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In the 21st century, phones have been replaced with smartphones and watches with smartwatches. Thus it is natural that you will want one for yourself. However, the problem starts when you try to find the right one for yourself. There are hundreds of different brands offering thousands of different types of smartwatches.

So if you are completely new to buying smartwatches then you will need some guidelines that will help you. Moreover, many people have bought smartwatches at high costs only to find out that it has features that they will never need or use. So before buying a smartwatch you should have a clear idea about what your needs are. 

The best smartwatch for men will be like your best friend. It will tell you when to get up in the morning and then what kind of physical exercises you should do. It will monitor your body levels and tell you when you have burned the desired amount of calories while exercising. 

It can also tell you your heart rate and other things depending on the type of smartwatch you buy. Thus there are several factors that you should consider before buying a smartwatch. But do not worry as we have got you covered. In this comprehensive smart watch review, we will tell you all about why you should use a smartwatch and what are the top smartwatches for men in 2021.

What Are the Types of Smartwatches Available for Men?

People have different routines and lifestyles. So you need to choose a smartwatch according to your needs. A smartwatch will not only tell you the time but will help you in all your daily activities. There are three broad types of smartwatches depending on their utilities:

Basic Smartwatches

Basic smartwatches are relatively cheaper but they have reduced utilities. You can connect your smartphone with a basic smartwatch and it will display your messages and calls. They also have basic alarm systems and some of them also have calculators.
Basic smartwatches

Fitness Tracker

Fitness tracker smartwatches are generally used by people who want to focus on their health while doing their everyday jobs. These types of smartwatches come with several trackers like calorie meters and the number of steps taken every day.

Smartwatch fitness tracker

Hybrid Smartwatches

These are the state of the art smartwatches. They come with various high-end features like heart rate monitoring and oxygen in blood level meter. You can connect your smartphone with Bluetooth and the hybrid smartwatch will act as a mini smartphone. You can receive calls, reply to messages, and also set workout routines in it.

Hybrid smartwatches

What Are the Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartwatch?

Since there are several thousands of smartwatches in the market, you will face a lot of trouble in selecting one among them. Many people try to get smartwatches that have the most number of features. But that increases the price by a huge amount. Thus there are several things that you should consider before buying a smartwatch like:


Prices for smartwatches can fly sky high depending on the special features they provide. So you should never focus solely on getting a smartwatch that has a high price. There are several smartwatches that you will get for cheap prices and they will also provide the basic features that you need. So you should always consider your needs and your budget before buying a smartwatch.

Budget-friendly smartwatches


Since there are thousands of different types of smartphones, so there are thousands of smartwatches that go with them. Every smartwatch is compatible with a certain kind of android or other OS smartphones.

Compatiability is for sure

So you should always check the operating system and the compatibility of the smartwatch. It should have the name of your smartphone’s operating system in its compatibility list. If you buy a smartwatch that is not compatible with your smartphone, then you will not be able to use all the features. 


Just like traditional wristwatches, smartwatches also come in various styles. If you like traditional items then the round dial ones will suit you. If you want to have a little contemporary touch to your smartwatch then get the square of hexagonal ones. If you are of the experimental type then several unconventional designed dials will suit you.

Stylish smartwatches


Numerous brands manufacture smartwatches and they have various types of specialities. However, you should refrain from buying from brands that do not have good reviews. Several low-quality brands claim you will get high-end smartwatches for cheap values.

Branded smartwatches are beautiful

But those smartwatches stop working after some time and it becomes a complete waste of money. So you should always focus on the quality of your smartwatch and not the quantity of the special features. This is why you should always buy from recognized brands.


Smartwatches have different types of connectivity features. You can connect some of them through Bluetooth and access all your phone calls and messages. Some of them also offer Wi-Fi connectivity and you can easily access your computer also through your smartwatch.

Various connectivity options are available

So choose a smartwatch that can connect with the devices you regularly use. Moreover, there is a connectivity distance for every smartwatch. If the smartphone is outside that radius, the connection will be lost. Thus you should always get smartwatches that have a higher connectivity radius.


You will get several smartwatches in the market with high-end designs and looks. However, better design means higher prices. So always remember your budget and select the design accordingly.

Designs and style are cool

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important factors when you are buying a smartwatch. Since smartwatches provide several special features, it needs a high power battery to support the programming system.

Longer battery life is guaranteed

There are many smartwatches readily available at cheap prices that provide a lot of extra features but have very little battery life. Although you can get a lot of features at a cheap price, your smartwatch will need frequent charging. Thus it will become a major disadvantage. So always get a smartwatch with a good battery life.


Since you will be spending quite some money on a smartwatch, you should always buy one that has a good warranty. Smartwatches are made of several tiny components and they can get damaged after rough use. Thus you should always get a smartwatch that has more than one year warranty so that you will not have to worry about repairing your smartwatch.

Price Tag

Many smartwatches have huge price tags. However, if you are new to using a smartwatch then buy a cheaper one first. In that way, you will know about all the basic features of a smartwatch. After that, you can go for the high-priced ones. Thus you will be able to utilize all their features easily now.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches have seen a considerable rise in use in the 21st century. This is because there are several benefits of using a good smartwatch. Moreover, as new technologies are being invented, many new features are being added to the operating system of smartwatches. So you will get all kinds of benefits of using a smartwatch. Some of the benefits are as follows:


Long gone are the days when men used to buy high-end fashion jewellery for their wrists. Now everyone boasts a classy and stylish smartwatch that becomes their fashion statement. A good smartwatch is a must for going to parties and social events. It is not only fashionable but also a reliable companion who can do several things at once. Thus flaunting your new smartwatch can be the latest hot topic on occasions. Moreover, giving someone a stylish smartwatch is one of the best gifts.

Boost up your fashion statement


In traditional wristwatches, the costlier ones used to be pretty heavy. But the latest design smartwatches are so light that you will almost not feel them on your wrists. They are made of very light yet sturdy material. Thus you will never feel uncomfortable wearing a smartwatch.

The watches are very light weight

Moreover, they are designed to fit perfectly on your wrists. You will never see it as a burden on your arm. The bands are made from special materials that do not cause any skin infections or rashes.

Time-Related Features

Smartwatches can tell you the accurate time and you can set alarms and perform other basic functions. There are also many special time-related features like real-time monitoring and change in time zones.

Too many features are available

Generally, you have to adjust the time of your watch by referring to another watch. But the best smartwatch Malaysia has programs that get real-time by coordinating with satellites. Thus you will always get the most accurate time. Moreover, many smartwatches can adjust their time if you cross time zones. Thus you will not have to manually change the time when you travel to another country.

Smart Features

The name smartwatch comes from the smart features that these watches offer. You will get several added features like text and call notifications. Moreover, you can also access the internet server through many smartwatches. Thus you can easily check your emails and notifications without bringing out your laptop from your bag.

Get features like text and call notifications

Every person had those days where they missed an urgent call just because they could not hear their phone ringing in their pockets. But if you have a smartwatch then you will never face such problems. Moreover, you can also reply to text messages remotely through your smartwatch.

Health Benefits and Advantages

The best feature of these modern smartwatches is the health and fitness benefits. They can not only monitor your calorie burn rate and distance covered, but you will also get several high-end features like pulse rate monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and sleep patterns.

Track your activities with these watches

Thus they can be used for several fitness sports and activities like swimming, cycling, bodybuilding, etc. 

Best Smartwatches for Men in 2021

Selecting just a few smartwatches from a huge list of thousands is a tough job. But we have tried to list the best smartwatches for men that have good features and are long-lasting. They are as follows:

Huawei Watch GT2

The Huawei Watch GT2 is one of the best smartwatches from Huawei that has all the special features. It has 4 GB ROM and 32 MB RAM capacity so you can easily store a lot of your workout songs and music. It works on Android 4.4 or later and iOS 9.0 or later. It has a 455mAh battery life and also a one-year warranty.

Huawei Watch GT2

It comes in a matte black or brown leather strap according to your preferences. The 1.39-inch AMOLED screen has a colour display of 454×454 pixels. Moreover, the 45.9 mm x 45.9 mm x 10.7 mm display supports touch and slide gestures. So you can easily access your phone calls and texts. It has a speaker and microphone for direct calls. Moreover, it also supports GPS and Bluetooth range of 10m – 50m. 

It also has an array of sensors like Pressure, Sensor Optical Heart Rate Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Gyroscopic Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, and Ambient Light Sensor & Capacitive Sensor. Thus you can do a variety of physical activities while the Huawei Watch GT2 monitors your health and tells you when you have reached your daily goals.


  • High resolution.
  • Heart Rate monitor.
  • Acceleration Sensor.


  • No always-on display.

Smart Watch Series 6 with Fitness Tracker KL SEND FT50

The Smart Watch Series 6 with a fitness tracker from the OEM brand is one of those smartwatches that you can get for very cheap prices. It uses an MTK2502C chip and has Bluetooth connectivity. The silicone band is soft yet strong.

It has a surface diameter of 44mm and weighs about 53 grams. It uses a clip-type charging port which can be a little inconvenient. It has a 200 mAh battery capacity so it is good for travelling short distances. However, if you are planning on going trekking or other time-consuming sports then you should carry a portable charger.

Smart Watch Series 6 with Fitness Tracker KL SEND FT50

It has a lot of special functions like heart rate monitoring, pedometer, calorie burn meter, and also sleeps rate monitoring technology. You can also connect the smartwatch with Siri and give voice commands. The only drawback is it has a 1-month warranty.


  • Pedometer.
  • Siri voice command.
  • Sleep rate monitor.


  • Battery capacity is low.

Xiaomi Haylou LS01

Xiaomi has broken all records with the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 as it has numerous utilities. The 34 grams and 40.9 x 35.7 x 11.6 mm smartwatch have 1.3 inches TFT LCD screen and Bluetooth version 4.2. It also has a 210 mAh battery capacity and a battery life of 14 days. 

It has 9 sports modes and several sensors that measure distance, steps, calories, and also a real-time heart rate monitor. It can accurately measure your heart rate and also your pulse. It also monitors your body during deep sleep and non-REM sleep.

Xiaomi Haylou LS01

Moreover, it is IP68 dustproof and waterproof. So you can wear them during swimming or other outdoor activities. It also has touch screen functions and the application supports English.


  • 1.3 inches TFT LCD screen.
  • Measures deep and non-REM sleep patterns.
  • Dustproof.


  • Warranty coverage has specifications.

Smartwatch Built-In Fitness Tracker KL SEND P9

This 1.3inch IPS colour screen resolution with 240×240 pixels smartwatch is designed by the brand OEM. It has a memory capacity of 512KB+64KB and 64MB. It uses a Non-patch 0827 motor and runs on Bluetooth 4.0.

It runs on Android4.4 or above and IOS8.2 or above. It has a 180 mAh battery and a standby time of 8 days. The full touch screen panel supports a variety of languages like Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Thai, and Indonesian.

Smartwatch Built-In Fitness Tracker KL SEND P9

You can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and can also get push notifications for your calls and messages. It also has a Bluetooth control system through which you can access the songs on your smartphone. However, the warranty period is one month.


  • Full-colour screen.
  • Supports a variety of languages.
  • Blood pressure monitor.


  • Battery capacity is low.

Huami Amazfit Verge Lite A1818 Smartwatch

The Amazfit Verge Lite A1818 has a 1.3 inch AMOLED display screen with a 43mm dial diameter. The screen is made from gorilla glass and has a special Anti-fingerprint coating. The wristband is made from silicone and polycarbonate material.

Huami Amazfit Verge Lite A1818 Smartwatch

It has a 390 mAh lithium-polymer battery and a battery life of 20 days. Moreover, it also has 7 sports modes including the treadmill, walking, and running. 

You can easily access your calls and messages along with measuring your heart rate while exercising and sleeping. It supports devices with Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above. It is also waterproof so you can try out wet sports activities too. It also has a one-year warranty.


  • 390 mAh battery capacity.
  • 7 sports mode.
  • Gorilla Glass.


  • Glass body can break.

Smart Watch Bluetooth with Sport Tracker KL STOK T500 T5S Series 5

The KL STOK T500 T5S Series 5 is designed by OEM and has a 34 MB memory capacity. It runs on an MT2502 chip and has a 54 inch IPS colour screen with 240*240 pixels. It has 180 mAh battery capacities with 25 hours of standby time.

It runs in Bluetooth 4.2 and is compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 9.0. It has motion tracking, sleep monitoring, intelligent notification reminders, and also heart rate monitor. Moreover, it is waterproof.

Smart Watch Bluetooth with Sport Tracker KL STOK T500 T5S Series 5


  • Waterproof.
  • Bluetooth 4.2.
  • 25 hours of standby time.


  • 1-month warranty.

Huawei Watch GT 2e Smartwatch

The Huawei GT 2e has 1.39-inch AMOLED HD Display and weighs about 43 grams without the strap. This 53 x 46.8 x 10.8 mm smartwatch comes with a metal body and you can get it in graphite black or mint green.

Huawei Watch GT 2e Smartwatch

It has 4GB memory and runs on Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 or later. Moreover, it has 85 custom-built workout modes and you can also store up to 500 songs. It also measures heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. There are also several other sensors like Air pressure sensors, geomagnetic sensors, gyroscopes, and capacitive sensors.


  • 85 custom workout modes.
  • Geomagnetic sensor.
  • High memory capacity.


  • High price.

Huawei Watch Fit 

The Huawei Watch Fit is a new smartwatch with all the latest sensors. It has dimensions of 46 x 30 x 10.7 mm and weighs about 21 grams. This lightweight smartwatch has 1.64 inches AMOLED display and 250 x 456 pixels.

Huawei Watch Fit

It has a 4 GB memory capacity and runs on 5.0 Bluetooth. It has a heart rate monitor, oxygen in a blood meter, and also a Gyro meter. Moreover, it is waterproof to 5 ATM. Thus you can also go for a swim wearing it.


  • Lightweight.
  • 1.64 inches screen.
  • 5 ATM waterproof.


  • No speaker.

Smart Watch Sport Tracker with Water Resistant Function KL SEND Ocean

The KL SEND Ocean is designed by OEM and has a 1.14 TFT colour touch screen. It runs on Bluetooth 4.0 and has 170 mAh battery capacities. It also has a magnetic charging interface and has touch screen facilities.

Smart Watch Sport Tracker with Water Resistant Function KL SEND Ocean

It can monitor your heart rate, and also can take photos remotely by accessing the camera of your smartphone. You can also monitor your sleep patterns and the user interface recognizes several languages.


  • 1.14 TFT screen.
  • Magnetic charging interface.
  • Remote photo facility.


  • Battery capacity is low.

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is compatible with iOS but not Androids. It has an always-on Retina display and has 5GHz Wi-Fi and U1 Ultra-Wideband chip. It measures your blood oxygen level and your heart rate with the new advanced sensors.

Apple Watch Series 6

It is completely waterproof and you can easily sync your songs and music to your smartwatch. It also has an Emergency calling system that can detect if you have fallen or met an accident. It will automatically call emergency services. It also boasts an in-built compass. 


  • Always-on Retina display.
  • In-built compass.
  • Emergency calling services.


  • Android not supported.

Smart Watch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker KL SEND Y10

The KL SEND Y10 is designed by OEM and it is compatible only with Androids. It has a 1.54-inch display with 240×240 pixels. It supports both Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0. You can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels in your blood easily.

Smart Watch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker KL SEND Y10

Moreover, it has a magnetic charging interface and also a conventional microphone along with a speaker. It has a battery of 200 mAh. However, the ROM is 512kb.


  • Cheap price.
  • Speaker.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0.


  • Memory capacity is very low.

Garmin Venu SQ 

The Garmin Venu SQ is specially made for athletes and sportsmen. It has 20 pre-loaded sports modes. Moreover, it can also plan your workout routines along with accessing your calls and messages.

Garmin Venu SQ

It has a high-quality bright colour display and the battery can last up to 6 days. The screen is made from durable gorilla glass and the brand is made from silicone. It runs both on Android and iOS. It also has a 2-year warranty. It can accurately monitor your heart rate, stress level, respiration level, and pulse rate.


  • 20 pre-loaded sports mode.
  • Stress level meter.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Relatively high price.

Smart Watch IWO Bluetooth Series 5 KL SEND IWO MAX 2.0

The KL SEND IWO MAX 2.0 is one of the cheaper smartwatches with various sensors for health monitoring. It has dimensions of 4x38x10.7mm and weighs about 53 grams.

Smart Watch IWO Bluetooth Series 5 KL SEND IWO MAX 2.0

It features a touch screen and functions on Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0. You can not only get heart monitoring, step counting, and mileage recording but you will also get news notifications. It can also remind you if you are having unhealthy diets for a long time and when it is your time to exercise.


  • Step counting.
  • Mileage recording.
  • News updates.


  • 1-month warranty.

Smartwatch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker KL STOK

If you do not want to spend much on a smartwatch but still want one then the KL STOK is made for you. It has a low price and step counting, heart rate monitor, running track support, sleep monitoring system, and also captures photo facility. 

Thus it has various features but the memory is a low 128 kb SRAM and flash 128M. It has a 1.3-inch screen and 230mAh battery power. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and is also waterproof. Thus you get a lot of features without spending much money.

Smartwatch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker KL STOK


  • Cheap price.
  • 230mAh battery power.
  • Waterproof.


  • Low memory capacity.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm

The Samsung Galaxy 3 has a 1.4-inch full-colour display and the screen is made of gorilla glass. Moreover, it has a screen always-on mode. It has a dual-core CPU type and 1.15GHz CPU speed.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm

It also has a high memory of 8 GB and a high-power 340 mAh battery. It runs on OS 5.5 and also has Wi-Fi and GPS facility. It features a high-precision heart rate monitor, Gyroscope, barometer, ECG, and also an ambient light sensor. Thus you can use it for all your outdoor activities along with the indoor ones.


  • 340 mAh battery.
  • Dual-Core CPU.
  • ECG and Barometer.


  • Needs OS 5.0.

Smartwatch Sport Tracker with Water Resistant KL SEND New T500 Pro

The KL SEND New T500 Pro has full touch screen support in the 1.75 inch HD IPS screen that has 320×385 pixels. It runs on an MTK2502D chip and has a magnetic pin charger. It supports Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0. The battery capacity is 280 mAh.

Smartwatch Sport Tracker with Water Resistant KL SEND New T500 Pro

It also has Bluetooth music control so that you can easily listen to music while working out. It has a microphone and speaker so you can also receive calls and texts. Moreover, it also supports emails, Facebook news, and several other social networks. It features a heart rate sensor, step counting meter, sleep monitoring facility, and anti-loss reminder for phones. 


  • MTK2502D chip.
  • Bluetooth music control.
  • Anti-loss reminder.


  • Warranty period is low.

Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3 is one of the costlier smartwatches that have high-end features. If you want to spend some money on a good smartwatch then this one is for you. It has a built-in GPS along with a heart rate monitor which uses PurePulse 2.0 technology. It also sleeps tracking system that also gives you a score based on your regular sleep patterns.

Fitbit Versa 3

It has 6 days of battery life along with fast charge technology. Moreover, it has more than 20 exercise modes and a voice assistant which can perform all your commands.


  • PurePulse 2.0 technology.
  • 6 days of battery life.
  • Voice assistant.


  • High price.

Smart Watch Bluetooth with Step Counter Ship KL Lokmat MK18

The KL Lokmat MK18 is a medium-priced smartwatch that has a dial diameter of 4.6 cm and a display thickness of about 1.2 cm. It has an FSTN screen mirror material and stainless steel strap. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Smart Watch Bluetooth with Step Counter Ship KL Lokmat MK18

It runs in Bluetooth 4.0 but does not have a touch screen. It can show your heart rate, steps taken, calories burnt, and also your phone notifications. It also has a remote camera option, cloud data storage, and an alarm clock. Moreover, it is dustproof and waterproof. It supports several languages. 


  • FSTN screen.
  • Dustproof.
  • Waterproof.


  • No touch screen.


In the above list, you will find all the best smartwatches for men that can perform various functions. However, the best smartwatch for you will depend on your habits and what kind of lifestyle you lead. Moreover, your budget will also be a great factor. 

If you want to spend some money on a good smartwatch that will look after all your needs and will also last a lifetime, then you should get the Apple Watch Series 6. Although it is a little high-priced, it has all the features necessary for a healthy lifestyle 

If you are a beginner and do not want to spend much but still want one that will give you the usual features, then buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. It is much cheaper than the Apple Series 6 but has almost all the features.


  1.  Why Should You Buy a Good Brand’s Smartwatches for Men?

If you buy a smartwatch from good brands then you will get the best product. Moreover, if you have any problems with the smartwatch-like some functions stop working, and then you can easily get it changed if it is within the warranty period for the branded smartwatches.

  1. Is it Worth Buying a Smartwatch?

Yes, it is worth buying a good smartwatch. It will not only tell you the time, you can access your smartphone through it. You will also get many health benefits like heart rate monitoring and blood level monitoring.

  1. How Do I Choose a Smartwatch for Men?

If you want to choose a good smartwatch then you should look at the product specialities and the price tag. Moreover, you should list your needs first and if the smartwatch fulfils all of them then you should buy it.

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