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Can you imagine life without cold drinks, ice cream, chocolate syrup, or frozen entree? Can you imagine the constant need to visit the grocery store every day just to keep eating fresh food? Can you imagine being parched after beating the traffic, going through the throes of the hustle of the day only to get home without getting a cold drink? 

Over the last century, refrigeration of products has made a significant impact as it enables us ways to cool and preserve our food and other important products. Without refrigeration, it will prove herculean to bring distant production centers and the population together. Life would be harder without refrigeration, but we often take them for granted. The best refrigerator in Malaysia is secured when you purchase a Beko refrigerator, making your refrigeration faster and efficient.

The most important consideration is getting an appropriate and satisfying refrigerator. Beko refrigerator has properties that are tailored to your full demands. After perusing this review, purchasing a Beko refrigerator will become easier and be of great interest to you.


Nowadays, kitchens are filled with culinary equipment that brings wonders to modern homes. While your cooking appliances get the job done, refrigerators are needed to store and preserve food and other valuable products. Top manufacturers are constantly innovating, bringing forth new technologies, designs, and characteristics to the users. 

Based on the difference in certain features – such as voltage, price, and other significant characteristics – there are five different types of refrigerators.


A single-door refrigerator is the basic kind of refrigerator that is characterized by a single door (for fridge and freezer) with a capacity that ranges from 50 liters to 250 liters. 

A single-door refrigerator is ideal for a family of size 1 to 3 or bachelors that are living together in a shared apartment. It also occupies little area or surface. 

If you wish to be economical with your power usage, then, a single-door refrigerator is the perfect answer for you. It also has a direct cooling system with natural convection. However, it has less shelf space and bigger vessels or beverage bottles can not be accommodated inside it. Also, the ice inside must be cleaned manually. 


Ideal for a family of 1 to 3 members


This type of refrigerator features a smaller freezer compartment that is just above a large fresh food compartment. This provides the perfect amount of storage space for many consumers.

Its size is a big advantage for most homeowners. A typical top freezer refrigerator is between 31 to 33 inches wide and is characterized by wider doors and bigger interior storage areas than a lot of other models. 

They are equipped with powerful compressors that maintain their interior at a set temperature. They have even distribution of cold air and they tend to be the least expensive refrigerators on the market, making them a budget-friendly option for most users. 

However, their drawbacks lie in the fact that you have to bend or squat to reach most items. These refrigerators reserve more space for refrigerated items than frozen goods.


It maintains its interior at a set temperature


A bottom freezer refrigerator – also known as a bottom mount refrigerator – is characterized by a freezer on top of a fresh food compartment. When you compare this with a top freezer refrigerator, they offer easier access to the larger fresh ingredients, milk, and beverage section – items you use more frequently. 

They also possess variable temperature settings for your total convenience.

Their freezers are spacious and can accommodate a considerable number of items. Its abundance of space, proper design and easy access make it the perfect choice for many users. 

They are more expensive than their top freezer counterparts. Furthermore, you will need to bend down to pick items from the freezer and the convenience you experience is a function of how often you use the freezer.


It has variable temperature settings for convenience


Many people often say they prefer side-by-side refrigerators but is that the right choice when it comes to efficiency, convenience, and affordability? When compared to many other types of refrigerators, it has some features and advantages.

For homeowners with kids that are constantly going through the refrigerator for snacks and drinks, it is important to have these items placed within reach to save time and effort while holding the door handle to pick up whatever they want. In contrast, if you wish to place items beyond the reach of little kids, there are higher shelves that achieve that. Moreover, having a refrigerator with a low swing area, in a kitchen with small spaces, is a bonus. Furthermore, you do not have to bend down to grab items anytime you need them as you would for a top or bottom mount model. 

This model, however, is not perfect. While a side-by-side refrigerator allows for a smooth arrangement of items due to the abundance of shelves, it can be difficult to store big items in it. Another disadvantage of this model is its cost. It is not budget-friendly and it is difficult to purchase for budget-conscious users. Despite these shortcomings, it proffers a smooth design for the kitchen and comes with a detailed user manual for easy understanding and usage. 


Items can be placed within reach


They are characterized by double doors such that it offers a lot of light when placed in a home. They are called French doors as their history dates back to the French renaissance and their love for symmetry in architecture. 

These models were once found in extravagant homes, but with time, can be found in many residences. 


They have double doors and exceptional layout

When choosing a refrigerator for your home, as mentioned earlier, you consider the size. This model has two doors that will alter the space on either side of the refrigerator. Yet, because the door is split into half, the space that is needed on either side will be less than what would be required if a full door is opened, making it a great space-saving option. Additionally, the bottom freezer is divided into two separate compartments, allowing for better organization and storage of frozen items. Cool, right?

Besides these, you get a good visual when you open it. The layout is exceptional. You do not have to bend or twist or turn – rather, you have everything all arranged openly in front of you. Most of them have moveable shelves as well. This makes it easier to pull them out and get a wider, deeper view when you need to. 

Nothing is perfect. With all the advantages, it has some own shortcomings. The french door refrigerator is quite expensive and might prove hard to purchase for a frugal spender. Several users also find the ice dispenser unit in the freezer drawer inconvenient to use. 

Things to check when buying a fridge 

Purchasing a refrigerator should not be an impromptu decision. It is a big, considerable investment. Because of this, there are certain considerations you must ponder on before you go all out to purchase a refrigerator. These factors are explained below. 

Energy Efficiency/ Energy Star

The bulk of the energy that is utilized in a refrigerator is used in pumping out heat from the cabinet. A little amount is used to prevent the cabinet from sweating, properly defrost the refrigerator, and brighten the interior. The efficiency of a refrigerator is represented based on the energy utilized per year for a specific size. An energy-efficient refrigerator will save you 10% to 50% of the required energy depending on the model of the appliance. Apart from using less energy, it will also have a less environmental impact. 


This is one of the most important factors to be considered before purchasing a refrigerator. The characteristics only mean something when the refrigerator fits into your home. It is important you measure the width as most refrigerators sit between two counters. You will also need to check its depth and door swings. All these size features must be tailored to your demands in such a way that they fit into your space and can accommodate as many items as possible.

Cooling technology

The kind of technology a refrigerator utilizes is also an important factor that must be considered, especially when it comes to cooling technology. There are refrigerators with smart cooling systems – which were designed to maintain supreme conditions within the refrigerator – and linear compressors that react quickly to temperature fluctuations. These features not only provide faster cooling and keep food fresh longer, but also save on energy bills. Additionally, some refrigerators have strategically placed vents in several sections to surround your items with cool air regardless of where you place them.

You want your appliance to help you keep your food fresher and longer. Purchasing a refrigerator with superior cooling technology will achieve this for you.


The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. We all want to get extravagant appliances, probably because we want to give our space a nice look, or we want something that lasts long. That is not a bad desire. However, the price factor is what daunts even the most willing consumer of a specific product.

Before you go out to buy a refrigerator, you must consider the cost of buying it and your budget to avoid going bankrupt. Once you realize it is out of your reach, you may choose to go for another appliance within your budget. There is a list of some of the best mini freezers in Malaysia and you might find one that will meet your full demand regardless of your budget.


Another crucial factor to consider before purchasing a refrigerator – or any other appliance. A warranty is a guarantee issued by a manufacturer of a product to a buyer, promising to repair the said product for free within a stipulated period. When you buy a product, you want an assurance that it will last long – a warranty ensures that promise. A good refrigerator will have a minimum warranty of 2 years. So, before you choose what to purchase, you should have an idea of how long it should last. 

Freezer space

We all know that a freezer is a portion set aside for storing frozen items. The temperature of a freezer should be maintained at 0oF and several food items require this extreme cold temperature to prevent their spoilage. This is where the freezer finds its importance. You want to have a freezer that can accommodate all your perishable items without leaving any behind. Since not all freezers have the same space, you must choose a refrigerator that has a big freezer for your food items.

Finishing of the materials

For some, this is the consideration they start with. You consider the color and finish of your desired refrigerator. One of the best finishes for appliances in the kitchen is stainless steel. Some might prefer to go in black or white color. There is even a black stainless finish out there. 

Do you want your refrigerator to match other appliances or your kitchen? No matter what your reason is, make sure the type of finish you choose goes well with your kitchen. 


There are values and conveniences associated with purchasing a new refrigerator. There are some features they should possess and you are required to choose which of them are important to you. The presence of adjustable shelves allows you to customize your space however you want. Many people fancy the use of ice dispensers and in-door water. There are unique temperature-controlled drawers in certain models that allow you to keep specific foods fresher.

There are other features you should watch out for when considering your choice of a refrigerator. These include power saving, door alarms, etc. The presence of these features improves your user’s experience of the appliance. 

Read the reviews

After experiencing the convenience and values associated with a product or service, users often leave behind comments or feedback on how much they enjoy such a product. It is then advisable to see products from the views of experienced users. Because of this, before you embark on purchasing a refrigerator, make sure you read what people have to say about it. By doing that, you have increased your chances of getting a satisfying product once it generates positive reviews.

Choose the delivery wisely

After getting everything right on the choice of refrigerator based on its characteristics and functions, it will be so disheartening if you find it hard to get what you paid for delivered to you. For this reason, it is advisable to consider how the product you choose reaches you wherever your location might be across the globe. You can also buy from stores that offer free delivery. No matter what you choose, you should make sure that the payment and delivery processes are hassle-free.


When product manufacturers build their brand, they strengthen their reputation. Hence, when contemplating on the best fridge to buy in Malaysia, it is safer to go for one whose brand is popular as a reliable producer of the said appliance. By doing this, you are – to a considerable extent – assured of getting a product that will meet your satisfaction.

Beko Fridge Malaysia – Best Beko Refrigerator review in 2021

1. BEKO 2 Door Fridge RDNT231I50VZS With Prosmart Inverter Compressor

BEKO 2 Door Fridge RDNT231I50VZS With Prosmart Inverter Compressor - Beko Fridge Malaysia

Highly efficient and durable

With a dimension of 145cm × 54cm × 60cm and 230-liter gross volume, this model is highly efficient and durable. It has fresh food and frozen food storage space of 142L and 68L respectively. It also has weight and packaged weight of 45 kg and 49kg respectively. It has a voltage range between 220V to 240V and a frequency of 50Hz.


  • ProSmart inverter compressor
  • LED display type
  • It has a freezer top position 
  • Brush silver color
  • It has an open-door alarm system
  • Its door handle type is flush


  • It has high efficiency, high durability, and produces low noise
  • It reduces unwanted odors and bacteria. 
  • It has an adjustable door direction that will fit your kitchen layout 
  • It can keep fruit and vegetable fresh for up to 30 days


  • Its small size might limit the number of food items that can be stored in it
  • Compared to some other appliances, its adjustment to sudden temperature changes might be questionable.

2. Beko 270L 2 Doors Fridge With Prosmart Inverter Compressor RDNT271I50VZS

Beko 270L 2 Doors Fridge With Prosmart Inverter Compressor RDNT271I50VZS - Beko Fridge Malaysia

It has an LED display and a brushed silver color

It has a separate cooling system for each section that helps in maintaining an almost perfect airflow and right temperature both in the fridge and the freezer. It has a total gross volume of 270L and a unit dimension of 165cm × 54cm × 60cm.


  • LED display type 
  • ProSmart Inverter Compressor
  • Its freezer position is at the top
  • No-frost cooling system
  • Brushed silver color


  • It has high durability glass shelves
  • It reduces unwanted odors and bacteria
  • It also has an adjustable door direction that goes well with your kitchen layout.


  • To collect items inside the fresh food storage compartments – since it is located below the eye level and items there are most likely needed often – one might need to bend and this can prove uncomfortable.
  • Its small capacity prevents it from accommodating lots of items.

3. Beko 360L 2 Door Fridge With 12 Years ProSmart Inverter Compressor Warranty: RDNT360I50VWB

Beko 360L 2 Door Fridge With 12 Years ProSmart Inverter Compressor Warranty: RDNT360I50VWB - Beko Fridge Malaysia

It has an open door alarm system

This is characterized by a total gross volume of 360L, with a glass shelf that is easy to slide or lift. It has an annual and a daily energy consumption of 442kWh and 1.2kWh respectively.


  • ProSmart Inverter Compressor
  • A daily ice-making capacity of 2kg 
  • A daily freezing capacity of 4kg
  • A wooden-black color
  • Open-door alarm system


  • High efficiency, high durability, and low noise level
  • It has a child lock system that limits the access of kids
  • It reduces unwanted bacteria and odor.


  • It might prove inconvenient to withdraw items from the fridge – located below the eye level.

4. Beko 2 Door 340L Freezer Bottom Fridge RCNT340I50VZP

Beko 2 Door 340L Freezer Bottom Fridge RCNT340I50VZP - Beko Fridge Malaysia

It is  equipped with a ProSmart Inverter Compressor

This model has unit and packed dimensions of 172cm × 60cm × 67cm and 181.3cm × 65.5cm × 72.8cm respectively. With a total gross volume of 340L, it can accommodate your food items.


  • ProSmart Inverter Compressor 
  • No-frost cooling system
  • LED display type 
  • It consists of an open-door alarm system 
  • Platinum Inox color


  • Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables are preserved
  • It has high efficiency and high durability 
  • It produces low noise


  • Getting frozen food items might be difficult since the freezer compartment is below the shoulder level, and depending on how frequently you withdraw items, it might also prove an inconvenient operating compartment.

5. Beko 2 Door 415L Freezer Bottom Fridge RCNT415E50VZWB

Beko 2 Door 415L Freezer Bottom Fridge RCNT415E50VZWB - Beko Fridge Malaysia

It has a unit dimension of 172cm × 70cm × 67cm

Its enormous 415-L size makes this model perfect for storing lots of food items. It has a noise level of 39dB, which implies that it barely makes a sound. Its energy efficiency class of 5 ensures that it is the right choice for your home.


  • No-frost cooling system
  • The freezer position is at the bottom
  • LED display type 
  • ProSmart Inverter Compressor
  • It has a wooden black color
  • It has a 12-year warranty on the motor and a 2-year general warranty


  • It can preserve fruits and vegetables for over 30 days
  • Its lock system limits kids’ access
  • It has high efficiency and high durability 


  • The location of the freezer might make it harder to withdraw frozen items from it.

6. Beko 470L 2 Door Inverter Glass Black & Ice Dispenser Fridge RDNT470E50VZGB

 Beko 470L 2 Door Inverter Glass Black & Ice Dispenser Fridge RDNT470E50VZGB- Beko Fridge Malaysia

It is equipped with an automatic ice maker

It has a unit dimension of 182cm × 70cm × 67cm and its huge 470-L capacity ensures that you can store lots of food items in it. Just like many other beko models, it works well on voltage range between 220V to 240V and a frequency of 50Hz.


  • LED display
  • Wooden black color
  • Auto Ice Maker
  • No frost
  • Air fresh filter


  • Preserves the Vitamin C levels, natural flavors, and nutrients in fruits and vegetables and keeping them fresh for about 30% longer
  • It has high efficiency and high durability 
  • It can react quickly to surrounding temperature fluctuations 


  • Its big size might occupy so much space in a tight room.

7. Beko 635L Side By Side PROSMART INVERTER Refrigerator ASL141X

Beko 635L Side By Side PROSMART INVERTER Refrigerator ASL141X- Beko Fridge Malaysia

A daily freezing and ice making capacity of 13kg and 0.7kg respectively

An incredibly huge 635-L capacity makes it suitable for a large family. Its energy efficiency class of A+ implies that it is highly efficient and durable, which makes it a good choice for you.


  • The daily Freezing capacity of 13kg
  • Daily Ice Making capacity of 0.7kg
  • Pearl steel color
  • It has a wine rack
  • Egg tray capacity of 10


  • It can preserve meat, fish, and dairy for long
  • It has highly durable glass shelves
  • It has a quick cool option


  • It consumes a lot of energy
  • When compared to similar cooling appliances, it produces a higher level of noise

8. Beko Nett 558L Side By Side Fridge GN163130ZGB with Prosmart Inverter Motor NeoFrost™ Twin Digital Cooling

Beko Nett 558L Side By Side Fridge GN163130ZGB with Prosmart Inverter Motor NeoFrost™ Twin Digital Cooling- Beko Fridge Malaysia

A side-by-side refrigerator that accommodates many items

It has an enormous 640L gross volume,  558L net volume and a noise level of 43dBA. Its annual and daily energy consumption rate of 610kWh and 1.7kWh make it an expensive device to manage. However, it is highly durable and offers great convenience.


  • Side-by-side refrigerator
  • No-frost cooling system Brushed 
  • Daily ice-making capacity is 0.7kg
  • The daily freezing capacity is 13kg
  • Black-glass color


  • It has a large zero degrees compartment
  • It is highly efficient and highly durable.
  • Its big size can accommodate lots of food items


  • It consumes a high amount of energy
  • It produces a higher noise level when compared to similar refrigerators.


The advantages of owning a refrigerator cannot be stressed enough as it plays a major role in almost all modern homes. From the need to get a cold drink after the hustle and bustle of the day to keeping food items preserved and fresh for a long time, a refrigerator is a salient part of our home.

Owing to the difference in characteristics and functional attributes, there are lots of quality refrigerators that will meet your satisfaction. Because of this, it is important for us to guide you with detailed information on some of the best refrigerators out there. Also depending on your budget, you can choose from a list of the best mini fridges in Malaysia, and as aforementioned, there are factors you carefully consider before choosing the best refrigerator to purchase. 

If you want to purchase a suitable refrigerator for a medium-budget multi-functional refrigerator, then you should get a Beko 2 Door 415L Freezer Bottom Fridge RCNT415E50VZWB. This refrigerator has high energy efficiency and it has a commendable warranty of 2 years. Its size makes it ideal to fit well into your home or any fast-food restaurant.

However, if your budget is high, you could go for Beko Nett 558L Side By Side Fridge GN163130ZGB with Prosmart Inverter Motor. This massive refrigerator can accommodate a lot of items and keep them preserved for a long period. It is highly durable and highly efficient although it consumes a high amount of energy. Additionally, the fridge features a top shelf with a lid to help block out odors, making it a top choice for those looking for a high-quality and efficient refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Questions on Beko refrigerator 

  • Is Beko a good fridge?

Yes. Beko refrigerators come in different varieties, features, and functions and they are tailored to varying customers’ satisfaction. They have high durability, high efficiency, and are designed with the latest cooling technology. Beko refrigerators are worth trying out.

  • What is the benefit of buying a Beko refrigerator?

There are several benefits associated with purchasing Beko refrigerators. These appliances have a no-frost cooling system. They can also preserve the nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables. They are equipped with open-door alarm and lock systems.

  • How was the Beko Fridge Warranty

A Beko refrigerator has a 12-year warranty on the motor and a general 2-year warranty. If maintained properly, they will last longer than these given periods.

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