Compare Food Steamer: Midea Food Steamer vs Tefal Food Steamer Buying Guides

Steamers are a must have in the modern kitchen today. Owning and using a food steamer helps to improve the quality, taste and aroma of foods. With the increased demand for steamer cookers, there is a simultaneous increase in the production of steaming pots.

However, it goes beyond having a steaming pot to decorate your kitchen. A functional steamer is what is required to achieve the purposes for which it was purchased.

Recently, there has been continual debate between the Midea Multifunctional steamer and the Tefal convenient steamer.

After trying out these two steamer pots, I’ve decided to put out my observations in detail and my final verdict is that the Midea Multifunctional Electric Steamer malaysia is the top choice for kitchen appliance every home. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful after reading. Kindly read on!

Tefal Convenient Steamer

The Tefal company is a French based company known for the production of quality and durable nonstick kitchen cookers. The company has been in existence since 1957 and has honed its name worldwide in delivering up to expectations ever since.

This Tefal Convenient Steaming pot is no exception to their awesome products. It features 2 layers and can accommodate as much as 6 liters. With the multiple layers, you can prepare a variety of meals simultaneously. At the same time, you can remove the grid that sections the food steamer into sections if you want to prepare a larger quantity.

The body of the Tefal steamer is made with plastic material and is transparent. If you are like me and enjoy looking at your food while it cooks, this Tefal cooker is a great option for you. It measures 295 length x 295 Width x 235 Height.

Another great feature of the food steamer is that it consumes less energy, about 980 watts. You don’t have to be around while the steaming is in process with its 60 minutes maximum independent cooking timer automatic shutdown feature after cooking is completed.  

While cooking, if you feel the need to refill the water, you can conveniently do so without switching off the cooker. It is also designed to provide compact storage, requiring minimal space in your kitchen to store it.

The Tefal Convenient Steamer offers a 2-year warranty on the entire product. In addition, you do not have to condemn the entire steamer pot when a part of it is damaged. There are replaceable or repairable parts that can last as much as 10 years.

The transparent 2 layers Tefal convenient steamer
The transparent 2 layers Tefal convenient steamer. Source:


  • Timer and automatic shut down
  • Time saving
  • Detachable parts for larger cooking and compact storage
  • Transparent body


  •  6 liters capacity
  • Plastic material

Midea 3 Layer Electric Multifunctional Food Steamer

It is very hard to pick a dozen steaming pots without picking at least 2 from the Midea brand. The Midea brand is a very popular brand among the Chinese not only because it originated there, but for their competence and reliability. Since 1968, they have established companies in different countries and have gained the attention of the people for the spec of kitchen appliances they produce.

I’m not surprised that the eye of the people is on one of their products. This Midea multifunctional food steamer can steam up the entire food in 20 seconds. The draining system is designed to prevent tainting of the cooker and is user friendly.

If you would be cooking in large quantities, this might be the best option for you. It has a capacity of 8-10 liters and can be sectioned into 3 layers.  The electric steamer cooker consumes as much as 1300 watts of energy. The body is made with stainless steel material however, it is light enough for swift and convenient mobility, weighing only 3.2kg.

The cooker features multiple preset cooking functions. In other words, whatever you want to cook, the cooker has an already set mode to prepare it as perfectly as you would. Giving it the correct amount of heat and appropriate timing. I consider it awesome for busy people like myself. All you need do is set it up and go about your other schedule then return to your ready-made meal.

Some of the preset functions include roast, rice, seafood, stews, souses and so on. These features also lock in the flavor of your food and makes it appealing when served.

It offers a 1-year general warranty with a BPA free material and a stable base.

The Stainless steel steamer (BPA free material). Source:


  • Multiple cooking functions
  • Large capacity
  • Light weight
  • Durable material


  • Energy consuming
  • 1 year warranty

Comparison between The Tefal and Midea Food Steamers

Both the Tefal and Midea food steamers have their unique properties that makes them distinct and special in their own way.

Nonetheless, in this section I would be comparing the two products based on some features. Get ready to be more informed!


The Tefal Convenient Steamer is large enough to take 6 liters of food. Though it is divided into 2 sections, you can easily remove the grid that separates the two sections and there you are with your whole 6 liters capacity steaming pot!

With the 2 sections of this steaming pot, you can prepare two different meals at the same time as long as they require the same period of time and the flavor would not affect each other. The tray size of the cooker has a diameter of 260mm and height of 90mm

On the other hand, the Midea Food steamer has 3 layers and a large capacity of 10 liters. This size is perfect for large quantities of food. If you like to cook in bulk or you have a large family. I would suggest this steamer.

The 3 layers give room for multi sectional cooking options simultaneously which helps to save time, energy and cost. Despite its large capacity, it only weighs a little above 3kg which makes it easy to carry around without hassle.

Considering the size and layers, in my opinion, it is better to have one that is big enough to take large quantities and more rather than one that would have you cooking twice because it is small.

Based on this, my choice is the Midea Electric Food Steamer.

Digital Control Panel

One feature to look out for in a modern steamer cooking pot is the control panel. More advanced steamers come in LCD display control panels however, the objects of comparison have digital control panels.

The control panel of the Tefal Convenient Steamer is user friendly and easy to use and understand.  It has a timer that can run as long as 60 minutes at a stretch. In addition, just by the timer, there is a timer guide for different meals such as fish, meat, vegetables, rice and so on. This timer guide recommends how much time you should set on the timer to get the best results for that food.

Another safety feature that this steamer provides is the indicator light that indicates when cooking is in process with a red light and a green light when cooking is completed.

No doubt, the control panel of the Midea electric steamer is beautifully designed. It also features a 75 minutes timer. Similar to the Tefal counterpart, it has a timing guide for preparing different kinds of meals.

If you are unsure of how much time is needed to perfectly prepare either rice, stew vegetables and so on, you don’t have to worry about over or under cooking it. The guide is there to put you through.

The major differences between the two steamers are that the former has a shorter timing with a light indicator but the later has a longer timing. If I were you, I would choose the Tefal convenient cooker because the time indicator is a safety feature especially when kids are home.

Auto Shut Off

If your steamer pot doesn’t have an automatic shut off function then you must be in the old century. One of the most important features of a steaming pot is its ability to work independently in the absence of a manual control.

Both the Tefal and Midea food steamers have the auto shut off feature. The only significant difference between the both of them is that the Tefal steamer has a maximum of 60 minutes run time while the Midea electric steamer has a maximum run time of 75 minutes.

So, if you need to cook something that would last more than an hour, you would have to come back to add the remaining time after the hour lapses. Whereas, the Midea provides a prolonged cooking time.

Dishwasher Safe

I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for a food steamer that has hardware that is dishwasher safe. It’s a plus to have to not manually clean after the stress of cooking.

If you need a good food steamer Malaysia that has this seemingly insignificant but important feature, either the Tefal convenient steamer or the Midea electric steamer are top options for you to consider.

Stand out Features of The Midea Multifunctional Electric Steamer

In this section of the comparison article, I would be outlining the unique features of the Midea  multifunctional electric steamer and discussing them in detail.

Midea 3 Layer Multifunctional Steamer

  • Multiple cooking functions: The multiple cooking feature that the Midea cooker provides allows for independent cooking without monitoring or control. The steamer comes with a preset cooking function for cooking different types of food like rice, stew, roast and several others. The only thing you are required to do is to turn the control arrow to the food you want to cook and allow it run perfectly.
  • Unique fuse design: Unlike the conventional fuse in many steamers and cooking pots, the Midea electric steamer is designed with a special fuse that switches off automatically when the steamer is overheating. This feature prevents it from damage and enhances the longevity of the steamer. 
  • BPA Free Material: Though BPA has been used right from time as a component of food and beverage containers, lately it has been identified to pose a threat to human health. The Midea electric steamer is safe for use as it is made with BPA free material.
  • Center Steamer: The steam of the Midea multifunctional steamer comes out from the center of the steamer and this aid quick and even distribution of steam throughout the 3 layers within a short period of time

Both the Tefal and Midea electric steamers are worth the competition and comparison in the market today. Asides their quality and convenience of use, they both have unique qualities and features that make them unique in their own way.

However, having tried out the two products, my top choice is the Midea Multifunctional 3 Layer Electric Steamer.

You can choose the Tefal Convenient Steamer if

  • You cook a smaller quantity of foods
  • You are bothered about consuming less energy
  • Have minimal storage space
  • Have kids at home and may need a light indicator for when food is cooking and when it is safe to open the steaming pot

Choose the Midea Multifunctional Electric Steamer if

  • You cook for a larger quantity of people or like to cook in bulk for preservation later
  • You have to cook several dishes at a time
  • You want to save time while cooking
  • You want your steamer to cook multiple kinds of food perfectly without monitoring


Is my food steamer BPA free?

Usually, the manufacturer of the food steamer would indicate if the food steamer you’re buying is BPA free or not. However, most modern steamers are BPA free.

How do you descale a food warmer?

Into the steaming compartment, mix vinegar and cold water in 1:2 respectively. Switch on the steamer and allow it to run for about 10 minutes.  

How do you use a 3-tier steamer?

A 3-tier steamer is quite simple and easy to use. Before use, add water in the steaming section and then the vegetables you want to cook in the tiers. Lock the lid and set the time you want it to cook for.  

Are food steamers healthy?

Food steamers are healthy to use. Though most steamers are made with BPA components. There have been recent studies that say that BPA poses a health threat to humans. Therefore, preferably choose one that is BPA free

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