Best Air Cooler Malaysia 2021

Malaysia’s weather is mostly tropical but also can be quite humid. To maintain optimal temperatures in your home, there is a need to purchase the best air cooler Malaysia has to offer.

Being a resident of Malaysia, I value air quality. Optimal temperatures are good for our health and minimize the risk of food going bad.

It is in my quest for a conducive living environment that I learned a lot about air coolers, prompting me to write this air cooler Malaysia review that will help you have cooler temperatures even in the hottest temperatures.

Difference between Air Coolers and Fans

Air coolers and fans are used for air cooling purposes. However, they have different working mechanisms.

Fans work by circulating the air around us, which allows sweat to evaporate from our bodies, leading to a cooling effect.

As for air coolers, warm air is drawn into the appliance, blowing past water-soaked cooling pads, which instantaneously cools the air.

Also, another difference between the two is that fans provide a cooling effect on target areas while air coolers provide cool air across the whole room.

Considering that the climate of Malaysia can go a record high of 102.9o, an air cooler is the best option.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Cooler

If you are looking to have a comfortable stay in your home as the sun scorches the earth, purchasing the best air cooler is imperative. Air coolers come in plenty of options as they are one of the most preferred cooling solutions in Malaysia.

As a first time buyer, you may be wondering what you should look out for when picking the ideal air cooler. Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of this air cooler review, let us first discuss the factors to consider when purchasing the best air cooler, to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Let us delve into specifics.

1. Functionality

The functionality of an air cooler differs from one appliance to the other. The one you choose will highly depend on features that appeal to you. Some of the features to look out for when gauging the functionality of air coolers include electronic thermostats, water level indicators, timers, and remote controls. Others also come with adjustable speeds.

2. Budget

Air coolers come at varying prices that depend on the appliance’s functionality, among other things. So, when going to purchase an air cooler, have a reasonable budget with which you are looking to spend. That way, you avoid splurging on sophisticated devices when you are not in a financial position to do so.

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another thing to consider when purchasing your ideal air cooler. It is a particularly essential thing to consider if you are looking for cost-effectiveness in the long-run.

4. The thickness of the cooling pads

The main function of cooling pads is to absorb water and cool the warm air as it passes over. So, the thickness of these pads has a direct impact on the cooling effect. If you are looking to maintain cooler temperatures, go for an air cooler that has thick cooling pads.

5. Design

Conventional air coolers took up much space. Other designs did not go with the aesthetics of the room. However, as manufacturers continue to strive for customer satisfaction, recent air cooler models are more stylish. They incorporate more appealing designs that are smaller in size and complement different themes.

Best Air Cooler Malaysia Review

1. Midea Ionizer Air Cooler

If you are looking for an ideal way to keep your home temperatures cool, the Midea Ionizer Air Cooler is your best suit.

It is one of the best options for people who have allergies as well as chemical sensitivities as the appliance contains ionizers that help the air cooler’s filters trap dust and debris that are otherwise difficult to filter.

It also comes with a 15-liter tank capacity and remote control for ease of operation.

The Midea ionizer air cooler is much-loved for its multiple functionalities. It can be used as a fan, humidifier, or air purifier.

2. Sharp Air Cooler

Are you looking for a portable air cooler with a sleek design to complement your living room design? The Sharp Air Cooler is all you need.

This popular air cooler is one of the best in the market as it offers a sufficient air cooling effect. To further enhance its functionality, this air cooler’s fan speed comes in four levels. You can switch from soft, low, middle, and high, whichever tickles your fancy. With a power consumption of 145W, this remote-controlled air cooler is energy efficient and suitable for many households.

Besides, it comes with a one-year local manufacturer warranty.

3. Honeywell CL I51Air Cooler

Whichever room you want to cool, this portable Honeywell Air Cooler CL151 Indoor Portable Air Cooler 15L is a great option. Even if you are a lover of big spaces, this machine cools up to 12sq.m and has oscillating louvers that ensure the cool air is not centralized on specific places but is evenly distributed across the room. It has a 15L tank that is easy to refill.

Additionally, this air cooler has 3 speeds to allow you to have a comfortable living environment, not forgetting that it has a fully functional remote control to ensure quick and easy operation.

4. Sharp Evaporative Air Cooler

As much as Malaysia has tropical climatic conditions all year round, there are areas where the temperatures tend to be higher. If you live in such areas that experience extreme summers, this Sharp Evaporative Air Cooler is a great option because its 4 cooler ice park offers twice the cooling effect as compared to some other air coolers in the market. With a low energy consumption of 65 watts, this 6L is ideal for both small and large households.

Besides, it has four speed levels and an easy to operate remote control to ensure your home maintains optimal temperatures.

5. UMS Air Cooler

If you are looking to add an aesthetic appeal to your home while giving it a pop of color, this UMS air cooler is your ideal fit. It is a portable air cooler that comes in gold and maroon red.

The UMS 9L Air Cooler SIRIM Approved with Remote Control Portable  is a favorite of many and for more reasons than one. For starters, it has a programmable timer and digital display. Secondly, apart from the 3 fan speed, it also has a water level indicator. Considering that the machine has a long cable, owners can move it from one room to the other without necessarily changing the plugging sockets.

To top it off, this powerful air cooler comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

6. Midea Air Cooler

People who understand the value of having a multi-functional air cooler will almost always consider this Midea Air Cooler. Acting as a cooler, humidifier, and air purifier, this quality machine is bound to create a comfortable living environment for you and your family. It is also portable, meaning you can move it from one room to the other at your convenience.

The Midea air cooler is easy to operate and has a 40mm thick filter. What’s more, it has other properties such as automatic shut-off pump protection, power-off memory, and a 7-hour time setting, further enhancing the sophistication of the machine.

7. Morgan Air Cooler

Unfortunately, tropical climates like that of Malaysia make our homes prone to dust and debris. If you are in the market for the best air cooler to give you double the cooling sensation as well as create a dust-proof environment, look no further than this Morgan Air Cooler. With a honeycomb filter fitted with a dust-proof cover, you can be sure of fresh and cool air.

Apart from being an air cooler it serves other multiple functions and can be used as a humidifier and air purifier. It is also a durable product that offers effective cooling effects in rooms that run up to 20m2.

8. Biaowang Air Cooler

Are you low on cash but want to have a comfortable time in Malaysia when the temperatures get uncomfortably high? The Biaowang Air Cooler is just what you need. Selling at a significantly lower price than other air coolers, this evaporative portable air cooler can also be used as a humidifier and air purifier. Luckily, it is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Despite being manual, this is a powerful air cooler that has a digital touch screen, making it easy to operate. It also has a double water tank ensuring your home reaches optimal temperatures in no time.

9. Honeywell TC10PEU Air Cooler

With a capacity of 10 liters, this Honeywell TC10PEU Air Cooler is nothing short of a quality appliance. It is lightweight and has casters that allow ease of movement from one place to the other. Also, it comes with an in-built ionizer that helps to trap debris and other harmful substances that may cause allergies.

Besides, this appliance has low power consumption, allowing your home to remain energy efficient. Considering that this quality Honeywell product has additional features such as low water alert and oscillating louvers that aid in the effective distribution of cool air, you can be sure of a conducive living environment, among other things.

10.  Yangzi Air Cooler

To ensure quality of life, you need a couple of things and a breath of fresh air tops that list. To make that happen, this Yangzi Air Cooler is a great addition to your home. Not only does it double up as a humidifier, but it also has an air-purifying effect to ensure a comfortable stay at home.

Additionally, it comes with two reusable ice packs and a 3-speed fan to ensure your house cools down faster especially in high temperatures. Its in-built ionizer goes a long way in filtering dirt, dust, and debris that may be otherwise detrimental to your health.

11.  Pensonic air cooler

From Pensonic, a company renowned for the manufacture of quality merchandise comes an air cooler with a sleek design. The Pensonic Air Cooler is a 3-fan speed air cooler with a durable honeycomb filter. Thanks to technological advancements, this portable cooling device is engineered with high-tech equipment to ensure it makes your living area habitable during the harsh hotter weather. It has a large 7litre water tank and two ice packs that allow your cooler and fresher temperatures.

The Pensonic air cooler is one of its kind and has overall great performance.

12.  Honeywell CL25AE Evaporative Air Cooler

If quality is always at the back of your mind and you are looking to splurge on one of the best air coolers, this Honeywell CL25AE Evaporative Air Cooler brings your search to an end. Working as a cooler, humidifier, and purifier, this powerful appliance has an impressive 25L tank capacity and a high-speed blower. With other additional features such as remote control, adjustable humidification knob, energy-saving timer, ice compartment, and low water alarm, this Honeywell evaporative air cooler is among the best there is in the market in terms of performance and functionality.


Improving the air quality of your home is of utmost importance. It is the sole reason why you need the best air cooler Malaysia manufacturers can offer. From the above list, it is clear that there is a myriad of air coolers to suit different needs. However, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution, the Biaowang air cooler is a great choice. Otherwise, if you are in the market for a convenient portable air cooler, the Sharp evaporative air cooler is ideal. Whichever you choose, just remember to look at the functionality to ensure you get one that effectively caters to your needs.


1. Are air coolers harmful to your health?

No. Air coolers are not harmful to your health. On the contrary, they are good as they go a long way in purifying the air around us. Those that contain ionizers are great as they help filter dust, dirt, debris, and other unwanted particles from our living environment.

2. Which one should I buy? An air cooler versus an air conditioner?

Whether to buy an air cooler or air conditioner, it all comes down to personal preference. However, air coolers are a favorite if many as they do not require any installation and they are portable. Furthermore, they are more energy-efficient and do not attract huge maintenance costs like air conditioners.

3. How do I choose the best air cooler?

Choosing an air cooler is not difficult as they come in a ton of options. However, you need to choose one based on your needs. Look at the machine’s functionality, ease of operation, durability, and energy efficiency. You can also consider a design that compliments the theme of your house or a design that tickles you fancy.

4. Can I use an air cooler without water?

No. the whole operating mechanism of air coolers is warm air passing over pads soaked in water, cooling the air. As such, without water, air coolers will not work. It is for this reason that some of the best air cooler Malaysia manufacturers make air coolers with low water alert systems.

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