11 Best Bladeless Fan Malaysia Has to Offer in 2022

Have you ever tried to stay indoors during the summer season without a reliable cooling device? If you answered yes, you understand how uncomfortable and unbearable it can be. Most people use fans to chill their surroundings during such times.

An advanced bladeless fan.
An advanced bladeless fan.

These cooling devices come in a variety of forms – like air coolers and air conditioners. However, consider checking out a powerful bladeless fan. Bladeless fans are stylish, safe, and easy to clean. However, getting the best fan with a built-in HEPA filter can be challenging.

11 Best Bladeless Fans in Malaysia

1. Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan [AM07] 

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan.
Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan.

The Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan will keep you cool and comfortable by combining enhanced airflow with the safety of bladeless fan technology. A Dyson AM07’s simple, sleek appearance looks fantastic in any environment.


  • Easy to clean as it does not have blades.
  • Can be programmed as a sleep timer
  • It doubles as an air purifier
  • It is powerful yet quiet.
  • It’s safe to operate as it lacks rotating blades
  • It’s easy to use


  • A costly purchase.

2. Xiaomi Bladeless Tower Fan [BPTS01DM]

Xiaomi Bladeless Tower Fan. Source: GeekMaxi
Xiaomi Bladeless Tower Fan. Source: GeekMaxi

This is a brand-new model with a unique design and can be used anywhere in the house. Xiaomi bladeless fan provides a constant and consistent airflow that stretches throughout the entire room. The Xiaomi Bladeless Tower Fan (BPTS01DM) features a dependable swivel mechanism that allows the body to rotate automatically. 


  • It has a radial design that doesn’t require a larger area for installation.
  • It has a durable outer case that is composed of strong ABS plastic.
  • It is safe to operate even around kids.
  • Easy to operate using a Mi Home App from Xiaomi.
  • Operates silently and will not disrupt sleep. 


  • The fan is a bit tiny.

3. SK Japan Low Noise Intelligent Vertical Leafless Fan

SK Japan Low Noise Intelligent Vertical Leafless Fan.
SK Japan Low Noise Intelligent Vertical Leafless Fan.

The three wind speeds on this tabletop bladeless device can be regulated with the remote control across a 5 m range. The fan’s ring can be manually moved higher or downwards to set the airflow’s exit production. 


  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • It is ideal for small rooms.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Cleaning this fan is easy.


  • Not very affordable 

4. OSUKI Tower Stand Bladeless Fan [S980]

OSUKI Tower Stand Bladeless Fan [S980].
OSUKI Tower Stand Bladeless Fan [S980].

The OSUKI Tower Stand Bladeless Fan S980 is among the best cooling appliances in Malaysia, with a low noise design and up to 8 different wind speeds. It can be used by families who have children because it has features for their safety. If you want something that will keep your home at just the right temperature all year round and also ensure peace of mind knowing everything inside stays nice & fresh, then this is your product.


  • Environmentally friendly materials. 
  • It has power-saving mode complete with consumption info.
  • It gives consistent output and performance. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain. 


  • Expensive with a complicated installation.

5. Nexon Bladeless Table Fan with Wall Fan Mount 

Nexon Bladeless Table Fan with Wall Fan Mount.
Nexon Bladeless Table Fan with Wall Fan Mount.

This device assures a rapid and uninterrupted flow of freshness thanks to its turbocharging technology, while its wide-angle coverage provides a nice breeze across the area. You can set the 9-speed levels to your liking through the touch screen display. 


  • It provides an LED display making it look stylish and energy-efficient.
  • It produces less noise.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It has a detachable remote control to enhance the operation.


  • It is costly to purchase.

6. Daewoo Leafless Fan [F10] 

Daewoo Leafless Fan [F10].
Daewoo Leafless Fan [F10].

The DAEWOO Leafless Fan F10 is designed bladeless, making it safer to operate and easier to clean. Its UV with a wavelength of 254 nm may damage bacteria’s DNA/RNA and can be utilized in everyday life to promote sterilization. 


  • It comes with three wind modes 
  • It’s quiet for a peaceful night
  • It is lightweight and portable.


  • Daewoo leafless fan F10 has a hefty price tag.

7. Mistral Tower Fan (40W) [MFD1801R]

Mistral Tower Fan (40W) [MFD1801R].
Mistral Tower Fan (40W) [MFD1801R].

The Mistral Tower fan is among the best bladeless fans with an LED display that allows you to adjust from the highest speed to the lowest level of its three fans. Furthermore, the fan’s 8-hour timer enables you to choose when you want it to turn on or off, saving power. 


  • Space-saving
  • It features LED displays and is energy-efficient.
  • It has a low noise level.
  • It is bladeless to enhance the easy cleaning of dust particles.
  • Its smart design makes it easy to operate.


  • Its price is relatively higher than a traditional fan.
  • It works perfectly when the wind power is not so strong.

8. Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Tower Fan [TP00]

Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Tower Fan [TP00]. Source: Dyson
Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Tower Fan [TP00]. Source: Dyson

The Dyson pure cool tower fan is a 2-in-1 design that allows you to escape the heat with room-filling cooling while also maintaining your home’s freshness, cleanness, and safety.


  • It has low maintenance and easy-to-change filters than a conventional fan. 
  • It will also notify you when they need to be changed. Thanks to technology.
  • Can be cleaned easily with a cloth.
  • You can place it on tables or on the floor in a strategic position to save on space.


  • The cooling isn’t very effective in very hot climates.

9. KHIND Bladeless Fan [BS006L]

KHIND Bladeless Fan [BS006L].
KHIND Bladeless Fan [BS006L].

Are you looking for a bladeless fan that is suitable for your children’s protection? Then Khind BS 006L will be your best bladeless fan pick. It is a tabletop fan that can bring happiness to your family without worries. Khind BS 006L can also cool with an uninterrupted stream of freshness.


  • KHIND BS006L is portable because it is lightweight.
  • Easy to control and operate since it features a remote control. 
  • It is bladeless, making it one of the quietest fan brands.
  • It features a speed option to allow you to control its speed.
  • It is quieter, making it the best when taking a nap.


  • It covers a small space because of its size.
  • High price for its size and wind capacity

10. Novix Bladeless Electric Tower Fan 

Novix Electric Tower Bladeless Fan.
Novix Electric Tower Bladeless Fan.

In case you are looking for a steady tower fan that is among the best bladeless and offers an AC experience, Novix 40W electric tower fan will fit in. With its reliable speed settings, this tower fan air multiplier can easily regulate wind supply. Due to its air conditioning property, it also provides a cool breeze throughout.


  • Covers a small surface area because of its smaller size.
  • Portable. You can easily move around with this tower fan since it is lighter.
  • Speed options. This tower fan features a speed option to select your favorite speed.
  • With proper ventilation, this fan can serve you for long hours.


  • It is a bit hard to find

11. Midea 3 Speed Level Tower Fan [MTF-101K 3]

Midea 3 Speed Level Tower Fan [MTF-101K 3].
Midea 3 Speed Level Tower Fan [MTF-101K 3].

In case you are interested in a robust device to eliminate the heat in your room then Midea MTF-101K 3 speed level tower fan is the ideal solution for your needs. This tower fan has a sleek and slim design that makes it easy to carry. It makes the air feel cool.


  • This bladeless tower fan has a hollow ring that makes cleaning easier.
  • With the remote control that comes with this bladeless fan, you can easily change from the lowest to the highest speed and mode.
  • Midea MTF-101K 3 bladeless fans are quiet because they are bladeless. 


  • Wind is not very strong

How Does a Bladeless Fan Work?

Warm air channeled through a bladeless fan’s structure cools down.
Warm air channeled through a bladeless fan’s structure cools down.

A bladeless fan operates by pulling hot air from the entire room and spinning a tiny motor coupled to asymmetrically placed blades. The heated air cools as it moves up the pedestal and into the tube structure on the fan’s top.

This tube structure features a channel through which the now cool air is forced out more forcefully. When cooled air is pushed out of the channel, other surrounding air is sucked in. As a result, it cooled down as well. 

It may appear to be a difficult operation, but it is only a matter of physics. It involves induction, which refers to the process of drawing in and chilling the air immediately surrounding the tube. Bladeless fans are not technically bladeless. They have blades hidden inside the stand.

Benefits of a Bladeless Fan

Below are some of the advantages you will enjoy when using bladeless fans.

  • Safe
    You won’t have to worry about leaving your bladeless fan in small rooms with your children or pets because it is bladeless. 
  • Easy to Clean
    They are simple to clean because they lack blades and grills that collect dust over time.
  • Quiet Operation
    The noise is minimal. You can also use a remote control to adjust speed. They range from 37 to 57 decibels, depending on the model. Some have decibel levels that are significantly lower.
  • Powerful.
    A bladeless fan has six configurable speeds, three modes for various breeze levels, and a strong motor.
  • Elegant and Futuristic
    They look more stylish, and they can add more beauty to your room. They are also made of high-quality materials to make them futuristic.
  • Space-saving
    They will save you space since they can be placed anywhere, including on the table. 


We’ve explored a range of top tier bladeless fans in Malaysia. No matter your choice, each of them has something to offer. In our opinion, the best choice is the Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Tower Fan for its 2-in1 fan and purifier mechanism. However, if you’re looking for something smaller, the Nexon Bladeless Table Fan is the one for you. 

If you find that your bladeless fan still isn’t cool enough for your small space, we recommend getting something like the Kagema Aircond portable air cooler

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are bladeless fans more powerful?

Yes. They have a stronger airflow than traditional fans because of the entrainment formed within them. The airflow is multiplied, resulting in much superior cooling.

2. Are bladeless ceiling fans worth it?

Yes. They are often safer than the ordinary ones because airflow is generated in the enclosed base of the fan, and a cool, refreshing swirl is rocketed up into the main chamber. A bladeless fan is often quiet and energy-efficient. Additionally, a bladeless fan will act as an air purifier in cooling your entire area.

3. How do you clean a bladeless fan?

You can clean a bladeless fan by following this procedure.

  1. Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the front grill first.
  2. Take out the front grill and lay it aside. Clean with a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle brush.
  3. Clean the motor and other elements of your bladeless tower fan thoroughly.
  4. Reassemble your tower fan and plug it in.
  5. If you hear a grinding noise, your motor is broken. In case it is not noisy, then your clean-up process is successful.

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