Realme Watch Review

The Realme brand is a Chinese based brand known for the production of exceptional electrical appliances. Their production covers a range of ear buds, smart phones, fitness bands, smartwatches and so on.

The brand was awarded the best innovation award for launching the first 5G phone. Asides this, many other awards have been awarded to this competent brand.

Since the release of the Realme watch in May 2020, the model has been sold out in thousands all over Malaysia and other countries beyond. 

The Realme watch has caught the attention of so many people because of the new and amazing features it offers. 

With the new Realme watch, you are offered health, sport and other functions. It is designed to fit both male and female and comes in varying sizes and strap colors.

The display, material quality, smart features, water resistivity, health and activity check and connectivity all add up to provide comfort and reliability on the smartwatch.

Read on to check out our Realme review!

Advantages of the Realme watch

  • IP68 water resistant
  • 7-9 days battery life on use
  • Phone connectivity
  • Smart notifications

Flaws of the Realme watch

  • Only Android compatibility
  • Requires phone App

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Medium Range Smartwatch

Though smartwatches agreeably perform a number of functions that you will not get in a regular wristwatch, some brands have rated their own so much that it seems like they are only made for the more privileged.

The Realme watch is a nice medium range smartwatch option to consider because it is basic for health and fitness monitoring. When you’re out camping, with the battery saver on, you do not have to be worried about your watch going flat soon. It can last you about 10 complete days.

With these many features, the Realme watch is put up for a ridiculous price that might have you question it’s quality.

However, to be sure, there are some factors to consider before choosing which smartwatch is best for you. You should also check out some Realme Malaysia reviews to get acquainted with it’s features.

Some of the very important ones are discussed below:


The Realme watch is compatible for Android versions greater than 5.0. The watch does not support receiving calls but you can see and reject call notifications. It also requires the App to enjoy all the benefits it offers.


The Realme brand is a renowned brand known for the production of market thriving products and have received 3 different awards in their few years of service.


No doubt, you have to pay extra to get those freaky features you want in a smartwatch. Nonetheless, the Realme watch gives you amazing features at a mind-blowing price.


If you’re a sport freak or a health check freak, this watch is perfect for you. It is designed to accommodate both features extensively. It also gives you a break from your phone.


The design of the Realme watch is made to fit contemporary use. It’s stylish design gives both male and female a confident and classy feel.

Battery life

Unlike most other smartwatches, the battery capacity of the Realme watch is 160mAh and can last as much as 20 days depending on how you use it.

Specifications of the Realme watch

DisplayLCD display touchscreen. 320×320 pixel image resolution. 
StrapSilicon detachable strap. Comes in multiple colors.
Screen size1.4 inches
ModelRealme brand
SensorHeart rate, Sleep, SPO2, Accelerometer.
Dimension36.5(L) x 25.6(B) x 11.8(W) mm
BatteryLi-ion 160mAh battery. Lasts for an average of 8 days.
Weight31 gram
Features availableSmart notifications, call notifications and reject function, Companion Application
Price in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)RM209

Features and Benefits of Realme watch

This Realme review outlines the features of the Realme watch  in this section. Keep scrolling!

Design and display

The glossy finish of this Realme watch and the apple-like shape and pattern gives it a new and conventional look. The straps come in 2 different types, the fashion and classic ones. It is made of silicon material and comes in blue, green, red and black colors. The fashion type comes with just the watch alone and you would need to purchase the strap you want differently. Whereas, the classic type only comes in black color.

For comfortability, this watch is lightweight, such that you can conveniently sleep with it without noticing. You can switch the watch on and off with the aid of the circle button at the right hand side of the watch.

IP68 Water Resistant Realme Watch

In addition, the watch is water resistant and features a user friendly LCD display.

Though there are limitations to personalizing the user interface, you can still use any from the 12 faces available.

The graphics resolution of 320 x 320 pixels is amazing and gives you a real life experience. 

Battery life

The battery of the Realme watch has a capacity of 160mAh. If you need a smartwatch that would monitor your sport or health features from time to time, the battery of this Realme watch is one reason to consider it. 

You must know however that the more the brightness of the watch, the more notifications you get, the higher the chances of the battery coming down quickly.

Power saving mode of Realme watch

Likewise, once the battery of the smartwatch is 10% and below, the heart rate monitoring feature stops automatically but it still continues to measure your pulse rate. 

In the pack of the smartwatch, a charger for the watch is included. The manufacturer says it takes 2.5 hours to charge the battery from nothing to full charge. On the contrary, we were able to charge the watch from 0-100 within 3 hours and a few minutes. 

Unique features

Some reasons you may choose the Realme watch over other basic ones are that, firstly, the watch works with a companion App, the Realme Link App. With the App, you would be able to know how much this Realme watch can do for you.

The watch provides a multiple face feature that you can change as you please. It has 12 various watch faces to choose from though only 6 can be available per time on the watch. You can view and change them from the App.

Secondly, the smartwatch can show you call and message notifications.

Thirdly, you can enjoy your music on shuffle in your quiet time without your phone next to you. With the watch, you can not just view the currently playing song, you can next it or even reverse it, increase or decrease the volume as well as pause and play.

Control your music with the Realme watch

Lastly, the watch features functions that were rolled out for its predecessor, the Realme band months before. These features include weather forecast and find me functions.

Performance & Software

With just a few steps and within a few days of use, you can master how the Realme watch works. Importantly, you must know that the watch uses an Android operating system so it’s of no use to iPhone users. 

It works pretty well but sometimes we noticed that it seems like it hangs and does not respond to swipes quickly. It’s even worse when your hands are wet with water or sweat. Asides that, it’s a fair watch.

The software is accessible and user friendly, to see your notifications, all you need to do is swipe down and if you want more details, you can extend the swipe to be able to read through the messages.

Easy to use software of Realme watch

You get to the main menu by swiping up.

To access the data related features such as the heart rate, recent sleep and so on, you swipe left and you would be able to see what you’ve got so far. 

Through the Realme Link App, you can change the watch faces you want at any time of your choice.

The physical button on the right side of the watch also allows you to toggle between on and off of the watch. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

The operating system of the Realme watch for now only supports Android users. In fact, it is limited to any Android versions greater or equal to 5.0. 

To enjoy all the promised features that the watch offers, you must download the Realme Link App and synchronize with the watch.

After download, you synchronize the watch with the phone and you’re good to go.

Realme Link App interface

After the reconnection process is done, you would have to open the App, click on the Realme watch, scroll down to reload to be able to receive notifications.

Similarly, the watch supports Bluetooth connectivity though, for Bluetooth versions 5.0 and above.


The Realme watch just like the Realme band comes with multiple health and fitness features such as blood oxygen levels, heart rate, sleep tracker, pulse rate and many more.

The heart rate monitoring feature is made possible thanks to the PPG optical sensor located at the back of the watch just like the Realme band. However, the only difference is that this one is supplied by the Goodix brand.

The watch does not give a measurement of how much sleep you have, instead it classifies the sleep into deep, REM, NREM.

An improvement in this brand of the Realme series is the SPO2 measuring feature. This feature is important for you if you perform rigorous exercises.

Activity checker smartwatch

The sensor is also located at the back of the watch. However, unlike the heart rate that is measured automatically once you switch it on, anytime you want to measure your blood oxygen level, you have to manually turn it on. You can check the detailed result on the phone. 

All these measurements can be guaranteed to a reasonable amount because we have compared it to more expensive and reliable smartwatches and the values were close. Nonetheless, Realme has advised that they should only be used for reference and not for any diagnosis.

Asides the health checking function, this smartwatch also has 14 different sport modes. It can accurately count your walking, table tennis, football, yoga, basketball and running steps. In fact, it distinguishes between indoor and outdoor runs. 

The only flaw it has in the sport function is that it cannot sense elevating steps. So when you climb steps, it doesn’t take note of it.


The Realme watch comes with a 12-month warranty duration. If a functional damage occurs in normal usage within this period, Realme brand would take responsibility for repair or replacement as required.

Other unique features

The Realme watch has several other features that are unique to it. Some of them include; drinking reminder, goal reminder, sleep monitor, find your phone, idle alert, unlock your phone, meditation, low battery reminder, vibrating alarm and a lot more!

Alternative Smartwatch Options

If you do not like this Realme watch or you want to compare it to other nice smartwatches, here are some of our recommended smartwatch alternatives. 

  1. Huawei Watch GT2


  • Long lasting battery
  • Supports SPO2 check
  • Offers sport features
  • Call supportive
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not water resistant
  • Available in only 2 colors
  • Does not support Wi-Fi
The two colors of the GT2 watch 

The Hauwei GT2 watch is a fine smartwatch. It is more expensive costing RM799 compared to the Realme watch which is just RM209. 

The watch has a long lasting battery just like the Realme watch. Although the Realme watch is higher weighing 31 grams while this weighs 41 grams.

The advantage that the watch has over the Realme watch is that it is supportive of phone calls and has a microphone to aid this feature. 

In addition, the watch has a higher image resolution of 454 x 454 which gives it a better and nicer view.

Furthermore, the battery capacity of the Huawei watch is about 3 times that of the Realme watch. It’s battery capacity is 465mAh.

The watch is designed particularly to meet the demands of sport lovers with it’s basic sport features.

  1. Smart Watch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker


  • Inexpensive
  • Lasting battery
  • Contemporary design
  • Supports Bluetooth call
  • Find mobile phone feature


  • Supplier type warranty
  • 2 months warranty
  • Requires App

Here’s one budget friendly smartwatch. The Smart Watch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker is an inexpensive smartwatch with amazing Smartwatch features. 

The smartwatch can last for several days without charging because it has a higher battery capacity of 220mAh. 

It can be connected to your mobile phone through Bluetooth and it is supportive of lower Bluetooth versions from 3.0 – 4.0. 

Asides that, it features a total screen touch property. The full screen touch access is 1.78HD.

Just as indicated in the name, the watch permits find my phone features and uses a two-way search.

In addition, it measures sleep but unlike the Realme watch that gives a qualitative account of sleep, this smart watch provides you with detailed quantitative sleep analysis.

It can serve other functions such as alarm clock, calculator, calendar and so on.

  1. Xiaomi Haylou Smartwatch


  • Cheap smart watch
  • Find me feature
  • Android and iPhone compatibility
  • Multiple sport modes
  • Calorie function


  • Watch interface supports Chinese language only
  • No warranty
  • Requires App
The fitness Xiaomi smartwatch

The Xiaomi smartwatch is a cheap smart watch that features jaw-opening properties for its price. 

The watch costs RM99.90 which is about twice the price of the Realme watch.

The watch can accurately measure heart rate and sleep rates. It measure both quantitative and qualitative sleep values

The battery of the Xiaomi watch is 35% more than that of the Realme smart watch. This therefore, provides a prolonged battery time and reduces the stress of charging often.

It is IP68 water and dust resistant. Hence, can fit all sorts of weather conditions.

In summary, 

  • The Huawei GT2 watch has a much stronger battery capacity compared to the Realme watch. The former being 465mAh and the later being 160mAh.
  • The smart watch Bluetooth with futness tracter can give you an accirate measurement on the hours you spend sleeping and what stage you get to in your sleep. Unlike the Realme which just indicates the stages reached.
  • Though having similar cahracteristics, the Xiaomi watch is a far cheaper option has an increased battery capacity and gives quantitative and qualitative sleep measurements.

If you are more interested in these suggested alternative smartwatches than the Realme review, you can check out the reviews on our official website and get all the detail you need just as the Realme Malaysia Review.


The new Realme watch is an improved version of the Realme band and offers top quality and reliable health and fitness monitoring features plus weather forecast and find your phone features and The product stands out amongst the other from this brand and other brands because it offers almost all the qualities you get in more executive smartwatches for a brow raising price.

So far, the watch has been tested to meet up with the manufacturer adverts and has several Realme Malaysia reviews. It is definitely a nice smartwatch option to consider.

Our Realme review would definitely give you most of the information you need to on the Realme watch.

You can check out the Realme watch here

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