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Refrigerators are home essentials used in almost every home. They are one appliance in the home that runs for 24 hours, everyday for years. Due to the nature of their function and the fact that they have to keep working every day for two or more years, they are not items you just add to your shopping cart like you’re adding another piece of jewelry to your already existing accumulation.

In order words, picking the best fridge Malaysia is a deliberate action and requires putting into consideration a number of factors. For this reason we have put out this article to help put you through those things you need to put into consideration before choosing a refrigerator. If you’re just about to get your first fridge or you want to consider a replacement, you’re really going to find this piece helpful.

In this article, we have put together detailed sections about the types of refrigerators available to you alongside their advantages and disadvantages. We have also discussed the major factors to consider before choosing a refrigerator. 

And to top it all, we have provided a detailed section of our top Pensonic refrigerator review. If you’re looking for the best fridge to buy in Malaysia, you may consider choosing from our top picks or use our buyers guide to make the best choice for yourself. 

Either way, keep reading!!

Types of Refrigerators on the Market

There are a number of refrigerator types out there, you may find, two similar ones with different names as well. 

Here, we have put together the common types of refrigerators in Malaysia.

Single door fridge

These fridges are usually smaller and for about 2-3 people maximum. They are similar to mini fridges but a bit bigger. Most single door fridges have a small freezer at the top that can accommodate a few things that you may want to keep frozen. While the majority part of the fridge is just for cooling. The size of the fridge varies between 165 – 280 litres maximum.

Generally, single door fridges consume less energy, saving you extra cost on electricity.

Basic single door fridge


  • Size between 165 – 280 litres
  • Single door for both freezer and fridge
  • Manual defrosting freezer


  • Consumes less energy
  • Requires minimal storage space


  • Little space

Top freezer fridge

After the single door fridge, the top freezer refrigerators are the most common. They have 2 doors, one for the freezer and one for the fridge compartment. Just as the name indicates, the top freezer fridge has the freezer compartment placed at the top while the fridge is just below it. 

They are usually larger than single door fridges and they are known to consume more energy. However, newer models with energy saving star ratings are available. These ones use a reduced amount of energy.

Separate doors in the top freezer


  • Have 2 doors, one for fridge, second for freezer
  • Capacity ranges between 235 – 415 litres.
  • Suitable for an average of 4 – 6 people


  • Separate freezing and cooling compartments
  • Frost free


  • Consume more energy

Bottom freezer fridge

Bottom freezer fridges have a similar structure to french door fridges in terms of the location of the freezer compartment. Just as you might have guessed, the difference between this type of freezer and the top freezer fridge is that it has it’s freezer compartment just below the section for freshly cooked foods. In addition, the freezer compartment for the bottom freezer fridge is usually bigger. 

The refrigerator has two doors distinguishing the two compartments. If you’re one who uses the fridge more frequently than the freezer, another advantage that this freezer offers is that, the fridge being on top brings it to eye level and makes it easy for you to access whatever you need to pick from it.

Simple bottom freezer fridge


  • Dual doors
  • Deep freezer at the bottom


  • Unique design
  • Bigger deep freezer


  • Not common

Side by side fridge

Side by side door fridges are usually larger and suitable for families. They have two doors but rather than being on top of the other, the doors lay beside each other and can be swung open right from the middle.

This design makes them look really classy and sophisticated. The both doors are not equal, one covers about two thirds the entire width while the other covers the remaining one third. Usually, the larger part is for the fridge while the smaller door is for the freezer. 

This distinction and the width of the fridge makes it super easy to arrange your stuff in the fridge without getting clumsy. Also, with just a quick glance, you can easily locate whatever you need in the fridge

Side by side fridge with water dispenser


  • 2 doors that open from the centre
  • Deep cooling and freezing effect
  • Ice and water dispensers in some models


  • Suitable for large families
  • Beautiful design
  • Several adjustable bins and shelves


  • May be too large for some kitchens

French door fridge

Upon hearing the name “french door fridge” you must be thinking of something really classy and superb! No doubt, the french door fridges are indeed one of a kind. The design of the french door fridge is a mixture of both bottom freezer fridge and the side by side fridge.

They come in two forms, those with 3 doors and those with 4 doors. More commonly, you get to find those with 3 doors. The fridge compartment which is at the top has two doors that open from the center while the freezer has a drawer for pulling open.

On the other hand, the ones with four doors have the same style at the top and bottom. 

French door freezers have an advantage of storage space and a number of other features.

Sleek 3 doors french door fridge


  • 3 or 4 doors
  • Deep freezing and cooling


  • Enough space to store foods
  • Sleek finishing that adds to home beauty


  • May be expensive

10 Things to Look Out For Before Buying A Fridge

Energy Efficiency / Energy star

We know how hard saving up to get a new and quality refrigerator might be, you can now imagine having to also spend more on your monthly electricity bills because the fridge consumes so much energy. 

In order to avoid such a scenario, it is important to look out for the energy star of a refrigerator before buying it. If the fridge has a good energy efficiency rating, it tells you that it’ll consume less energy as compared to others who have less or no ratings. This feature is not limited to the fridge alone, it cuts across all other appliances you may want to buy.

Size / Capacity

Of what use is a fridge if it cannot accommodate all the foods and other items you want to keep in it?

Admiring the qualities of the fridge, the finishing and others should come after you’ve checked this feature in any fridge you’re considering. You must know that what works for your neighbor next door might not work for you. 

Determining your choice of fridge by this factor is dependent on the size of your family and how you do your routine shopping.

If you shop for the week at once, and you have a family of 4, you should choose a fridge that can conveniently accommodate all your items without hassle. 

Cooling Technology

Have you ever noticed maybe in some of your previous fridges that one of them was always freezing at some parts and the other parts were just cool while for another fridge the whole parts were just always really cool. 

The factor responsible for this is their varying cooling technologies. There are two types of cooling technologies, one, the direct cool technology and two, the frost free technology.

The direct cool technology uses a convection method to circulate air throughout the fridge. This circulation is usually uneven and this is responsible for the formation of ice in the fridge. With this method, you’d have to always defrost the fridge manually whenever you want to reduce the ice. Although they are more cost effective.

On the other hand, the frost free technology distributes air equally throughout the fridge with the aid of an electric fan. Due to its even distribution, there is no frost formation, just  cool air. However, freezers using this technology consume more energy due to the usage of the electric fans. 

Budget / Price factor

Before setting out for the purchase of a fridge, you must determine how much you’re willing to spend for one. Some basic fridges cost between 450 -1000 RM. At the same time, there are high end ones that cost up to 2000RM. 

You should also have in mind that the more the deatirea you want the fridge to have the more the cost. 


Because the fridge is a home appliance that you use every second of the day, to keep foods and vegetables fresh and whole, it would be dangerous if it suddenly stops working and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Be sure to check for the warranty of the fridge and ensure that they have good customer service that you can always reach. 

More commonly, fridges have a one year general warranty and a five year warranty on the compressor.

Freezer Space

When we talk about the freezer space, we mean the length and width. You should ensure that the size of the kitchen would accommodate whatever fridge you’re bringing into it. If you have a small kitchen space, it would not be best to opt for a side by side or french door refrigerator. 

But if space is not a problem, you’re good to go with this factor!

Finishing of the Materials

Modern fridges have a variety of finishing options. It is no new news that the fridge is not just bought to keep food nutrients and fresh, it is also meant to give a complete touch of aesthetics to the kitchen or dining room.

There are about 3 common finishes used by most manufacturers today.

We have the black or white finishes. White finishes are common with the old models but they can never look old fashioned. White or black finishes can add beauty to your kitchen by matching up with the colors of your other appliances. 

Glossy black finish

There are also stainless steel finishes. No doubt these glossy and shiny looking fridges give a very sophisticated look to the kitchen. They also have an added advantage of being smudge proof which makes them easy to polish.


Having a smart home refrigerator is not a bad idea at all. Different smart fridges have different programs which they run, hence differentiating the functions that each might perform. Some focus on analyzing your data, some may have screens through which, with the press of a button, you can have a screen view of all the items in the fridge and so many other beautiful functions like that.

Smart home refrigerator

Other added features that may come with some fridges are ice or water dispensers, stackable shelves, air filters and so many more!

Read the Reviews

Shopping online has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. As much as it makes life easier and shopping faster there could also be the disadvantage of not getting to see the real quality of the product you want to buy until it is delivered to you. 

Nonetheless this should not be a total hindrance. You can get a mental picture of what to expect from a product before purchasing it through the experience of other people. 

After reading the specs and description of your fridge from the manufacturer, you should go ahead to check out the review of their customers. This is to guide you to determine if you’d let it slide or click the pay button.

Choose the Delivery Wisely

Many people may overlook this but it is as important as buying the right fridge. It is very possible that the fridge would develop a fault just a few metres from your house. So, inspect the fridge properly before you append your signature for receiving it.

Also, be sure if the cost for delivery and installation has been paid together with the money for the refrigerator or if it attracts extra fees. It’s important to do this in order to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Some companies offer free delivery services, and can help you pick up your older models making life more easy and stress free for you. You may want to look out for one of those.


Whether you already have a brand in mind or you’re just about to get your first fridge, it is advisable that you get your fridge from a known and trusted brand. On this note we recommend the Pensonic brand. 

You can check out our Pensonic refrigerator review below. We have selected our top picks and who knows you may get your favourite from it. Read along!

Best Pensonic Refrigerator Review

Pensonic Mini Bar Fridge, Mini Refrigerator Malaysia 50L PMF-65

The best mini fridge Malaysia for singles

The Pensonic Mini Bar Freezer has a capacity of about 50 litres weighing only 21kg. This mini fridge is suitable for a single person and no more. It is budget friendly in all ramifications, such that the purchasing price is low and at the same time, it consumes less energy. Hence, saving you on the extra cost of electricity bills.

The fridge has adjustable legs that can be used to aid it’s balance on uneven floors or to elevate or depress it. An added advantage is that the fridge can maintain its shape and beauty after prolonged use with its corrosion resistant cabinet.

Simple design mini fridge for singles


  • Dimensions of 472 x 450 x 492 (W x L x H)
  • Capacity of 50 litres
  • Weighs 21.0kg


  • Saves space 
  • Adjustable leg
  • Energy efficient


  • Not suitable for more than one person

Pensonic Malaysia Freezer 100L  PFZ-112

The beginner friendly fridge

Here’s another great Pensonic deep freezer. Rather than opening from the side, it opens from the top. It has a capacity of 100 litres and is fair for about 2 people maximum. This fridge is designed in such a way that the compressor is enclosed in the coverings of the fridge.

This compressor is also very efficient and energy saving. With this fridge, you duct have to worry about it rusting after dinner time because it is built with corrosion resistant materials.

Modern sleek design Pensonic mini fridge with white finishing


  • Capacity of 100 litres
  • Dimensions are 598 x 582 x 885 (W x L x H)


  • Anti corrosion material
  • Energy efficient
  • Sleek design


  • Small size

Pensonic Freezer Malaysia 150L PFZ-152

One of the best mini freezer in Malaysia

The 150 litres Pensonic Freezer Malaysia is an incredible freezer. It is suitable for about 3-4 people. It has a deep freezing effect thanks to its ever efficient, energy saving compact compressor. Unlike older models where the back of the freezer is not totally covered, hence showing the compressor, the compressor of this freezer is completely enclosed within the covering of the fridge.

Furthermore, the inner part of the freezer is made with PCM and has a corrosion resistant cabinet. These features promote the quality and effectiveness of the freezer even after prolonged use.

Enclosed compressor with air vents for heat exchange


  • Enclosed compressor
  • Capacity of 150 litres
  • Dimensions – 760 x 582 x 885 ( LxWxH)


  • High efficiency compressor
  • Small storage space
  • Modern design


  • Not for large families

Pensonic Malaysia Freezer 200L PFZ-204G

Durable and affordable deep freezer Malaysia

If you’re looking for an average Pensonic freezer, you can consider this PFZ-204G. It is one of the best freezers Malaysia has to offer. Its capacity is 200 litres which is good enough for an average family of 4 – 5 members.The freezer consumes 1.45A of power with 220 – 240 volts. 

The freezer has a sleek design and once you open it, there’s a transparent glass sliding window that can help you see the items in the fridge. This is an added advantage because you can spot the items and once you slide the window, you know where you’re going to pick whatever you want. This helps to reduce the exchange of gas between the fridge and the environment.

5 year motor warranty from Pensonic brand


  • Capacity of 200 litres
  • Weight of 47kg
  • Glass sliding window


  • Energy saving
  • Suitable for medium sized families


  • Have to defrost manually

Pensonic Freezer Malaysia 200L PFZ-202

Budget wise 

You get a lot of benefits from purchasing this PFZ – 202 Pensonic freezer. The freezer uses a direct cool technology which makes it freeze at some points. Hence, it is incorporated with a mechanical temperature control through an adjustable thermostat. 

Thanks to this cooling technology as well as the high energy efficient compressor, the freezer consumes less energy. 

Installing this freezer or relocating it is made easier with its inbuilt rollers. These 4 rollers glide gently on your floors causing little or no scratch to it at all. It also comes with a lock and key that you can use to lock it when you want to limit the access of your children to it.

200 litres deep freezer


  • 200 litres capacity
  • 1.5A power consumption
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • Can be locked with a key
  • Comes with a storage basket
  • Cabinet is corrosion resistant


  • Manual defrost

Pensonic Malaysia Freezer 300L PFZ-202

The Best choice for every home.

This Pensonic freezer is a lot similar to the one discussed just before it. The only difference being that it has a higher size capacity. The dimensions are 1055 x 735 x 835 ( L x W x H) (mm) with a  capacity of 300 litres. The temperature of the freezer can be controlled manually by its adjustable thermostat. 

The inner compartment of the freezer is spacious enough to take items for 6 to 7 people. It also has an additional storage basket that you can use to keep that you may not want to get frozen. This inner part is also lined with Phase Change Materials (PCM) which help to absorb and release thermal energy during freezing or melting.

Perfect average size Pensonic freezer


  • White PCM on inner part
  • Consumes 2.0A power
  • Capacity of 300 litres


  • Additional storage basket 
  • Rollers to ease movement from a point to another
  • Consumes less energy


  • Not frost free

Pensonic Freezer Malaysia 400L PFZ-402 

The large sleek Pensonic freezer

The sleek design and finishing of the pensonic freezer Malaysia as well as it’s size has made it very popular amongst many Malaysians. The freezer has a vertical handle that makes it easy for you to open or close it. Additionally, the high efficiency compressor is enclosed within the covering of the freezer, giving the entire freezer a clean and proper appearance.

This freezer has a capacity of 400 litres and it weighs about 53kg. For its capacity, the freezer consumes less energy than expected as compared to others with similar features. It also comes with rollers for easy movement within the house.

Adjustable thermostat for regulating temperature


  • Anti corrosive cabinet
  • Inner PCM
  • 2.38A power output


  • Comes with a lock and key
  • Roller for easy movement
  • Energy saving


  • Require large space for storage

Pensonic Malaysia freezer 500L PFZ-502 

The perfect Pensonic freezer for large families and bulk shoppers!

Just as the product mini description states, this pensonic freezer is one of the best refrigerator Malaysia for people that have large families or like to shop in bulk. Pensonic brand products have a lot of similarities in terms of structure but as they go higher up the chain of development, one or more additional features are added to the previously existing one.

This large pensonic freezer has a capacity of 500 litres and a weight of 70kg. Looking at the weight you may be scared about how you’d get the freezer moved into your kitchen but you can relax your mind because it comes with rollers to promote easy movement of the freezer from place to place.The external size of the fridge is 1650 x 730 x 835 (L x W x H). With this in mind, be sure that your kitchen has the necessary space to accommodate it conveniently. 

The super large pensonic deep freezer


  • Rollers installed
  • Inner PCM (white color)
  • Handle is placed vertically


  • Easy to move around
  • Energy saving
  • Cabinet cannot corrode


  • Requires large storage space


The Pensonic brand is a standard registered brand known for the production of many appliances including refrigerators. Their refrigerators are worthy of comparison with several other existing brands and still meet expectations. Their sleek design as well as the quality of their freezers is worth the bet.

If you need a mini freezer within a budget we recommend the Pensonic Freezer Malaysia 200L PFZ-202. It is one of the best mini fridge Malaysia. However, if you’re more interested in the size and features of the freezer, you can opt for the large Pensonic Malaysia freezer 500L PFZ-502.


  1. Is Pensonic a good fridge?

Pensonic produces amazing fridges and freezers that are long lasting and at affordable prices.

  1. What are the benefits of buying Pensonic refrigerators?

Asides the benefit of getting premium quality materials, they also have good customer relationships. They’re ready to help move things along.

  1. How was the Pensonic fridge warranty?

For fridges below 599 litres the motor warranty is 5 years but anything above that is 1 year. While the general warranty is 1 year. 

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