Best Luxury Smartwatches For 2024

Technological progress has reshaped our lifestyles altogether in the last two decades or so. One of the major milestones of this era has been the arrival of personal tech gadgets. From mobile phones to MP3 players and then smartphones to smartwatches, we have seen how personal, wearable devices have made way in our lives and become a constant.

Smartwatches are the most recent addition to the list of personal gadgets. A good smartwatch doesn’t just replace a classic timepiece on your wrist. It also becomes a more personalized and instant extension of your smartphone. Depending on its features, it also transforms into a fitness assistant. 

A luxury smartwatch also serves as a fashion/style statement. It combines features and aesthetics in the best possible way. A luxury smartwatch is slightly expensive than regular off-the-shelf options. Nonetheless, its quality, features, design, and brand value justify its hefty price tag.

If budget is not an issue and you want the best smartwatch, continue reading this post. Here, we will review some of the best luxury smartwatches available on the block. This article will also provide you the information on different types of luxury smartwatches, how to choose the best one, and the benefits of using a smartwatch. We will also share with you some of the low-priced alternatives of luxury smartwatches.

Types of Luxury Smartwatches

The term “luxury smartwatch” is a loosely constructed label used for different types of wearable gadgets. Usually, when someone refers to a wristwatch using this term, the watch would belong to any of these three categories. 

Basic Smartwatch 

A basic smartwatch with a round touchscreen

A basic smartwatch is a wearable computing device with a touchscreen display that can be connected to your smartphone. You can use it to receive phone notifications right on your wrist. They also come with propriety phone apps from where you can make the most of their smart and telemetry features. A basic smartwatch also boasts some fitness and wellness features (heart rate monitor, step counter, blood pressure monitor, etc).

Fitness Tracker 

A Fitbit fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is essentially a basic smartwatch loaded with more fitness and wellness features. A fitness tracker lets you monitor your vitals while doing particular exercises and workouts (cycling, swimming, aerobics, etc). They can also track calorie and water consumption and let you notify/warn about their low or excessive use in line with your fitness goals. A good fitness tracker works as a virtual fitness assistant.

Hybrid Smartwatch

A hybrid smartwatch by Garmin

As the name suggests, a hybrid smartwatch is a “hybrid” of a classic wristwatch and a basic smartwatch. It has the look and appearance of an analog wristwatch with hour and minute hands and a dial. However, the technology used behind the dial is “smart.” Therefore, it also works with a smartphone just like other smartwatches. Hybrid watches usually have a small screen within the dial. Also, it features buttons in addition to the touchscreen for the controls.

How to Choose the Best Luxury Smartwatch

When you are going for a high-end branded smartwatch, make sure you get the best deal for the price. Consider these options to pick the best luxury smartwatch for your use.


Low-priced smartwatches

It is important to understand that opting for a luxury smartwatch doesn’t mean you have to splurge with no bounds. You need to pick a price slab within which you want to get a luxury watch. Also, it is not always necessary that a more expensive watch will be better than a relatively less expensive option. 

An expensive, luxury smartwatch

A good way to pick a luxury smartwatch within your budget is to assess the smartwatches available in that price range for these three things: features, design, and brand. A watch that boasts the best combination of these attributes should be your pick.

Compatibility & Connectivity 

An Android and iOS-compatible Samsung Galaxy watch

Different smartwatches boast different device and app compatibility features. Your luxury smartwatch should be compatible with your smartphone and the apps you want to use it with. Standard smartwatches boast Bluetooth connectivity. However, some luxury smartwatches also feature Wi-Fi connectivity. 

A smartwatch with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices

If it is in your budget, try to pick a luxury smartwatch that boosts the dual connectivity (both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).


A smartwatch with a classic wristwatch design

Not just features, functions, brand, and price tag push any smartwatch into the “luxury” category. The design of a smartwatch also plays an integral role in making it a luxury wearable. Stunning display, sleek shape of the dial/screen, and top-quality strap with good color and finishes are common design pointers of any luxury smartwatch. 

A smartwatch with contemporary design

Therefore, make sure the money you spend on a luxury smartwatch is not just worth it for its features but also its looks.

Battery Life

The battery mode settings opened on a smartwatch

You won’t like to charge your smartwatch like your phone every day. Therefore, look for models that boast a battery life of at least a couple of days. You can find smartwatches that offer 3 to 5 days of runtime with full use of features (except for GPS) and a standby duration of several weeks. 


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A luxury smartwatch boasts a great quality

A luxury smartwatch always offers use with great durability. Also, most luxury smartwatches belong to big brands known for top-quality and reliable products. Therefore, you will always get good warranty details with a branded smartwatch boasting a heavy price tag. 

Benefits of Using a Smartwatch

What’s the point of having a smartwatch when you already have a smartphone?

Many people ask this question when they are trying to find out the benefits of using a smartwatch. If you are also confused about why you need to invest in a smartwatch, factor in the below points.

They Are Stylish 

A stylish smartwatch with minimal aesthetics

A good smartwatch with clean construction and finishing never misses the mark with its style. They look good on wrists and add up to the cool and chic styling of any individual. A smartwatch with its sleek touchscreen dial and strap ensures that you don’t have to wear any other thing on your wrist. The other great thing about smartwatches is that they are unisex and for all ages. For instance, the same smartwatch can be worn by a mom, dad, son, and daughter. The watch won’t look out of place on anyone’s wrist.

They Are “Smart” 

A smartwatch showing all its smart features on the dial

A smartwatch is also a great personal gadget because it is perhaps the first intelligent wearable. It is “smarter” than a regular wristwatch and acts as more of a personal assistant. Smartwatches are compatible with smartphones, allowing you to get your phone notifications and respond to them straight away from your wrist. A smartwatch also comes in handy if you are using too many IoT-enabled devices or living in a smart home.

They Are Easy to Wear

An easy-to-wear lightweight Vapor X smartwatch

Despite having these many features, a smartwatch remains a lightweight gadget. They even have lesser weight than many of the mechanical and quartz wristwatches. Their low weight makes them an easy-to-wear device. You can put them on without your wrist continuously falling down. Also, you can wear a smartwatch 24/7 without experiencing heat or any mark on the skin covered with the dial and strap.

Offer More Time Features than a Regular Wristwatch

A smartwatch with its time features and always-on display

A smartwatch is exceedingly better than a regular wristwatch when it comes to time features. It doesn’t just provide you with seconds, minutes, and hours details. Its smart functioning also enables you to track your sleeping time. Smartwatches also calculate for how long you have been sitting idle and notify you. Different smartwatches also feature a range of alarms that you can use to manage your time for different activities.

Boasts Various Health and Fitness-Related Features

A smartwatch with its heart rate monitor

A smartwatch is not just an extension of a smartphone. A top-of-the-line smartwatch always comes with a lot of health and fitness-related features. They have built-in step counters, pulse monitors, oximeters, blood pressure monitors, calorie counters, and various other fitness and wellness features. Some smartwatches even offer ECG measurement of the user. 

In short, when you wear a smartwatch, you get more aware of your health and fitness and the relevant indicators and eventually start working on their improvement as well.

Top Ten Best Luxury Smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 6 

The best Apple smartwatch

Apple Watch Series with its stunning Retina display

We are starting our list with one of the most popular luxury watches around the globe. Apple Watch Series 6 is the latest and improved version of Apple’s line of smartwatches. This luxury smartwatch offers all the features of any good smartwatch. However, what makes it top-of-the-line are some of its additional attributes.

For instance, it features Apple’s propriety Retina OLED display that also offers 2.5 times more brightness in the outdoors. Moreover, it is 20% faster than the next best Apple Watch. We particularly like its real-time elevation meter that can detect if the user has taken a hard fall and subsequently calls the emergency service. 

Apple Watch Series also boasts a minimalistic yet stunning screen and strap design. The strap is available in various top-notch shades.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 

A smartwatch full of smart features and classic design

A Samsung Galaxy 3 smartwatch with its class wristwatch style

After Apple Watch, its Samsung Galaxy Watch that rules the luxury smartwatch landscape. Galaxy Watch 3 is a great smartwatch with the set of features it offers. It offers better functionality than Apple Watches in some areas. For example, you can also use it to measure ECG apart from tracking and monitoring other vitals. 

We also like Galaxy Watch 3 for its classic wristwatch-like design. Its round dial also features a bezel that you can use to navigate the apps on its 1.4” full-color display. Its display is also compatible with AR emojis and Bitmojis. Its Smart Reply feature also lets you type or voice-record your replies to SMS and other phone messages.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is also a manifestation of durability with its military-grade construction. It can withstand all sorts of rough and tough conditions outdoors.

Fitbit Versa 3 

A luxury smartwatch with a great battery time

A Fitbit Versa 3 with pink clay strap

Fitbit is one of the pioneers of smart fitness trackers. It has also made it on our list of best luxury smartwatches with its Versa 3. This fitness tracker features the perfect combination of style and features. We like its curved-edge touchscreen with a smooth strap that collectively give it a “premium look.” 

Apart from helping you with fitness features, Fitbit Versa 3 is also great with its other smart features. It tracks your periods of sleep, breaks them down into different phases, and gives you your sleep score based on its quality. Then, it features a voice assistant that you can use like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

Another impressive bit about Fitbit Versa 3 is its runtime and fast charging. You can use it for up to six days with full charging. Also, you can charge it for an entire day in just 12 minutes.

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar 

A luxury smartwatch full of unique features

A stylish Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar with its ambient light-adjusted display

If you are looking for an ultimate luxury smartwatch with state-of-the-art features, consider Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar. This Garmin model features more than what you can expect in any smartwatch. For starters, its power glass lens converts sunlight into power to extend the runtime of the watch between two charging sessions. 

Moreover, it features a propriety PacePro feature that lets you run with better efficiency and results on different types of terrains. You can find such unique bits in all of its fitness and wellness features.

Garmin 6X Pro Solar also boasts an incident detection feature that comes in handy during an accident or unsafe condition for calling emergency service. You can also use this luxury smartwatch to make contactless payments. 

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41 

A luxury smartwatch from a famous Swiss watchmaker

A TAG Heuer Modular 41 with its classic wristwatch display

TAG Heuer is known for making luxury classic wristwatches. The brand has now also forayed into the manufacturing of smartwatches. Its Modular 41 is one of the best luxury smartwatches available on the block right now. Like other TAG Heuer watches, its smartwatch also boasts a hefty price tag.

Modular 41 resembles a classic sports watch with all the features of a top-of-the-line smartwatch. It features a multi-touch digital dial with an AMOLED display. Like any luxury smartwatch, it boasts both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

We also like this smartwatch for its NFC (near-field communication) payment feature. You can use it to pay for a lot of retail items when you are not carrying a wallet and banking cards. TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41 is a great option to track your swimming performance, thank to its 50-meter water-resistant attribute.

Montblanc Summit 2 Smartwatch 

A luxury smartwatch by a luxury goods manufacturer

A luxurious Montblanc Summit 2 with its dark brown leather strap

Montblanc is a high-end German brand known for making luxury goods. Their writing articles have been popular all around the world. Montblanc now also offers smartwatches and its Summit 2 watch lives up to its brand reputation.

The watch boasts a full-circle 1.2” AMOLED display and also features a rotating crown and three pushers like a classic quartz watch. However, the difference is its pushers are programmable. The leather strap and the pin-buckle construction of the Montblanc Summit 2 simultaneously boast comfort and durability.

Like any good smartwatch, Summit 2 features an accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, and ambient light sensor. All these features come in handy when you use your smartwatch as a fitness tracker.

Movado Connect 2.0

A luxury smartwatch with a classic twist

Movado Connect 2.01 with stunning blue finishing overall

Movado is another luxury watchmaker that has forayed into the making of smartwatches. Its Connect 2.0 has the aesthetics of an elegant leather strap wristwatch with a round dial. However, the technology packed behind the dial makes it a great smartwatch as well. 

This high-end smartwatch is powered by Google’s Wear OS and compatible with the latest versions of iOS and Android. We are impressed by its top-notch construction that is different than other smartwatches. This luxury smartwatch doesn’t have rubber and polymer construction features. Instead, you will find a stainless steel case with a ceramic case-back and leather/fabric strap.

Its round touchscreen can be customized with dozens of different dials. The screen also serves as a monitor for tracking different activities on its built-in Google Fit. Apart from serving you as a smartphone extension and fitness tracker, Movado Connect 2.0 is also your on-the-go payment solution. With its Google Pay compatibility, you can use it for cardless and contactless payments.

 TAG Heuer Connected Modular 

A luxury smartwatch with a removable/replaceable dial

TAG Heuer Connected Modular— the first smartwatch by the luxury brand

TAG Heuer made its entry into the smartwatch space with this model. This watch was the epitome of fine Swiss watchmaking. Its round head and leather strap make it looks like any high-end mechanical wristwatch. You can even convert it into a mechanical watch by removing and replacing its smart head with the classic mechanical dial.

Yes, TAG Heuer Connected Modular has the feature of removing and replacing the dials. This feature makes it a great option for those who like to wear branded classic and smart wristwatches with luxury personified. 

TAG Heuer made this smartwatch in collaboration with Intel. It boasts all the features of any basic smartwatch. It is also less expensive than the latest Modular models by TAG Heuer. Since it has been discontinued by TAG Heuer, you can only find it now at luxury smartwatch outlets and stores.

Louis Vuitton Tambour

A designer luxury smartwatch

The stylish Louis Vuitton Tambour with the classic dial theme

When there are designer clothes, bags, and shoes, why not a designer smart wearable? Louis Vuitton has answered this question by introducing its Tambour line of smartwatches. What you can think of a designer smartwatch, Tambour is exactly that. Its big dial and bezel along with a jacquard strap and various iconic LV logos make it stand out among other smartwatches.

Louis Vuitton also lets the Tambour users put their designer shoes and get their watches customized for different analog and digital display points. You can pick from different colors, stripes, canvases, and vectors to create a watch face you consider best for your style.

This designer smartwatch also boasts a fast processor, making it agile for its smart features. You can use Tambour like any other smartwatch or fitness tracker— thanks to its built-in meters and monitors and Android/iOS compatibility. Despite being a designer smartwatch, it is built to withstand unfriendly outdoor conditions. You can also wear it to keep track of your vitals during swimming.

Garmin Fenix Sapphire 

A luxury smartwatch with a perfect combination of substance and style

An attention-grabbing Garmin Fenix Sapphire

We are rounding off our list of best luxury smartwatches with this Garmin model. Garmin Fenix Sapphire features a sporty strap and accented metallic bezel that further improves its appearance. Like other Garmin smartwatches, this one is also packed with a range of features not common in most off-the-shelf smartwatches.

For instance, it calculates the grit and flow of your activity on trails that can help you improve your biking, walking, and running. This smartwatch also helps the user to carry out workouts, yoga asanas by showing them their animated demonstrations on the dial.

Garmin Fenix Sapphire also calculates the body energy and lets you know if you need to rest or can carry on with your activities. We also like this luxury smartwatch for its battery power. On power-saving mode, you can use it for up to 34 days on a single charge.


As mentioned earlier, the best smartwatch doesn’t always have to be a luxury model. If you don’t want to splurge on and invest in high-end brand smartwatches, you still have many good options to consider. 

These are some great smartwatches that you can buy without breaking your bank.

S20 Smart Watch Waterproof Smartwatch 

An under-100 ringgit smartwatch 

A budget-friendly smartwatch

If you don’t even want to spend over a hundred ringgits on a smartwatch, you can consider this model. This S20 watch has everything that any contemporary smartwatch or fitness tracker should have. It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and sports a multi-touch super-retina display.

S20 also features 11 kinds of exercise modes with blood pressure and oxygen monitors. Besides activities, it also tracks your sleeping hours. It is also swimming-grade waterproof and boosts great standby time.

SmartWatch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker

A budget smartwatch with a good visual appeal

A budget smartwatch with a rectangular dial

This is another cost-effective option you can consider for your wrist. This smartwatch features a fine construction with a buttoned strap and a rectangular touchscreen full-color dial. You can set your watch face with wallpapers in line with your visual preferences. 

The watch features a blood rate monitor and pedometer. Apart from counting steps, it can also track your calorie consumption and overall exercise mileage. It also generates sedentary reminders during the day when you are in sitting/lying in the same position for a long time. Also, it doesn’t just track sleep hours but also lets you dissect the quality of your sleep by calculating the hours of different phases of sleep.

Full-Screen Smart Watch with Bluetooth 

A cost-effective smartwatch full of features

A pocket-friendly watch with a stunning display

This smartwatch is also easy on the pocket and lets you use it for almost all the features you need in a basic smartwatch. For instance, you can use it as an extension of your smartphone on your wrist since it is compatible with almost all smartphones. 

Then, you can also use it as a fitness tracker. It can calculate how many miles you have run, walk or cycle, or the number of burned calories during any exercise. You can also use it to determine your stamina for aerobic exercise by utilizing its heart rate monitor. 


We hope that this review roundup of the best luxury smartwatches helps you find the best option in line with your functional, styling requirements and budget. If we are to make any suggestion, we’d recommend Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar for its state-of-the-art features you won’t easily find in any non-Garmin smartwatch. These features with the durability and style of the Garmin brand justify its hefty price tag.

If aesthetics are as important to you as features of a luxury smartwatch, Tambour by Louis Vuitton is a great option to mull over. It will impress you with both its design and features.


Which smartwatch is the most expensive?

Brikk Lux Watch Omni is the most expensive smartwatch on the block. This smartwatch features 18 karat yellow gold and various 12-karat diamonds on its strap and rectangular dial. This jewel-ridden smartwatch will cost you way over 400,000 ringgits.

What luxury smartwatch brands are out there?

Besides Apple and Samsung, you can also find out luxury smartwatches from other manufacturers. Some of the most popular luxury smartwatch brands are:

  • Montblanc
  • TAG Heuer 
  • Movado 
  • Garmin
  • Louis Vuitton

Are luxury watches worth buying?

If you don’t have budget problems, then, yes, luxury smartwatches are certainly worth buying for various reasons. They boast more features, better design, and extended durability than any regular smartwatch. Moreover, there is an intangible benefit of a luxury smartwatch, i.e., the satisfaction of wearing a top-quality, branded gadget that is not very common.

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