Best Cheap SmartWatch 2024 (Budget Devices)

The use of smartwatches has evolved over the years, from fashion to an essential requirement. 

  • Looking for the best budget smartwatch? Below are a few options of  best budget smartwatches
  • Are there cheap smartwatches? 
  • How do you know which is the best cheap smartwatch? Our reviews will help you make an informed decision as to which is the best cheap smartwatch.

Considering the increasing importance of smartwatches, I saw the need to get one, and like you, I needed something good, and within budget, so I decided to put up this article to make your search for best budget easier and faster.

Guide to Choosing a Cheap Smartwatch 


Most smartwatches have different features. If you are more of a health and fitness person, I strongly recommend one with an inbuilt heart rate sensor, GPS tracker, water resistivity and that can serve as an extension of your phone. 

Phone compatibility

One thing to consider when choosing a smartwatch is the operating system. There are either watchOS which is used by Apple or Wear OS primarily used by google and other brands like Montblanc, Fossil, Misfit and many more! The Apple watch would no doubt connect with only Apple phones and are more expensive, whereas the Wear OS can readily connect with most phones. Meanwhile, before buying any, be sure it can connect with your phone and save some extra cash!

Battery life

Most times, you do not take cognizance of this factor until the watch beeps “battery low”. While choosing a smartwatch, never forget to check for its battery capacity and how to consider how often you’re willing to charge it. You must know, however, that smartwatches with voice capabilities do not last as long as those without it. On average, battery life of two days is perfect!


Each day, brands that make smartwatches improve in their designs and try to meet up the contemporary needs. The best smartwatches could either come in LCD/OLED display or touchscreen/touchless. No doubt, the LCD and touchscreen design is very fashionable and classy but dear, it’s going to cost you a lot more! Choosing a smartwatch that has a normal display and isn’t touchscreen doesn’t make you old fashioned. As long as the watch performs other functions and is within your budget, then it is the best budget smartwatch for you!


Even if you like all the classy and elegant features in smartwatches, the most important factor that determines whether it becomes yours or not is your pocket size! You don’t have to break a bank to get that Apple or Samsung smartwatch. Several other brands provide the same features and qualities you would get in Samsung or Apple smartwatch that would cost you a lot less. 

Hence, in this article we would provide you with the best cheap smartwatches options available to you.

8 Budget Smart Watch To Get in 2024

  1. Xiaomi Fit Amazfit Bluetooth Sport Smartwatch

The sport smartwatch 

OS: Android OS | Compatibility: Android, MiFit | Battery life: 45 days | Display: Colorful display| Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi |

True heart rate monitoring

The Xiaomi Fit Amazfit Bluetooth Sport Smartwatch is a sport watch that monitors your running, walking, riding as well as your heart rate. It is super easy and convenient to slip on your wrist with its lightweight of 32g. Thanks to this advanced model, with just the push of a button, you can view your notifications. I strongly recommend this Xiaomi Fit watch as the best budget smartwatch as it is water and dust resistant hence fits all weathers.

  1. S20 Smart Watch with Waterproof 

Classy long-lasting smartwatch

OS: Wear OS | Compatibility: Android 4.4 or above, iOS 8.0 or above | Battery Capacity: 240mAh | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Charging mode: Visible Wireless charging

The S20 watch can serve as a pedometer

As much as smartwatches are concerned, this S20 Smart Watch with Waterproof  is very cheap and can offer you so much for its price. With this best budget smartwatch, you can personalize your preferred styles, monitor your blood pressure, blood oxygen and ECG. The band is made of silicon material and is waterproof.

  1. SmartWatch Bluetooth Waterproof Touch-screen Pedometer Fitness Tracker 

The perfect budget smartwatch

OS: Wear OS | Compatibility: Android 5.1, iOS 9.0 or above | Battery Capacity: 140mAh, 8-10 days on standby with Bluetooth on | Connectivity:  Bluetooth 4.2 | Memory: 128KB RAM + 256KN ROM + 4MB SPI ROM.| 

Keeps constant check on heart rate 

Though the default language of this smartwatch is English, it also has about 6 other language options. It is a mix of both sport and health features plus Bluetooth music control. The SmartWatch Bluetooth Waterproof Touch-screen Pedometer Fitness Tracker is waterproof and has a screen resolution of 240 X 240 pixels. No need to worry about forgetting your schedule as it comes with a notification reminder feature. 

  1. Smart Watch Full Touch Screen Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor

The budget smartphone for iPhone users

OS: watch OS | Compatibility: iOS, Android OS | Battery Capacity: 380mAh | Connectivity: Bluetooth| Charging mode: USB |

Personalized display style options

With the Smart Watch Full Touch Screen Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor  you dare not be lazy! It comes with a sedentary reminder and a sleep monitoring feature. It is designed with an alloy case, the entire watch weighing 50g. Not only does this watch serve health and sport features, it could as well serve as an alarm and anti-lost reminder. It would be best if you considered choosing this cheap smartwatch because it is guaranteed to last the test of time.

  1. SmartWatch Full Screen Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

Fashionable cheap smartwatch!

OS: Wear OS | Compatibility: Android OS | Battery Capacity: 220mAh | Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 versions | Screen: 1.78 full screen

FK78 extra steel or nylon strap and fitness check

Look elegant with this curved full screen Smartwatch Full Screen Bluetooth Fitness Tracker in an alloy case. The entire screen is 1.78 HD IPS and is adorned by a silicone and steel or nylon strap. You can answer calls with it, monitor your heart rate, and count the number of steps you take daily. You definitely do not want this cheap smart watch to slide past you with these amazing features at an unbeatable price.

  1. SmartWatch Bluetooth Full Screen Heart Rate Fitness Tracker

The health freak smartwatch

OS: Wear OS | Compatibility: Android OS | Battery Capacity: 320mAh | Connectivity: Bluetooth versions 3.0 and 4.0, also supports Bluetooth calls | Display: Touch screen 2.5D curved

The FK88 Photo import and personalized screensaver

Experience more fascinating visuals with this FK88 smartwatch 1.78-inch screen and 330 X 385 HD Resolution. If you are more of a health person, this SmartWatch Bluetooth Full Screen Heart Rate Fitness Tracker is one you should really consider. It monitors heart rate, changes in blood pressure, and perfectly plan your weekly exercise for you!

  1. FitBit Ace 2 Activity Tracker

The family’s activity tracker

OS: Wear OS | Battery life: 4 – 5 days | Display: Touch screen | Compatibility: Android OS | Durability: Swim proof, 1 year warranty

Slim fit family’s Smartwatch

Thinking of getting a cheap smartwatch for your kids? Go no further! With this Fitbit Ace 2 Smartwatch, you can help your kids lead a healthy life. With just the press of a button, you can monitor their daily activities and be sure they are getting enough rest and exercise. It can also connect to your phone and aid in receiving phone calls.

  1. Microwear Smartwatch Bluetooth Touch Screen Waterproof

Everyone’s favourite choice!

OS: Wear OS | Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 – 4.0 | Charging mode: Magnetic charging | Memory: 64M | Display: Touch screen, 1.3 IPS, 240 X 240 full display | Battery: 290mAh Li-ion battery

C:\Users\Mbah's\Pictures\number 8.jpeg
Microwear water resistivity

No doubt this is a very fashionable, round display smartwatch. It support several languages and can serve as an alarm, calendar, calculator, recorder and a lot other features you find in basic smartwatches. Another enticing feature about this Microwear SmartWatch Bluetooth Touch Screen is that you can synchronize it with your phones phonebook! All these features for its price make it the best budget smartwatch.

So far, I’ve been able to enlighten you on the best budget smart watches and their features. However, if you want one that is variable and can serve multiple purposes, I would recommend theMicrowear Smartwatch. If you’re choosing based on price, the SmartWatch Bluetooth is a very nice choice.


Are Smartwatches a waste of money?

Affirmatively, No! Though there might be some very expensive brands, there are however some no-name brands that provide similar features but in a more reasonable price. 

What is the most reliable Smartwatch?

Every day, new inventions and corrections are made to previously existing smartwatches. To say that one is more reliable than the other would be biased but the ones that were reviewed here are of good quality and best budget.

Are cheap Smartwatches any good?

Yes, they are very good. Ensure, however, one needs to look out for their features before choosing a cheap smartwatch.


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