the Various Types of Refrigerators in the Market?

There are several different types of refrigerators in the market and all of them have special functions and advantages. So you should know about the various types so that you can buy the one that will be perfect for your family’s needs. If you live alone but still want a fridge then the best mini fridge Malaysia will be perfect for you. Let’s take a look at some of the common varieties of refrigerators:

Single Door

Single Door - Types of Refrigerators

Single door refrigerators have artistic design

Single door fridges are the fridges that have a single door and are smaller in size.  They are compact and so are perfect for a small family of three or four people. Their storage capacity can range anything between 50 liters to 250 liters and you can buy them cheaply in the market. They have one main door for opening the fridge and the freezer has another small door. So if you want to access the freezer then you will have to open two doors which can be an inconvenience for a busy family. However, these refrigerators have direct cooling and use natural convection to keep things cool. 

Top Freezer Fridge

Top Freezer Fridge - Types of Refrigerators

Top freezers are elegant yet simple

Top freezer refrigerators have two separate doors, one for the normal fridge and another for the freeze. As the name suggests, the freezer is on the top portion so it is very useful for people who frequently have to use the freezer for various purposes. These types of fridges have a large storage capacity and the freezer generally covers one-third portion of the entire fridge. If you have a family of four to six people then these top freezer refrigerators are the best for your home. They use less energy than the bottom freezer fridges but more than the single door ones.  

Bottom Freezer Fridges

Bottom Freezer Fridges - Types of Refrigerators

Bottom freezers are easily accessible

The bottom freezer refrigerators have a freezer compartment at the bottom near the floor and the normal storage space for food items is at the top. Many families rarely use the freezer and the bottom freezer fridges are great for them. The vegetable compartment in the bottom freezers is on the top so you can easily access the vegetable compartment without having to bend down like in cases with other fridges. So you will be able to reach for the food items easily without stooping down. They have a bigger storage capacity than the top freezer fridges and are equipped with the latest technological inventions like an intelligent cooling system which can turn on or off according to the needs automatically. This is why many families call bottom freezer fridges the best fridge Malaysia due to the special features. 

Side by Side Fridge

Side by Side Fridge - Types of Refrigerators

Side by side door fridges have lots of storage space

Side by side door fridges have a large storage capacity and they have two large doors that open from the middle. The freezer section is a little bigger than the food and beverage section and so they are perfect for people who consume lots of frozen foods. These side-by-side door fridges are huge and it can be a little inconvenient for people who have a smaller kitchen. But they are perfect for a large family and since the doors open from the center so you will not need lots of space on either side of the fridge. You can organize and store all your foods, beverages, and frozen items effortlessly without having to worry about storage space. 

French Door Fridges

French Door Fridges - Types of Refrigerators

French door refrigerators have multiple doors

French door fridges have the best of both bottom freezer fridges and side-by-side door fridges. They have double doors on the top and the bottom portion is for the freezer. They have lots of storage space and are very trendy due to their stylish designs. Moreover, the double door feature allows the users to store their daily foods and long use foods in separate sections. These types of refrigerators have bigger shelves and extra compartments for storing fruits and vegetables. However, they cost much more than other types of fridges and use more energy and electricity than the standard ones. So you should try to get an energy-efficient best refrigerator Malaysia that has French-style door fridges. 

Factors to Think about Before Buying a Refrigerator

Buying a refrigerator is always a special occasion for every family as they are costly and people have to save up lots of money to buy them. Moreover, buying a fridge is a lifetime investment so you should always look at the various factors to think about before buying a refrigerator. So before you buy the best fridge to buy in Malaysia let’s take a look at the various important factors that decide the best fridge you should buy in this HITEC fridge review.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency - Before Buying a Refrigerator

Energy star rating of refrigerators

Refrigerators consume lots of energy and a standard-size fridge will take up around 15% to 20% of the whole electricity bill for the month. So you should always try to buy a refrigerator that has energy-efficient functions and features. The energy efficiency is measured by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA and if they see that a fridge is energy efficient, they will provide an energy star for that particular refrigerator. So if you want to save up money on your electricity bills then you should always try to buy the best refrigerator Malaysia that has an energy star on it which proves that they are energy efficient.  

Size and Storage Capacity of the Refrigerator

The size and storage capacity is one of the most important factors that you should decide before buying a fridge. You should not only consider the size of the fridge but the amount of available space you have in your kitchen. If you do not take proper measurements of your kitchen space then you may end up buying a bigger fridge than your kitchen can hold and it will cause additional problems. You should also consider the size of your family or how much food your family consumes daily. 

Cooling Technology

The cooling technology refers to the type of cooling system that your fridge uses to keep the insides cold. There are lots of cooling technologies like mechanical compression, evaporative cooling, absorption cooling, etc. The mechanical compression cools the fridge by mechanically compressing some type of refrigerant into a low-pressure liquid. Many low price fridges also use static cooling along with a cooling fan to cool the insides. 

Price Factors

Price Factors - Before Buying a Refrigerator

Top freezer fridges are very common

You should always decide the price of the fridge before you go to the store as your mind can be diverted by the various trendy refrigerators and you may end up spending more than your budget. Refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes and their prices vary according to the storage capacity, special features, and also the brand you choose. So if you have a moderate budget then do not go for high-end refrigerators with lots of special features. 

Warranty Features

Since every family plans to use the refrigerator for several years, it is also important to see what the things that will be covered in the warranty are. Refrigerators can stop working due to several factors and it is very hard to get an expert who can repair them. So you should always try to buy fridges that have long warranty coverage so that if your fridge stops working at one point then you can easily get it repaired. Moreover, top brands and companies have a large warranty time so you should get the best fridge Malaysia from trusted companies. 

Freezer Space

Many families rarely use the freezer and so they should get a refrigerator that has a small freezer space like the Single door fridges. However, if you have a big family who regularly consumes chilled foods like ice creams and cold beverages then you should get the French door or top freezer refrigerators as they offer lots of freezer storage space. 

Finishing Style and Material

Finishing Style and Material - Before Buying a Refrigerator

Modern fridges have graceful looks

There are many stylish refrigerators in the market that can brighten up your kitchen space so you should consider the styles before you buy a fridge. There are several finishing styles like stainless steel finish or matt black finish that can complement your kitchen perfectly. They are also available in multiple colors like black, white, or various shades of blue so you can choose the color that you like the best. 

Special Features

Many refrigerators have special features like adjustable shelves or intelligent power-saving systems that can help in saving electricity. Many modern fridges have adjustable shelves and you can change their size according to your needs. You will also find refrigerators equipped with an intelligent temperature monitoring system that will automatically switch off the fridge after they reach a certain temperature. So it will help a lot in saving electricity without any manual intervention. Many fridges also have an alarm system to inform the user about the optimum temperature usage. 

Check the Reviews by Other Buyers

If you are confused about whether a specific model is trustworthy then you can check the reviews given by the buyers of that fridge. Many buyers write a product review about the best refrigerator Malaysia and you can read them to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the refrigerator before buying.

Delivery Features

Delivery Features - Before Buying a Refrigerator

Technicians expertly deliver a refrigerator

Most of the refrigerator outlets have their products delivered to the buyer’s home so that the buyers will not have to worry about transporting a huge refrigerator to their homes. So you should buy fridges from an outlet that has a home delivery system. Many outlets offer free delivery for their goods and they are perfect for people who want to save up. 

Selecting the Brand

You should try to buy a refrigerator from trusted and popular brands so that you can get the best product along with a good warranty period. If you buy refrigerators from local companies then they may not be up to the mark and can stop working after a few years. 

List of the Best HITEC Fridges in 2023

HITEC has become one of the most popular refrigerator brands in 2021 and they have lots of refrigerators under their brand. In this fridge review, you will find only the best fridges manufactured by HITEC so that you can choose from the best HITEC freezer. 

HITEC 50L Mini Fridge Mini Bar HTR-55MB

The HITEC Mini Fridge Mini Bar HTR-55MB is a non-inverter-type refrigerator that has 50 liters storage capacity. It is a small fridge for a small family of two members. It has a freezer compartment and mechanical temperature control. It also sports a manual defrosting system and the fridge has dimensions of 450 x 470 x 495 mm. The build material is stainless steel and it has a local warranty of 1 year. This Single door fridge also has direct cooling of T class.

HITEC 50L Mini Fridge Mini Bar HTR-55MB


  • Can fit perfectly in small kitchens
  • Mechanical temperature control
  •  Year warranty


  • Not suitable for large families

HITEC Mini Fridge Mini Bar 60L HTR-60MBS

The HITEC Mini Fridge Mini Bar HTR-60MBS is a Single door refrigerator that uses 220 to 240 volts. It has a total capacity of 60 liters and a net capacity of 46 liters. It also has an adjustable leg and uses R600a as the refrigerant. This fridge boasts Climate Class T and has a recessed handle type. The fridge has a 1-year warranty and the compressor has a separate 5 year warranty period. The fridge has a glass shelf and two transparent door shelves. The freezer also has two door shelves and has a manual defrost system.

HITEC Mini Fridge Mini Bar 60L HTR-60MBS


  • Climate Class T
  • Adjustable leg
  • 5-year compressor warranty


  • No automatic temperature control

HITEC Fridge 120L with Single Door HTR-F120

The HITEC Fridge with Single Door HTR-F120 is a wonderful refrigerator for small homes as it sports 120 liters storage capacity and the freezer sports 9 liters capacity. The net capacity is 92 liters so it can hold lots of food items for a small family of two to three members. It also has an adjustable leg and the fridge has a vegetable crisper along with the cover. There are three transparent door shelves and the product has a 1-year warranty period while the compressor has a 5-year warranty term.

HITEC Fridge 120L with Single Door HTR-F120


  • 120 liters storage capacity
  • Vegetable crisper and cover
  • Both fridge and compressor warranty available


  • No intelligent temperature monitoring

HITEC Fridge 238L with Single Door HTR-F238

The HITEC Fridge with Single Door HTR-F238 is a mechanical temperature control fridge that has a huge 238-liter storage space and the net capacity is 175 liters. It also has an interior led lamp along with 3 transparent door shelves. It also sports a twist ice maker and a vegetable crisper. It has a manual defrost system so it can be a little inconvenient for big families. The fridge has a 1-year local warranty and the compressor has a 5-year warranty period.

HITEC Fridge 238L with Single Door HTR-F238


  • Huge storage capacity
  • Twist ice maker
  • Interior Led lamp


  • No alarm system

HITEC Frost Free Fridge 280L with 2 Door HTR-F280

The HITEC Frost Free Fridge 280L with 2 Door HTR-F280 is a high-end refrigerator with a top-mount freezer. The Fridge has a total capacity of 280 liters while the net capacity is 215 liters. It has electronic temperature control along with a fan cooling system. It also has an automatic defrost system and a normal ice maker. The freezer has 72 liters capacity and two transparent door shelves. There is also a vegetable crisper and vegetable crisper cover. The refrigerator has a 1-year warranty while the compressor has a huge 10-years warranty period.

HITEC Frost Free Fridge 280L with 2 Door HTR-F280


  • Automatic defrost system
  • Electronic temperature control
  • The compressor has a 10-years warranty


  • No speed chilling technology

HITEC Frost Free Fridge 350L with 2 Door HTR-F380

The HITEC Frost Free Fridge with 2 Door HTR-F380 has a large 350 liters storage space with 297 liters net space. It has fan cooling technology along with an adjustable leg. It has a recessed-type handle and top-mount freezer for easy access. The freezer has a twist ice maker and two transparent door shelves. The fridge has three door shelves and an auto defrost system. It also has an interior led lamp and a vegetable crisper with a cover. The product warranty is 1-year and the compressor warranty is 10 years.


  • Fan cooling
  • Auto defrost
  • 350 liters storage capacity


  • No energy star

HITEC Side by Side Frost Free Fridge 650L with Water Dispenser HTR-F680SBS (2 Door)

The HITEC Side by Side Frost Free Fridge 650L with Water Dispenser HTR-F680SBS (2 Door) is a high-class refrigerator that has two doors that are opened from the middle. It has 650 liters storage capacity while the freezer has 203 liters capacity. It is a side-by-side fridge that also has an in-built water dispenser. It has a multi-flow cooling system, an exchangeable door gasket, and a concealed condenser. The fridge has two vegetable crispers and three transparent door shelves.

HITEC Side by Side Frost Free Fridge 650L with Water Dispenser HTR-F680SBS


  • Multi-flow cooling
  • Large freezer space
  • In-built water dispenser


  • Just 1-year warranty

HITEC 250L Chiller Showcase HTC-258FSC Double Layer Glass Door Display Chiller Fridge Refrigerator

The HITEC Chiller Showcase HTC-258FSC double layer glass door display chiller fridge refrigerator is a costly Single door fridge that boasts a double-layered glass door. It has a showcase door and adjustable shelves for utility. Its dimensions are 167.0 x 53.5 x 63.0 cm and have 250 liters storage capacity. It is an energy-saving fridge and also has tempered glass. It also has a 5-year warranty period for the fridge.

HITEC 250L Chiller Showcase HTC-258FSC Double Layer Glass Door Display Chiller Fridge Refrigerator


  • Double glass layer door
  • Energy saving
  • 5-year warranty


  • No intelligent temperature control


So you can see that all the fridges listed in this HITEC fridge review have lots of special features as well as a long warranty. So you can choose any one of them without any worries. If you have a small family of two to three people then you should go for the HITEC Fridge 238L with Single Door HTR-F238 as it is medium-sized and has a moderate price. If you have a big family who has lots of freezers, then you should buy the HITEC Side by Side Frost Free Fridge 650L with Water Dispenser HTR-F680SBS (2 Door) as it has 650 liters storage capacity while the freezer has 203 liters storage capacity.


  1. Is HITEC a Good Fridge?

HITEC refrigerators have been in the market for many years and they always manufacture the best fridges. You will get all types of HITECh fridges like low-cost ones as well as high-end ones that sport multiple special features. 

  1. What is the Benefit of Buying HITEC Refrigerators?

HITEC refrigerators have a long warranty period and some of them even have a separate warranty period for the compressors. Moreover, HITEC fridges are very stylish and trendy and so they will not just be a fridge in your kitchen but will also add an aesthetic value to your kitchen. 

  1. How is the HITEC Fridge Warranty?

HITEC fridges generally have a one-year local manufacturer warranty and in some cases, they have extended 5 years or 10 years warranty for the compressor.

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