Top 10 – Best Built-In Oven Malaysia Offers

There is an adage that says “the party ends at the kitchen” and it’s easy to understand why this is so. In every household, the kitchen is the heart and center of all gatherings.

A cornerstone of a good kitchen is an oven. Built-in ovens also referred to as wall ovens, is a perfect appliance that you can include in the kitchen to achieve that streamlined look. Within the same thought, it is important to do your homework before making that purchase decision.

Before you can choose the best built-in oven Malaysia offers, you should do your research! Luckily, we’ve made that a walk in the park for you with our top 10 best built-in ovens list.

Types of Built-in Ovens

  1. What types of Built-In Ovens are there on the market?

A Built-In oven is an integrated cooker that blends into any kitchen space to achieve that modern and stylish look. Just as the name suggests, these appliances are fitted into the kitchen units or fitted in cupboard doors. This is perfect for those with little space or those that want their kitchen to sync with their new kitchen units.

1.1 Single Wall Oven

A single wall oven comes with one cooking area where you can bake, roast, and grill your dishes. Even though it is known as a ‘wall’, it is not limited to in-wall fitting. It can also be fitted under your cooktop, below the counter, or set up into a set of cabinets. The idea here is that it is smaller.

If you like simplicity, the single-wall oven might be the perfect fit for you. Manufacturers for single wall ovens have diversified to include single ovens with warming drawers.

Single Wall Oven.
Single Wall Oven.


  • Tend to be less costly compared to the double ovens.
  • Works best if you live alone or for people who don’t have guests at home.
  • Best fit for most kitchen sizes and can slot neatly under countertops.
  • A built-in single wall oven is easy to install
  • Seamless design that gives the kitchen a new look


  • It has fewer features
  • Only has one oven space.

1.2 Double Oven

This is the perfect fit if you cook for large crowds. It comes with more capacity and allows you to cook multiple dishes in less time. Subsequently, the double oven gives you the opportunity to cook different foods at different temperatures. You can grill your chicken in one oven and bake your pies in another.

This type of oven can accommodate conventional heat on one side and convectional heat on the other. With convection oven heating, you will need to spend a little more but it’s worth the purchase for better cooking experience. The convection oven comes with an internal fan to help distribute heat evenly to the dish. A convection oven is very commonplace in households nowadays.

Double Oven.
Double Oven.


  • Has two ovens and hence more flexible than a single wall oven.
  • Numerous features to enhance your cooking experience. 
  • Cook multiple dishes simultaneously (bake and grill function) without tempering with the flavor.
  • You can cook in each oven and set the time and temperature differently. 
  • It’s sleek and looks downright innovative


  • Installing it can be complicated
  • Requires additional space for all the components to fit.
  • Safety concerns: upper trays are located high and may compromise safety.
  • Mobility issues may exist if the kitchen space is small and the doors are opened.
  • Installing cooktops can be difficult in case there is limited space.

10 Things to Check before Buying a Built-In Oven

2.1 Cooking Capacity

The traditional ovens have two fixed heating elements which are located either at the top, bottom, or sides. These are perfect for preparing oven meals. Nevertheless, you will require a fan oven when baking. Nowadays, most electric oven models (single wall and double wall) come with fans and don’t feature heating elements on top or sides. Rather, the built-in ovens have heating elements located in separate compartments which heats the air. The heated air then blows over the food using the fan.

The oven capacity is calculated in liters. So when making a purchase decision, just double check that you’ve bought the correct oven in terms of capacity for your cooking needs. A single built-in oven has a capacity of between 60 and 100 liters. At the same time, you can prepare dishes at one temperature. A double built-in electric oven Malaysia will come with a capacity between 90 and 130 liters. This is perfect for a large family and can cook two dishes at different temperatures at the same time.

Single Door oven.
Single Door oven.

2.2 Rated Power

Oven is an important cooking appliance and can consume a lot of energy depending on the temperature set. Ideally, most cooking occurs at 300 to 425 Fahrenheit degrees. This translates to between 1000 and 5000 watts. To protect buyers from purchasing inefficient Built-in ovens, the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) has been set for all small, medium, and large ovens.

Large ovens should have an Energy Efficient Rating of Class B or better. For medium/small ovens, Energy Efficient Rating of Class A is the best. When making the purchase decision, therefore, it is important to check if the oven is rated power. Purchasing an oven with a good energy rating translates to less costs in terms of electric bills and reduced impact to the environment.

Energy performance class.
Energy performance class.

2.3 Budget

Price is an important factor to check when making a purchase decision. The good thing is that appliances like cheap microwave ovens have a range of prices. You need to choose one that fits your budget. The fact is that the bigger your budget, the more features you will get in an oven. Either way, you need to buy an oven that fits your kitchen and family needs. It doesn’t hurt to save more and purchase one that suits you. The built in microwave Malaysia double oven has a higher price compared to the single oven which has fewer features.

2.4 Child safety lock

The best microwave ovens Malaysia offer a 3 ply oven door and a safety lock. When cooking, the external part of the door is less than 70°C, making it safe to touch. Besides, a child safety lock makes it harder for kids to pull open the oven door. If you have kids, you should consider a built-in oven that has a child safety lock.

3 ply door.
3 ply oven door.

2.5 Warranty

The objective of a warranty is to promote the reliability and quality of the built-in oven. Longer and better warranty terms means that the product is more reliable. It is a protection tool that will help you replace or repair the product in case it becomes faulty or fails to perform as expected.

Built-in ovens are expensive kitchen appliances and you don’t want to buy one only to throw away after a few months. The best Built in oven should have a warranty period of more than 1 year. At the same time, you can find some warranties with extended coverage for some parts.

2.6 Finishing of the Materials

The interior parts of the built-in oven and the doors are made using either galvanized or stainless steel material added with a coat of acrylic enamel to prevent sticking of food on its surface. A light color is applied in the interior to give good visibility. The cooking area is often made with ceramic or glass material.

There is also the wave guide and stirrer fan which are all made of metal. The material that links different component include nuts, washers, and cables. The exterior part is made of sheet iron because of the different design possibilities. While making a purchase decision, consider choosing a built in oven with a color that blends with your kitchen. This will make a perfect contrast with your cabinet and cooking range.

2.7 Features

Oven comes with a variety of features and you should prioritize which ones are the best for you. As discussed, there are Built-in single and double ovens. The double allows you to cook different dishes at the same time. Besides the element of size, there are other features which includes as full sensor touch control to provide precise control of temperature, digital clock with automatic cut off timer and an oven ventilation system. Moreover, good models might have pyrolytic self-cleaning, steam cooking, and telescopic runners as well. Telescopic runners make it easy to pull and push the shelves. Built-in single ovens must be installed where there is adequate ventilation to ensure it operates effectively.

2.8 Read the Reviews

Buyers have different experiences with the same product. To understand more about a product, you should check on the reviews section. The reviews provide important information and help the customer understand the product features and what to expect. Buy reading the reviews, you understand the cons and pros associated with a specific Built-in oven. You get firsthand experience from actual users rather than the advertisers. These insights allow you to make a good purchase decision.

2.9 Choose the delivery service wisely

You should choose an online store with free, flexible, and efficient delivery services. Built-in ovens are delicate kitchen appliances that should be handled with care and installed with the right technicians. In most cases, such appliances are damaged between the store and at the point of delivery. If you have an old appliance, consider a store that picks up old models as that’ll save you the trouble.

2.10 Brand

There are numerous Built-In oven brands in the Malaysian market. Some brands have reputation for being good for a specific purpose. BEKO brand, for instance, offers products that have great quality, durability, and includes the latest innovative technology in their Built-in ovens. There are other brands with regular features such as best for baking or grilling alone. It is therefore recommended to choose a model that meets your needs and does all the basic jobs.

10 Best Built-In Ovens in Malaysia 

BEKO Built in Oven 65L BIM25400XMS

BEKO Built in Oven 65L BIM25400XMS. Built-in Oven Malaysia - Shop Journey
BEKO Built in Oven 65L BIM25400XMS.


  • 3D Cooking
  • Has 13 cooking functions
  • 65 L capacity
  • Has simple steam cleaning capacity
  • Has an electric grill

BEKO Built-in Oven 65L BIM25400XMS is a built in oven that comes with a number of features. The kitchen appliance has an advanced cooking system that allows you to prepare three different dishes at the same time without any odour mixing issues. In terms of cleaning, you don’t need to worry because you apply simple steam to remove any stain or food particles. It has a fan heating, grill with fan, and can be used to cook pizza. The fan facilitates equal distribution of heat to the food which helps achieve equally cooked food.

BEKO Built in Oven 65L BIM22100X

BEKO Built in Oven 65L BIM22100X.
BEKO Built in Oven 65L BIM22100X.


  • 3D Cooking
  • 65 L capacity
  • Has an electric grill
  • Halogen Illumination
  • Has 8 cooking functions
  • Energy-efficient class A

The unique feature about this oven is the Halogen Illumination. This allows you to watch your dishes as they are cooked. The new halogen lights located at the left corner of the oven gives you a perfect impression of your turkey as it is roasted. It also has 8 cooking functions, electric grill, and 3D cooking function. This cooking function allows you to cook different dishes at the same time without any odour mixing issues.

BEKO Built in Oven 44L BCW15500XG

BEKO Built in Oven 44L BCW15500XG.
BEKO Built in Oven 44L BCW15500XG.


  • Has 10 cooking functions
  • Cavity Volume: 40 L
  • Grill Type: Electric
  • Has halogen illumination
  • Has child lock
  • Energy Efficiency Class A
  • Durable Door that supports up to 22.5 kg

BEKO Built-In Oven 44L BCW15500XG has 10 cooking functions, a combi microwave oven, Halogen Illumination, and durable door. It has conventional and microwave cooking feature combined for faster preparation of the dishes. As a cook, there are some meals you want prepared faster whereas there are some meal you don’t want in a hurry. With this built-in oven, you will save time preparing dishes for your family. It also has halogen illumination to give a clear view of what happens inside. You don’t need to open the oven door to check how your dish is preparing.

RUBINE RBO-IA8X-70SS Built-in Oven with capacity up to 70L



  • Has 8 cooking functions
  • Has a capacity of 70 liters
  • Has both digital and manual control
  • Has 3 door layers

RUBINE oven is one of the leading household appliances with the latest technology and innovative designs. It is recognized as one of the fastest growing brands in Malaysia. Their innovation is combined with the combined new technologies to give exceptional kitchen appliances. The unique aspects of RUBINE RBO-IA8X-70SS includes mechanical and digital control, a removable door, and a precise control with LCD display. Besides these features, the product will come with 1 Grilling Rack, 1 Baking Tray, and 1 Deep Tray.

RUBINE RBO-LAVA-70SS Built-in Oven with capacity up to 70L



  • Has 8 cooking functions
  • Has 70 L capacity
  • Has 2 door layers
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A
  • Has mechanical control panel

RUBINE RBO-LAVA-70SS is another one of the best Built-in ovens to purchase in Malaysia. This oven has a 70L capacity and therefore best for small family dinner. It has 8 cooking functions and 2 door layer unlike the RUBINE RBO-IA8X-70SS which has 3. This, however, is not a negative attribute since it is also an energy efficient appliance. It has an oven light to help you see what is cooking, a removable door, and a time control. When you purchase this, you will also get 1 Grilling Rack and 1 Baking Tray.

FOTILE KSG7007A Built-in Oven



  • Has 70L capacity and 8 cooking functions
  •  Stylish tempered glass material
  •  Removable door
  • Cavity cooling fan system
  • Conventional fan & front ventilation system
  • Constant temperature with 3 heating pipe
  •  Easy Operation with mechanical control
  • Energy Class A

The FOTILE KSG7007A is another of the top built-in ovens Malaysia offers. With this model, you will get a 70 L capacity and 8 cooking functions. Besides the specification, it is easy to operate and hence, perfect for beginners. It also has an accurate temperate control to avoid burning your cake, undercooking or overcooking. FOTILE KSG7007A also has a classy design with a large visible window to help you see through. Do not worry about food spills because it has an anti-spill gill for balance.

FOTILE KSS7002A Built-in Oven



  • 70L with multi-function oven with 10 functions oven
  •  Elegant Glass material with a stainless steel surface
  •  172° angle of hot air filter plate to balances the air flown
  •  Constant temperature with 5 heating pipe
  • Removable double glazed door with 2xlow-E glass & 1tempered glass
  •  Damping hinge door to stopped and balance at any angle
  • Energy Class A

This built-in oven has almost all the features you may desire. First, the FOTILE KSS7002A has a 70L capacity which is perfect for a small family. Secondly, it provides constant temperature to your dish. With its 170° angle air filter and 5 high-quality Japanese heating tubes, your turkey will be perfectly prepared for that small family gathering. Third, this kitchen appliance is user-friendly, has an anti-spill grill, and a damping hinge to allow the door to stop and balance at a specific angle. This Built-in oven comes with 1 grill and 1 tray.

FOTILE SCD42-C2T Built-in Steam Oven

FOTILE SCD42-C2T Built-in Steam Oven.
FOTILE SCD42-C2T Built-in Steam Oven.

FOTILE SCD42-C2T is a 42L capacity built-in oven with some unique features to check. There is a dual-effect steam technology that helps control its temperature and helps to ensure flavor when you use it to cook dishes. The steam oven heating system to help food remains healthier as well. It also consists of 8 preset cooking programs, and an auxiliary heating film. The film facilitates inner cavity self-heating since there is no water that drops during the steaming process. The capacity of this steam oven helps you cook dishes simultaneously and efficiently.


  •  8 Preset Steam Programs
  •  LED display with “O” touch design
  • Water re-circulation heating system
  • 1.4liter water tank
  •  Independents steam generator, fast heating
  •  Dynamic steam balance system
Steam Heating System.
Steam Oven Heating System.

Lebensstil Built-in Microwave Oven (45cm) LKMW-4502SGO

Lebensstil Built-in Microwave Oven (45cm) LKMW-4502SGO.
Lebensstil Built-in Microwave Oven (45cm) LKMW-4502SGO.


  •  Full sensor touch control with LED Display.
  •  Has 35L capacity. 
  • Cooking duration setting.
  • Digital clock with automatic cut-off timer.
  •  Cool touch 3 layers glass door with large viewing window.
  •  Door interlock (Safety Switch) with Child lock system.

This built-in oven has a 35-liter capacity and a cool touch 3-layer glass oven door. The unique feature in this kitchen appliance is the full sensor touch control with LED display and a door interlock which acts as a safety feature for your children. It comes with 1 Drive, 1 Swivel Sub-Assembly, 1 Wire Rack, 1 Baking Tray, and 1 Turn Table.

Lebensstil Built-in Microwave (20L) LKMW-2308

Lebensstil Built-in Microwave.
Lebensstil Built-in Microwave.


  • Microwave and grill function
  •  Push-button door
  •  LED Display with Popup knob
  • Defrost by time and weight
  •  8 Preset Auto Cooking programs
  • Child safety lock

Lebensstil Built-in Microwave (20L) LKMW-2308 is the last among the 10 best built-in oven. It has a 25L capacity with a list of other amazing features like a child lock, Push door, microwave, and grill for your turkey. Besides, it has a stylish finish and easy to operate.


We have presented the list of what to check on the built-in oven. These features are not exclusive but are the most important features you should check before making a purchase decision. At the same time, we have presented 10 best Built-In ovens with different features, technologies, sizes, and brands.

However, if you are working on a tight budget, we recommend you to check Lebensstil Built-in Microwave (20L) LKMW-2308. This Built-in oven has amazing features for its price. For exceptional cooking experience and unrivaled convenience, this BEKO Built-in Oven is the best. It has up to 13 cooking functions and a wide range of features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of a built-in oven?

Built-in ovens come with great flexibility and convenience. You can customize it to fit your kitchen needs and your kitchen space. You achieve great flexibility in terms of the placement and avoid kitchen crowding, particularly during family gatherings. The disadvantage with the built-in oven is that you need to buy a separate cooktop. Unlike the freestanding models, they don’t come with cooktops.

 Can I have a built-in oven in my kitchen with an already installed granite platform?

Yes, you can fit a built-in oven in your kitchen with an already installed granite platform. All you need is to core cut the granite top and kadappa stone (that is if you are using one to support the granite). You should contact your technician for further guidance.

Are built-in ovens standard size?

All built-in ovens have a standard size in terms of width and depth. This means that they can fit into a standard housing unit. The measurement that can vary is the height which depends on the manufacturer. 

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