Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch Review

The Xiaomi brand is one of the best rated brands having a worldwide recognition for producing quality, user friendly and well detailed gadgets. Their gadgets range from Smartphones, Smartwatches to Speakers and lots more.

The brand has been in existence for more than 10 years and is the fourth best having over 300 million customers. 

The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 is a smartwatch from the Xiaomi brand released in October 2019. The watch features improved functions as compared to its’ predecessor the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch

The smartwatch promises heart rate and sleep rate monitoring sensors. It is water and dust resistant hence, suitable for all weather conditions. 

The battery life is one that beats many and saves you the stress of charging all the time. 

These and many more amazing features are what you get with this Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatch. 

If you are interested in getting a good Xiaomi smartwatch, you shouldn’t stop reading this Xaiomi review.


  • Long lasting battery
  • IP68 water and dust resistant
  • Multiple sport modes
  • Lightweight
  • Supports messaging


  • Requires Mobile App
  • Not call supportive

What Should I Look Out for Before Buying a Medium Range Smartwatch?

The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatch answers most of the concerns you have about smartwatches. The operating system featured in the watch is Android and iOS compatible. It has a longer battery life, you can enjoy multiple sports modes that keeps you up and doing all day long. 

Not to even mention that it is made by one of the best selling tech companies in the world.

If you are a sports person or a freak of healthy living, you would enjoy the features of this watch. It not only guides you in healthy living, it also monitors your health such as heart rate and many more. 

Just as you check for size, color, quality and all before choosing your shoes and clothes, it is important to do the same when choosing a smartwatch. 

The big question then is “how do I know what to expect from a medium range smartwatch?” 

To help you choose perfectly, a smartwatch within a medium range, we have put up this section. 

Below are the factors to consider before you place the order for that watch you’ve been admiring. Keep reading!

Phone Compatibility

It’s called a smartwatch, hence, in one way or the other, it has to work with your smartphone. Imagine ordering for a beautiful smartwatch that offers many amazing features and upon arrival, you realize it cannot work with your  phone. 

To avoid such disappointing and depressing moments, it’s therefore very important to check for the compatibility of the smartwatch with your phone.

Apple smartwatches only work with Apple phones which is not in any way surprising. Some Samsung Galaxy watches work perfectly with Androids and iPhones. 

Other smartwatches that feature the Google Wear OS like Xiaomi, Huawei, LG and many more work well with Android phones and a few with iPhones. Though there are limitations to the benefits they enjoy with iPhones as compared to Androids. 

To help you know which smartwatch is compatible with your phone, you can check out this website on your phone.

In all, before you choose a smartwatch, be certain that it is compatible with your smartphone.


In talking about the design, we would be referring to the watch size, the display and screen type.

Watch size

The bigger the watch face, the easier it is to read the screen and it seems more easy to access and operate. 

Watch sizes of Xiaomi Haylou LS01 and Xiaomi Mi Band 4

At the same time, smaller sized smartwatches look more sophisticated and classy. Depending on the size of your hand and your taste, you can make a choice between both.


There are either LCD or AMOLED displays. The former, usually written as “OLED” display. The LCD display is basically black and white whereas, the OLED display offers you a colorful and beautiful view on the watch. 

A medium range smartwatch should have an OLED display at least as opposed to low budget smartwatches. 

LCD display

You must know however, that you would have to sacrifice the battery life for a more beautiful display. On the contrary, the LCD display watches last longer. Nonetheless, modifications are being made to improve this factor.

In addition, the quality of the display depends on the quality of the screen of the smartwatch. Look out for bigger image resolutions for the best viewing experiences.

Screen Type

Smartwatches are either touchscreen or touchless.

The touchscreen is the most recent innovation and is definitely more expensive than the counterpart. However, it can be stressful to swipe and swipe through several screens every time you want to get to an app. 

Touchscreen smartwatches

Recent models of medium range smartwatches now offer both the touchscreen feature and a side button that helps you navigate through the multiple screens of the smartwatch within the blink of an eye.

With just a tap on the screen, you’re where you want to be!


Some smartwatches offer more health monitoring features while some offer more of sport features and modes. 

Before choosing a medium range smartwatch, you should look out for one that has more of the features you  need. 

If you are a hardcore fitness and workout person, we would recommended you go go smartwatches that are  solely designed for such  purposes. With oxygen level monitoring, heart rate sensors, body temperature check and several other sport and fitness features, you can get the best out of your smartwatches.

Heart rate monitoring feature

Though you can easily get smartwatches that offer a blend of both features, you’re good to go.

Importantly, note that the more the features the smartwatch has, the shorter the battery span per charge unless some modes are turned off. 

Furthermore, a medium range smartwatch should have a level of water or dust resistivity. It would be listed out by the manufacturer if it is. So, be on the lookout.


The battery capacity is one of the most common features that people look out for when choosing a smartwatch. No doubt, it is very very important but let’s give you some pro tips. Most times the range of the number of days that the smartwatch can last as advertised by the manufacturer is usually exaggerated.

Usually, the upper range can only be reached under optimal conditions with most of the features turned off which is almost impossible when you’re using it.

To be on the safer side, choose the lower range that is advertised. 

In addition, the more features the watch has, the greater the signal strength, the smartwatch configuration and the better the display, the shorter the lifespan of the battery in a single charge.

Another important feature to look out for in the battery of a smartwatch is the charging time. 

A battery that takes forever to charge completely is of no use, neither is a quick to die smartwatch any better. There are some medium range smartwatches that offer multiple sport modes yet can last for several weeks without charge.

Newer smartwatches have also included solar charging capacities in them.

Type of SmartWatch Brands

With the spike in the use of smartwatches over the past years, new companies have sprang up to meet this ever increasing demand. 

Being able to differentiate between the genuine and trusted producers of smartwatches and the crooked producers now seems like a big task. In order not to fall victim of such companies, it is better to shop for your smartwatches and other gadgets from trusted brands.

Some of these trusted and recognized brands are listed below


Apple products are not so hard to identify. They are uniquely sleek, classy and feature innovative technology. The brand has been in existence since 1976 and have since been producing a number of high tech products ranging from personal computers, to apps, streaming channels, voice activated personal devices and lots more.


Here’s another internationally recognized company though originally originating from South Korea. In fact, the brand has long existed before the famous Apple company. It dates as far back as the 1930’s. 

The company has a name for producing top quality best or second best technological products. Their products range from TVs to smaller smart devices, earpods and Bluetooth speakers inclusive.


The Xiaomi brand is another trusted brand that makes electrical gadgets, Apps and so on. The company was founded in 2010 and after 8 years in service, precisely in 2018, the company was recognized globally as the 4th largest smartphone manufacturer. 

Xiaomi is branded under different names like Redmi, POCO, Mi and Mijia. 

They are a go to store for smartphone, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, and several other IoT products.


Though recently gained recognition in the past decade, the Huawei company has existed since 1987 shortly after Apple. The China based company is now topping in the production of smart devices and provision of Information Communication Technology infrastructure all over the world.

You can also trust their gadgets to give you the best results.


Finally, look out for the warranty of whatever smartwatch you are buying. Products with 6 to 12 months warranty tells you that the brand can be trusted and you know where to run to in case there is any abrupt distortion in the functioning of your device.

Asides the warranty, you should look out for reviews on their customer service relationship. Some might take ages to respond to complaints, some are always ready to help on the go and there are some whose lines are always on the voicemail. Watch out!

Specifications of The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch

In summary, below are the features and specifications that are offered by the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch.

DisplayLCD display with picture resolution of 240 x 240 mega pixels. 1.3 inches bright WCG screen.
StrapSoft TPU wristband, width measures 26.3mm, entire length (excluding the watch) measures 212.9mm
Screen size40.9mm (L) x 35.7mm (B) x 11.6mm (H)
Modes9 sport or fitness modes
SensorAccelerometer, Heart rate sensor, Sleep rate Sensor.
Dimension Full length measures 254.8mm, width measures 37.7mm.
BatteryLithium ion battery with capacity of 210mAh, 14 days life span with 16 hours heart rate monitoring, and sport modes fully active. 
WeightLightweight, weighing 34 grams.
Available FeaturesWater and dust proof, Alarm features, Sedentary reminder, Calls and messages notifications and reminders, Breathing exercise.
Price in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)RM90

Design and Display

The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch design is sleek and classy. It comes in a rectangular shape similar to the Amazfit Bit though, it is more beautiful. The watch is lightweight, weighing only 34 grams with dimensions 40.9mm (L) x 35.7mm (B) x 11.6mm (H). 

It comes in Silver and Black color options and is designed to fit both males and females equally. You almost feel like you have nothing on your hand with it’s supper convenient and soft TPU wristband. This band is air permeable which makes it perfect for sporting because sweats would not affect the comfortability of wearing it.

Different strap colors of Xiaomi Haylou LS01

The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatch features a 1.3 inch LCD display with a screen resolution of 240 x 240 mega pixels. This gives you an improved picture quality, contrast and color saturation hence, providing a beautiful and pleasurable view of the smartwatch.

While under very bright sunlight, you can still be able to view the screen of the smartwatch in details conveniently.

You can personalize your Xiaomi Haylou smartwatch by choosing from the several available watch faces and choose which brightness level you want amongst the 3 levels.

Different watch faces of Haylou LS01 Smartwatch

You should also note that the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatch features a touchscreen screen and a side button to aid better and faster operations.

Battery Life

The issue of quick dying batteries is long gone with this Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch. It can last for 10 days at a stretch in a single charge with the Heart rate monitor on standby and other sport features on. However, you can enjoy it for as much as 14 days or 2 weeks if the heart rate monitoring feature is only on for approximately 12-16 hours per day.

The Xiaomi watch is built with a Lithium ion battery with a capacity of 210mAh. 

Charging port of Xiaomi Haylou LS01

During the lifespan of the battery, you can enjoy an average of 30 minutes run per day, check your wrist for 150 times per day, 10 call and message notifications without hassle. 

Unique Features

The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch has heart rate monitoring feature, optical sensors and a pedometer. It also has an IP68 water and dust he thanks to its tightness and innovative technology.

This feature is good because you can still enjoy the benefits of your watch under the rain or in dusty roads without any fear of damage to it. 

Similarly, you don’t have to pull off your watch when you’re having your bath if you wish, hence, it can be your constant companion any time any day!

Features of Haylou LS01 Smartwatch

Furthermore, the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch can serve as an alarm, to help you keep track of time during the day or wake you up at night.

Pedometer, heart rate and other features of Haylou LS01

It also serves as a Sedentary reminder. This feature is to keep you up and doing on your lazy days. Asides these features, the Haylou watch keeps you breathing healthy and keeps you relaxed with it’s breathing exercises. 

The watch notifies you when you get messages and calls on your phone.

Performance and Software

The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch works with a customized Application for it. The App is called the Haylou Sports and is designed with amazing graphics and interface. 

You can easily set up a number of functions and get the most out of your Haylou LS01 Smartwatch with this Haylou Sports App. Asides this, you can also get to view a detailed breakdown of the workout data produced by the watch.

The Haylou Smart App is simply configured and makes using your smartwatch an ease and faster.

Furthermore, with the aid of this App, you can customize the duration you want for each of the sport modes according to your desire and do a follow up on how the goal is attained.

For clarifications or guide to connect the smartwatch with your phone, check out this video

Haylou LS01 App and Connection

In addition, you do not have to set up anything to be able to get a measure of your sleep before going to bed. Automatically, the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch detects when you are sleeping and takes note of your sleep stages. 

It records deep sleep, light sleep and the awake state. With this breakdown, you can have a better or detailed explanation of your sleep which would in turn help you improve your sleep pattern or habits.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iPhone operating systems. 

The Android phones must however, be version 4.4 or above while the iPhone version should not be less than 8.8. 

Android and iOS compatibility with App

With the right versions of your smartphone, you’re good to go with the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch though variations may occur with respect to the country, phone and watch versions.

The smartwatch is also compatible with Bluetooth versions 4.2 and above. 


If you are more of a fitness person, it is better to choose smartwatches that offer more sport skd fitness features. Well, you can never go wrong with this Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch. 

The watch offers about 9 sport modes which are Walking, Jugging, Hiking, Biking, Treadmill, Workout, Climbing, Spinning and Yoga. 

Xiaomi Haylou LS01 sport modes

Asides the sport modes that the Xiaomi smartwatch offers, you can constantly monitor your heart rate, sleep time and quality, plus an accelerometer.

You definitely have it all with this Haylou LS01 Smartwatch!


The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch just as most other Xiaomi smartwatches comes with a 6 – 12 months warranty. If there are any issues with the functioning of the smartwatch, there would be a repair or replacement depending on the issue.

However, warranty does not cover use caused damages. 

All you need do is take your receipt along to the store where you purchased it and drop the complaints or contact the Xiaomi company online. 

Their customer care service providers are always there to help you keep things going.

Pros of the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch

  • Cost effective
  • Multiple sport modes
  • Personalized sport durations
  • Long battery life
  • Sleep monitoring

Cons of the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch

  • Qualitative sleep analysis only
  • Requires App
  • Does not support calls 

Our Best Pick Alternative Smartwatch Options To Consider

If you want to check out other nice smartwatches, you should consider some of our top picks below

Huami Amazfit Verge Lite A1818 Smartwatch

The Huami Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch is a nice sports smartwatch. Though more expensive as compared to the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch, it has 7 sports modes with a promised battery life of 20 days. 

The smartwatch has a battery capacity of 390mAh, and can connect to Android versions 4.0 and above or iOS versions 9.0 and above. Unlike the Haylou LS01 Smartwatch, this Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch uses an AMOLED display with image resolution of 360 x 360 which gives it a brighter and lovelier view.

It features optical sensors, standby heart rate monitoring and a pedometer.

So if you’re willing to pay more for a longer battery life, you can opt for this option.

Huami Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch


  • 20 days battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Great screen resolution


  • More expensive
  • Local warranty

Smart Watch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker

The smartwatch Bluetooth with fitness tracker is another sleek and classy smartwatch to consider.

It costs only a little above the Haylou LS01 smartwatch and offers a find phone, two way search function.

It has a higher battery capacity of 220mAh and can last for long lifespan. 

The smartwatch features a 2.5D full screen touch with a 320 x 385 screen resolution.

Furthermore, it has a heart rate monitoring feature, a pedometer, calorie consumption and exercise mileage record.

An advantage that this smartwatch has over the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch is not only limited to the greater battery capacity. The smartwatch Bluetooth with fitness tracker gives a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your sleep.

Simply put, the Haylou LS01 Smartwatch only tells you how deep you sleep but this smartwatch goes further to give details to the duration of the sleep.

Other benefits that the watch has are it’s stopwatch, calendar, calculator and so on!

Fitness Tracker Smartwatch


  • Find my phone function
  • Extended battery life
  • 320 x 385 screen resolution


  • One month warranty
  • Only Bluetooth compatibility

Fitbit Versa 3

Looking for a high end smartwatch with excellent features? You should take a quick view at the Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch. 

The smartwatch has an inbuilt GPS tracker. This feature is amazing because you can go exercising without your phone and still get detailed data of your sports.

It features 20 exercise modes, monitors heart rate, sleep rate and estimates calorie burn with close to perfect estimates.

The watch also offers voice assistant features to check weather or control other appliances.


  • GPS tracker
  • Voice assistant
  • 20 exercise modes


  • 6 days battery life
  • Expensive
  • If you want a budget smartwatch with basic sport features choose the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch but if you prefer a longer lasting battery with a little less sport mode the Huami Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch is your best shot.
  • If you’re more interested in monitoring and balancing your sleep habits, you should consider the smartwatch with Bluetooth fitness tracker as opposed to the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch that only gives you a qualitative sleep analysis.
  • The Fitbit Versa 3 has more than twice the sport mode of Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch though it has less than half its battery life.


If you aren’t fully satisfied with the Xiaomi review, you can check out these alternative smartwatches and choose your favorite from the 4 options.

Gone are the days when you have to break a bank before purchasing a very nice smartwatch Malaysia with pretty amazing features.

The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch is your best shot if you want a sport smartwatch for a cost effective price. The battery capacity is above average and the touchscreen screen and LCD display gives it a classy flair! 

It’s features and benefits are similar to other high end smartwatches.

Similarly, it’s sleek design is definitely going to draw attention to your hands and give you a finishing look to your outfit. Check out the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch for more details.

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