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Keeping your home consistently clean becomes a tall order when you already have too much on your plate. For instance, it is never easy to get into the cleaning mode while treading a rope of a busy schedule. 

But thank God for vacuum cleaners! If you are blessed enough to get a good vacuum cleaner, your everyday cleaning errand becomes a breeze.

However, it is not easy to get the best vacuum cleaner in Malaysia, where you find multitudes of options on online stores and roadside electronics outlets. You can easily get overwhelmed and confused with all those varying vacuum cleaner models available—from handheld to stick, corded to cordless vacuums, wet and dry, and robot vacuums.

To help you pick the best vacuum cleaner in Malaysia without a hassle, we have researched, shortlisted, and chosen the six most eligible options on the market. 

We have also put together a buying guide and other valuable information that will come in handy when you will go vacuum cleaner shopping.

Without any further ado, let’s start our in-depth discussion on vacuum cleaners.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are three types of vacuum cleaners for residential consumers.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The cordless vacuum cleaner is a battery-powered model that you can use to clean your home without hassling with power cords and looking for sockets.

Portable / Handheld Vacuum

A portable vacuum cleaner is essentially a cordless vacuum. However, features that make them eligible for the “portable” tag are their lightweight constructions and easy-to-use handling. Any cordless vacuum cleaner that doesn’t strain hands and can easily be maneuvered on any surface will be classified as a portable vacuum machine.

Tankless Vacuum Cleaner

A tankless or bagless vacuum cleaner is an innovative twist to the traditional corded vacuum cleaners. Instead of replaceable bags, they feature permanent tanks, containers, and filters that trap microscopic debris and allergens. You empty those dirt tanks or cups after every cleaning session and refit them on the vacuum.

Benefits of Using Vacuum Cleaners

If you are still sitting on the fence about whether you need a vacuum cleaner or not, this section will help you take the decisive step.

Vacuum cleaning removes microscopic dust particles.

Vacuum Cleaners Save Time and Energy

If you use a powerful vacuum with an efficient cleaning tool, you will be able to clean the entire square footage of your home in less time and without exhausting yourself as compared to traditional mopping and sweeping.

Vacuum Cleaners Are Easy to Use

Today, you can get handheld, portable vacuum cleaners in Malaysia that are easy to use. Even the corded ones boast plug-n-play operations. In short, you don’t need to “learn” anything to use a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaners Get Rid of Allergens

Tankless vacuum cleaners with a state-of-the-art filtration system like the HEPA filtration trap all sorts of airborne allergens. From pet dander to dust mite, you can get rid of all visible and invisible allergens through a modern vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaners Are Budget-Friendly

You can easily get a useful vacuum cleaner without breaking your bank. Modern vacuum cleaners also feature strong suction motors to not have to worry about their operating cost either.

How to Choose a Good Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum cleaners in Malaysia are powerful and versatile.

Consider these factors while buying a vacuum cleaner to pick the most suitable option for your use.


If you are opting for a tankless vacuum cleaner, make sure its dirt cup has at least a 1-liter capacity. Anything smaller than that might not be suitable for cleaning your house in one go without emptying the can/canister over and over again.

Frequency / Usage

If you like to vacuum daily or after every other day, you can pick the cordless vacuum options with lower suction power. However, weekly deep-cleaning sessions will require a vacuum cleaner with a higher suction power.


Some vacuum cleaners come with an entire set of attachments. If you need versatile cleaning from your vacuum machine, opt for options that come with various attachments. For instance, you can find models that have different nozzle attachments for vertical cleaning. Similarly, a crevice attachment is often given to take care of hard-to-reach spaces.

Budget / Price Factors

You can easily find a good vacuum cleaner for home use that’s well under RM 3,000. We think paying more than that for a cleaner for residential use will be overspending.

6 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia 

Here are our top contenders of the best vacuum cleaner Malaysia has to offer!

1. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

2-in-1 Dyson Cyclone V10 ready for vacuum cleaning.

If you like to have both handheld and stick vacuum cleaners in the house but only have the budget for one, consider this Dyson product. It is a regular vacuum cleaner with a telescopic handle that you can convert into a handheld variant with just one click.

Dyson also offers a range of attachments with the vacuum cleaner. Besides standard and soft roll cleaners heads, you also get four quick-release attachments with the machine that make your cleaning activity wholesome. We also like this vacuum tool for its convenient drop-in charging and 60 minutes cordless, fade-free suction at three power modes.

2. Airbot Supersonics Cyclone Cordless Handheld Portable Vacuum Cleaner

A sleek Airbot Supersonics Handheld Portable Vacuum Cleaner.

Airbot Supersonics has hit it out of the park by designing this budget vacuum option. We can safely say that it is one of the best vacuum cleaners in Malaysia at budget prices. Despite having an economical price tag, the vacuum cleaner doesn’t offer below-the-par cleaning results.

The handheld portable vacuum cleaner boasts dual-motor cyclone suction that is good enough to take care of all sorts of dust and debris. You can use it on both quick and deep cleaning modes. It can work up to 45 minutes in a single charge, which is enough – for thoroughly cleaning a mid-size apartment.

3. Philips PowerPro Bagless Vacuum

A bagless vacuum in stunning metallic blue color.

Philips is known for making reliable electronic appliances, and this corded vacuum cleaner is a testament to that. It is a powerful vacuum cleaner boasting 350W suction power and the patented PowerCyclone5 technology that separates air and dust in one go. Moreover, it features a multi-clean nozzle that is equally effective on all types of floors.

We also like the built-in turbo brush in the nozzle that picks up to 25% more hair and debris than other corded options with the same suction power. This Philips vacuum cleaner‘s action radius is nine meters, which is good enough to vacuum a standard room without changing the power socket.

4. Deerma CM800 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Heat Shock UV Lamp

Deerma CM800 with its futuristic design ready to suck and exterminate mites and other allergens.

Are you fed up with dust mites in your mattress and upholstery linings and want to get rid of them without using any chemicals? If that’s the case so, this Deerma handheld vacuum cleaner is your best bet. This ergonomically-designed handheld vacuum boasts UV sterilization to deal with dust mites.

First, the 450W motor of the vacuum sucks all the mites; the heat shock UV lamp neutralizes all of them without making any mess. We like the silent suction performance of this vacuum as well as its failsafe construction that ensures zero UV leakage.

5. Midea 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A user-friendly and lightweight 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner.

For all those people who like a no-frills, simple-to-use 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, this Midea product is a custom-made option. This bagless vacuum cleaner comes with a quick-release telescopic handle.  When you want to vacuum upholstery and other tricky surfaces, you can promptly convert it into a handheld option.

Another impressive bit about this Midea vacuum cleaner is its lightweight. Even with its long vacuum handle, it doesn’t feel heavy on hands and arms. Its dust container has enough capacity for one thorough cleaning round of the house.  The container is transparent so that you can keep track of its volume in real-time.

6. Deerma DX700 Handheld Strong Suction Vacuum Cleaner

Deerma handheld vacuum cleaner.

This Deerma handheld vacuum cleaner boasts various standout features. To begin with, it features propriety BlackHole suction with side turbulence. It guarantees deep cleaning on all surfaces with the same degree of precision. Despite such powerful suction, it doesn’t create a loud noise and only weighs around five pounds.

The other great thing about this Deerma vacuum cleaner is its 3-layer HEPA filtration that takes care of every small and large allergen in your interior. Its nozzle, brush, and flat press is designed in a way that you can use it to clean all hard-to-reach spaces around the house.


We hope that the above vacuum cleaner Malaysia reviews and a detailed discussion on benefits and how to buy a vacuum cleaner helps you pick the best vacuum cleaner option for your residential use. From the above discussion, it is pretty clear that a bagless vacuum cleaner is the best option for residential consumers. A bagless vacuum cleaner doesn’t just clean the interiors of your home but also trap various allergens that you can safely get rid of later.

If we are to make any suggestion, we would recommend you pick Dyson V10 for its all-around use. It boasts powerful suction and provides an efficient 2-in-1 option with an extended cordless operating time and multiple attachments. For those searching for a budget option, Airbot Supersonics Vacuum Cleaner is a good pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a vacuum cleaner?

You can choose a vacuum cleaner by factoring in its suction power, mode of use (cordless, corded, tankless, etc.), attachments, and price tag. 

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

A vacuum cleaner features a suction motor that creates a powerful suction current. The cleaner uses this suction power to draw in dust and dirt, debris and allergens through the nozzle and attachments.

How to clean a vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning a modern vacuum cleaner is pretty easy. Remove its dirt cup, empty it out in any closed litter box, and rinse it with water. You need to repeat the same steps for the washable filters used in any vacuum cleaner.

Which type of vacuum cleaner is best for a home?

There is not a single type of vacuum cleaners best suited for homes. It is more about personal preference and particular requirements. Some homeowners will find a cordless and handless vacuum machine the best option for their cleaning situation. Meanwhile, others will prefer corded, tankless machines for their homes.

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