The Best Food Steamers To Buy In Malaysia For Healthier Food

How hard can it be to eat healthy foods regularly?

Very hard!

In a world where the number of fast-food joints is on a steady incline, finding healthy and nutritious foods can be challenging.

Being a healthy food enthusiast, I fancy low-fat dishes, among other things. However, it is not until I bought the best food steamer that my love for healthy living grew deeper.

I shared the good news with my neighbor and she told me that her workmate was also in the same predicament as I previously was.

That is when I decided to share my joy with others and wrote down this review for the best food steamer.

Types of Food Steamers

In a bid to promote customer satisfaction, the food steamers Malaysia industry has manufactured a variety of steamers for its residents.

Here are the four main types of steamers in the Malaysian market.

Metal Food Steamers

Made from aluminium or stainless steel, metal food steamers come mostly in 2 or 3 tiers and are used on the stove. However, commercial food steamers may have more compartments.

These metal food steamers allow for quick steam circulation, in turn, causing food to cook faster.

Plastic Food Steamers

Plastic food steamers are electrically operated. They are more sophisticated and come with a variety of additional features. Also, they are clear, allowing you to monitor the cooking process without opening the lid.

Bamboo Food Steamers

Originally for Asia, bamboo steamers are a traditional way of steam cooking. However, they are neither electric nor used on direct heat. They are placed on a pot filled with hot water to cook the food, without the baskets touching the water.

Microwave Food Steamers

As one of the smallest versions of food steamers, these microwave steaming pots are designed to steam or cook food in the microwave.  

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Food Steamer

To get the convenience you yearn for, you need to choose the right food steamer; and to do that, there are a few factors you should consider.

Let us delve into specifics.


The amount of food you cook will highly influence your purchasing decision for the best food steamer. If you have a large household, consider buying a steamer with a larger capacity. Otherwise, if you live alone, the smaller varieties will be fine.


The food steamer Malaysia manufacturing industry has unveiled a myriad of food steamers with a variety of features. The keep-warm, timer, water-level features are some to look out for. These features offer a much-needed convenience to make the food steaming process easier.

Price Factors

Due to a variety of factors such as convenience, quality, and capacity, food steamers come at varying prices. The more additional features it has, the higher the price.

Benefits of Using a Food Steamer

Many households are quickly adopting food steamers and for a variety of reasons.

Fast and easy cooking

Steaming food does not involve complex food preparation processes. Furthermore, food steamers lock in moisture, cooking food faster.

Little supervision is needed

Unlike other cooking methods, food steamers do not require you to constantly check on the food. Furthermore, they come with a timer feature that allows you to cook the food for the duration you desire to avoid over steaming.

Keeps nutrients and vitamins

Other methods of cooking food are more likely to destroy nutrients and vitamins, which is not the case with food steamers. Since the food is cooked using steam, it retains its nutrients. Additionally, they help maintain the natural flavors of the food, ensuring a tasty meal.

It is a healthy cooking method

Steaming food is one of the healthiest cooking options available as it preserves nutrients and vitamins that are essential for proper growth. Additionally, steamed food can be cooked and be as tasty without jazzing it up with oil or other unhealthy food additives.


1. Tefal Convenient Steamer

Are you bombarded with unending house chores and on a quest to find a steamer cooker that does the cooking in a couple of minutes?

Look no further than this Tefal Convenient Steamer.

With compact storage and a capacity of 6L, this convenient steamer pot will have your delicious food ready in no time. What’s more, you need not worry about your food burning as the pot has a mechanical timer and comes to an automatic halt after cooking.

It also has transparent pots that make it easy to monitor your dish, as well as the water levels, which are easily refillable.

2. Midea Electric Food Steamer

Midea Electric Food Steamer

For those that are willing to give cooking time renewed fun and people looking to indulge in savory meals every day, this Midea Electric Food Steamer is a great choice.

With 2 layers of pots, this multi-functional electric steamer is an ideal option for larger households. It allows you to steam your food and vegetables at a go, significantly reducing the time spent in the kitchen.

Besides, it has a capacity of 9L and produces enough steam to cook the food fast.

To further enhance its perks, this food steamer has a visible waterline design so that you can easily know when to refill. Its variety of digital functions make it perfect for cooking rice, vegetables, soups, and sauces.

3. Trio Food Steamer

Trio Food Steamer

With a Trio Food Steamer, healthy foods are far from boring. This jumbo-sized steamer pot is a great addition to your kitchen as it helps prepare scrumptious and nutritious foods that even your children cannot get enough of.

It is made from non-toxic plastic material, so you can be sure of the safety of your family.

Additionally, it has double heaters that cook food faster as well as a strong tray for storage. For convenience purposes, this multi-purpose kitchen appliance has an automatic timer and bell. Besides, it comes with a unique exterior water funnel that allows for an easier and faster refilling process.

4. Philips Electric Steamer

Philips Electric Steamer

Home-cooked meals do not get healthier than this. This elegant but affordable Philips Electric Steamer is enough to inspire you to try a variety of steamed dishes.

It has a capacity of 5L, comes with 2 stackable baskets, and an egg rack. As proof that this is a masterpiece from industry giants, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

What makes it a favorite of many is the fact that it has an aroma infuser that gives you the luxury to add more flavors using herbs and other condiments. For sure, this is one of the best ways to cook tasty dishes.

5. TEEMO Food Steamer

If you do not have an hour to roast in the oven and still want to experience the goodness of juicy and tantalizing chicken, we have got you covered. This TEEMO Food Steamer has a fast heating mechanism that evenly steams your chicken to ensure it is well-cooked and moist inside and out.

What’s more, it is a multi-functional 2-tier removable steamer pot that offers the convenience of cooking two dishes simultaneously. Since the steaming bowls are transparent, you are better able to monitor the food as it cooks.

TEEMO Food Steamer

Considering that it is made out of quality stainless steel, do not expect any rust on this steamer cooker. It is also dishwasher safe and durable.

6. AKIRO Food Steamer

Remove the fuss out of creating mouth-watering delicacies using this AKIRO Food Steamer. It offers an inexpensive option for creating a variety of meals, as it is a double steamer set. With its large capacity  it can prepare food fit for a large household.

AKIRO Food Steamer

Once the steamer is detached, the pot can be used to cook stews, among other things. Thanks to its extra thick bottom, food does not burn. Also, to prevent over boiling of food, this convenient steamer cooker has a vented hole from where excess steam escapes.

Besides, it comes with a one-month warranty for manufacturing defects.


Food steamers are a necessary kitchen appliance, especially for large households. The reason being, they offer a convenient and faster way of preparing your favorite delicacies.

From vegetables to meats, you can always cook a variety of scrumptious meals simultaneously, thanks to the tiered steamer pots.

From the above list, it is clear that there are a host of options from food steamer Malaysia manufacturers. The varying designs and functionalities allow you to go home with a food steamer that you not only fancy, but that which offers you the convenience you need.

If you are on a budget but still want to enjoy the perks of healthy cooking, the AKIRO Food Steamer is your best suit. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also offers the luxury of steaming two different types of dishes at a go.

Otherwise, if you are financially capable, you can enjoy an unmatched cooking experience that Midea Electric Food Steamer has to offer.

With the various steaming settings and its large 10L capacity, you can make a big batch of your family’s favorite meal or try out a new recipe for that casual get-together with your colleagues. Besides, it has a sleek look, which instantly improves your kitchen’s curb appeal.


What is the Best Food Steamer?

The best food steamer depends on its intended use. Some individuals might want a steamer that doubles up as a cooking pot.

Others might prefer the electric versions as compared to those that need direct heat from a stove. In the end, the best one comes down to personal preference.

How Do I Choose A Food Steamer?

To choose an ideal food steamer, you need to consider various factors. For starters, its capacity is of utmost importance. If you have a large household, you need a steamer cooker with a large capacity.

You also need to choose one according to your preferred functionalities as well as financial capability.

What’s the Best Food Steamer to Buy?

The best food steamer to buy varies from one person to the other, but mostly, it is determined by the level of convenience you are looking to get. Also, the amount of money you are willing to spend will greatly influence the one you purchase.

How to Use an Electric Food Steamer?

To use an electric food Steamer on vegetables, you need to clean the first. For meat and other foods, you can season with your favorite spices before placing them into the compartments.

Then, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, add some water into the steamer, set the timer, and finally power it up.

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