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The Mi Watch is a smartwatch with quality featuresd dey guf ranging from several health and sports functions. It is water-resistant which means you can use it for swimming in shallow waters up to 50m underwater water.     &, and bathing, it is also dust resistant. 

It has automatic workout detection, a resting heart rate (which refers to the number of heartbeats per minute when a person is conscious andd be  at rest), sleep tracking, stress tracking and:3@ s vital signs monitoring thus, enabling a 24-hour pedometer. You can receive messages and it displaysz up to 100hziyb Enotifications per day. Amazingly, it has PPG bio-sensors; the new generation multi-channel. Yes. 

Moreover, this brand has portrayed itself for worldwide recognition and acceptance due to its durability and quality. It has come with a promise of effecting improvement due to the lack other older versions of watches could not satisfy. When l purchased, it comes with a high-resolution display to keep tabs on health, high-end GPS chips with four modes to accurately record

  • Movements
  • 50-hour battery life.
  • 117 workout modes.
  • All-new blood oxygen testing check.
  • And 24-hour heart rate monitoring.
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Xiaomi Mi Watch is related to the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite produced by the same company. The latter offers 11 sports modes and 9 days of battery life. The difference between the both are in sports modes, AI assistant, NFC and battery life.

This product was announced in October and released in January 2021 by the Xiaomi Company in Malaysia. It was founded in 2010 and has been growing rapidly with more than 61 million users of its products. They have also received multiple awards due to their technological prowess.

This product stands out in its category because it possesses more upgraded features like:

  • 1.39-inch 326 PPI high-resolution display to keep tabs on health.
  • 32g lightweight design.
  • Over 100 select watch faces.
  • 12mm high-end GPS chip.
  • Blood oxygen testing.
  • 16-day ultra-long battery life.
  • 117 workout modes and 24-hour heart rate monitor.

The company was founded 


  • Lightweight.                                                         
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • AMOLED display.
  • 5ATM Water-resistance.
  • Health feature and 117 sport features.


  • Can’t reply to messages.
  • Can’t pick calls.
  • Battery life depends on factors such as setup.
  • Suitable for workout and not for much else.
  • Its wear app needs a lot of work.

Salient Features Every Purchaser Should Look Out in a Product 

The Xiaomi Mi Watch solves most of the problems about smartwatches; it offers longer battery life, it has 117 sports features, it has multicolour TPU and many more other features other smartwatches could not give. That is why it is important to choose this product of smatchwatch. 

Moreover, this product is ideal and conducive for all categories of people, it is not gender biased and does not use age to discriminate on who can use it, it is just so perfect for anybody including you!  

Before purchasing a smartwatch, these are the salient things to consider by unique features table, it should work with a smartphone. Imagine how excruciating it would be if, after ordering a smartphone with amazing features and then, it refuses to work with your smartphone. Thus, in order to prevent such heartbreak, it becomes pertinent to check for compatibility of the smartwatch with your phone.

The brand 

Xiaomi Mi smartwatch is of impeccable quality with amazing features

The brand of a smartwatch also means quality because you will be capable of distinguishing between genuine and spurious producers. This is because there are brands that offer only quality products and just like the Xiaomi Mi Watch, this brand produces only smartwatches of impeccable quality with amazing features. 

Nonetheless, there are other brands that do not have features as much as Xiaomi Mi watches but are way more expensive. For these brands, the name is what they sell not the features.

Also, certain smart watch brands are  not compatible with some phones. For example, apple smart watches are only compatible with iPhones. So, to confirm if your smartwatch  is compatible with your phone, you can ask from there in dealer shop. Always remember, it is the Xiaomi .smartwatch and nothing less.


Always consider the price of the gadgets you want to buy before purchasing them.

It is very vital to consider your budget before purchase. You should consider how much you have and how much the product you wish to purchase costs. This will enable you to purchase a quality product without going out to buy an inferior product out of desperation due to budgetary failure.

Still on budget, buying a smart watch that offers you the features you want with affordable prices is key too. Check the XIAOMI Mi smartwatch, it offers cool features at very affordable prices.


Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch provides other features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, stress monitoring, vital signs monitoring

Smartwatches differ, this is because some may offer more health features while others may offer more sports features. So, knowing the features you desire in a smartwatch makes it easier for you to know which to purchase.

Just like the Xiaomi Mi Watch, it is conspicuous that it offers sport and workout features while it also provides other features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, stress monitoring, vital signs monitoring, breathing training and many other amazing features.

So, check out the features of any smartwatch you wish to purchase, look out if it is water and dust resistant and if it is one that offers a blend of the features you so desire, then, congratulations!


Eye-catching designs.

Designs are eye-catching, it is important to look at the design which includes the size of the smartwatch, the screen type and display. Usually, smart watches have LED display screens or AMOLED screens. The Led display screen displays its features in bright colours while the amoled displays features in black and white.

However, smart watches LED screens do not have as much battery capacity as Amoled because it takes more watts to power an LED screen than an Amoled screen.  

Also,part of the design includes a smooth body parts that ensure durability of the smart watch.

Watch size

The Xiaomi Mi brand offers both big and small watch faces

Some watch faces are big which makes reading, access and operation on the screen easier. The Xiaomi Mi brand offers both big and small watch faces. With big sizes, you can easily find your way around the smart watch, but with small screen sizes, you may need to use your phone to control its functions. 


The Xiaomi Mi Watch offers an OLED display that comes with beautiful and colourful views

Some smartwatches are either AMOLED (also known as OLED) or LED displays. Basically, LCD’s are black or white while OLED on the other hand offers varieties of beautiful and colourful views.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch offers an OLED display that comes with beautiful and colourful views, unlike LCDs. Moreover, display quality depends on the screen quality as well, it would be more preferable to look for bigger image resolution screens.

Battery life 

Xiaomi Mi Watch offers up to 50-hours of battery life

The battery life is one of the most important features people look out for when purchasing a smartwatch. Basically, the more features a smartwatch contains, the shorter the lifespan of the battery. So, choose a smartwatch that charges quickly and has a longer lifespan, just like the Xiaomi Mi Watch that offers up to 50-hours of battery life.

  • Some new brands of smartwatches have solar charging capacity, you can go for it.


Conclusively, check out the warranty of any smartwatch you wish to purchase. This makes it easier for you to return and change the product if it is not of merchantable quality within the specified warranty period. Some products have a 6-12 months warranty.

Product Specification of the THE XIAOMI MI Smartwatch 

Concisely, the exceptional features and specifications offered by xiaomi Mi Watch are elucidated herein below.

Display454 x 454 AMOLED with 1.39” 326 ppi high-resolution displayUp to 450 nits (peak)
Strap6 all new colours for the strap and three for the watch caseMultiple colour TPU strap selection of 130-220mm strap length
Screen size1.39 inches, 12.5 cm2 (~51.2% screen-to-body ratio)454 x 454 pixels, 1:1 ratio (~326 ppi density)
Modes117 sports modes
SensorPPG cardiotachometer Acceleration sensorHeart rate sensorAir pressure sensorGyroscopeGeomagnetic sensor (compass) Barometer Ambient light sensor
Dimension53.35 x 45.9 x 11.8mm
Battery420mAh Li-Po battery with 16-day ultra-long battery life (up to 50-hours with GPS turned on)Non-removable battery/wireless charging
Weight32g (1.13 oz) Lightweight 
Available features5ATM (50m) water resistance24/7 heart rate monitoringStep counterSleep monitoringSpO2 monitoringStress monitoringBreathing trainingBody energyBlood oxygen testingNotificationsWeatherFlashlightMusic controlGPS workout route100 watch facesBluetooth 5.0Tracking117 fitness models
Price in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)RM388–RM469

Design and Display

It is a 32g lightweight watch which means that it is as light as a lipstick tube

The Xiaomi Mi Watch is a smartwatch with a unique, sleek, classy and amazing design that can awe any person and it looks like the Amazfit Bit Smartwatch. Its colourful and high-resolution display capacity can thrill anyone. 

It is a 32g lightweight watch which means that it is as light as a lipstick tube, and its dimensions being 45.9 x 53.35 x 11.8 mm. It has a multiple-colour TPU strap selection of 130-220mm strap length.

The standard package comes with beige, navy and black coloured straps, however, olive green, yellow and orange coloured straps need to be purchased separately and it has been designed to suit both males and females respectively.

Battery Life

The issue of swift draining batteries has been solved by Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch. It has the extraordinary ability to last for 16 days when on typical usage mode, 22 days when on long battery mode and even up to 50 hours at a stretch when on outdoor sports mode.

The Xiaomi Mi watch has a Li-Po battery which is 420mAh. It lasts for up to 50 hours even when GPS is turned on and it has a 16 days ultra-long battery life.


The Xiaomi Mi Watch has a 5ATM water resistance

The Xiaomi Mi Watch has blood oxygen testing to test and monitor your health anytime. It is a lightweight design of 32g; thanks to the brand new tailored frame, it has over 100 select watch faces that support live and custom watch faces. It has 117 unique sport modes including the first beat algorithm. 

It has a built-in 12nm process high-end Airoha GPS chip that supports synchronous positioning by the four major positioning systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BDS. It works with customized mileage optimization algorithms to improve movements and mileage accuracy, making your fitness data more precise. 

It also has a 24-hour heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, stress monitoring and body energy.

You also do not need to worry when you wish to have a shower or swim, the Xiaomi Mi Watch has a 5ATM water resistance which means it can be used even 50 metres underwater. And, worry about it being invaded by dust. 

Performance and Software 

The Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch is capable of measuring air pressure and elevation in real time

The Xiaomi Mi Watch works with an application called the Xiaomi Wear Lite app if downloaded. With this app, you can select from more than 100 watch faces which include: sports, mechanics, cartoons, technology and even a Gameboy console.

In accordance with the official website, it is stated that we can customize the watch face with our photos as well. For people who like to hike, this smartwatch is capable of measuring air pressure and elevation in real time. 

The smartwatch supports the performance of apps like Spotify and YouTube Music apps to play music and both apps can be controlled through the smartwatch. If you wish to get your smartwatch connected to a new phone, all you need do is to reset and connect to the new phone. Do not be afraid of losing your workout history, so, before resetting the smartwatch, sync all the results to the Mi Wear Lite app to save it.

Connectivity and compatibility 

It only supports 5.0 Android versions above and also iOS 10 versions and above

The Xiaomi Mi Watch is compatible with a smartphone: Android and iPhone (iOS). It only supports 5.0 Android versions above and also iOS 10 versions and above.

When it comes to connectivity, it is compatible with Bluetooth version 5.0 and above.


Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch has 117 sports modes

If you are the type of person who loves to keep fit, then, choosing the Xiaomi Mi Watch will be the best option because it has 117 sports modes. Aside from that, it also has health features that keep the body system in good condition always.


Xiaomi Mi Watch has a warranty period of 6–12 months. Thus, if issues arise with its functioning and such malfunctioning has not been induced by any careless act leading to damage by the buyer, then, there would be a repair or replacement of the product depending on such issue.

Most importantly, the warranty does not apply in any way, if damage or improper functioning has been caused by the buyer.


The Xiaomi Mi Watch has a step counter, SpO2 monitoring, body energy, notifications, weather, tracker, breathing training and many more.


  • Long battery life.
  • 117 unique sport mode and other features.
  • Lightweight.
  • 24 hours heart rate monitor.
  • Blood oxygen testing.


  • It does not support calls.
  • Cannot reply to messages.
  • No power adapter.
  • Can only make playlist adjustments through the smartphone.

Other Alternative Products Similar to The XIAOMI MI WATCH

There are other alternative products that are similar to Xiaomi Mi Watch which also offer almost similar features which you may likely want to try out. They are similar but still distinct in varying respects. Here below are the alternative products that you should also check out.


Strong battery, heatt rate monitoring and waterproofing system

The Amazfit smartwatch is similar to the Xiaomi Mi Watch because it also offers heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and it is waterproof. But it still differs in other respects, it offers 7 sports modes and has a very good 20-day battery life. It can be used by any category of persons since it does not limit itself for usage to only certain persons.

Its price goes for RM236.81. You could also check out this product, it has amazing qualities and features as well.


  • Sleep monitoring.
  • Water proof.
  • 7 sports mode.


  • Cannot make or receive calls.
  • It has few features.


It is suitable for all categories of people and the price goes for RM69.90

The Y10 Smart Sports Watch is also another smartwatch similar to Xiaomi Mi Watch and it provides heart rate fitness, tracker, Bluetooth and it is water-resistant. It is only compatible with Android versions and it has a warranty period of 1 month.

It is suitable for all categories of people and the price goes for RM69.90.


  • Heart rate fitness.
  • Water resistant.
  • Bluetooth.


  • It is compatible with android versions only.
  • Does not have a GPS.


The Garmin Venu SQ Smartwatch is one with an amazing sleek and classy design, it is eye-catching similar to the Xiaomi Mi Watch

The Garmin Venu SQ Smartwatch is one with an amazing sleek and classy design, it is eye-catching similar to the Xiaomi Mi Watch. It comes in different colours as well and it is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones just like the Xiaomi Mi Watch, it also uses Bluetooth. Its GPS combines daily style with health monitoring and fitness features that inspire you to keep moving. 

You can also choose from more than 20 preloaded sports apps which include yoga, cardio, strength and pilates. You can also see calls, texts and social media alerts on this smartwatch, wow! 

It has a product warranty of 2 years. This smartwatch is ideal for all categories of persons, it is not for a specific age or gender, anyone can buy and use it. Its price goes for RM930.00, anyone can afford to buy it.


  • 20 preloaded sports app.
  • Uses GPS.
  • You can see calls, texts and social media alerts.


  • It is expensive.
  • It has just a few features.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is the perfect ideal smartwatch that has solved many problems other smartwatches had failed to solve such as a longer battery life span of up to 50 hours at a stretch, wow!  

Its workout and sport features and numerous such that the user can choose from 117 sport modes, unlike other smartwatches that have very few sports modes. Its GPS, optical heart rate sensor, sleep tracking and many other health features are a great deal, this brand is a combination of both health and sport features, though, its focus is more on fitness than health.

From the review, the product is a great fit and it tends to solve many other problems. Firstly, the watch case is made of soft-touch plastic that is comfortable and light and it has two pushers that are installed at the right side; one pulls up the app’s screen entirely while the second is for workouts. 

Secondly, the display which is OLED is quite crisp and it can get really bright, hence, outdoor viewing under direct sunlight does not create a problem. Thirdly, the Xiaomi Mi Watch uses the first beat to provide analysis after a person has concluded his or her exercises.

However, if you still think the product isn’t great enough for you, I will suggest an alternative for you, which is the Garmin Venu SQ Smartwatch, it also has great features that you will really love.

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