7 Best Ovens in Malaysia 2021 – Best Oven Malaysia Offers

Have you ever thought of adding a powerful oven to your collection of kitchen appliances? If yes, did you get the best oven that meets your every need?

An oven is an invaluable kitchen appliance. Whether you want to experiment with different ingredients or have a classic baking recipe you wish to impress your better-half with, an oven is your gateway to that scrumptious meal.

Thanks to it, you can achieve creamy and tasty foods that are rich in flavor.

Being a full-blown foodie myself, achieving the desired temperature and right temperatures during the baking process is particularly important.

In numerous of my previous baking escapades, I noticed that some of my baked foods did not have the right texture, consistency, and did not reach the level of deliciousness I yearned for.

To improve my baking experience, I sought to find the very best ovens that Malaysia offers. I did sift through a variety of brands, leaving me with a list of the 7 best ovens the Malaysia kitchen appliance industry has to offer.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Ovens

Anyone who loves to cook and make scrumptious meals knows that an oven plays an instrumental role in any recipe and the preparation of savory dishes. With a recipe and the right oven, you can make a myriad of dishes and tasty treats that your family can enjoy.

However, to leverage all the benefits of owning an oven, there is a need to purchase the perfect one for you.

So, how do you do that? Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best oven for baking.


Size is one of the most important things to factor in when buying a built-in oven. For starters, compact size of your kitchen space largely determines the size of the first two built in ovens that you go home with. If you have a limited kitchen space, a large built in oven just might not fit as required, hindering free movement in and out of the kitchen.

Additionally, if you have ample space for your oven, the right oven size and size itself of your baking tins goes a long way in determining the one to go for. For instance, if you are in the business of cake baking, going for an oven size one that can accommodate several tins at a go is the best decision.

It not only allows you to bake cakes faster but also conserves energy.

Luckily, the oven Malaysia industry offers its clients differently-sized ovens from which they can bake a host of mouth-watering dishes. Standard household single ovens range compact size from 50 – 60 cm. However, you can get other oven sizes, depending on oven price and your preference for oven price standard size oven price.

Wall Oven or Range

Best Oven Malaysia - ShopJourney

Range oven grilling a scrumptious roast whole chicken.

When purchasing the best oven for baking, you need to consider whether to opt for a range or wall oven. Typically, a range doubles-up as an oven and a cooktop.

It is the perfect option for people who want a more cost-effective option that eliminates the need to purchase a separate cooktop and oven. It is also an ideal option for homes with limited space and not enough space for a wall oven installation.

On the other hand, if you are an avid baker and want to bake multiple meals simultaneously, a wall oven is a viable choice as double oven options are readily available in the baking oven Malaysia market. 

Additionally, the type of oven to choose also depends on aesthetics. If you want a kitchen that resembles that of pro cooks, a range oven is a great option. Otherwise, if you are one to go for a more contemporary and seamless look where everything is in-built, a wall oven is the one to pick.

Double Oven or Single

Best Oven Malaysia - ShopJourney

Beautiful double-oven to improve your home’s aesthetics.

Another question you need to ask yourself in your search for the best oven brand in Malaysia is whether you need a double or a single oven.

Both of these options have their pros and cons. First and foremost, if you have limited kitchen space, a single range will be the most ideal as compared to the double oven. 

On the other hand, double ovens allow you the luxury of baking a variety of meals simultaneously. You can also choose to bake your favorite desserts in one oven while grilling or roasting meat in the other.

This feature comes in handy particularly if you are fond of hosting parties, inviting your friends over for luncheons, or having extended family dinners every other week.

One thing to note is that the single oven’s compartment is larger than individual compartments in the double oven. As such, it is a better option if you are making a large turkey, as it provides ample space for the dish to bake well.


Durability is a crucial aspect to keep in mind when buying not just an oven, but any kitchen appliance. Whether baking is more of a pastime home activity or a business venture, we all want a reliable oven that will produce the results we desire. The best ovens in Malaysia are the ones that last.

So, as you are moving from one kitchen appliance shop to the other, be sure to look for an oven from one of the reputable brands.

If you are not well conversant with these brands, the internet provides an invaluable resource to get all the information you need. Go through social media profiles of renowned oven brands and also read online reviews.

By doing so, you will be confident that you will have the best oven Malaysia has to offer.


Best Oven Malaysia - ShopJourney

Easy oven cleaning process.

One fact is that oven cleaning is not something everyone looks forward to, particularly if you have to clean a built-in oven. During the heat of the baking process, spills and oil splatters are expected. After some time, the stuck food builds up, becoming a health hazard. Also, the food might cause the heat the built in oven to become inefficient, among other things.

As such, choosing an oven which you can clean easily is essential. Ovens with stovetops take the most time to clean. Also, the more the racks, the more cleaning you need to do. For this reason, oven Malaysia manufacturers created an oven with a self-cleaning feature.

Whether to go for an oven with self-cleaning or one that requires manual cleaning is all up to personal preference. However, the cleaning process need not be tedious.

The first step is to take out the racks and wipe the oven. Use a towel to remove food dirt stuck in the oven or racks. All this time, the oven should be cool. Then use an oven cleaner to clean the inside of the oven as well as the racks.

For a cheaper and more efficient cleaner, use baking soda. However, avoid touching the heating elements as you cook or are washing. To further ease the cleaning process, soak the racks overnight in hot soapy water, and allow the mixture applied in the heat of the oven to rest overnight.

As you can see, the cleaning process is not as tasking as many people set it out to be. If you still feel that you want an easier oven cleaning process, pick one without a stovetop, with fewer racks, or one with a self-clean setting.   


Best Oven Malaysia - ShopJourney

A colorful oven adds a pop of color to a minimalist kitchen.

Aesthetics is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing household appliances. For this reason, you need to pick one whose color compliments the theme of your home, especially if you’re going for built-in ovens.

To cater to the different tastes of consumers, the baking oven Malaysia industry manufactures ovens in a variety of colors. Despite white and black being the most dominant colors, ovens come in colorful shades of maroon, among other colors.

For those that are grey, white, black, and brown, some will have a pop of color to further enhance their aesthetics. In this case, the one to choose is purely dependent on personal preference.

Additionally, the color to pick will depend on other factors. For instance, if you are in the market for the best oven for baking that will not stain easily, shades of brown are the best, as is the case with black ovens. White ovens, on the other hand, are more susceptible to staining.    


You may purchase the best oven brand in Malaysia, but it creates an inconvenience if you do not have the appropriate place to put it.

Ovens in residential homes can either be freestanding or wall-mounted. Freestanding models are appropriate for both large and small families’ kitchens. They are the go-to design for small families and homeowners looking to achieve a classic kitchen design for their home.

It stands on the countertop or floor, anywhere in the kitchen. So, if enough space and your countertop kitchen wall is small or filled with cabinets, a freestanding cabinet is the perfect option.

However, if you have ample space on the wall, a wall-mounted oven is the best option. It is also the case if you are looking to give your kitchen a more contemporary look or if you would rather use your kitchen space as the dining area.

Gas or Electric

Best Oven Malaysia - ShopJourney

A portable gas oven for efficient baking

Another vital factor to consider when trying to purchase the best oven Malaysia offers is whether it is gas or electric-powered. Gas and electric ovens perform the same purpose and as much as there is no superior quality between the two, they may slightly differ in their baking. 

For instance, since electric ovens produce drier heat, baked foods are not as moist as those made gas ovens. Gas ovens produce a more humid baking environment.

So, depending on what foods you bake regularly, there is a need to pick either an electric or gas oven. If pies are your preferred bakes, a gas oven is more appropriate as they will turn out moist.

kIn the case of cookies, an electric oven is your best suit as they have a better chance of being hard and crunchy.

Temperature control is a factor to consider when deciding whether to pick an electric or gas oven. As high temperatures opposed to high temperatures due to gas, electric ovens produce more even temperatures.

However, if you are looking for an oven that makes temperature adjustments fast, gas-powered ovens are the best options.

Also, unlike electric ovens that maintain constant temperatures once pre-heated, gas ovens may have hotspots that may require you to change the position of your baking tins to prevent burning and help in even cooking.

If you live in an area prone to power outages, opt for gas ovens as their electric counterparts will not work. 

Type of Oven

Best Oven Malaysia - ShopJourney

A steam oven after meal preparation.

Before settling for the best oven for you, you need to understand which type to go for. The kitchen appliance industry has blessed us with a host of new oven firsts to elevate our kitchen experience. Electric, gas, steam, and traditional ovens are some of the most popular new oven first types in the market.

The type of oven to choose largely depends on your preference and the functionality you desire. For instance, if you are looking for a cost-effective option, the gas oven is an ideal choice. An electric oven, on the other hand, is easier to use and very convenient, especially for first-timers.

Apart from the popular gas oven and electric oven, steam and traditional ovens are other types of the food cook- top to consider. As its name suggests, steam ovens use steam to bake bread and cook food in.

Thanks to the moisture, these roast foods are never dry, allowing you to make meats that use less oil as compared to electric ovens that use more oil and drier air to bake the meats. It is a perfect chicken option for people looking to enjoy moist foods rather than crispy chicken bites.

As for traditional oven options, these are rarely for residential but commercial purposes. Traditional ovens make use of bricks and wood to produce heat, which is effective in making crispy bread and pizza.


Pricing is another factor that directly affects the oven to buy. The oven Malaysia industry has a plethora of ovens with varying price tags. These prices depend on the functionality and convenience of the oven.  

Some ovens come with a convection heating system, temperature probe plugs, glass doors, and sabbath mode that maintains the warmth in the food without baking it further. All these are features that influence the price of ovens in one way or the other.

Additionally, other electric oven models will come with touch screen cooking functions while others come with a delayed start feature that allows you to prepare the meal, place it in the oven and schedule it to start baking when meal times draw closer.

Cooking Speed

If you own a restaurant, the cooking speed of an oven is another crucial factor to consider. The same applies to people who want to surprise their families with a tasty home-baked meal and do not have several hours to spend in the kitchen.

If you need an oven that bakes fast fan-forced ovens are the best. As the fans rotate, they allow for even distribution of hot air that ensures heat to the the food evenly and bakes the dish faster. In the absence of a fan, you might need to switch the tin’s position regularly to ensure it cooks fast and evenly.

Types Of Ovens in Malaysia

The number of people who are unsure of the type of oven to buy is staggering high. People are always on the lookout for which is the better option. In my quest to find the very best ovens Malaysia has, I gained an in-depth understanding of the different types of ovens.

Whether you want to enjoy succulent roasts of meat or the crisp taste of mouth-watering cookies, my guide will help you arrive at the best baking oven for you.

Let us dive into details.

Conventional Oven

Best Oven Malaysia - ShopJourney

A standard size conventional oven for all your baking needs.

The conventional oven is one of the most popular baking kitchen appliances in residential homes. It can either be electric or use gas. About its working mechanism, this type of conventional oven has two heating elements that heat the air, facilitating the baking process.

With the convectional ovens, the can cook food that is nearer to desired temperature, and circulate heat inside the heating elements cooks faster as they do not have fans to circulate the hot air.

Convection Oven

Best Oven Malaysia - ShopJourney

Convection oven with fan for convection oven, and even distribution of heat.

The available brands in the market either use gas or are electrically powered. They are not only used for baking but also for roasting purposes.

If you compare the convection oven and the conventional ovens, you’ll find that convection ovens are equipped with an additional heating element for faster baking. Also, they come with a fan and exhaust system, whose purpose is to circulate the hot air to ensure the food bakes evenly.

This full convection oven function further ensures that the oven does not have cool or hot spots that compromise the quality of food prepared.

Foods made from convection ovens are often crispy but moist on the inside. To further enhance customer satisfaction, convection ovens offer versatility as some brands allow you to switch on and off the top convection oven setting, allowing it to perform as conventional ovens do.

However, most people prefer to have the convection setting on if they are looking to leverage its benefits.

Convection ovens are a favorite of bakers and other baking enthusiasts. Apart from even heat distribution, faster baking, and eliminating the need to rotate the food, convection ovens preheat faster and facilitate better simultaneous cooking of multiple dishes.

However, since most recipes were made for conventional oven units, here are a few tips to help you achieve a perfect and scrumptious meal.

Steam Oven

Steam ovens are just that; ovens that use steam to bake. For steam ovens, water is stored in a water tank, where it is siphoned into a boiler that heats it, producing steam.

The steam is then released into circulate heat inside the oven, baking the whole food evenly. One thing about steam ovens is that they produce moist foods. They are also gaining popularity for their ability to cook very warm foods, better than some microwaves do.

Traditional Oven

Best Oven Malaysia - ShopJourney

Brick oven ideal for pizza making

In traditional ovens, wood or bricks were used to provide heat to facilitate baking. In as much as it is now a rare method of baking, come restaurants still use it for their ability to make crispy pizzas and cookies.

7 Best Ovens In Malaysia

1. Khind Electric Oven 52L [OT5205]

Khind electric oven for large families -Best Oven Malaysia - Shop Journey

Khind electric oven for large families

Ignite the liveliness in your kitchen with this Khind electric smart oven here. Being a multi-functional kitchen appliance from electric oven Malaysia, this one-of-a-kind smart oven that brings versatility into meal preparations.

With a 52 L capacity, it can be used to bake, broil, and roast a variety of dishes. Its rotisserie function is particularly an attraction feature for households who love chicken dishes.

To ensure you get meals that are crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside, this electric oven has vast temperature control ranges and a 120-minute timer with a bell to avoid overcooking or burning of food. 

2. Pensonic Electric Oven [PEO-2305]

Pensonic oven with automatic shut off. Best Oven Malaysia - Shop Journey

Pensonic oven timer with automatic timer shut off timer.

Whether you are a seasoned baker or starting your baking journey, this Pensonic Electric Oven will elevate your baking experience. With adjustable temperature controls reaching highs of 2500C, you can also enjoy grilling and roasting your favorite dishes.

Its automatic shut off feature is one of its perks as it will go off once the timer runs out, preventing food from overcooking or burning. For better precision, you can use either or both heaters for food preparation.

Besides, its strong glass door allows you to easily monitor the whole cooking process, making necessary temperature adjustments when the need arises.

3. Khind Electric Oven 28L [OT2800]

Khind electric oven for a myriad of cooking options. Best Oven Malaysia - Shop Journey

Khind electric oven for a myriad of cooking options.

If you are looking for a powerful electric oven to turn your kitchen into a haven of scrumptious treats, then look no further than this Khind Electric Oven. Thanks to its three levels of rack support, you can prepare different meals at ago, allowing your family to enjoy their favorite delicacies on time.

With only three knobs, this 28L electric oven is simple to use as it has a user-friendly interface. Its temperature ranges from 1000C to 2000C, which is the recommended temperature for a host of recipes.

Say goodbye to old school bread baking and embrace a newer way of achieving crisp and flavourful dishes.

4. Russell Taylors Oven Toaster [OT-23]

Best Oven Malaysia - ShopJourney

Russell Taylors oven toaster to prepare kids meals fast.

Do not be fooled by the minimalist look of this Russell Taylors Oven Toaster. It has plenty of features that prove how easy cooking can be. Its ability to heat up fast coupled with its easily adjustable temperatures allows you to cook a variety of mouth-watering delicacies in shorter times.

Such reduced cooking times go a long way in reducing electricity consumption. 

Over or undercooked dishes will be unheard of in your home as the adjustable racks allow you to move food farther away or closer to the heating elements. By adjusting the grilling temperatures accordingly, you can enjoy the authenticity of grill marks on your savory meat.  

5. Elba 38L Electric Oven [ELB-EEOD3816BK]

The Elba electric oven is an efficient oven for baking. Best Oven Malaysia - Shop Journey

The Elba electric oven is an efficient oven for baking.

Well-baked and perfectly roasted meat is not only for seasoned chefs. Even you as a home cooking enthusiast can showcase your prowess in the kitchen, thanks to this Elba Electric Oven.

With both the rotisserie function and fun and convection oven functions, this electric oven is a probable contender when looking for the best oven brand in Malaysia.

Thanks to its latest features, interior lamp design latest features, monitoring the food cook, baking and grilling process is now as easy as it can get.

Besides that, its accessories like the 2 bake tray, crumb tray, and the rotisserie will make baking, toasting and grilling a piece of cake.

6. Panasonic Microwave Oven [NN-GD37HB]

Panasonic microwave oven for a great culinary experience. Best Oven Malaysia - Shop Journey

Panasonic microwave oven for a great culinary experience.

Do you want to experience unmatched baking and grilling experience from the best microwave oven Malaysia kitchen appliance experts? Gift yourself this Panasonic Microwave Oven today.

It has intuitive but user-friendly features that are very appealing to the cooking enthusiast. From its sleek design to its dual cooking features, there is nothing not to love about this powerful microwave oven.

With its inverter turbo defrost feature, getting frozen foods to room temperatures has never been easier. Additionally, this Panasonic microwave oven has various temperature functions that allow for optimal cooking across a variety of dishes, promoting better taste.

7. Cornell Electric Oven [CEO-SE50L]

 Cornell electric oven for crispy and tasty meals. Best Oven Malaysia - Shop Journey

Cornell electric oven for crispy and tasty meals.

With a 50L capacity, this Cornell Electric Oven is the best oven Malaysia has for a large family and families that have large family are looking for a grilling and baking option for their classic Sunday dinners.

Since it embraces rapid heating and maintains a constant temperature, you are assured of enjoying evenly cooked savory dishes. Its shiny stainless steel plated handle speaks elegance from a distance.

Besides, this multifunctional electric oven comes equipped with six heating selection modes to ensure more accurate heating control. Its durable stainless steel heating elements promise longevity, allowing you the luxury of a fun cooking experience.


Elevate your kitchen experience and enjoy tasty foods by purchasing any of the above-listed baking ovens. The one to choose largely depends on your culinary needs. Now you should be confident in choosing the best conventional ovens that Malaysia has to offer you.

However, if you are looking for a cost-effective option, this Pensonic Electric Oven makes the cut. However, if you want unrivaled convenience, this Panasonic Microwave Oven is your best suit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best oven to buy?

The best oven to buy depends on oven price and our personal preference. However, you can find the best deals on oven price and best deals at Lazada/Shopee. Also, we hope that this piece will somehow help in your decision-making process.

2. Which type of oven is the best for home use?

The best oven for home use depends on the type of foods you love to cook or bake. Considering that there is a variety of options available in the market, you will never miss your perfect much.

3. What is the purpose of the oven?

An oven may be used to perform a variety of tasks including baking, grilling, broiling, and roasting a variety of dishes, all of which are largely found on Lazada/Shopee.

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