Best Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners for Healthy Homes

Looking through different shopping sites and still finding it hard to make a pick of a vacuum cleaner that meets your needs and requirements? Well, have you ever considered the Xiaomi brand?

Though well known for making phones and gadgets, Xiaomi has also established a name in the production of both hand-operated and robotic vacuum cleaners. Their robot vacuums can be connected to the Mi Home app, allowing you to control the vacuum from afar.

This Xiaomi vacuum cleaner review details not only on the best options available to you but also provides enlightenment on the types of vacuum cleaner models that there are, the benefits of vacuum cleaning for you and your family and a guide to choosing the most suitable vacuum cleaner.

You’ll definitely find this helpful, so read on!

Types of Vacuums

Before learning how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs, you should learn about the types of vacuum cleaners on the market.

1. Upright Vacuums

Just as the name indicates, upright vacuums stand upright. It sits balanced on the post that sucks the dirt, known as the power head. Attached to the same point are the dirt container, the handle and the power nozzle which gives the vacuum it’s upright feature. 

It is particularly good for its carpet cleaning function which is aided by it’s beater brush. This brush is motor driven and it functions by loosening and removing dirt using suction power.

Upright vacuum.


  • Used to clean large carpet surfaces
  • Suctions dirt with beater brush
  • Suitable for people with back problems


  • Faster to use due to large vacuum head
  • Easy to store and mobile
  • Provides convenience in use


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Noisy

2. Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums are usually less bulky than upright vacuums. They have a hose, a nozzle which is attached at the end of a wave, the vacuum unit and wheels. 

The structure of the canister vacuum is one that distinguishes the dirt container which is also the motor from the power head and handle. This feature adds to its many advantages.

Wheeled canister vacuum.


  • For cleaning hard floors and carpets
  • Suitable for areas that have small carpeted areas like cars and stairs
  • For furniture and several other surfaces


  • Feels lightweight because of its structure
  • Flexible and versatile
  • High suction power


  • Bulky, hence not easy to store
  • Requires a lot of movement and effort from the user

3. Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums are the smaller and less powerful version of the upright vacuum. They are also known as sweepers. Stick vacuums have smaller sized motors with no dirt bag to accommodate dirt. The “stick” in its name comes from the elongated rod which becomes the handle or body.

Stick vacuums can either come with cords or they may be cordless.

Cordless stick vacuum.


  • Best for cleaning small areas
  • For reaching corners and crevices
  • For cleaning carpets and hardwood floors


  • Flexible and easy to store
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can reach areas that bulky vacuums may not reach


  • Not suitable for large homes
  • Dirt cup has to be emptied in-between uses.

4. Handheld Vacuums

If you need something more handy than the upright vacuum cleaner, then the handheld vacuum cleaner is the best option. Handheld vacuums are popularly referred to as dustbusters. Due to its portability, it has found great use in cleaning wood surfaces, cars and for quick clean ups of spills in work areas.

Handheld vacuum cleaner.


  • To reduce allergens in the home
  • For quick clean ups
  • For cleaning cars and wood surfaces


  • Portable and handy
  • Uses a battery, hence can be used at any time
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for large areas
  • Cannot retain much dirt as the larger vacuums

5. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuums for short, known as robovacs. These devices are usually round in shape and require less of your presence while vacuuming. Each robovac has at least one pinning brush and a roller brush. Through which they gather debris of different sizes to the center before it is engulfed into its waste collector.

Many of today’s robovacs can be connected to an app (like the Mi Home app) that the user can manage them with. Robot vacuums come with a charging station that these vacuums recognize as their home base.

The Mi robovac.


  • With the aid of the brushes, they gather small and large dirt particles together
  • Sensors and programming of cleaning schedules


  • Permits programming of cleaning pattern or routine
  • Requires less human supervision
  • Has sensors aiding spatial navigation


  • Not versatile 

6. Central Vacuums

Unlike the ones that have been previously discussed, the central vacuum is one that is permanently fixed to the wall of a building. Designed with pipes integrated into the walls which collect the dirt and empty it to the receptacle located in a remote space. 

Wall installed central vacuums.


  • A more organized method of cleaning the house.
  • For collecting debris from buildings


  • Perfect for tough dry dirt
  • Minimal noise
  • Large receptacle, hence less frequent emptying


  • High installation cost

Health Benefits of Vacuum Cleaning For You and Your Family

Vacuum cleaning in your homes goes way beyond removing dirt and keeping it clean. It also has a number of advantages that are beneficial to your health that you may not be aware of. 

This section would enlighten you on some of those benefits you derive from using a vacuum cleaner in your home.

Keep reading!

Promotes Better Skin

The skin is the first area of contact with dust and debris in the house. People with sensitive skin may be allergic to dust mites, or other harmful particles suspended in the air. 

Vacuuming helps reduce skin irritation.

Frequently, they experience redness and itching on the skin. These are signs of allergic reactions. Frequent cleaning of the homes with vacuums can help you get rid of these particles and prevent your skin from getting irritated. 

Provides Relief from Allergies

Have you ever wondered why you sneeze a lot, have a runny nose, tearing eyes and all of that wherever you sleep on the carpet or close to your pet?

Well, that might be a sign of an allergy! 

Most allergies are caused by substances like dust, pollen, pet hair and so on. Most of which can unavoidably get in houses and trigger the reactions.

Good vacuum cleaners can help reduce your reactions

However, through regular vacuuming with a good vacuum cleaner, you can eradicate 90% of these allergens and keep those who are prone to them safe.

It is also important to note that when the vacuum cleaner gets old, it might be releasing as much dust as it is taking in. At this point the vacuum is no longer effective and another vacuum cleaner should be bought.

Eliminate Dust Mites

You should know that carpets are a very comfortable and appealing habitat for dust mites. This occurs commonly when the carpet is placed over a concrete floor because the floor is able to retain moisture and thus providing a humid environment for the mites. 

Vacuums eradicate those mites from your homes.

It is safe to say that you may not be able to completely get rid of dust mites in your home. This should not pose a threat in any way if frequent and thorough vacuuming is done. 

It is important to note however, that not all models have this feature. 

Preferably, vacuums with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) are efficient in this effect and also release less dust back into the atmosphere.

Improve your Psychological Health

You would agree with me that when the house is dirty, your mood is usually weighed down and your energy levels might be reduced. Regular vacuum cleaning in the home helps to improve your psychological health. 

Keeping your home clean can help elevate your mood.

A clean environment rejuvenates your mood and keeps you going!

Provide You With Adequate Exercise

Ever heard of the idiom “kill two birds with one stone”? What it means is you can achieve two purposes at a time. Well, that’s what you achieve by vacuuming your home.

You not only clean your house and enjoy all the benefits above, you also exercise your body when you move your vacuum cleaner up and down your apartment.

Vacuuming helps you exercise.

The exercise you perform while vacuuming is effective enough to protect your heart and increase your lifespan. 

Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Cleaning Needs

Just thinking of getting a vacuum cleaner for the first time or had a bad experience with the one you bought? 

Do not panic, we’re here to guide you on the most important things to look out for before purchasing a vacuum cleaner that’ll meet your needs.


Some of the features to look out for are 

i. Areas it can clean

Depending on your home settings, for instance, if you have carpets and staircases, you should pick one that can adequately clean carpets, hard surfaces and would be convenient for use on the staircase.

Handheld vacuum cleaning edges.

ii. The weight of the cleaner

You should look at getting a vacuum cleaner that is not heavy and would be easy for you to move about.

Slim and lightweight vacs are easier to use.

iii. The length of the cord

One thing that might be frustrating about vacuuming is having to change switches over and over again. It’s very easy to neglect this feature but it’ll definitely save you unnecessary stress

Longer cords make the work less of a hassle.

Check for the length of the cord and be sure it’s long enough for you.

On the contrary, recent models come without cords, and have other nice features.

iv. Dust capacity

Home vacuums have dirt capacities ranging from 2 – 10 litres. Smaller dust capacity vacuums would require emptying in between uses, which may be stressful and time consuming. 

Larger dust capacity vacuums do not require frequent emptying.

The Bags

As you search through the net for vacuum cleaners, you would be familiar with words like bagless and bags already. 

Bagged vacuums as the name indicates come with bags where the debris are collected. These bags are thrown away once the maximum capacity is reached and this prevents dust from escaping back into the atmosphere. However, there’s a need to continually buy bags which may be expensive.

Bagged vs Bagless vacuums.

The bagless vacuums usually have smaller capacities and dirt may be released into the atmosphere when you are emptying them. Nonetheless, there’s no need to continually buy bags.

Low Work Noise Levels

Hearing that noise from your neighbor next door every weekend can be very annoying and you definitely do not want to have it coming from your own house.

It is therefore vital to check for the noise of a vacuum before getting one or better still, go for a noiseless one.

Other features that are nice to have

i. Handle: A handle would go a long way to make lifting and pushing of the vacuum cleaner around the house easier and faster.

Handles make moving vacuums easier.

ii. Filters: Not all vacuums come with filters. The filters help to prevent the dirt already suctioned to the vacuum from getting back to the atmosphere. This feature is especially good for homes where someone is allergic to some of the allergens that have been previously discussed.

Read The Reviews

Most times when scrolling through the market site for items you want to buy, you tend to scroll past the comments section. What you should know is that it is safer to get the story from two parties. The marketers description is not enough to tell you how good the vacuum is. People who have bought it and used it would be able to give feedback on the pros and cons of the vacuum.

So, don’t ignore that part!

Choose Delivery Wisely

Save yourself extra cost and purchase from stores that offer free delivery services and can pick up your old models to save you the hassle.

Furthermore, be smart and on the lookout. Preferably, confirm if the store you’re buying from has a delivery service that can be trusted and held accountable. 


So many developing companies are emerging, older ones are still keeping up with their production of good vacuum cleaners. 

The choice of brand depends on your personal preferences but we at Shop Journey have several brands that we trust and we would like to recommend.

Xiaomi is among the top brands with numerous best-selling products. This is why we recommend that you consider a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner.

Best Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners

  1. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential

The surface friendly vac!

The Xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner gives you all the luxury and comfort you desire. It also has a mop that wipes your surfaces clean after removing dirt. 

This vacuum cleaner is suitable for small to medium size homes. 

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Review - Shop Journey
Gentle for most home surfaces.

Technical features

  • 300 watt power consumption
  • Li-ion battery
  • Water tank capacity of 200 ml
  • 3-layer filtration system
  • HEPA filter


  • Quiet operation
  • Can be controlled from anywhere, within or outside the house
  • Dual cleaning power


  • Expensive
  1. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini Global Version

If you’re looking for a portable yet powerful mini vacuum cleaner, this Xiaomi Mi Global Version is your go to. Due to its portability in size, it’s versatile and can be used in different corners of the home where a bigger sized vacuum would not be able to reach. For instance, in-between the cushions, under the chairs and beds etc.

xiaomi vacuum cleaner
Multi nozzle caps of the Xiaomi mini vacuum cleaner.

Technical features

  • Cordless
  • 100W power input
  • Brushless motor
  • Multi nozzle caps


  • Lightweight
  • Consumes less energy
  • Multiple cleaning functions


  • Not suitable for large areas
  1. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Global Version

The Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum-mop is a must have for every home!

This robot vacuum mop is one of the top rated Xiaomi robotic vacuums. It works with Alexa as well as Google Assistant. Alongside it’s sweeping function, it is also able to mop the home with its integrated mop.

You don’t have to always be around while to robot vacuum carries out its tasks. It can be controlled through the Mi Home app. This takes you one step closer to having a smart home.

Furthermore, when the battery is low, it automatically heads to its charging station to recharge and resumes cleaning.

Automated cleaning feature of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop.

Technical features

  • vSLAM path planning
  • 2600mAh battery capacity
  • Eye sensor
  • Can climb up to 20mm
  • Compatible with Mi Home app


  • Requires less supervision
  • Long cleaning duration
  • Long lasting battery


  • Expensive
  1. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro Global Version Path Planning LDS

This is your mini assistant vacuum cleaner.

The mi robot vacuum mop has similar characteristics to the Global Version vacuum mop only with a few added advantages. This Pro Global Version, also works with Alexa and Google Assistant. It has high suction power and can produce effective results. The complete package comes with a main brush, side brush, a dust bag of 550ml capacity and dual function water tank. 

You can set no-go zones or a saved map to follow via the Mi Home app.

Automatic Room recognition feature.

Technical features

  • 3 cleaning modes – sweep, mop and sweep and mop
  • 3200mAh battery capacity
  • Auto recognition of different rooms
  • Path planning with LDS
  • Compatible with Mi Home app


  • Voice control
  • Allows for tracking of cleaning progress
  • Stronger battery
  • High suction power


  • Expensive
  1. Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Global Version

The Xiaomi Mi handheld vacuum is great for banishing allergens in the home.

This handheld cordless vacuum is advertised to have 99.9% elimination of dust mites. This feature makes it a good choice in homes where members are prone to allergies. It has 4 multifunctional heads that you can interchange depending on the area you want to clean. 

The battery life of the Xiaomi Mi handheld vacuum cleaner is 30 minutes and even when the battery is low, it still performs at optimal levels. It is designed with filters and a 9-cyclone design that prevents the filter from blocking and allowing a consistent flow.

99% efficiency in dust removal.

Technical features

  • 9-cyclone design
  • HEPA filter
  • 2500mAh lithium battery
  • 350W power input


  • Efficient filtration of very small microns of particles
  • Flexibility
  • High speed


  • Non automated vacuum
  1. Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 Global Version

The all in one vacuum and mop

With this all-in-one vacuum cleaner, you get double the effort you put in as a result. It has deep cleaning effects that can penetrate stains and get rid of them. It’s 3000mAh battery gives it a battery life of up to 65 minutes. The boxed package comes with one vacuum cleaner, one extension pole, a high-torque floor brush, mop cloth, water tank, a dual charging and storage bracket, a small electric brush, a dual purpose dusting brush, an adapter, user manual and other items for fixing the vacuum together.

The all-in-one vacuum and mop.

Technical features

  • Input power is 450W
  • 3000mAh battery capacity
  • 25000 RPM motor


  • Long lasting battery with battery life of 65 minutes
  • Dual function vacuum cleaner
  • Effective for tough stains


  • Dust capacity is 0.6 litres


The list of the best Xiaomi Malaysia vacuum cleaners can go on and on however we have decided to stick to the top 6. 

Xiaomi vacuums offer you quality for the price you pay. 

From our Xiaomi vacuum cleaner review, if you need a budget friendly vacuum cleaner, the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini Global Version is your best bet.

Though it costs relatively less, it can be very useful in homes and other places because of its flexibility and multi nozzle caps. 

On the contrary, if you are more concerned about having a sophisticated Xiaomi robot vacuum that can make the work easier for you, you may consider the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro Global Version Path Planning LDS


Should I get a vacuum cleaner and mop in one appliance?

It is actually time and energy effective to get a vacuum cleaner and mop in one item. Especially when it’s automated. 

With both features on a vac you can successfully spend quality time that would have been used for cleaning doing something else.

Is the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner worth buying?

Yes, Xiaomi vacuum cleaners are worth buying.

Aside from the fact that they make quality products, they offer more quality than you’d be paying for.

Which Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is worth choosing?

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is more of a personal task than a generalized one. Several very good options are available out there, but the best one for you would depend on the needs you want the vacuum to meet. 

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