Top 10 – Best Oven for Baking Malaysia Offers in 2024

A top-of-the-line oven is a must especially when you’re baking frequently. With too many gas and electric options available in the market, it gets difficult to pick the best oven for baking. 

If you are facing this conundrum and don’t know where to start your search for a good baking oven in Malaysia, continue reading this post. In this post, we will share some of the best oven brands for baking in Malaysia by reviewing their products.

We will also discuss the benefits of getting an oven for baking for your kitchen. The article will also highlight the types of ovens for baking and what factors to consider while shopping for one.

So, without any further delays, let’s start our comprehensive discussion on how to pick the best oven for baking in Malaysia.

Types of Baking Ovens 

Before delving into the best ovens in Malaysia and the benefits of baking ovens, it is imperative to know about the two basic types on the market. The best ovens typically fall into either of two categories: conventional oven or convection oven.

Conventional Oven

 A conventional oven installed under the counter.
A conventional oven installed under the counter.

Conventional ovens, as the name suggests, are more common between the two oven types due to their lower price points. A conventional oven (or traditional oven) features a fixed heating element at the bottom from where the heat rises and cooks the food. 

Due to stationary heat sources, conventional ovens often develop pockets of high and low temperatures. To achieve baking consistency with conventional ovens, you might need to turn around the baking pan halfway through the cooking time. However, some use two heating elements to provide cooking/baking consistency.

Convection Oven

 A convection oven with baking grills.
A convection oven with baking grills.

Convection ovens use a thermodynamic principle of heat transfer for baking. Instead of a stationary heating element, convection ovens use blowers to circulate hot air in their baking chambers. This omnidirectional heating makes sure that you don’t have to move the pan while baking to get even doneness.  Ovens with the convection function offer faster cooking time than conventional ovens and don’t need preheating either. 

Benefits of Using Baking Ovens 

A baking oven should be part of the cooking cornerstone of your kitchen for various reasons. The best ovens in Malaysia will be able to provide all of these benefits.  

Even Cooking

You'll want your baking oven to be able to cook food evenly.
You’ll want your baking oven to be able to cook food evenly.

You can use crockpots and waffle irons to bake items. However, they can’t provide the even cooking that comes with ovens made for baking, particularly the ones with convection function. Whether it is about roasting meat perfectly browned from all sides or baking even-textured loaves with golden crusts, no other appliance can provide the even cooking of a top-of-the-line oven.

Faster Cooking Time 

Not just even heating, a good oven also prepares food in lesser time than many other cooking methods.  For instance, you get to bake a full-size (at least two pounds) cake within 30-35 minutes.  Then, if you are preparing a pizza and ready with the dough and topping, you end up with savory golden and brown crust and melted cheese within 8-12 minutes— thanks to the quick and omnidirectional heating of a baking oven.

The same is the case when you want to roast a chunky piece of beef. A baking oven will let you get done with the tricky cooking of beef in around two hours. Faster cooking means you get to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family.

Better Temperature Regulation

Some recipes and dishes need very precise temperature regulation. Achieving this temperature accuracy is not possible when you use regular cooking pots on the range. A baking oven, on the other hand, comes with a control panel that features a temperature regulator and timer. These features help you get better control of food preparation. 

Better Flavors 

A baked dishing coming out of an oven.
A baked dishing coming out of an oven.

We don’t just eat food to fulfill our calorie intake. We also eat it for its flavor. In fact, we know that most of us eat any food for its flavor without factoring in its calorie count. A good cook or baker makes sure that the item they make doesn’t just remain easy on the eyes but also becomes a treat for taste buds. 

An oven for baking, particularly the convection ones, assists you in achieving a great flavor profile in the food being prepared. A crispy cookie tastes better than a soggy one. Similarly, a melting delicate sponge is far more delicious than a rock-hard piece of cake. You get all these desirable attributes for good flavors when you use an oven specially designed for baking and roasting. 

Preparing food in the baking oven also helps you in keeping it juicy. For instance, when you roast beef in the baking oven, its exterior browns quickly and lock in the flavorsome juices of the meat. Moreover, vegetables are better caramelized from the outside and develop a crisp that looks and tastes scrumptious.

In short, an electric or gas baking oven in your kitchen will enable you to make more delicious food items more often.

Saves Money

Interestingly, a good oven for baking also lets you cut down your food expenses. When you are able to bake at home, you don’t have to splurge on ordering items for expensive bakeries and food joints. With any of the best ovens for baking at your disposal, you can make, say, four times more pastries at the same price that you have to spend on ordering from a high-end bakery.

Similarly, you don’t need to suppress your cravings for a juicy steak or roast just because you are tight on budget and can’t order it from your favorite outlet. With a gas or electric oven for baking installed in your kitchen, you can prepare them at home at less than half the price.

So, a baking oven saves you money on food without letting you compromise on your savory urges.

A Safer Cooking Method

Baking is a comparatively safer cooking method.
Baking is a comparatively safer cooking method.

If we compare it with crockpots, grilles, and various kitchen appliances, an oven proves to be a safer cooking method. For starters, its enclosed frame inherently makes it safer to use as an appliance that features heating. Moreover, the controls and display (in the latest models) let you use an oven without using a guessing game, which is not a safer approach in any type of cooking.

Besides being safer, preparing food in an oven also involves less mess than any other cooking method.

Promotes Healthy Eating

A baking oven lets you try out many new recipes at home. When you start making new and savory food items at home, your frequency of ordering takeouts automatically decreases. In other words, your consumption of restaurant-made food slashes down and you start eating things where you are 100% sure about the ingredients.

 The majority of benefits discussed above come with a convection oven for baking.

Things to Check Before Getting a Baking Oven 

Wondering how to choose the best baking oven? You’ll want think about these factors to find the best oven for baking.

Oven Size/Capacity

Baking ovens in different sizes and volumes.
Ovens in different sizes and volumes.

Oven size capacity is usually measured in liters. It tells you how much food you can prepare in it one go. If you need a full-size baking oven to make entire meals, you will need a model that boasts more than 40 liters of volume. For baking and roasting in moderate quantities, a 20-30-liter oven will be enough. For small spaces and cooking light portions, you can opt for compact ovens with 10-12-liter capacity.

Your Usage

Your usage will determine what capacity and cooking functions you want in your baking oven. As mentioned earlier, if you are preparing entire meals for a large family, you will need an oven with at least 40-50-liter capacity. Similarly, if you have to do more than baking, you will require an oven with multiple cooking functions.

Cooking Functions/Features

A baking oven can be used for cooking methods other than baking. For instance, you can use a baking oven to prepare roasts. It can also be used to prepare foods that need broiling, grilling, and steam. Therefore, look at the product details of the baking oven to ensure it offers you the cooking features you are looking for. 

You can also find some convection ovens that come with a built-in rotisserie function. Then, some ovens feature auto menu selection where time and temperature settings for different recipes are already programmed.


You also have to factor in your wallet while searching for a baking oven. You can find models in a vast price range. From under-RM200 to above-RM1000, there is a lot of price difference based on capacity, functions, and brand. For a standard baking oven from a reputable brand, you might have to spend around 400-500 ringgits. 


1-year manufacturer warranty is a standard among the best electric ovens for baking available in the market. However, some of them also offer two or three years of warranty on parts. While sifting through warranty details, look at the coverage details for the heating element. A baking oven warranty that offers an extended coverage period for the heating element is better than the rest. The warranty is related to the oven brand. The best oven brands in Malaysia will likely provide a good term of warranty.


An electric oven with touch panel and electronic display.
An electric oven with touch panel and electronic display.

While style is not a strong suit of these models, you can find them with various distinctive visual characteristics. For instance, some of them have hinged doors while others have pull-down doors. Then some models have colored finishing and some have metallic exteriors. Moreover, some ovens feature knobs for temperature and time control. On the other hand, some contemporary models have touch buttons with digital displays. While picking styles, make sure it matches the rest of the kitchen and your budget.

Temperature Control

Adjustable temperature is a default feature of baking ovens. Any top-of-the-line oven lets you adjust the cooking temperature up to at least 200C. 


Like temperature control, a timer is another default feature of ovens. Usually, you will get a timer that can be set up to 60 minutes. Some large ovens also come with timers that go up to 120 minutes.

Other Features That Are Nice To Have

These are some additional features that make an oven a more wholesome cooking appliance.

  • A timer bell or whistle
  • A built-in pre-programmed menu selection
  • Auto-shutoff 

Top 10 Baking Ovens in Malaysia

If you don’t want to go on searching for a baking oven on your own and need suggestions, continue reading.  Now, we will briefly review ten of the best oven for baking available in Malaysia.

Cornell Electric Oven (50L) [CEO-SE50L]

A perfect baking oven for a large family

Cornel electric oven with its classic front panel with glass. Best Oven for Baking - Shop Journey
Cornel electric oven with its classic front panel with glass.

If you are looking for a baking oven that can prepare a lot of food in one go, consider Cornell CEO-SE50L Electric oven. It boasts a capacity of 50 liters and features a 60-minute timer to program cooking.  Its adjustable thermostat is adjustable between 100C and 250C.

CEO-SE50L features four heating elements along with the convection function to offer even cooking even for large-size pans. It also lets you prepare rotisseries. We also like this large baking oven for its set of accessories. Apart from two baking trays, you get a crumb tray, a grill tray, and a tray handle as well.

Panasonic CUBIE OVEN (15L) [NU-SC100W]

A great convection oven with a compact footprint

Panasonic NU-SC100 with its space-efficient profile. Best Oven for Baking - Shop Journey
Panasonic NU-SC100 with its space-efficient profile.

If budget is not an issue and you are not looking for an extra-large baking oven, consider this top-of-the-line Panasonic model. This oven doesn’t occupy too much space like most ovens. Moreover, its compact footprint offers adjustable cooking space to prepare different types of foods as required.

We also like its fast heating feature where the oven achieves 100C in less than three minutes— thanks to its efficient convection mechanism. Its front panel boasts a large slanted display with intuitive controls, making the oven easy on the eyes.

You also get 12 auto menus with this Panasonic electric oven for baking.

Khind Electric Oven (28L) [OT2800]

An electric oven with a retro look

Khind OT2800 with its classic retro look resembling an old radio set. Best Oven for Baking - Shop Journey
Khind OT2800 with its classic retro look resembling an old radio set.

This Khind electric oven caught our eye with its attractive retro-style look. This baking oven has the ability to become a focal point of any kitchen due to its appearance.  With a 28-liter capacity, 60-minute timer, and 100C-220C temperature range, this Khind electric oven is equally good on the functional front as well.

The oven uses upper and lower heating components to maintain temperature consistency in its cooking space. Despite being a budget baking oven, Khind OT2800 electric oven features an energy-saving lamp to let you monitor the food without opening the oven door and also comes with two baking trays and a baking rack.

Panaletrik Electric Oven 12L

A 3-in-1 Oven with grilling and toasting functions

Panaletrik electric oven placed on a kitchen counter. Best Oven for Baking - Shop Journey
Panaletrik electric oven comes with a wire rack for grilling.

The cooking space of an oven is not just for baking. If configured with the right accessories, it can also let you grill and toast your food. Panaletrik has introduced this 12-liter baking oven that is also designed to be used as a grill and toaster. Apart from a baking tray, it also comes with a wire rack that can be used for grilling and toasting.

We also like this Panaletrik electric oven for its auto-shutoff and ending signal bell feature. The bell informs you to take out the prepared food when you are busy somewhere else. It is a durable baking oven with a high-strength glass furnace door and features a timer with one hour limit and temperature knob that moves between 100C and 240C.

Khind 40L Electric Oven [OT4030]

A stylish baking oven for large food preparations

A large Khind OT4030 with its multi-knob control panel and classic appeal. Best Oven for Baking - Shop Journey
A large Khind OT4030 with its multi-knob control panel and classic appeal

Khind OT4030 strikes a perfect balance between form and function. It has the classic look of Khind OT2800 but boasts an additional volume of a small oven. You get 12 liters extra in Khind OT4030. On top of that this vast convection cooking space comes with rotisserie functions. 

No matter how much food is tucked into Khind OT4030, it will prepare it with even doneness from all sides. Its timer is also better than its predecessor. You can adjust the timer of Khind OT4030 to up to 120 minutes.  

Russell Taylors Oven Toaster (10L)

A small and budget-friendly baking oven

A space-friendly Russell Taylors Oven Toaster ready to toast a big slice of bread. Best Oven for Baking - Shop Journey
A space-friendly Russell Taylors Oven Toaster ready to toast a big slice of bread 

Whether you want to make a deep-dish pizza or looking to toast some slices, the Russell Taylors OT-10 Oven Toaster will come in handy. We are a fan of this baking oven for its exceedingly affordable price tag and convenient footprint. You can easily set it up anywhere in your kitchen.

The budget price and small size have no bearing on OT-10’s function. Like any full-size oven, it features a 60-minute time and adjustable temperature knob that regulates up to 230C. Its quartz heating element boasts operational durability. 

An adjustable chrome wire rack and an aluminum baking tray also come with Russell Taylors OT-10 Oven Toaster within its affordable price tag.

Butterfly 20L Electric Oven [BEO-5221]

A no-nonsense conventional baking oven

The simple Butterfly electric oven with glass front and knobs. Best Oven for Baking - Shop Journey
The simple Butterfly electric oven with glass front and knobs.

Amid multitudes of options with bells and whistles, it often gets difficult to pick a simple oven model. This Butterfly electric oven is for all those looking for a no-frill baking appliance.  Butterfly BEO-5221 is a 20-liter conventional baking oven that features a 60-minute timer with an auto ring bell.

Like simple old ovens, this Butterfly electric oven doesn’t feature a single stationary heating element. To provide cooking consistency, it features two heating elements on opposite sides. You also get two baking trays, two baking racks, and a crumb tray with this simple electric oven.

Panasonic CUBIE OVEN (30L) [NU-SC300]

A large and multifunction baking oven

An all-black Panasonic NU-SC300 with sleek digital display. Best Oven for Baking - Shop Journey
An all-black Panasonic NU-SC300 with sleek digital display.

Panasonic NU-SC300 is a 30-liter convection oven that offers homeowners an extensive set of functions. Besides baking and grilling, you can also use this large oven for steaming. It features a patented superheated steam function that provides efficient and tastier cooking. 

You can also use its steam function to keep your utensils sterilized by using any of five cleaning functions from the panel. Talking of the panel, we like the clean front of Panasonic NU-SC300. It features a sleek control panel with electrostatic touch and display on the top and pull-down door.

The smoke glass with black masking further enhances the visual appeal of this Panasonic electric oven for baking and steaming.

Khind Electric Oven 52L [OT5205]

A large oven with a rotisserie function

Khind OT-5205 with its large baking space. Best Oven for Baking - Shop Journey
Khind OT-5205 with its large baking space.

Electric ovens like this Khind boasts a large cooking volume that you can use to bake, broil, and roast stuff. Its 52-liter cavity is more than enough to prepare your recipes in large quantities. Its versatile heat source selection can be adjusted up to 230C. Moreover, you can set the timer for up to two hours with a bell signal to get notified.

This large baking oven comes with a rotisserie function. You can set up the rotisserie spit inside to have 360-degree evenly roasting. Despite offering multiple functions and a large cooking volume, the price of this Khind oven is quite reasonable. You also get one baking rack and one baking tray along with multiple tray and rotisserie spit handles within the same price.

Pensonic Electric Oven | PEO-2305 23

A stainless steel electric oven

Pensonic electric oven with its all-in-all stainless steel construction. Best Oven for Baking - Shop Journey
Pensonic electric oven with its all-in-all stainless steel construction.

If you like electric ovens with metallic finishing that also boast great functionality, consider this Pensonic oven. This 23-liter baking oven features stainless steel through and through. Whether it is its heating elements, handle, door holder, or control panel, everything is made of top-class stainless steel. It doesn’t just give the oven a good visual profile but also makes it a durable appliance.

You can bake and grill with this with its adjustable temperature control of up to 250C and a 60-minute timer. The timer also features a chime to notify you that the food is ready.

With good capacity and impressive functions, the price of this Pensonic oven is also quite reasonable.


We hope that this comprehensive guide for buying a baking oven in Malaysia helps you pick the right model for your cooking use and budget. If we are to make any suggestion, we would recommend you to invest in Cornell Electric oven. It boasts a large volume and convection feature with a good number of accessories at a reasonable price.

If you need something that doesn’t occupy too much space and also remains easy on the pocket, you can go with a Panaletrik Electric oven. It is compact but can be used for a range of baking and grilling recipes and you can also use it as a toaster.

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