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Almost every household requires a fridge to keep their food and drinks cold and unspoiled for longer. However, there are several refrigerator options out there that choosing the best fridge can become hectic. People seem to get confused by the hundreds of features and somehow they just can’t decide what to pick. That’s where we come in. In this Haier fridge review, we talk about exactly what you should look out for.

Haier is one of the few Chinese fridge brands that has earned good brand value and most consumers out there will tell you that it’s the best fridge to buy in Malaysia. The fridges are powerful, efficient, durable, and eco-friendly with energy star ratings. This means that their energy consumption is less compared to traditional fridges.

Types Of Haier Refrigerators On The Market

Refrigerators come in different shapes, sizes, and most importantly, different designs. This is most conspicuous in the door style. We’ll mention the most common configurations that you should consider before buying as well as the pros and cons of each. The configurations determine how many door facilities are there and where they’re located:

1. Single door fridge

These are some of the most commonly sold refrigerators and are ideal for people who are just starting out in life. They’re also the most energy-efficient refrigerators that you’ll ever come across.

Single door fridge - Types Of Haier Refrigerators

An assortment of single-door refrigerators


·  Pocket-friendly

·  They occupy little floor space and volume

·  Consume less power compared to double door fridges (30-40% less)


·  Capacity is small. Things inside look congested and big containers can’t fit

·  Doesn’t have a perfect cooling function

·  The freezer compartment is often very small

·  To open the freezer, you have to open the main door. This causes the whole fridge temperature to rise and so much energy is wasted in the process.

2. Top freezer fridge

Also referred to as the classic fridge, these refrigerators have proven to be very efficient. They have a freezer that’s located above the fridge compartment. They’re pretty basic and don’t have extras such as an indoor water dispenser and automatic ice makers.

Top freezer fridge - Types Of Haier Refrigerators

A two-door fridge with the freezer at the top


·  Affordable

·  Consume minimum energy compared to other more complicated fridge styles so you get to save more on energy costs

·  Ideal for smaller kitchens or apartments


·  Doesn’t have lots of freezer space so it’s not ideal for someone who has lots of items to freeze

3. Bottom freezer fridge

The bottom freezer refrigerators have a freezer compartment at the bottom. They aren’t too common in the market but if you find one that you like they’re cheaper than French door refrigerators, with some of the same advantages.

Bottom freezer fridge - Types Of Haier Refrigerators

A two-door fridge with the freezer at the bottom


·  Save on space in comparison to French door fridges

·  Larger than top-freezer refrigerators, hence more room for frozen items

·  Easier access to the preserved food since the main chiller section is at the top


·  Pricing is higher than the normal (top) fridge

·  Consumes more energy than top freezer fridges

·  You have to bend to access the freezer compartment

4. Side-by-side fridge

If you are looking for a fridge with a good balance between storage space, style, organization, and additional functionalities such as dispensers, the side-by-side refrigerator is your go-to fridge. These fridges have a door on the right and left i.e. the refrigerators and the freezers are right next to each other with equal space for both. As a result, most of the preserved and frozen foods are at eye level. The fridge is usually on the right while the freezer is on the left.

Side-by-side fridge - Types Of Haier Refrigerators

A spacious side-by-side two door fridge


·  Has ample storage room. Ideal for people who keep lots of frozen and preserved foods

·  Easy accessibility for kids and people on wheelchairs

·  A good fit for a narrow kitchen since the doors don’t swing out as far

·  Comes with the latest features e.g. touch controls, ice makers, bells and whistles

·  Has an enhanced cooling effect so it can preserve food for longer


·  Quite expensive

·  Consumes more energy

·  Lacks special drawers for easy access to drinks and snacks

·  If the fridge is packed, it’s taxing for it to maintain correct temperatures on both sides

5. French door fridge

The French door fridge has it all – it’s the most stylish refrigerator in the market. It’s an embodiment of the side-by-side fridge but with a freezer at the bottom. Other common variants on the French look include the four-door version that has an additional pull-drawer and a quad-door version.

French door fridge - Types Of Haier Refrigerators

A full-size French door refrigerator in the kitchen


·  Offers a large storage capacity

·  Comes with a handful of extra features and smart functions like a water dispenser, ice maker, AI, etc.


·  The most expensive of all fridges

·  Consumes more energy

·  The ice maker is prone to failure and subsequent repairs

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Fridge

Buying a fridge is a huge move and you’ll be investing a great deal of money in it. Before you walk into that appliance store, there are a couple of things that you need to know. What we mean is that there’s more to a refrigerator’s color and door style.

The moment you walk into a store you will be faced with what seems like endless options. This Haier fridge review will give you great insights and you’ll be well on your way to big savings. Here’s what to look out for if you are looking for the best refrigerator Malaysia:

1. Energy Efficiency / Energy Star Rating

The energy star rating is the simple choice for saving energy, saving money, and helping to protect the environment. In fridges, it refers to the power consumption and output efficiency.

This is one of the most important features of a good fridge because a high star rating is associated with a good refrigerator performance.

Energy star rating of 5

Energy star rating of 5

Thanks to recent improvements in insulation and compressors, today’s refrigerators use much less energy compared to older models. Find a fridge with a star rating of 3 and above. Since refrigerators are long-lasting, a good energy star rating will surely save your pocket in the long run.

2. Size / Capacity

The amount of space you have in your kitchen determines the size of the fridge that you get. Since most kitchens have a dedicated space for the fridge, you need to measure it before going to the store. Take both the height and width measurements of the fridge as well as those of the doorway.

A large multi-door Haier fridge

A large multi-door Haier fridge

Once you know the exterior size, put into consideration the interior capacity. This is usually indicated in ‘cubic feet” or “cu. ft.” and represents the available storage for holding the food.

Overall, larger refrigerators have greater energy consumption because the larger the space, the more energy it takes to keep it cold.

3. Cooling Technique

The cooling technique is a very important feature that you cannot afford to overlook. The technique determines whether or not the fridge can maintain its temperature and humidity. This ultimately determines if you can trust it to keep the contents fresh.

Fridges need to maintain a cool temperature at all times

Fridges need to maintain a cool temperature at all times

A refrigerator that packs a frost-free cooling system that doesn’t use ice or frost to preserve food is ideal. But these are relatively pricier than regular ones that use ice or frost. Additionally, if it has an electric fan that evenly distributes the air inside, it’s able to remove the frost conveniently. This means that you won’t spend an eternity waiting for the contents to defrost.

4. Budget

Refrigerators are valued at different price points. So before you purchase one, you need to first determine how much you can afford to spend. Roughly, a basic top freezer fridge will cost you around $500 and a French door will cost over $1,000 depending on the brand and model.

Smaller fridges are significantly cheaper than larger ones

Smaller fridges are significantly cheaper than larger ones

If a fridge is very cheap, it most probably doesn’t have additional functions and features. So don’t be so keen on spending less on the purchase but end up spending more in the future especially if it has a low energy star rating.

5. Warranty

Warranties are essentially promotional tools that tell you so much about the quality and reliability of a product. For example, if a product comes with a long warranty with better terms, that implies that it’s reliable.

The longer the warranty period, the better quality the product

The longer the warranty period, the better quality the product

Go for fridges that give you a maximum warranty that’ll eliminate costs beyond repair or maintenance for as long as possible. A good warranty will offer you protection ensuring that you’re cushioned against defective products or their parts as long as they don’t perform satisfactorily during their warranty period.

6. Freezer Space

Once you have already established whether you want your freezer to be at the top, bottom, or side, now it’s time to consider how spacious you want it to be.

Several factors affect how much freezer space you need. For example, if you have a large family, then you need a fridge with more freezer space. Your food habits also determine how much freezer space you need. If you are a big-time frozen food lover, then you will need more freezer space.

Unlimited freezer space in Haier refrigerator

Unlimited freezer space in Haier refrigerator

Don’t forget the larger the freezer space the more the energy consumption will be and you, most probably, will have to pay more for the fridge.

7. Construction Material – The Finishing

Looks matter a lot so you want something that’ll look great in your kitchen. Let’s not forget that you’ll be looking at your fridge every single day so get something that makes you happy. Do you wish to match your fridge to your home’s interior décor or is there a particular appliance that you wish to match your fridge to? If yes, then finishing should be among the top considerations when buying a refrigerator.

Haier fridge with stainless steel finish

Haier fridge with stainless steel finish

One of the most common finishes found on refrigerators is stainless steel (magnets stick best on this). However, not everyone is crazy about it and some people prefer a more standard black or white color. It’d go a long way if the finish is smudge/ fingerprint resistant so you don’t spend hours cleaning or polishing it.

8. Special Features

Make a list of all the features that matter the most to you before buying a fridge. These special features determine whether or not a fridge caters to your needs. This is the only sure way to ensure that you only pay for what you’ll use.

Touch screen feature on a refrigerator

Touch screen feature on a refrigerator

Think about whether you want bells and whistles, ice and water dispensers, wine coolers and kegerators (these keep beer cold and have a tap), air filters to keep produce fresh, adjustable shelves, single or dual evaporators, flex drawers, and many more. You should only invest in the characteristics that you need.

9. Other Customer’s Reviews

Of course, not all products perform as advertised. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s or retailer’s websites to see what experts and other customers have to say about a specific model. People who’ve used the product firsthand offer very valuable guidance that’s very useful in decision-making.

Verified customer reviews tell you truthfully if the fridge does a good job maintaining the right temperatures or not. Reviews go a long way in influencing a buyer’s decision and strengthening a brand’s credibility for the nest fridge Malaysia.

10.  Delivery Options Available

Before making a purchase, you need to consider how the fridge will get to your home especially if you’re buying it from overseas. The delivery process can be smooth or disastrous depending on the company you buy from.

A good seller should ship the fridge to your chosen address within the shortest time and see to it that it gets to you in one piece. While some companies charge a certain shipping fee, others ship it for free (but include the charges in the price of the fridge). During transportation, the door should be shut, and the fridge wrapped in bubble wrap or any material that will absorb the shock in case of impact. It’s also best to move it while it’s upright.

11.  Brand Name / Reputation

When you’re checking the customer reviews, one thing that’s quite significant seems to come up – brand reputation. This is the overall opinion that people have about the brand. Brands need to maintain a positive impression at all times.

Haier is a reputable fridge manufacturer

Haier is a reputable fridge manufacturer

If a company doesn’t focus on the customer’s experience, it could negatively affect their brand name. Reputation is a major contributor to sales and, therefore, profit. Only buy your fridge from a company that has at least 95% positive reviews. The reputation determines if the company is the best refrigerator Malaysia distributor or not.

List Items – Best Haier Refrigerator Review

Here comes the part that you’ve been looking forward to the most! In this section, we’ll look at a list of some tried and tested products that you should consider investing in.

Below are some of the most sought after Haier fridges in the market:


The Haier 2 Door Fridge Refrigerator Hrf-238h 216L is like a box of magic for bachelors or people with small families. The stainless steel handle complements the sleek finish that would fit perfectly in all kinds of home décor. It has adjustable shelves and a top-mount freezer.

HAIER 2 DOOR FRIDGE REFRIGERATOR HRF-238 216L - Best Haier Refrigerator

The Haier 2 Door Fridge Refrigerator Hrf-238h 216L

This 216L fridge has great cooling action as it doesn’t form any frost. Thanks to the reliability of a great company like Haier, this fridge is very energy efficient with 4 ticks and comes with a 2year manufacturer warranty.


·  Affordable and reliable

·  Energy efficient

·  Offers convenient access to all the contents


·  Doors require more clearance to swing open

·  You have to bend over to get preserved food supplies


The Haier HSR3918FNPG INVERTER Side by Side Refrigerator Twin Door 569L 2 Door Fridge allows you to store and cool your food and drinks in spacious compartments according to your family’s needs. This side-by-side twin door is ideal for medium to large-sized families.


The Haier HSR3918FNPG INVERTER Side by Side Refrigerator Twin Doo

Some of the fridge’s most-loved features include the ABT filter, multi-air flow, spill-proof toughened glass shelves, large vegetable box, and big freezer compartment. It has a stainless steel finish in color gray and also has a 2year and 12years general and compressor warranty respectively.


·  Endless storage possibilities

·  Access to the full interior is much easier

·  Less congestion; offers better traffic flow

·  Wide shelves to store large platters


·  Not as energy efficient

·  Occupies lots of kitchen space


The Haier Inverter 290L 2 Door Series Refrigerator HRF-IV298H has cutting-edge technology which makes it a must-have home appliance. One of the most sought-after features these days in a refrigerator is the DC inverter technology and this specific fridge delivers on it.


The Haier Inverter 290L 2 Door Series Refrigerator HRF-IV298H

Its stainless steel handle looks gorgeous and the gray finish on the fridge is aesthetically pleasing as it fits into any interior décor perfectly. This no-frost fridge has a gross and net capacity of 290L and 251L respectively.


·  Suitable for homes with smaller kitchens

·  Top-freezer placement is practical


·  Slightly inconvenient for tall people who have to keep bending to take refrigerated food and drinks

·  Stated storage capacity is less than the actual storage capacity


Apart from looking good (the black glass finish is so gorgeous), the Haier Side By Side 680L Fridge (Inverter) HRF-619SI(B) also works well and is low maintenance so you don’t have to worry about long hefty repair bills. The compressor motor type is the inverter. It’s powerful, efficient, and durable making this no-frost refrigerator a high-quality product. 

HAIER SIDE BY SIDE 680L FRIDGE (INVERTER) HRF-619SI(B) - Best Haier Refrigerator

The Haier Side By Side 680L Fridge (Inverter) HRF-619SI(B)

This 628L capacity LED touch-controlled handleless fridge has 2 vegetable boxes, 3 castors, 4 fridge shelves, 4 freezer shelves, 6 door pockets, a tempered glass shelf, and a manual ice maker. The humidity control makes it so easy to retain low temperatures for better cooling.


·  Has significant shelf space

·  Allows you to store food at convenient levels

·  The doors need less room to swing open


·  Expensive

·  Not as energy efficient as regular refrigerators


This powerful and energy-efficient fridge with four doors that are side by side (two up and two down) has so many supreme features that make it a star in the fridge market. Let’s start with the good storage capacity, with a gross capacity of 510L, that makes the Haier 516L Fridge HRF-IG525AM(GB) 4 Door Glass Series Inverter Refrigerator ideal for people with large families.


The Haier 516L Fridge HRF-IG525AM(GB) 4 Door Glass Series Inverter Refrigerator 

The 10year manufacturer warranty says so much about the quality and reliability of the fridge. Its no-frost cooling system is remarkable. The inverter technology works efficiently in controlling the speed of the compressor motor to continuously regulate the temperature.


·  Easier access (less bending over)

·  Wider than traditional models

·  Offers more aesthetic appeal


·  The large size doesn’t fit in some kitchens

·  Are very expensive


The Haier 317L 2 Door Glass Series Inverter Bottom Mount Freezer HRF-IG338BM Fridge is not only aesthetically appealing but also functional. The twin inverter technology ensures that both the fan motor and compressor run at DC and causes fewer fluctuations, at low noise levels, and saving energy. To top all that up is the 12year compressor and 2year general warranty. What more would you ask for?


This fridge allows you to stock up all kinds of food without worrying about the odor thanks to its DEO fresh deodorizer. The 360˚ precise cooling ensures that all parts of the fridge are evenly cooled with pervasive cooling airflow with a 360-degree duct inside.


·  Bigger size fits more things

·  Allows you to access preserved food at eye level

·  Bottom freezer comes with lift-out shelves making it easier to access and organize frozen items


·  Cumbersome bending over to access the frozen foods

·  More expensive than top-freezer refrigerators


If you are looking for a fridge that will compliment your home décor, then you should buy the Haier 319L 2 Door Twin Inverter Technology Glass Top Mount Freezer HRF-339IHG Fridge. It has a black glass color that you’re going to fall in love with. The 319L fridge also comes with a touchscreen control panel. The manufacturer’s general warranty is 2years while the compressor warranty is 12years.


The thing people love most about this fridge is that it handles all the tasks of storage, freezing, and cooling efficiently. It has the DEO fresh feature, a magic room, and a moist zone so you don’t have to worry about storing different types of food.


·  Has a streamlined look

·  Access to frozen foods is more convenient

·  It’s pretty energy efficient


·  The freezer compartment holds less

·  Storing long items like celery or plastic containers is challenging


Are you in the market for a single-door fridge? These are popular for their easy storage, compact design, and comfortable operation. The Haier HR-165H 1 Door Refrigerator 165L Energy Saving Single Door Fridge is a sweet option with adjustable shelves, a stylish finish, and a compact size that makes it suitable for small families, students, or single people. This fridge also utilizes an energy-saving refrigerant, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


This is the best mini fridge Malaysia as it’s not only low energy but it’s also ideal for smaller kitchens with space constraints. So if you’re just starting out on life and don’t want to spend too much on a fridge, then you should get the Haier HR-165H 1 Door Refrigerator 165L Energy Saving Single Door Fridge.


·  Affordable

·  Incredibly portable

·  Doesn’t consume much electricity

·  Fits well in a tight kitchen space


·  Large pans may not fit in

·  The freezer has very limited space

·  It’s too low. Not ideal for people with chronic back problems


The search for the right fridge for your home can be a daunting experience but luckily for you, we did all the research work to make this easier for you. There’s no doubt that Haier is a brand that needs to get market recognition. It delivers practical features and functionalities, all at a very reasonable price. Some of its most amazing features include the customizable drawers, the Fuzzy Logic Controller, and the Full DC Inverter Compressor.

In a nutshell, if you want good cooling with energy-saving at a decent price, then Haier is your go-to brand. On that note, if you’re a little tight on cash and need a budget-friendly option, get the Haier 2 Door Fridge Refrigerator Hrf-238h 216L. If you’re also in the market for the best mini freezer Malaysia, expect to also get it at an affordable price.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for convenience, we recommend that you go for the Haier Side By Side 680L Fridge (Inverter) HRF-619SI(B). The reliability of this Haier refrigerator model, its large capacity, and the great features that it offers are what make it one of the best products in the market.


1. Is Haier a good fridge?

Absolutely yes!

The company never compromises on quality and consumers from different parts of the globe can attest to this. Haier has a good reputation for making high-quality fridges and making them available to users at affordable prices. This puts the company among the topmost trusted brand for refrigerators.

2. What are some of the benefits of buying a Haier refrigerator?

The manufacturers of Haier work tirelessly to ensure that they give you all you ever dreamed of and more. Some advantages of the Haier refrigerator are:

·  A reputable brand name you can trust

·  Incredibly cost-effective

·  Stunning designs (beautiful, modern, and durable)

·  Star energy rating

·  An excellent cooling system; the temperature distribution is uniform

·  A door lock system

·  Some come with an open alarm system

·  Low noise compared to other brands

3. How is the Haier fridge warranty?

One way that this excellent Chinese brand sets itself apart from its competitors is in the warranty system.

As soon as you purchase a new Haier fridge, you automatically get a warranty that covers parts and servicing labor. Most of the fridges have a 12-months to 2-years warranty.

Keep in mind that the warranty only covers manufacturing errors such as defective parts as specified in the warranty. Haier provides new or refurbished parts, or a replacement for all or part of the unit, at its sole discretion.

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