The Best Cheap Microwave Malaysia Offers – Top 10 Budget Microwave Ovens

In the last couple of decades, microwave ovens have become the second most important kitchen appliance after a stovetop. One reason behind the widespread popularity of microwave ovens among Malaysian households is how they have made food preparation easy, truly decreasing cooking time and speeding up the overall cooking process. Whether it is about reheating the lunch leftover for the dinner, cooking an instant meal, or defrosting a refrigerated food package, a microwave oven comes in handy.

The other reason microwave ovens have become popular is their low prices. Today, you can easily afford a basic top-quality microwave without breaking your bank. However, you can only get the combo of quality and low price if you are looking in the right place. In this best budget microwave oven Malaysia review, you will find all the details needed to buy the right microwave oven at a good price.

This review will also provide you with some of the best available options of cheap microwave Malaysia products available.

Without any further delay, let’s jump into our discussion.

Types of Microwave Ovens Based on Function

Over the years, the construction of a microwave oven has undergone various changes. Certain types of microwaves are meant for heating or defrosting certain foods, while some microwaves can carry out other cooking methods as well. Today, a home consumer can find at least three types of microwave ovens based on their functions. 

  • Solo microwave
  • Grill (OTG) microwave
  • Convection microwave

1. Solo Microwave

A sleek solo microwave.
A sleek solo microwave.

Solo microwave is the most basic type of microwave oven variant on the block. It features a single magnetron and serves the basic purpose of reheating and defrosting the food. You can also use it for the cooking of some instant meals. The best thing about a solo microwave is its low price tags. They are also great for smaller kitchens and countertops due to their compact footprint.

Since solo microwaves are entry-level microwaves, you can’t use them for baking or grilling the food. Also, their compact sizes make them only suitable for small families.

2. Grill (OTG) Microwave

A grill microwave has a grill rack.
A grill microwave has a grill rack.

Grill microwaves, also known as Oven, Toaster, Grill (OTG), are the improved forms of basic microwaves and smaller versions of traditional ovens. They come with a grill rack, increasing the versatility of this appliance to allow multiple cooking methods. As the name suggests, they don’t just reheat and defrost the food but also has a grill function. They are also great if you want to run parallel functions of reheating one thing and grilling another.

If you don’t want to set up a separate grill and microwave, you can opt for this type of oven. Some modern models are equipped with an infrared grill. However, be mindful of their prices because they are slightly expensive than any cheap microwave oven models with a solo configuration. Their power consumption is also usually higher than a regular solo microwave.

3. Convection Microwave

All-black convection microwave with a digital display.
All-black convection microwave with a digital display.

If you don’t have the budget or space to accommodate a separate oven and microwave in your kitchen, you can opt for a conventional microwave. This type of microwave has a smaller footprint than a regular oven but uses its convectional heating to heat food. Besides reheating and defrosting, a convection microwave is equally good for baking, roasting, and any other type of cooking for which you need to use a traditional oven.

Convection microwaves are also great with cooking and heating time. However, their good efficiency and great functionality come at a higher price and high operating cost (since they consume more electricity than a regular microwave).

Types of Microwave Ovens Based on Installation

Besides functions, microwaves are also categorized based on the type of installation method. Usually, you will find these five types of microwaves in Malaysia with different construction and installation details.

1. Countertop 

A countertop microwave with nonslip feet.
A countertop microwave with nonslip feet.

Countertop microwaves are the most common type of microwaves you will find in any kitchen. It sits on the countertop just like a food processor or any other standalone kitchen appliance. The major advantage of opting for countertop options is you can find several top-quality yet cheap microwave ovens. Getting those prices is not possible when you opt for a microwave oven with special placements.

They are also good because they don’t involve any installation hassle. Like any handy electronic appliance, these are plug-and-play microwave ovens. Countertop microwaves are also convenient because you can easily move them around on the countertop or elsewhere.

2. Over-the-Range

An over-the-range microwave installed in a kitchen with minimalistic décor.
An over-the-range microwave installed in a kitchen with minimalistic décor.

As the name suggests, over-the-range counters are installed above the cooking range. This placement is great because you get to use the kitchen space that remains useless otherwise. Over-the-range microwaves are installed in the line of sight of a person standing at the stovetop. This means you don’t have to move or bend to keep tabs on the food being prepared in the oven. 

An over-the-range countertop that matches the cooking range with its finishing also improves your kitchen décor. This type of microwave ovens is usually expensive than other microwave ovens like the countertop ones. Their cost also goes up because you need expert installation for setting them above the range.

3. Under-the-Counter

A neatly installed under counter microwave oven.
A neatly installed under-the-counter microwave oven.

Under-the-counter microwave ovens are just like conventional ovens when it comes to their installation. They are also installed under the counter, saving you countertop space and giving your kitchen a neater look.  Their prices are reasonable but you will need an expert to fit it in the countertop underside for a secure and clean installation. 

Many people avoid under-the-counter microwave ovens because their continuous use is a hassle. You have to bend or sit down to put or take out the food from the oven or to check the controls. 

4. Built-In 

A built-in convection microwave installed in a cabinet.
A built-in convection microwave installed in a cabinet.

Built-in microwave ovens are a relatively newer type of installation. They are essentially installed above the counter in place of any kitchen cabinet. Their recessed installation among the cabinets makes them look like a built-in part of the kitchen. A built-in microwave looks sleek and adds substance to the contemporary décor of any kitchen. 

However, the microwaves available for built-in installation often lie at a higher price point. Also, you will need a kitchen renovation expert for setting up a built-in microwave. In short, the overall cost of a built-in microwave goes way above the regular countertop microwave. 

5. Drawer

A drawer microwave installed among the cabinets under the counter.
A drawer microwave installed among the cabinets under the counter.

A drawer microwave is the most innovative and expensive type of microwave among all the options we have discussed here. Unlike all the box-type microwave ovens, this one has a drawer design and opens like one with its sliding mechanism. They are great for saving countertop space.

Drawer microwaves are also unique because they don’t feature a turntable. Instead, they boast a rotating heating element. This means you can reheat fluid-based foods in drawer microwaves without worrying about spills.

Drawer microwaves are a good replacement for an over-the-range model if you want to install a hood vent over the stove. All these innovative qualities of a drawer microwave make it a high-end choice. However, it is very unlikely to find a cheap microwave in Malaysia with the drawer configuration. They are not as common as other microwave ovens.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Cheap Microwave Malaysia

Take these factors into account when you are looking for a cheap microwave oven in Malaysia in online and offline markets.


Gone are the days when you needed a good sum of money to buy a microwave oven. The widespread availability of technology and competition has driven the prices of a standard microwave oven down. Now, you can easily get a top-quality solo microwave in around RM 200. Some convection microwaves with grill functions are also available within the price range of RM 200 – RM 400.

In short, there is no need to splurge on a microwave when you can easily find a top-quality model at lower price points. Even microwaves from big international brands (Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, etc) are available at the prices mentioned above.


A regular 20-liter microwave.
A regular 20-liter microwave.

After considering the price, you should also factor in the size and capacity of the microwave you want to bring home. If you have a small kitchen or don’t want to clutter your countertop, opt for models that boast a volume of 20 liters or less. These microwaves usually have a compact footprint and can easily be set up on one side of the countertop or any other shelf.

However, if you are preparing food for a large family or opting for a grill or convection functions, you would need a microwave with a large volume. 


Buying a cheap microwave doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the warranty. Even if your price range is under RM 200, you can find a microwave with at least 1 year of manufacturer warranty. Therefore, don’t settle for any warranty less than that. On the other hand, you can find microwave ovens that come with 3 or 5-year warranties with extended coverage for some parts.


A cheap microwave doesn’t have to be an unbranded or second-hand option. Go for reliable brands that are known for making quality electric home appliances for homes and especially kitchens. When you pick those brands, you don’t have to worry about the reliability of the oven no matter if you pick it from an online market or a roadside outlet. Try to pick brands that also offer after-sales services.  


A sleek microwave with built-in placement.
A sleek microwave with built-in placement.

Most of the best microwave ovens in Malaysia are for countertop and cabinet placements. If you need something that can be installed over-the-range or boast an in-drawer configuration, you should ask around instead of looking among the multitudes of regular microwave ovens. Keep in mind that those fixed-type microwaves are expensive than countertop models and also cost you more with their installation.

Cooking Functions

Cooking functions vary from oven to oven. Some microwave ovens only have simple heating and timer functions. Then, there are ones that contain pre-programmed settings and cooking modes. For instance, they have auto settings for defrosting, reheating, and cooking. A microwave with more cooking functions is slightly expensive than a simple oven.

Power Wattage

A regular microwave for home comes with power wattage in the range of 800-1500W. For a sole microwave, an 800Wpower rating is good enough for your cooking requirements and utility expenses. For convection and grill ovens, you should opt for higher power wattage.

Customer Reviews 

When you are buying a cheap microwave oven online, don’t forget to look at what customers have to say about the product. Quickly skim through the comment section of the product page to get an idea of what’s the opinion of the majority of users. 

Style and Design

Microwave ovens in different designs and colors.
Microwave ovens in different designs and colors.

While looking for low prices, don’t forget to look at the style and color of the microwave. A modern kitchen needs a microwave with clean finishing and a sleek design. Also, make sure the color of the microwave’s exterior matches or makes a good contrast with the countertop, cabinets, and the cooking range.

Child Lock

If you have kids at home, try to pick a microwave oven that comes with a child lock. This safety feature ensures that children can’t tinker with the microwave to harm themselves or damage the unit.

Turntable Size

Also, factor in the size of the turntable fitted inside the microwave. Prefer large turntables because they let you cook, reheat or defrost right on large plates and bowls.

10 Best Cheap Microwaves in Malaysia

With all the above information at your disposal, you can easily go on shopping for the best cheap microwave in Malaysia. Remember, the best microwaves ovens in Malaysia are reliable, versatile, has easy-to-use microwave functions and are budget-friendly. If you’d like our take on the best budget microwave options on the Malaysian market, explore this section to find the top 10 models we recommend.

1. Panasonic 20L Microwave Oven [PSN-NNST25JB]

A simple budget solo microwave with multiple cooking modes.

Panasonic 20L microwave oven with black finish - Cheap Microwave Malaysia - Shop Journey
Panasonic 20L microwave oven with black finish.

This Panasonic microwave is a simple budget option you are looking for in your kitchen. It has a clean rectangular design, allowing you to use it for more than countertop placements. This simple solo microwave boasts nine auto cooking menus for different preps.

You get auto-defrost, auto-reheat, and auto-cook modes in the microwave with three different settings for each. Moreover, it also has a Quick 30 function that lets you heat anything for 30 seconds with one tap and for ten times in succession.

This 20L oven also features a child lock to ensure kids don’t harm themselves even if they manage to reach the microwave and its controls.

2. Samsung 23L Solo Microwave Oven [MS23K3513AK]

A microwave with pre-programmed local recipes.

Samsung 23L solo with its hinge-style door open. Cheap Microwave Malaysia - Shop Journey
Samsung 23L solo revealing its durable ceramic interior compartment.

Samsung packages many good features in this compact and budget-friendly microwave. For starters, this solo microwave features an auto defrost option that is programmed for instantly defrosting five types of food items without needing to adjust time and temperature. Moreover, it is also loaded with some Malaysian recipes that can be prepared in a solo microwave.

Its ceramic enamel interior is also worth mentioning. Its durable ceramic interior has a bacterial protection coating and boasts a scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean surface. The built-in deodorization further helps you keep the interior of this oven odor-free. 

The microwave oven also features an ECO mode where it consumes a negligible amount of electricity on its standby mode, saving you money in terms of electricity bills. 

3. Samsung Microwave Oven with Dual Dial, 23L [MS23F300EEK/SM]

For even defrosting and reheating.

The stylish Samsung microwave oven with a dual-dial control. Cheap Microwave Malaysia - Shop Journey
The stylish Samsung microwave oven with a dual-dial control.

This budget Samsung microwave oven is unique in the sense that it also lets you control the cooking based on the weight of the food by setting the wattage power accordingly. The dual dials on the clean front panel of the microwave make this adjustment hassle-free.

The other great bit about this budget microwave is its triple distribution system. It releases microwaves in three directions to maintain heating evenness and consistency. Whether it is a roasted turkey or a beef stew, you will be able to reheat it uniformly.

We also like this microwave for its sleek, minimalistic design that gives it an appearance of a high-end microwave oven.

4. Electrolux 20L Free-standing Microwave [EMM20K18GWI]

A no-frill budget microwave.

 A white Electrolux 20L with a clean front panel.  Cheap Microwave Malaysia - Shop Journey
A white Electrolux 20L with a clean front panel.

If you want to strike a perfect balance between quality and price in a microwave, this Electrolux countertop option is worth considering. The 20L microwave has everything that any solo microwave construction should have.  

You will get a timer with settings up to 35 minutes and a heating knob with five settings (low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, and high). Its large turntable with 27cm diameter is also worth mentioning. It lets you put large bowls in the microwave with ease.

Its plain white construction will make it a good addition to kitchens with minimalistic and industrial aesthetics.

5. Sharp Electric Oven [EO259BK]

Best budget convection microwave oven.

Stylish Sharp convection microwave with reflective cavity and glass door. Cheap Microwave Malaysia - Shop Journey
Stylish Sharp microwave with reflective cavity and glass door.

For buying a pocket-friendly microwave that can also bake and roast, this 25L Sharp electric oven can be a good choice. The microwave features 3-level convection heating from 70C to up to 250C. Moreover, its cooking time is also greater than regular countertop microwaves.

When a simple microwave doesn’t give you more than 45 minutes of cooking time, you can use this Sharp microwave for making meals that need up to two hours of roasting or baking. This makes it one of the best microwave ovens in Malaysia.

We also like this Sharp convection microwave because despite being a budget option it comes with a baking tray. Also, its metallic reflective interior and clean front door construction make it easy on the eyes.

6. Khind 28L Electric Oven [OT2800]

A large-volume budget convection microwave

Khind 28L convection microwave with beige finish. Cheap Microwave Malaysia - Shop Journey
Khind 28L convection microwave with beige finish.

Khind is a brand name famous for electric appliances in the Malaysian market. This Khind microwave is a good option if you need a budget convection oven in a volume slightly large than regular countertop microwaves.

This Khind electric oven boasts 28L volume that is enough to prepare an entire chicken or a 10” cake or pizza. Even with this large volume, the overall footprint of the oven is not sprawling. It won’t occupy too much space on your countertop. 

This Khind microwave also boasts top and bottom heater selections to give you heat in line with your baking requirements. This budget convection microwave also comes with a baking tray, rack, and a tray handle.

7. Panasonic 20L Chef’s Like Microwave Oven

A budget microwave with a cooking alert.

The white Panasonic Chef’s Like oven with light purple knobs. Cheap Microwave Malaysia - Shop Journey
The white Panasonic Chef’s Like oven with light purple knobs.

Home appliances by Panasonic boast good functionality and durability. The same is the case with the Panasonic PMW-2004 microwave oven. This 20L microwave oven sports a high quality and a lower price tag and is a perfect match for your daily defrosting and reheating requirements.

It offers a heating time between 0 to 30 minutes and you can set the degree of heating at six levels from low to high including one separate option for defrosting. The heating cavity of the microwave features a paint coat to improve its efficiency and make it easy for you to clean it.

Panasonic PMW-2004 also boasts a cooking end signal so that you can take out the prepared, reheated, or defrosted food the moment it is ready.

8. Electrolux 23L Free-Standing Microwave [EMG23K38GB]

One of the best budget grill microwave ovens.

Electrolux grill microwave in the operational mode. Cheap Microwave Malaysia - Shop Journey
Electrolux grill microwave in the operational mode.

Good quality grill microwaves usually lie at high price points. There are some exceptions and this Electrolux free-standing microwave is one of them. This dual-action microwave is suitable for all your defrosting/reheating and grilling needs. It comes with a top-quality 1000W integrated quartz grill. You can use it to instantly prepare a range of crispy grilled vegetable and meat items.

Like the other Electrolux model, this one also features a large turntable that allows hassle-free accommodation of large dishes. Besides five heating settings from low to high, you also get separate modes for grill and combination cooking.

9. Sharp 20L Microwave Oven [R219EK]

A versatile and cheap microwave.

 Sharp 20L microwave with black and gray finish. Cheap Microwave Malaysia - Shop Journey.
Sharp 20L microwave oven with black and gray finish.

If you want to use your microwave for cooking, reheating, defrosting, and steaming purposes, consider this Sharp microwave oven. This simple microwave is particularly good with its defrosting function. Its 2-way defrost mode allows you to thaw refrigerated food evenly and in lesser time.

This Sharp Microwave Oven is also a suitable option for eco-conscious users. They can run this cheap microwave oven in an energy-saving mode to reduce their carbon footprint and save utility bills. 

This 20L microwave oven is also a good option for households with children. This is because this Sharp microwave model features a child lock that makes sure children can’t fiddle with the controls of the microwave and harm themselves when they are unsupervised.

10. Toshiba 21L Microwave Oven [TSB-MW2MM21PF]

A microwave with good defrosting action.

An all-black 21L Toshiba Microwave.
An all-black 21L Toshiba Microwave.

We are rounding off our list with a cheap microwave oven option by Toshiba. This Toshiba 21L Microwave Oven features a solo configuration with five heating modes, including one for automatic defrosting. It also features an end cooking alarm signal that is not too loud but still notifies you even if you are outside the kitchen.

This Toshiba microwave also features a larger turntable on which you can easily put 10” dishes and bowls. This means no more food shifting to small bowls and plates to microwave them. 

The heating cavity of the oven features a gray finish. This dark finishing makes sure that the microwave doesn’t turn into an eyesore even with stains and baked-on grime. The microwave also has slip-proof feet that come in handy in fixing the position of the microwave on the countertop.


We hope that this budget microwave oven Malaysia review helps you pick the best cheap microwave Malaysia has for your kitchen and cooking requirements within your budget. If we are to make any suggestion, we would recommend you pick Panasonic 20L Microwave Oven for its multiple cooking modes, good price, reliable brand, and child lock. 

If you need a convection oven for the price of a regular microwave and with good capacity, you can opt for the Sharp Electric Oven

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of budget microwave is the most reliable?

We can’t declare any single brand as the most reliable manufacturer of budget microwaves. If you have gone through our product review section, you must have seen more than one brand name there. All these brands are big names in the industry and produce quality microwave ovens at lower prices.

How long does a cheap microwave oven last?

A budget microwave oven from any reliable brand can easily last seven or more years if you microwave regularly but maintain it well. However, the extensive use and poor maintenance can reduce this operating life to 3-4 years.

Are cheap microwaves safe?

Yes, a cheap microwave oven is safe to use as long as you have picked a reliable brand (e.g. the ones we have reviewed above). Branded budget-friendly microwaves fulfill all the safety requirements that concerned government regulators and consumer bodies prescribe. So, you can use them without worrying about your safety.

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