Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Malaysia Models to Buy for 2022

As health experts say, your car can be a breeding ground for bacteria, allergen, fungi, and more. Because of this, they recommend regularly cleaning closed-off spaces that you use regularly like your car. There is a balance between affordability and keeping dust, contaminants, dirt, and accumulated allergens like dust mites.

Invest in a car vacuum cleaner Malaysia product to reduce dust mite build-up in your car. A car vacuum cleaner can help you clean the hard to reach areas in your car. From a handheld car vacuum to a cordless vacuum cleaner, these vacuums come with different price points.

We took the liberty to compare them and compile the top car vacuum cleaners available in the Malaysian market. Our list should help you choose the right product for you.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

The market for car vacuum cleaner Malaysia comprises many vendors from low and budget categories to high-quality and expensive ones. Because of this, you can have several options in terms of functions, durability, operating time, filters, portability, noise production, and more. If you want the best vacuum for your car, then you should always go for a cordless car vacuum cleaner.


It is important that you must go for a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner because a car vacuum cleaner should be easy to move around and maneuver. If it is heavy, it is very difficult to reach the underside of seats and other areas. Some of the best car vacuum cleaners start around 2 kg or so and are easy to plug in and remove. It is convenient enough for kids to use it. Also, because a handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight, you can carry it anywhere, use it for a longer duration, and depending on your needs keep it in your car itself. The Corvan is a good example of such a lightweight construction measuring just 2.14kg.


  • Must be portable and easy to carry around, weighing around 2kg to 3kg with additional accessories.
  • Because it is cordless and handheld, it must be ergonomic too.
  • The energy consumption should be around 170 watts.
  • The size of the bag should be around 0.8 to 1litres, if not more.
Car vacuum easily clean food crumbs Source:
Car vacuums easily clean food crumbs.


Sleek car vacuums occupy less space.

The best car vacuum Malaysia designs are prone to easy and convenient operation. It is because they have a slim body and measure within 12cm at max. This feature allows it to help you clean hard to reach corners and this makes it suitable for being used inside your car. You can detach it and add accessories that make it even more flexible. 


Car vacuums with a mop for leather seat.

A handheld car vacuum is the best for your car because it is a good choice by design and also allows for a range of accessories that you can mount on it and use as you please. Black+Decker is a brand that makes some of the good portable vacuum cleaners for cars. It is handheld and very convenient and comes with many accessories like the Corvan, but costs RM 90. You can buy third-party accessories for this too and it fits them well.

Battery Runtime

Xiaomi is a famous smartphone manufacturer from China, and its subsidiaries also make a lot of other electronics for your lifestyle. This is a micro-nozzle cordless car vacuum cleaner and also the best portable handheld vacuum Malaysia markets have to offer because it is one the best in terms of runtime and recharging time as well. As per current features, it can do a lot of good things. The Coclean FVQ, for example, comes with a 20000mah battery, enough for 30 mins, and also recharges quite fast compared to other products. It is well suited for sticky lint, and pets’ hair because of the micro-nozzle.

Key Takeaways

  • A good cordless car vacuum should feature an in-built battery because it’s more convenient.
  • The average runtime of a car vacuum is 20 to 30min.
  • The average power comes at 5000pa and 120 watts operating energy consumption.
  • The average time for recharging is about 4 hours, which is a big thing because you have to wait for that long every time.
Small nozzle for cleaning crevices and corners.

Filter System

The best filters are the HEPA ones because they offer high-efficiency performance air filters. These can take away dirt and allergens as small as a few micrometers in diameter, because of which they are recommended for use in high-risk areas like hospitals. If you have a kid with breathing conditions, you should clean your car with a cordless vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters or HEP-grade filters at the least.

Rechargeable hand-help mini car vacuum.


The budget is an important thing to consider here because different vendors are depending on the price range. Not all expensive items might be right for your needs.

Cordless car vacuums are easier to use.

Key Takeaways

  • The cordless is a budget offering and the average prices vary around RM 500.
  • Those with accessories and lighting and other stuff can cost a bit more, around RM 100.
  • The brands like Xiaomi, Black+Decker belong to the budget category ranging from RM 100 to RM 300 while those from Dyson, Corvan, Philips, and Bosch range between RM 500 to RM 700 on average.

What Are the Types of Car Vacuums Available?

There are broadly three categories of car vacuum cleaners in the market. We list them below with examples.

Cordless Vacuum

The best handheld car vacuum is a cordless one because it is portable, lightweight, easily maneuverable, and very useful.

Portable car vacuum with easy to clean accessories.

Cordless means, there are no wires and no hassle. They run on battery and you need to recharge them.

Corded Vacuum

Corded vacuums need constant electricity.

These are high suction power vacuum cleaners because of which they consume more electricity and cannot be used with batteries. These can pick up more dirt and even harder stains because of their powerful suction (approximately 200-600 watts).

Wet and Dry Vacuum

Wet-Dry vacuums clean all types of surfaces.

Wet and dry vacuums, sometimes referred to as 2 in 1 vacuums, are low-powered around 90 to 100watt and a low-budget of about RM 120 category products that you can purchase. Some of the best car vacuum cleaners in Malaysia actually have quite affordable prices. Because of their 2 in 1 feature, they can extract both dry dirt and liquid spills from your car, carpets, and so on. Because of this, they come with a bigger bag and a long and flexible handle.

How Do We Test Our Car Vacuums?

We perform a rigorous online survey and technical inspection of the products. We use testimonials and experiences of customers into account as well because a single review unit may not tell the story in the best way. We stress two different aspects, mainly.

Cleaning & Convenience

The cleaning and convenience are important because the best car vacuum must be portable and easy to use. It must-have accessories that can be mounted easily and removed when not needed. It should be able to run off the car’s battery and it should be good on runtime if it has an inbuilt battery. Because of these characteristics, we rate different products on different scales. Some of the best car vacuum cleaner Malaysia models are small and convenient, clean properly, and remove items using different accessories.

Noise & Power Usage

The sound level of most car vacuums is very low because they are small devices and consume very little power in the order of 100watts or so. People usually go for quiet operating models because it is easy to use and does not disturb lengthy operation when inside a small closed space like that of a small car, minivan, or an SUV. Check the dB rating of your vacuum cleaner.

What Should You Look Into Before Buying a Car Vacuum?

Before purchasing a new car vacuum cleaner, you must look for its benefits, pros, and cons. You should see what you are getting in return for what you are paying because the cost factor is essential. You can spend just under RM 100 and get a more useful product than spending around RM 500 on a costly product and still have a difficult time operating it.

As we have mentioned above, weight, design, budget, and others are very crucial in making a decision. Some of our top picks include the above models for a variety of reasons.

  • Corvan is one the best and most expensive models but comes with a variety of features.
  • Black+Decker is a more budget offering for handheld operations.
  • Bosch is a good offering with high brand value and also good features in the better range segment.
  • Xiaomi is one of the best in terms of battery and runtime because it comes with 20000mAh inbuilt power and also HEP11 grade filter technology.

To give a recap and specify it point-wise, we have the below list. You should look for them on your product’s spec sheet before making a purchasing decision.

  1. Power Rating
  2. Storage Bin Volume
  3. Cord or cordless
  4. Reliability
  5. Accessories Inclusion
  6. Some other additional features that are nice to have are LED lighting
  7. Read the reviews online and decide
  8. Be wise and buy from a store that offers free delivery
  9. Go for a Brand for a hassle-free experience, even if old

Car Vacuum Cleaner Malaysia Models to Consider

We list below the various brands and their products and also highlight their best functions of features in a brief overview format. 

1. Car Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Wet/Dry

Car wireless vacuum cleaner cordless wet/dry.

This is a 2 in 1 vacuum that can vacuum dust particles, food crumbs and even liquids. Its best features include a trendy look, ergonomic handling, good enough runtime on a single charge, and also portability. Because it is also cordless, it is a good deal. 

2. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Wireless Rechargeable

Cordless vacuum cleaner wireless rechargeable.

These are good because of their longtime operation and fast recharge times. Comes with 6 months warranty and also for just under RM 80, which is a good deal. 

3. Oxtra Portable Car Vacuum V2

Oxtra Portable Car Vacuum V2.

It is highly portable which makes it a great companion on your trips. It has a small nozzle and brush that makes cleaning seats and all very easy and convenient. 

4. Handheld Car Home Vacuum Lightweight Portable Auto Vacuum Wet Dry Cleaner

120W handheld portable auto vacuum wet dry cleaner.

The handheld car vacuum cleaner is very unique because it has portability and a lightweight design. Because of this, wet and dry handheld vacuum cleaners are easy to use, maintain and carry around. 

5. Baseus Small Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Baseus Small Car Vacuum Cleaner is compact and easy to use.

This Baseus model is one of the best vacuum cleaners for cars. The Baseus Small Car Vacuum Cleaner is a compact and wireless model made from high quality materials. It has a super suction power of 4000pa. This powerful suction gets the job done efficiently and quickly. Apart from that, it’s also incredibly durable and comes with several attachments for different areas of the car.

6. Oxtra Supercharged Cordless Vacuum

Oxtra supercharged cordless vacuum.

This comes with added punch, battery life, longer operating time, and convenience. It can reach anywhere inside your car easily. It is expensive because of its high-end features and costs around RM 360. 

7. Samu Giken Rechargeable Wireless Cordless Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner Household 50W

Samu Giken cordless portable handheld car vacuum cleaner 50W.

Because this is a low-powered device, it runs longer. You can recharge it on the go as well from a battery pack. It is very affordable at under RM 60 and comes with 3000pa suction power. It also features a 1-year warranty at such a budget offering, which is a big benefit. 

8. Anker T2520 Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure

Anker T2520 Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure.

The big thing about this vacuum car product is its high-quality design. It is ergonomic, low-powered, runs on USB, and a lot more to love. It is expensive at around RM 250 and is ultra-light, only under 700gms, and with a very high 5500pa suction power. The ozone purification is also a big plus.

9. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Cordless Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Wet & Dry

Rechargeable cordless wireless vacuum cleaner wet & dry.

A generic branded product that sells for under RM 50 can also be a good product, to begin with. Because of this, you get 2200mah battery runtime and enough power to do everyday car cleaning. It also offers a quick charge. 

10. YOUPIN Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

YOUPIN portable car vacuum cleaner.

This product is a good balance between prices and features. Because it comes with portability, handheld operation, HEPA filter system, and with 5000pa suction power, the price is justified too. For a cost of under RM 130, you are getting a good deal. 


Most car vacuum cleaners are portable because they need good flexibility and reach to be used inside a car. You should consider purchasing something between RM 150 because it is a good medium budget for a good product. There you get brand value and a good filter system, durability, satisfactory battery life, and convenience. Most products focus on suction power and runtime because they are very useful for cleaning purposes.

You should keep an eye on the spec-sheet too and take into consideration the power rating, energy consumption, wattage, dimensions for space-keeping, etc. if that matters to you in the long run. An informed consumer is always a good one because you know what type of car vacuum will be good for you, based on the frequency of cleaning and usage. 


Finding the best vacuum for your car is always a difficult task because there is no single winner. You must find a suitable product based on different factors, your personal taste, and your budget. Your car vacuum needs can be met with a budget of under RM 200, and you can keep bacteria, allergens away from your car. You must check the specifications and compare the products before purchasing because there are a wide variety of prices, features, and options in the market.

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