Best Elba Fridge Malaysia: Expert Review [currentyear]

A refrigerator is no doubt one of the must-have kitchen appliances. From storing leftover food to keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh and ensuring you get that chilled glass of wine for your evening dinners, the importance of having a good quality refrigerator cannot be overstated. Of course, choosing the best refrigerator Malaysia is partly a matter of preference but is also dependent on how much you are willing to spend.

Fortunately, there are different types, sizes, and models of good-quality refrigerators you can choose from at different price ranges. In this Elba fridge review, we will describe some of the best refrigerators by the trusted elba brand, one of the leading appliance manufacturers, to help you make the right choice of Elba fridge for personal or family use. Whether you are looking for a fridge for personal use or for your family members, Elba offers a variety of options, including a trendy look and a different brand of airfryer, as well as a first time purchase pressure cooker, to suit your needs.

Types of Refrigerators

There are different types and models of refrigerators defined based on different criteria such as size, how they operate, the compressor type, and other factors. However, one of the most common criteria for defining refrigerators is the door type. As detailed below, different refrigerator types have their specific function, pros, and cons which can determine whether you should buy them or not.  

Single Door Refrigerator

Single Door Refrigerator - Types of Refrigerators

The characteristic feature of a single door fridge is having one door that opens into the fridge and freezer.

Single door fridges are best suited for small family units of about two people or individual use. As the name implies, they have just one door which opens into both the fridge and freezer (some units have an internal tapered glass cover for the freezer).

Given their small size, a single-door refrigerator is cheaper to afford which makes them an ideal choice if you don’t have a lot of money to spare for a refrigerator. It also takes a small space in your kitchen or wherever it’s been placed. However, this also means the refrigerator has limited internal small space.

Top Freezer Refrigerator

Top Freezer Refrigerator - Types of Refrigerators

A top freezer fridge has a double door design with the freezer as the top compartment

A top freezer refrigerator has a type of double door fridge with two compartments. It has a fridge for fresh foods and a freezer for drinks and other items that can be frozen. In this case, the freezer is at the top which makes it possible to easily access. Since it is a double door unit, the top freezer refrigerator has a high energy efficiency since you don’t have to open the entire fridge at the same time. You can access specific compartments. They also tend to be larger with more extra spaces to store your items. However, the large size also means you need more space in your kitchen or wherever you intend to place it.

Bottom Freezer Fridge

Bottom Freezer Fridge - Types of Refrigerators

You’ll have to bend to use the freezer of a bottom freezer fridge

A bottom freezer fridge has a regular refrigerator compartment at the top and a freezer at the bottom. It preserves fresh foods, and drinks can be easily iced in the bottom freezer. The bottom freezer refrigerator is highly spacious and can contain various items. However, it might be a bit inconvenient to access the freezer because the location will require you to bend down which may not give aged people free access to the freezer.

Side by Side Refrigerator

Side by Side Refrigerator - Types of Refrigerators

Instead of a conventional top-bottom design, this type of fridge have their compartments side by side

This type of refrigerator has a freezer on one side and another that is a regular refrigerator. The side-by-side design of this type of refrigerator offers more freezer shelf space where you can neatly arrange the food items and drinks. It also gives free access to the items without stress, unlike the bottom freezer. The shelves are not adjustable which can be a major inconvenience when you prepare meals in large quantities and you have a lot of ingredients to store.

French Door Refrigerator

French Door Refrigerator - Types of Refrigerators

French door refrigerators are known for their versatile and high-end design

This is one of the latest designs of refrigerators you can find around. French door refrigerators combine the style of side and side fridges with the practicality of a bottom-mounted refrigerator. The upper refrigerator compartment typically has two doors while the bottom drawer is the freezer. With this type of refrigerator, you get to enjoy more storage space thanks to its deeper storage and larger shelves. These types of refrigerators are also considered very stylish and will fit perfectly in a modern home. But the French door refrigerator is more expensive than other types of refrigerators.

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Standard Fridge

Whether you are looking for a new fridge to replace an old or outdated one or this is a first time purchase, the following are some of the things you should consider before making a purchase

Energy efficiency

This is simply your fridge’s ability to consume lesser energy while performing its task. If you don’t want a huge electric bill on your doorstep at the end of the month, it is preferable to get an energy-star-rated refrigerator that consumes less energy. When searching for the best fridge to buy in Malaysia, be sure to check the fridge is energy rated and check the specs to see if it is energy-efficient or not.

Sizes and Capacity

Do you have limited space for a refrigerator in your kitchen or you a busy person who only cooks during the weekends and stocks his fridge? Then you need to consider the size of your house and your schedule before you purchase a refrigerator. A fridge is measured by its internal capacity (gross capacity measured in liters) and its exterior dimension (height, width, and depth).

Before you judge the exterior size of the fridge you should order, you need to determine where the fridge will be positioned and measure it to ascertain if the space will be sufficient or not for the fridge you are about to order.

You should at latest leave an extra space of at least 5cm for proper airflow and to also ensure that there is sufficient clearance to conveniently open the doors of your fridge.

You should check to ensure that the internal capacity of your desired fridge will be sufficient for you and your family. This should be based on your schedule and your family’s needs. The list below should give you an idea of how to compare the capacity of your fridge to the number of people in your house.

  • 1 or 2 persons – 200-380 liters
  • 3 or 4 people -350-530 liters
  • 4+ people -440+ liters

Cooling technology

Every refrigerator has a cooling technology that determines how it cools items and how cold it gets. It also determines how the unit operates. Some refrigerators have cooling systems that cannot be adjusted while some allow you to determine the desired cooling and freeze time of the fridge. You can also think of it in terms of whether your refrigerator is an inverter or non-inverter system. This determines how the refrigerator’s compressor works and may impact how efficient it will be. You should check the specs of your desired fridge to see if its cooling system is what you want.

Budget/Price Factors

We all know that there are different types of good-quality refrigerators out there. But the best refrigerator does not have to be the most expensive one. There are different quality units in different price ranges. Even if you discover that your desired refrigerator is costlier than your budget, you can consider buying a less expensive fridge that shares similar features to it to save cost.


A warranty is a manufacturer’s promise to replace or repair a faulty product. This varies depending on the product type and brand you are purchasing. Warranty periods can be anything from months to even years. Since a refrigerator is a major investment, be sure to check the warranty period being offered on the product.

Freezer space

Some people don’t care about the freezer space because they already have a freezer at home but for people who don’t have freezers, it’s preferred that you get a fridge with a big enough freezer space where you can keep perishable foods that need to be stored frozen, make ice among other applications.

Finishing of the Materials

Every refrigerator has a peculiar finishing material. It might be colored, black stainless steel, traditional stainless steel, or fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. Finishing determines the appearance of your fridge as well as its durability. Some fridges have a finish that is water-resistant while some rust after coming in contact with water. Do your research to find out more about your desired refrigerator to know if its finishing would last.

Features of the refrigerator

Many good-quality refrigerators have unique features that make them stand out from their competitors. This can be anything from a see-through door, touch display, reversible doors, recessed handle, or a peculiar power-saving function. You should know the special features that you’d love to have in a fridge and find a unit that has these features. An extra feature can also help you decide between two good refrigerators.

Read Reviews

If you are buying from an online store, you will always find reviews from other users that have purchased the same product before. The reviews will let you know what to expect if you opt to buy that product and the possible pros and cons. Of course, you should be aware that not all reviews are true or accurate so you shouldn’t buy a product merely because it has more positive reviews.

Choose the delivery wisely

This is another important point to note if you are purchasing your refrigerator from an online store. You might end up spending more than your budget because of expensive delivery and shipping fees. If possible, you should opt for a free delivery option. Also, if your desired refrigerator is a new model, there is a high chance that the delivery fees will be high.

Best Elba fridge Reviews

  1. Elba Fridge Mini Bar 60L with Ice Maker EMB-G6047(SV)
  2. ELBA 185L Single Door Refrigerator ER-C1815(SV)
  3. ELBA 250L 2-Door Non Inverter Refrigerator ERG2521(SV) ER-G2521 Fridge
  4. Elba 310Litre 2 Door Fridge ER-G3125(SV)
  5. Elba 520Litre 4 Door French Door Fridge EMR-G5244D
  6. Elba ER-G5143D 510L 2-Door Refrigerator
  7. Elba ER-J4032BF(SV) 410L Bottom Freezer 2-Door Refrigerator
  8. Elba Italy ER-G3529(SV) 350L 2-Door Fridge

Elba Fridge Mini Bar 60L with Ice Maker EMB-G6047(SV)

Elba Fridge Mini Bar 60L with Ice Maker EMB-G6047(SV) - Best Elba fridge Reviews

If you don’t have a lot of space to spare and would like to purchase the Best mini fridge Malaysia instead of a full-sized one, this Elba Fridge Mini Bar is a good choice to consider. With a 60-liter gross capacity, this unit is quite compact and won’t take up too much space in your home. In addition to the main fridge compartment, there is an ice maker and smaller shelves, the shelves are adjustable which gives you some control over the space in the fridge.


  • This compact unit is ideal for small spaces
  • It features an ice maker
  • Internal adjustable shelves


  • Defrosting is manual

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ELBA 185L Single Door Refrigerator ER-C1815(SV)

ELBA 185L Single Door Refrigerator ER-C1815(SV) - Best Elba fridge Reviews

Single door units are ideal for you if you live alone or have a small family

The ELBA ER-C1815(SV) is a single-door refrigerator but it has a freezer compartment with a 20liter capacity. It has internal compartments separated by tempered glass shelves. The shelves are easily adjustable based on your preferences. The fridge also has 3 side rack and an egg tray. The ELBA ER-C1815(SV) refrigerator uses a direct cooling system and elba appliances, making it cheaper than other units with a no-frost design. The direct cooling technology also makes it energy-efficient. It also features a grill function, allowing you to cook and heat food directly in the fridge. Although it does not have a complete no-frost design, the semi-defrost function runs automatically to keep the fridge frost-free.


  • It has an ergonomic handle
  • This fridge uses direct cooling technology
  • Interior lighting


  • It features a semi-defrost function instead of a total non-frost design.

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ELBA 250L 2-Door Non-Inverter Refrigerator ERG2521(SV) ER-G2521 Fridge

ELBA 250L 2-Door Non-Inverter Refrigerator ERG2521(SV) ER-G2521 Fridge - Best Elba fridge Reviews

This 250L 2-door refrigerator has a large capacity but still retains a compact size

This Elba 250L non-inverter refrigerator has a 2-door design with the freezer mounted atop. It also features a humidity control zone which is ideal for keeping your fruits or vegetables in a fresh state. There is also a chilled room section which you can use for storing milk and other dairy products. This multi-compartment design makes this refrigerator quite versatile and suitable for storing a wide range of foods. This is a non-inverter unit which means it might not be the most energy-efficient refrigerator around. But it still gets the job done pretty well and has a 4-star energy rating.


  • No frost technology
  • Humidity control zone
  • Multi Air Flow
  • Movable Twist Ice Maker


  • This is a non-inverter refrigerator

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Elba 310Litre 2 Door Fridge ER-G3125(SV)

Elba 310Litre 2 Door Fridge ER-G3125(SV)- Best Elba fridge Reviews

This large capacity refrigerator has a sleek and compact design

This Elba ER-G3125(SV) fridge has a 2 door design with a freezer mounted at the top and the fridge below. With a 310liter capacity, you get plenty of space with this fridge. Still, the top mount freezer design means the fridge is still compact and you’d get to save on space. The fridge also has an ice maker that is movable. It is 4-star rated which means the unit is energy efficient. It also features a humidity control system as well as a multi-air-flow internal system.


  • Interior Led light
  • 2-door compact design with top mount freezer
  • Moveable ice maker


  • This freezer is not 5-star rated (it is 4-star rated)

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Elba 520Litre 4 Door French Door Fridge EMR-G5244D

Elba 520Litre 4 Door French Door Fridge EMR-G5244D - Best Elba fridge Reviews

With four doors and a 530 liter capacity, this refrigerator is large enough for large families

This 520 liter Elba EMR-G5244D fridge has a large capacity which makes it quite easy for it to accommodate pretty much anything. It features a 4 door design with a perfect capacity for small medium family and an airfryer design of visible window to check the condition of food for a better taste. This allows you to organize the content of the fridge quite conveniently. In addition to this, there are 2 internal shelves, 4 sliding drawers, an egg container, a removable ice maker, and 2 adjustable. These internal compartments mean there is no shortage of options as far as organizing the content of your fridge is concerned. This high-capacity fridge uses an efficient cooling system with a multi-air flow system and no frost thanks to a humidity control system. It also has a thermostat sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature to ensure efficiency.


  • 4 door design with several internal shelves and compart
  • No frost design
  • Interior LED
  • 5-star energy rating


  • This is not a portable fridge

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Elba ER-G5143D 510L 2-Door Refrigerator

Elba ER-G5143D 510L 2-Door Refrigerator - Best Elba fridge Reviews

This Elba refrigerator has a double door design with sleek recessed handle

The Elba ER- G5143D is a large capacity refrigerator with a gross capacity of about 425 litres. This unit is a 2 door design with a top-mount freezer. This is a highly advanced refrigerator that features a touch sensor thermostat that allows you to set the desired temperature. This refrigerator has a sleek and modern design with a recessed handle. The refrigerator section has internal shelves, a chill room, and a humidity control section. The freezer has a moveable ice maker, side shelves. The is an efficient refrigerator with a multi-air flow system and no-frost technology.


  • Adjustable shelves
  • Large capacity refrigerator
  • Convenient top-mount freezer


  • 3 star-rated energy efficiency

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Elba ER-J4032BF(SV) 410L Bottom Freezer 2-Door Refrigerator

Elba ER-J4032BF(SV) 410L Bottom Freezer 2-Door Refrigerator - Best Elba fridge Reviews

The freezer of the Elba ER-J4032BF(SV) refrigerator is bottom mounted

The Elba ER-J4032BF(SV) is a large-capacity non-inverter refrigerator. With a gross internal capacity of 315 liters, this is definitely not a portable refrigerator. If you are in the market for the best fridge to buy in Malaysia for a large family, this is one of the top options to consider. This unit has a two-door design with a bottom-mount freezer design. The freezer features an easy-to-use auto ice maker that takes care of your ice-making needs.


  • Sensor touch thermostat
  • Large capacity refrigerator
  • Bottom-mount freezer
  • No-frost technology


  • The door is not reversible.

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Elba Italy ER-G3529(SV) 350L 2-Door Fridge

Elba Italy ER-G3529(SV) 350L 2-Door Fridge - Best Elba fridge Reviews

Large capacity fridge with tempered glass compartments

The 4-star rated Elba Italy ER-G3529(SV) is a large capacity and energy-efficient 2 door refrigerator with an easily accessible top-mounted freezer. One of the most outstanding features of this refrigerator is its recessed door handle design. Both the upper and lower sections of this fridge have tempered glass shelves and extra compartments that allow you to organize the content of your refrigerator seamlessly. This includes a humidity control zone that is designed to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh.


  • No frost technology
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Moveable ice maker.


  • Thermostat is mechanical

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When looking to buy a fridge, be sure to check both the essential features of your fridge as well as other rudimentary features. Basic factors like the energy efficiency and cooling system of your fridge go a long way in determining how the unit will operate. But additional features like having an ice maker will have a major impact on convenience. The products in this Elba fridge review are some of the best you can buy. Our top pick of the best mini freezer in Malaysia is the 60 liters Elba Fridge Mini Bar. This unit is an ideal choice when you live alone or you don’t have a lot of space to spare in your apartment. However, if you are looking for the best full-sized unit with all the extra bells and whistles, we recommend the 520 liters Elba .

Frequently asked questions

Is Elba a good fridge

Elba offers an extensive range of good quality and innovative refrigerators that are strong, energy-efficient, and guaranteed to keep your food fresh.

What are the benefits of buying Elba refrigerators?

Elba is well known for its Italian-style appliances with impressive build technology and a range of impressive features. Elba refrigerators offer an all-around performance that is unrivaled by any other fridge. Premium models come with additional features you are sure to love. The brand is one of the best you can go for if you are thinking of buying refrigerators.

How is the Elba fridge warranty?

Elba offers after-sales support and a warranty on their products. The exact duration of the warranty and the terms of the warranty depends on the type of refrigerator you are purchasing. You can visit the Elba website to register your product for a warranty after purchase.

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