6 Best Mini Fridges in Malaysia 2021

Mini fridges are known for their space-saving compact design. Source: CDN Spotify
Mini fridges are known for their space-saving compact design. Source: CDN Spotify 

Mini fridges are small-sized, lightweight, and portable which makes them perfect for a wide range of applications.

They can be used in dorm rooms, small bedrooms, offices, and other small spaces and allow you to keep your drinks cold and your food fresh without giving up too much space in your home.

Buying a portable and practical fridge can help solve your food storage problems especially when you don’t have a lot of space to spare.

But you’ll only enjoy the benefits of a mini-fridge when you pick the right model with all the features you need. You don’t want to end up with a low-quality fridge or one that does not fit your needs.

If you are looking to purchase a small refrigerator, you are probably at loss for where to start especially if this is your first time purchasing one kitchen appliance.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with this review of 6 of the best mini fridge Malaysia and a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right one for your need. Read on for a savvy guide for buying a mini bar fridge.

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Style Of Mini Fridges

There are different types and styles of mini refrigerator Malaysia. The style of your fridge not only determines the physical appearance but may also impact the functionality of the unit. The following are four popular styles of portable fridges you may find in the market.


Portable cube-shaped fridges are perfect for narrow spaces and can fit under desks . Source: Pinterest
Portable cube-shaped fridges are perfect for narrow spaces and can fit under desks . Source: Pinterest

A cube-shaped mini refrigerator is just as the name sounds. It is shaped like a diminutive box and typically has just a cooling compartment with no freezer.

However, some units may feature a tiny freezer or ice maker. These types of mini-freezers are known for their portability. But their size and cube shape can also make them very restrictive.

Because of their small size, cube freezers are best for narrow spaces and when you only need your refrigerator to hold a small number of items. This type of fridge will hold just enough food and drinks for one person (or two people).

Cube mini-fridges may come in a variety of designs from retro style to a more modern look. If you want a mini-fridge that will fit under your office desk or for a small bedroom or cubicle, this is one of the best units to consider.

Most cube fridges feature a single cooling temperature that cannot be varied. Some units don’t even have a switch at all and start working once they are plugged in.


Tall mini fridge offer more interior space but also take up more exterior space. Source: Pinterest
Tall mini fridge offer more interior space but also take up more exterior space. Source: Pinterest

To say a mini-fridge is tall may sound like a contradiction. But there are indeed portable fridges that are a lot taller than regular models. They offer extra exterior space and even more interior space and additional shelving options.

Tall mini-fridges also tend to have a freezer compartment. The average height of a tall mini-fridge may be up to 32-36 inches. This is of course too tall to fit under a desk but still small and slim enough for more spaces.

Being taller also means these types of fridges can hold more cases of soda, food, and vegetables than their smaller sized counterparts. On the flip side, you’ll need more room to fit one in and they also tend to be heavier compared to cube fridges.

If you’d like to enjoy the flexibility that having a mini-fridge with extra room and additional compartments offer, then you should look out for this style of mini-fridge.


Double door fridges have separate door and compartments for the freezer . Source: Pinterest
Double door fridges have separate door and compartments for the freezer . Source: Pinterest


2 Door fridges type of fridge and as the name implies, they have two doors instead of one. They typically have a freezer above the main fridge compartment with a door opening into each of these compartments.

A 2-door unit typically over more space than a one-door fridge. Compared to one-door units, double door refrigerators consume more energy.

However, you may still be able to find double door units that require less power by choosing one with an energy-efficient star rating. Another major difference between this type of refrigerators and one-door fridges that they are typically frost-free.

No ice is formed in the fridge which means they do not need to be defrosted. But they are typically more expensive than single door models.

Single door

Single door refrigerators tend to be more common than double door units. They are only one door that opens into the refrigerator. Many single door fridges have no freezer.

But even in those that do, the same door opens into the freezer and the main cooler compartment. Some units may have an extra door for the freezer. Single door units have less capacity and given their smaller size, there are limited shelves and compartments.

They tend to consume less electricity and many of them feature manual defrosting technology.

Types of Mini-Fridge That You Should Know 

Thermoelectric Fridge

Mini thermoelectric fridges are portable and cheap but are not so durable. Source: Pinterest
Mini thermoelectric fridges are portable and cheap but are not so durable. Source: Pinterest

Thermoelectric fridges are the cheapest type of mini-fridges you’ll find around.

They are also known for their quiet operation. This type of fridges operates on a principle known as the Peltier effect which is an effect created when an electric current is made to flow between two different conductors.

As the C current flows from one of the conductors to the other, a change in temperature occurs at the junction between these two conductors. This principle can be multiplied to create the cooling effect in thermoelectric fridges.

While they are great as temporary cooling solutions and are quite affordable, they are not the most durable and may not be suitable for heavy-duty use.

Compressor Fridges

This is the traditional type of refrigerator and by far the most popular. Most large fridges use a compressor system that features a special vaporized liquid running through the coils of the fridge to keep the interior temperature of the unit cool.

A lot of mini-fridges use this same system too. They are known for their durability and is a perfect choice if you are looking for a fridge that will last for a long time.

They are energy-efficient and are very good at temperature regulation. But they make a low humming voice that may be a problem for some people who prefer complete silence.

Absorption Fridges

Portable Absorption Fridges are perfect for spaces where silent operation is a priorty. Source: Pinterest
Portable Absorption Fridges are perfect for spaces where silent operation is a priorty. Source:Pinterest

This category of fridges are well-known for their silent operation. They use a heat source for cooling instead of a motor which is why they are the quietest options as far as mini-fridges go.

This makes them the perfect option to get in spaces where silent-operation is a top priority like in offices, dorm rooms, bedside fridges, and so on. On the flip side, they are not as energy-efficient as the other options.

Factors to Consider in Buying a mini-fridge

There are different models of mini-fridges in the market. How much you enjoy using your mini-fridge starts from finding the right one for your needs in the first place. This depends on various factors which includes the following.


Some mini-freezers still feature interior shelves and compartments. Source: Pinterest
Some mini-freezers still feature interior shelves and compartments. Source:Pinterest


Perhaps the most important consideration in buying a mini-fridge is the size. After all, why do you want a portable fridge if the size is not a concern for you? But even with mini-fridges, there is a wide range of size options. Two factors determine the right size of mini-fridge to go for.

The first is how much space you have to spare in your office or apartment. Most people purchase mini-fridges for use in dorm rooms and other similarly sized small spaces where they have limited space to spare.

Look at your space and where you intend to place the unit and ensure that the fridge you intend to buy isn’t too large compared to the space you have to spare.

The second factor to consider is what you intend to store in the fridge. If you intend to store wine bottles in your fridge for instance, you will need a deeper fridge compared to someone that only plans to canned drink or bottled beer.

You should go for a mid-sized or larger mini-fridge if you want to enjoy the flexibility of extra space especially if you intend to store both drinks and foods in your fridge.

Freezer space

Get a mini refrigerator with freezer if you intend to make frozen treats and ice. Source: Pinterest
Get a mini refrigerator with freezer if you intend to make frozen treats and ice. Source:Pinterest


In addition to a regular refrigerator space for keeping stuff cool, some mini-fridges also have separate freezer space. If you intend to make ice or some frozen treats with your fridge, then having a freezer space will be a top priority for you.

Note that some units don’t have a freezer space but may have an extra cooler compartment that keeps food cooler than the rest of the fridge. If it’s a freezer space that you want, be sure to check specifically for this.

Another feature to consider as far as freezer space is concerned is the temperature control for the freezer. Some fridges offer separate temperature controls for the freezer and may even allow you to switch it on or off if the freezer is not needed.

Having separate controls like this will let you save a lot of cost on electricity since you can simply turn the freezer off when it is not in use.

Reversible Doors

Some mini-fridge models come with a fixed door that only opens in one direction. But there are some models that feature reversible doors that can open in both directions.

Choosing a unit with a fixed door is not a problem if you are certain of where you intend to place your fridge and you are not likely to move things around in your apartment.

But if you are not certain yet and you need to change the location of some of the things in your room, you may run into some problems with a fridge with a fixed door.

With a reversible door, you can change the direction into which the doors open conveniently no matter the location of the fridge and the fixtures you have around it.

Cooling Capacity

Mini fridges generally have a lower cooling capacity compared to the regular-sized unit. Some units will not do more than keep your drinks at a fairly lower than room temperature.

But there are stronger models that can get your drink cold and keep your food fresh for a longer time. Compressor fridges are well known for their higher cooling capacity and many of them also come with temperature controls that make it easier to set your desired temperature.

Cooling capacity is linked to power consumption. This is why larger fridges tend to consume more power and may lead to higher energy costs.

Fortunately, most modern fridges are designed to be more energy-efficient than older models, you should look for a mini refrigerator with an EPA energy star rating. This can help you save costs on energy bills in the long run.

Budget or Price Factors

One of the major reasons many people opt for a mini-fridge in the first place is because it tends to be more budget-friendly than regular-sized refrigerators.

Not only is a mini fridge cheaper to purchase, but it also costs less to run since you spend less on energy. But even among mini-freezers, price varies from one model to the other.

Perhaps one of the first things to determine in buying a mini freezer Malaysia is how much you are willing to spend on a refrigerator unit. Your budget will determine the exact type and model of mini-fridge you will be able to buy.

The goal is not to find a cheap mini-fridge since cheap units tend to be of lesser quality and may come with limited features. The key is to look for a fridge that’s just the right size and has all the features you need within your budget.

As a general rule of the thumb, the larger the mini-fridge, the higher the cost is likely to be. Mini fridges with glass or stainless steel doors are also likely to be pricier than other types.

Extra Features or Add-Ons That You Might Like!

  • Removable shelves: one important thing to consider in choosing a fridge is how easy to clean it will be. Choosing a Mini-Fridge with removable shelves makes cleaning a lot easier. You can also rearrange or remove some shelves entirely to allow you to fit in taller items in the unit
  • Lockable door: this may not be a feature on the top of your list if you live alone, but if you share a room with someone or you have kids running around, a lockable fridge will definitely save you from a lot of stress.
  • Interior lights: interior light is not a deal-breaker for most people, but having it in your unit would definitely improve the user experience. Interior lights will illuminate the fridge and make it easier to see when you need to grab a quick drink from your mini-fridge in the middle of the night.

Our Top Pick of The Best Mini Fridges in Malaysia 2021

  1. Morgan Mini Bar 50L
  2. Winiadaewoo Retro Fridge
  3. Panasonic Mini Bar Fridge
  4. Hisense Single Door Black Glass 140L Fridge
  5. Haier 1 Door 50L Mini Fridge Mini Bar
  6. Hisense 60L Mini Fridge Mini Bar

1. Morgan Mini Bar 50L

The Morgan Mini fridge features an attractive polished silver finishing
The Morgan Mini fridge features an attractive polished silver finishing 


The Morgan Mini Bar 50L has a compact space-saving design. The sleek look of this fridge is further complemented by a polished silver finishing which gives the fridge a modern look that will fit in perfectly in any home.

Inside, this fridge has a 50L capacity which does seem like much on a first look but a separate ice compartment and its efficient design complete with inbuilt racks and shelves makes this fridge just spacious enough for a portable unit.

We also love how easy it is to control the temperature with this fridge. The Morgan Mini bar uses direct cooling technology and features an adjustable thermostat which makes it easy to set the desired temperature to keep the content of your fridge fresh and cool for a long time.

This feature also helps to conserve energy and save costs on energy.


  • Separate ice compartment
  • Thermostat for temperature control
  • Efficient design


  • Ice compartment but no freezer

2. Winiadaewoo Retro Fridge

Windawoo Compact retro fridge features a fresh keeper and cooling keeper
Windawoo Compact retro fridge features a fresh keeper and cooling keeper

If you are a fan of retro-styled small fridges with a classic design, the Winiadaewoo

Retro Fridge is a top option to consider. It has an attractive vintage aesthetic that’ll remind you of the good old days and stand out in any room. This elegantly designed vintage fridge comes with modern conveniences. The fridge has a spacious 120L interior.

Despite its large capacity, the fridge is still portable enough for use in small spaces. It features an efficient multi-compartment interior design that can be adjusted to suit your food storage needs.

There is an adjustable glass shelf, a stainless wire-door bin, and a multi-keeper bin on the flap door for storage of different food items.

This unit is energy-star rated which means it is guaranteed to help you save costs on energy while keeping your fruits and veggies fresh and crisp at all times.


  • Interior led lighting to illuminate the fridge
  • Energy-star certified
  • Attractive retro look


  • This unit does not have a freezer although it has a cooler keeper compartment

3. Panasonic Mini Bar Fridge

Panasonic mini bar is a stylish and practical mini-fridge.
Panasonic mini bar is a stylish and practical mini-fridge.

Panasonic has a sterling reputation as builders of high-quality fridges and this Panasonic Mini Bar is miles above other products as far as build quality is concerned.

If you want a well-built unit with quality parts that will last you for a long time, this is one of the top options to consider. This fridge uses a direct cooling method which allows it to cool food items rapidly and maintain the temperature for a long time.

There is also a temperature control feature that allows you to vary the temperature in the fridge. This energy-efficient design will help you save on electricity costs in the long run. This is a 50L fridge


  • CFC free unit
  • Well built fridge
  • Reversible doors


  • No frosting

4. Hisense Single Door Black Glass 140L Fridge

140L capacity there’s space for everything in this mini fridge
140L capacity there’s space for everything in this mini fridge

If you are on a budget but you want a large capacity mini-fridge, the Hisense Single Door Black Glass 140L Fridge is the top choice to consider. This is an eco-friendly unit that also operates silently so you are not disturbed by a loud noise when the unit is running.

With a total capacity of 140L, this unit is large-sized for a mini-fridge which means there is sufficient space for your storage needs. The fridge uses a multi-air flow system to keep food cold.

This technology ensures an even distribution of cold air to all parts of the fridge which ensures everything is evenly cooled. There is a no-frost technology that helps to keep items cold without forming ice crystals.

This unit is very easy to clean and maintain and you don’t have to worry about manual frost removal.


  • Multi-air flow technology
  • Large capacity fridge
  • Built-in deodorizer
  • Reliable mini-fridge


  • Not the most portable unit you’d find around.

5. Haier 1 Door 50L Mini Fridge Mini Bar

Haier 1 Door mini fridge has a compact exterior but spacious interior.
Haier 1 Door mini fridge has a compact exterior but spacious interior. 

The Haier 1 Door Mini Fridge HR60H is one of the most portable and still high-quality fridges you will find. With a dimension of 562mm by 538mm by 1187mm, you can be sure that this unit will not take up much space.

Yet, despite the compact exterior, it has a spacious enough interior. You can fit in various food items, veggies, fruits, and drinks in this unit. It is even large enough for a 1.5L drink to fit-in conveniently.

This unit features a compartment for making ice has as well as a freezer shelf. This allows you to prepare iced drinks and frozen treats conveniently with this mini-bar. There is a vegetable box as well for keeping your veggies fresh for as long as you want to store them.

This fridge is not only space-saving but also energy saving. It uses a direct cooling method to keep its content at an optimal temperature. There is also led lighting to keep the fridge interior well illuminated.


  • Ice maker compartment
  • Features a vegetable box for storing veggies
  • Led lighting
  • Compact mini-fridge with a space-saving design


  • The door does not have a handle

6. Hisense 60L Mini Fridge Mini Bar

Hisense low noise and eco-friendly mini bar
Hisense low noise and eco-friendly mini bar

The Hisense 60L Mini Fridge Mini Bar is one of the most popular products in the Malaysian Mini Fridge market with thousands of positive reviews from satisfied users which goes to show just how quality this mini bar is.

It is perfect for anyone with limited space to spare and on a budget. This is an environmental-friendly, low noise unit. It is also quite easy to maintain. It has a no-frost design and uses air cooling technology to deliver efficient and seamless cooling.

The no-frost design also means you won’t have to stress yourself with manually removing frost from your fridge. This fridge has all the essential features you want in a mini-fridge and more.

With an interior capacity of 60L, there is no shortage of storage space and the multi-airflow cooling system ensures all part of your fridge is kept cool at all times.


  • Efficient cold air distribution
  • No frost-technology
  • Built-in deodorizer to keep the air fresh at all times


  • No lights in the fridge.


Choosing the best mini refrigerator Malaysia is not as complicated as it sounds. Sure, there are lots of great options, but you can carefully narrow down your options and find the right one for you based on your needs, preferences, and some of the factors covered so far.

Always consider seemingly small details like where and how your freezer will be placed, the type of drink and food you intend to put in it, and the energy efficiency to help you make the right choice.

For this review of the best small refrigerator, our top pick is the Hisense 60L Mini Fridge Mini Bar. This is a very popular product with lots of positive reviews. It is also very budget-friendly and runs quietly.

The Hisense Single Door Black Glass 140L Fridge is another top-quality alternative especially if you are looking for a high capacity mini-fridge.

Frequently Asked Question on Mini Fridges in Malaysia

How To Fix A Mini Fridge That Won’t Get Cold?

The first thing to do if your fridge won’t get cold is to check if it is plugged in. You should also check if the circuit breaker isn’t flipped off. If the unit has a temperature adjustment dial, you can check to ensure if the dial isn’t set too low.

Some units may also run poorly due to a build-up of frost. In this case, simply defrosting would help. If the unit still won’t get cold despite doing all of these things, try to get in touch with the manufacturer for help.

What Can Fit Inside A Mini Fridge?

The answer to this depends largely on the size of your mini-fridge (typically stated I cubic feet by the manufacturer). Some manufacturers will also describe the fridge capacity based on the number of 12-ounce cans that can be fitted into it.

The number of shelves and compartments in the fridge can also impact how much stuff it can contain.

How Do I Choose A Mini Fridge?

In choosing a mini-fridge, there are various factors to consider including the interior and exterior size of the fridge, the weight or portability, storage capacity, cooling capacity, energy efficiency among other factors.

You should look for a fridge which has as many of your desired features as you can find within your budget.


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