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For several years, Chinese culture has lauded the benefits of bird’s nest products, particularly when they are prepared in their most popular form. Bird nest benefits are plenty, such as healthier pregnancies, improved virility, and healthier babies. The soup has turned out to be revolutionary.

However, this is the reason the potential health benefits are under scrutiny. Edible bird nests are now considered to be valuable food. It has been popular for years in many regions but now it is truly popular around the world. However, scientists can’t fully explain the healing power of this soup. The medicinal value and bioactivities of bird nests are still open to question.

To clear up your confusion, we have compiled this comprehensive guide on the bird nest drink benefits. Let’s dive in!

Bird Nest Drink – What Is It?

A lot of food products and dishes around the world may be surprising. Some dishes are even a hundred years old and constitute some exotic ingredients that are only available at a certain time of the year. Birds nest soup is one of them.

Bird’s nest soup or Bird’s saliva soup is one of the most popular and controversial delicacies in Chinese cuisine. Several people are always ready to spend a fortune on the soup as they believe that drinking it will help in maintaining their health and grant them a long life. Traditional Chinese medicine has stated that it promotes good health, and is primarily good for the skin.

Bird’s nest soup has been part of Chinese cuisine for years as a health and beauty product. They began consuming it during the Ming Dynasty. Some historical stories suggest that Zhen He, the Chinese explorer, fleet admiral, and diplomat was the first Chinese to have it.

Edible bird’s nest is the main ingredient of the soup. The edible part is known as the “Caviar of the East”. It is an extremely valuable and rare food. This ingredient of the birds’ nest soup is primarily found in Southeast Asia. Red Bird’s Nest is the most expensive.

Bird’s nest soup or bird’s saliva soup.
Bird’s nest soup or bird’s saliva soup.

It is also known as bird saliva soup because swiftlet is known to live in the dark caves. Rather than straw and twigs, they create their nest from their gummy saliva that is produced by glands present under the tongue. As the nest gets exposed to air, it hardens. Usually, the nest is built during the breeding season. The male swiftlet bird builds the nest for 35 days.

Regular consumption of birds’ nests can have several health benefits. Its varied health benefits can be advantageous for human beings of all ages. But pregnant women who have consumed this are known to have delivered healthier babies. Also, they heal quicker after their delivery. Some new moms have also reported having experienced less hair fall after pregnancy because they consumed bird’s nest drinks.

Bird’s nest products can also help in treating internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, and stomach, and improve tissue growth. Some heavy smokers suffering from a lot of phlegm consume it to feel better. So, as you can see, consuming a bird’s nest has more benefits than you can fathom.

Bird’s nest soup or drink might not be difficult to find but they can be quite expensive. In fact, it is one of the most expensive animal products consumed. This is because swiftlet’s blood and sweat go into building their nest only thrice a year. The high cost of the saliva nest makes the soup so expensive.

Nutrients in Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird’s nest is known for its potent health powers and as an aphrodisiac. Even though there is not much scientific studies regarding the health benefits of bird nest drin, conventional Chinese medicine claims that the bird’s nest soup has the following nutrients.

  • High Glycoprotein
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin
  • Potassium
  • Iron

The Best Bird Nest Benefits

Bird’s nest soup is full of nutrition that provides several health benefits, such as helping cancer patients or cardiovascular patients. Let’s take a quick look at what the bird nest benefits are and why you should incorporate them into your diet.

1. Natural Supplement for Young Children

Several people give birds’ nest drinks to their children as a supplement to nutrition and development. Usually, kids enjoy the gelatinous texture of this drink. Also, it has a sweet taste making it really desirable. But you have to ensure that your kid is at least a year old before you start giving them this bird’s nest drink. Moreover, you should also check for sensitivities. Bird’s nest has a component known as Neuraminidase that can help with the biochemical and physiological functions of the body. This is crucial for the growth of a child to develop an active brain and sharp memory. So, it can be good for their intellectual development.

People give birds’ nest drinks to their children as a nutritional supplement. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
People give birds’ nest drinks to their children as a nutritional supplement.

The drink contains calcium. So, the superfood helps in replenishing the body of a kid with this necessary component. It helps in building muscles and bones during the development years.

The raw ingredients have water-soluble carbohydrates and protein. From iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, silicic acid, phosphorus, and amino acid or the building blocks, the drink has every essential nutrient that a child requires. So, it can help overall healthy development. 

2. Anti-Aging Benefits

Bird’s nest soup has anti aging properties. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
Bird’s nest soup has anti aging properties.

There is a popular tale that the bird’s nest had been the secret to the lasting beauty of many empresses. Until now, there have been several researches backing the claims. You won’t achieve true beauty without feeling good about yourself, and a bird’s nest can certainly help you do that. It won’t just boost your beauty but will also make you look much younger. This is because it has a combination of vitamins and essential minerals that your body requires to maintain healthy tissue, skin, muscle, and hair. 

3. Ensures Healthy Pregnancy

Bird’s nest soup ensures healthy pregnancy. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
Bird’s nest soup ensures healthy pregnancy.

According to experts, pregnant women should consume birds’ nests but only after the first trimester. Its nutrient-rich and nourishing properties of the element can help breastfeeding and pregnant women. Amino acids and glycoprotein help in maintaining immune levels and boosting energy. This will help in preventing stretch marks. Also, it contains tryptophan, which is crucial for the production of melatonin and serotonin in the body for relieving stress, tiredness, and anxiety issues in the mother. It can be consumed on an empty stomach. 

4. Enhances Immunity

Bird's nest soup enhances immunity. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
Bird’s nest soup enhances immunity.

It can inhibit melanin production. Also, it has cyanic acid that binds to the virus and can easily hinder the binding process between the cell surface receptor and the virus. Since it prevents the virus from entering the cell, it can prevent various viral infections. So, it can improve the body’s immune system of the body. 

5. Enhances the Nervous System

Bird’s nest soup enhances the nervous system. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
Bird’s nest soup enhances the nervous system.

Sialic Acid is one of the primary components of the glycolipid group. It is a part of ganglioside that is associated with brain function and it is present in edible bird’s nests. It can improve memory and various properties that can help in reducing nervous system inflammation due to the anti-neuroinflammatory effect. Hence, it can keep your nervous system in good shape. 

6. Improves Skin Complexion

Bird’s nest soup improves skin condition. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
Bird’s nest soup improves skin condition.

Bird’s nest has a special protein that has a structure similar to the Epidermal Growth Factor. It helps in creating new skill cells for replacing degraded and old cells. So, by consuming this, it can help in repairing damaged skin cells. It will also help in brightening the skin. 

7. Speeds Up Recovery

Bird’s nest soup supports healthy recovery. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
Bird’s nest soup supports healthy recovery.

If a bird’s nest is consumed in a moderate amount, the predigested forms of nutrients and proteins will aid recovery. In fact, it can help in recovering faster from chronic illnesses. Drinking bird’s nest could help you with this because it contains lots of minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium which are essential for good health. Although scientific research hasn’t confirmed this, many people claim to feel significantly better after drinking the bird’s nest drink.  

8. Helps in Relieving Fatigue

Bird’s nest soup helps in relieving fatigue. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
Bird’s nest soup helps in relieving fatigue.

If you’re someone with a hectic schedule, chances are that you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in a while. This can cause you to feel frustrated. But with an edible bird’s nest, you will feel less exhausted. It will also help in balancing the body. The drink can provide your body with the needed requirements for replenishing your body and lessen fatigue. 

9. Improves Appetite

Bird’s nest soup boost your digestive system function. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
Bird’s nest soup boost your digestive system function.

Bird’s nest helps boost your digestive system function. This is how it can stimulate your appetite and make you feel hungrier. Thus, it can also stimulate bowel movement and maintain regularity. These are essential bodily functions for seniors, as well as kids. 

10. Improves Blood-Related Problems

Bird’s nest soup improves blood-related problems. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
Bird’s nest soup improves blood-related problems.

If you have health problems associated with blood, a swiftlet bird’s nest can help in curing it. Recuperating patients or women who have just given birth can receive necessary nutrients that improve their blood function. So, you can heal faster and stronger. It can maintain your red and white blood cell count.

11. May Help Cure Cough

Bird’s nest soup helps in relieving common respiratory problems. Bird Nest Benefits - Shop Journey
Bird’s nest soup helps in relieving common respiratory problems.

The red bird’s nest has the pre-digested form of nutrients that can help in improving recovery. It can help in relieving common respiratory problems, such as asthma and cough. However, the bird’s nest soup you are making should include ingredients, such as ginger as it helps your body absorb the antioxidants contained within the product. Also, ginger serves as a natural remedy that helps with blood circulation, improves lung health, and can help in relieving cough. 

Are You Taking Away a Bird Family’s Home?

One of the primary controversies associated with birds’ nests is that we are depriving the swiftlets of the home that they create. Many say that when people consume the nest, the baby swiftlets don’t have a place to stay. 

However, you should not be afraid of such a saying as according to the Chinese researchers, all these claims are not true. As soon as the baby birds know how to fly, the whole family of swiftlets abandons the nest in search of an adventure in the sky. Again, in the next mating season, they build another nest for themselves. 

There are several companies that employ ethical practices while sourcing redbird nests. Hence, now, you will be able to purchase the bird’s nest with complete peace of mind without worrying about external environmental factors. 

In case you are not yet convinced about the harvesting process of bird’s nests, you can talk to the retailer to get better assurance. The swiftlets are not harmed in any way as they will always be able to create new homes. Only used and abandoned nests are used for harvesting. 

Best Bird Nest Drink Malaysia Offers

In case you are looking for the best bird nest drink Malaysia products, you have come to the right place. There are many of them in the market but not all are worth buying. So, to make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of the five best bird’s nest drinks that will work on various ailments, such as chronic illness, high blood pressure, chronic dry coughs, collagen production, and more. Take your pick!

1. BRANDS Birds Nest with Rock Sugar

BRANDS Birds Nest with Rock Sugar.
BRANDS Birds Nest with Rock Sugar.

If you are watching your sugar intake closely, this is the right product for you. However, you should know that it does use artificial sweeteners in place of actual sugar. Thus, the drink is going to taste similar to other bird nest drinks available with sugar. 

You will find a significant amount of swiftlet bird nest bits. It is one of the only sugar-free bird’s nest drinks available in Malaysia. As a matter of fact, this is what keeps the buyers coming back for more.

However, you should know that if you are looking for some additional ingredients, such as wolf-berries or ginseng, you are not going to find them in the drink. 

By consuming the drink, you can improve digestion, respiratory ailments, and cell growth.

2. FOMECS Birds Nest Drink with Sweet Osmanthus

This is a bird’s nest drink that you can drink directly from the bottle. It can work on your health and well-being. Even when consumed in small quantities, it can have great benefits. If you get this drink, make sure you consume it within 24 hours of opening it.

FOMECS Birds Nest Drink with Sweet Osmanthus.
FOMECS Birds Nest Drink with Sweet Osmanthus.

Usually, osmanthus tea is consumed if you suffer from dry skin. So, if you take this drink, it will reflect on your skin. The drink can also relieve dry cough, stimulate bowel movement, relieve fatigue, and improve digestion. It can also be consumed by pregnant ladies. 

The ingredients in the drink are clearly visible. So, you will be able to see every bit of the nest inside. 

3. Kinohimitsu Birds Nest with Snow Lotus and Honey

Kinohimitsu Birds Nest with Snow Lotus and Honey.
Kinohimitsu Birds Nest with Snow Lotus and Honey.

The Kinohimitsu Birds Nest with Snow Lotus and Honey comes with many health benefits. In fact, the blended synergy of Snow Lotus, which is a rare herb found in traditional Chinese medicine, helps in strengthening the joints and wrists. In fact, it can also help in reducing pain and swelling.

One of the most effective benefits of this bird’s nest drink is it can help in relieving rheumatoid arthritis. This condition is common in the elderly. The drink can also help improve the digestive system. 

Kinohimitsu Birds Nest has been formulated to ensure that all the nutrients are retained even after the brewing process is done. If your loved ones are aging and you want to improve their health, Kinohimitsu Birds Nest with Snow Lotus and Honey can be a good choice. 

4. Eu Yan Sang Niah RTD Birds Nest Drink

Eu Yan Sang Niah RTD Birds Nest Drink.
Eu Yan Sang Niah RTD Birds Nest Drink.

The product is sold by Eu Yan Sang and is one of the bestselling bird nest products in the Malaysian market. This brand has kept things really simple. Behind its original flavor, you will find two main ingredients, rock sugar, and bird’s nest.

However, the drink doesn’t contain any preservatives. This also means that you will have to finish the bottle once you open it. You can also keep it in the refrigerator to consume within twelve hours. The good thing is, the drink is available in various other flavors, such as pandan and chia seeds, American ginseng and snow fungus, and more. This product is well worth its price. 

Make sure that you consume it on an empty stomach. Your body then has a higher chance of reaping all the nutritional bird nest benefits.

5. Kinohimitsu Floral Bird’s Nest

Kinohimitsu Floral Bird's Nest.
Kinohimitsu Floral Bird’s Nest.

The bird’s nest contains a carefully chosen bird’s nest infused with the goodness of three flowers. So, the first flower that goes into it is the butterfly pea flower. It is rich in antioxidants and can relieve fatigue. 

The second flower that goes into the bird’s nest is jasmine. It improves the immune system. Also, it is known to be good for the heart. It can increase resistance and improve your immune system.

Lastly, the flower that is added to the drink is the chrysanthemum. It can fight what Asians call a “heaty body” and can help reduce blood pressure levels. 

These boosters along with the benefits of the bird’s nest make the combination effective to rebalance and nourish the body. Kinohimitsu Floral Bird’s Nest is ideal for all, including the elderly and kids. 


There is a reason why bird nests have been consumed for more than 400 years. It has managed to maintain its relevance in conventional Chinese medicine. The higher quality nest drink or soup is a delicious delicacy but it has also had several fundamental benefits for the body. It can be a great addition to your healthy diet if you are looking for your health and skin. 

The bird’s nest drink can effectively complement your beauty products. You can choose from one of the bird’s nests drinks we have listed. Our top recommendation is the Kinohimitsu Birds Nest with Snow Lotus and Honey for its natural flavor and nourishing ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Drink Bird Nest Every Day?

Yes, bird’s nest drink is safe to consume every day. It contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins that will help in maintaining your health. 

2. What Is the Best Time to Consume Bird Nest?

To get the best result, it should be consumed when you have an empty stomach. So, drink this first thing in the morning. This ensures that the nutrients are better absorbed by the body. However, you can also have it after a meal. 

3. Can I Drink Bird’s Nest When Pregnant?

Yes, you can drink it when you are pregnant. Bird’s nest is regarded as a nourishing beverage. So, it is regarded as safe for pregnant women to consume it during their pregnancy. Breastfeeding mothers can also consume bird’s nest drinks.

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