Best Xiaomi Air Purifier Malaysia Review 2021

The home for most people is the place for relaxation and relief from all the stress. To some it is described as a new haven. This is mostly because it is clean and supposedly free from the toxicities outside. However, do you know that if you had a microscope to view the surroundings of your house, you would be shocked at the number of germs and pollutants roaming about.

When you hear “air pollution”, common thought is about the exhaust from bad vehicles, smoke or  industrial emissions. Basically, you tend to think “outside”. The reality is that indoor air pollution poses more threat to human life than outdoor air pollution. 

Indoor air pollution occurs from burning of food from fireplaces, cooking gases, tobacco smoke and so on. Research has shown that 50% of non-smoking women who are exposed to fuel from coal burning are at the same level of risk for lung cancer as men who smoke lightly. 

A problem has been identified, what then is the solution? Well, thanks to innovations we have air purifiers that can screen the air we breathe in our homes to keep these pollutants away as much as possible and make homes the real haven as they ought to be.

The next question however is, what air purifier should you buy? No doubt, there are quite a number of brands out there and it’s a task to determine which one would be best amongst all. This article describes in detail the best air purifier Malaysia, in fact, it is particularly a Xiaomi air purifier review.

We also discuss the types of air purifiers that are available, the benefits of using one and the guide to choosing one for yourself. You would definitely find this helpful, keep reading!

What Types of Air Purifiers Are There On The Market?

Basically, there are five types of air purifiers and they would be discussed in this section.

  1. HEPA Technology

The full meaning of HEPA is High Efficiency Particulate Air. The HEPA technology uses the HEPA filters to trap particles that are larger than 0.3 microns. It has been shown to be able to effectively trap 99.97% of  particles greater than 0.3 microns. 

The HEPA filter has an accordion-like shape because of the way the fibre it is made of is folded. As air passes through the filter, the bacteria and bad substances are trapped by the filter while the good air is released. 

The quality of the air released by the HEPA filter improves the more the filter is used. However, as the filter becomes full with particles, air would not be able to pass as much as expected and the filter would need a replacement. Not to worry, it takes about 2-4 years on average before this occurs.

Air purifier with HEPA filter

The HEPA filter has 3 mechanisms of action.

i. Interception: this is when particles get stuck to the fibre of the HEPA filter within 1 radius

ii. Impaction: this occurs when particles that are bigger in size get embedded in the fibres

iii. Diffusion: it involves the reduction in velocity of smaller particles through their combination with gas molecules and may lead to either of the first or second processes.


Filtration of particles greater than 0.3 microns

Removal of pollen, grains or dander from air


Good for asthmatics or people with allergies

No recontamination of air


Cannot remove odor

  1. Activated Carbon Technology

Though an old method of air or water purification, the activated carbon is still very effective and potent for absorbing pollutants like smoke from tobacco, odors, chemicals, gases, formaldehyde, perfumes and so on. They are clinically important for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. 

The activated carbon technology uses a type of processed carbon that absorbs these chemicals and microbes. The carbon has high porosity and a large surface area to make absorption faster and easier.

Activated carbon for odor removal

The property that makes them very effective for absorbing chemicals is their ability to form chemical bonds with these pollutants, thereby trapping them. Once this happens, the chances of recontamination of the air is very slim because the pollutants are not resuspended into the air.


  • Removal of odor, smell and smoke
  • Bonding with chemicals and bacteria in air


  • Effective for odor elimination
  • No recontamination of air with already absorbed particles


  • Not suitable for pollen, dust, and grain removal
  1. UV Technology

You must have guessed right! Just as the name suggests, some other types of air purifiers use Ultra Violet (UV) technology to eliminate harmful or potentially harmful pollutants from the air. The UV technology  is good for killing pathogens, bacteria, germs, mold and their spores effectively, up to about 99.9%. 

UV technology air purifiers work by using a chamber in the machine that is filled with UV light. Through the effect of this light on the pathogens, it destroys them by destroying the molecular bonds in their smallest unit of composition, which is the DNA. 

Due to the advancement and complexity in function of the UV  technology air purifiers, they may be expensive to purchase and maintain.

Radiation from a UV radiating Purifier


  • Destruction of pathogenic substances in the air
  • Destruction of molds and their spores


  • 99.9% elimination of pathogens
  • Small and compact size


  • Need to change the bulb yearly
  1. Negative Ions

Air purifiers that work using this mechanism release negative ions into the air. These negatively charged ions then bind to positively charged particles in the air. The process goes on and on till the fully bonded pathogens or air contaminants become heavy and then fall to the ground, walls or windows.

Indeed this is a very advanced form of technology, nonetheless, its effect does not match or meet the required standards. Basically, what it does is that it temporarily suppresses the amount of contaminants in the air and dumps them around the environment. It doesn’t kill or eradicate them.

It has also been found that after some time, these bonded particles soon disintegrate and are resuspended back into the atmosphere.


  • Binding with positively charged particles in the air
  • Reduction in amount of active pollutant in air


  • Noiseless operation
  • Removal of dust, smoke, dander and bacteria


  • Resuspension of pollutants into the air
  1. Ozone

The use of air purifiers that use ozone is still controversial today. Ozone (O3) at high levels is known to have deleterious effects on the health of humans. Increased exposure to ozone may cause asthma symptoms and eventually affect the lungs. Some countries have disapproved of the use of such types of air purifiers.

Air purifiers with ozone cannot eliminate pollen or dander. Most of them work in a way similar to the negative ions. Hence, only masking the pollutants for a time being.

Acrylic ozone air purifier

Research has shown that ozone may slow down the growth of microorganisms however, it may not totally  clear the air from these microbes.


  • Reduce the growth of microbes
  • Release ozone into the air


  • Noiseless operations


  • May be hazardous to health

Features of Air Purifier

Different brands and models of air purifiers have a number of features that may be general or unique to the brand or model. However, some of these features cannot be overlooked or set aside. Some of them include:

Light sensor

Some modern or more recent air purifiers have light sensors that can show you the level of quality of air being released. They may also show you the mode that you’re operating on, for instance night mode, day mode and so on.

Filtration Process

In the previous section we nailed down the 5 basic filtration mechanisms that air purifiers have and we also discussed their merits and demerits. Having known that, you’re equipped with the knowledge to determine which one would serve you best and meet your home requirements.

Odor Reduction

Not all air purifiers have the ability to eliminate odor. If you’re looking for something that can get rid of smell for furniture finishings or whatever source, you’re definitely not going to be looking at the HEPA filter system. You should be considering air purifiers with Activated Carbon Technology.


Recently, brands have been innovative with the features they input into air purifiers. Now, we have smart air purifiers that can work with either Amazon alexa or Google Assistant. 

Furthermore, some can be controlled remotely by connecting them to the App. Each smart air purifier would have an App that is particular to it.

This added advantage definitely comes with an increased cost 

Benefits of Using Air Purifier

Air purifiers have been effective in reducing the risk or exposure to substances that can cause certain conditions related to air pollution. Some of these benefits are discussed below

Removal of Asthma Triggers

Triggers for asthma are most often pollen, grains, dust, dander and so on. Many of which are suspended in air. When these substances are inhaled, they could cause allergic reactions. To mitigate this, air purifiers that are effective in removing these substances can be used. A good choice here would be purifiers with HEPA filters.

Removal of Toxic Chemicals from Houses

In one way or the other toxic chemicals from the environment enter your house no matter how much you try to keep them from entering. Asides from the ones from the environment, most cleaning agents in the home contain chemical agents that may have adverse effects on prolonged exposure to them.

Neutralization of Unpleasant Odour

Odours in the house may arise from different things. Chemicals used in the house may produce formaldehyde and gasolene which when broken down, cause off-gassing odor. The chemicals that cause the release of these gases are called Volatile Organic Substances (VOCs). Usually, they are found in air fresheners, paints, upholstered furniture or aerosol sprays. 

An air purifier with activated carbon would do justice to whatever smell you may be experiencing.

Reduces the Risk of Cancers

Canceration of different parts of the body occurs due to exposure to different agents. One commonly found agent in the home that causes cancer is Asbestos. Asbestos is found mostly in furniture and building materials. As deadly as it can be they are still in use because a wk7, you can help yourself out by using air purifiers that would absorb this agent and reduce your exposure to it which one the long run, would reduce your risk of lung cancer.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier 


In terms of usage, you should answer the question, “what do I want my air purifier to do for me?” 

If you want it to remove odor, you look for those that have activated carbon

If you want it to remove microorganisms, you look for one with HEPA filters and so on like that.

Determining the problem to be solved before purchasing an air purifier is a key step to buying right.


Making the right choice of an air purifier should start from the size. Determine the size of the room that the purifier would clean. 

After that, you consider the number of air changes per hour of the purifier. What this indicates is the number of times that the purifier can filter all the air within the space where it is put in an hour. A purifier that has a rate of 4 changes in an hour would be a good option.

Budget/Price Factor

There are a number of air purifiers within different price ranges. Depending on the features that it has to offer and sometimes, the brand you’re buying from.

In summary, you can get an air purifier within your budget and still enjoy the basic benefits that the product offers.


Different companies today offer services in the production of air purifiers, none particularly can be regarded as the best, however you can get a variety of options of high quality air purifiers with the Xiaomi brand. 

Read on as we review our top pick xiaomi air purifiers.

Best Xiaomi Air Purifiers

Mi Air Purifier 3C Global Version

The basic air purifier

The Mi 3C Global Version air purifier is one of the best from Xiaomi. With the air purifier you can be certain that you’re breathing nothing but healthy air. The Mi 3C air purifier uses a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA filters) to purify the air.

With this, it can absorb very small particles and microorganisms greater than 0.3 microns. This air purifier is 99.97% effective. The filter has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 320m³/h and it does this at a very high speed in order to provide purified air that is long lasting, hence providing 5330 liters of clean air in a minute

Integrated 360 degree 3 dimensional filter

Mi 3C Global Version air purifier has smart control through the Mi Home app or the Xiaomi Home App. It also has voice control. The purifier can conveniently purify the air in a room of 106m2 in an hour. 


  • Uses HEPA filters
  • CADR of  320m³/h
  • Smart air purifier
  • 360 degree three-dimensional circulation for a 106m2 room per hour


  • LED display for checking air quality
  • Connectivity to phone
  • Voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant


  • Cannot remove odor

Mi Air Purifier 3H EU Global Version

The improved Mi air purifier for homes

Looking at this Mi 3H EU Global Version air purifier, you might think it’s the same with the Mi 3C Global Version, however, they are different. This air purifier is an improved version of the previously discussed one. 

One advantage of this air purifier is that it provides optimum clean air with its multiple filtration systems. 

It first uses a primary filter that removes dust and other particles, then a 360° cylindrical HEPA filter for microorganisms, viruses and pathogens. After this stage, the air is then passed through a carbon filter which removes any residual microbes and any odor.

Xiaomi 3H improved Purifier


  • Uses HEPA filters and activated carbon
  • CADR of 380 m³/h
  • OLED touch screen display
  • 6330 litres of air per minute


  • Uses multiple filtration systems
  • Smart control with google assistant
  • Energy saving
  • Quiet operation


  • Pricey

Mijia Air Purifier Pro

The triple action air purifier

The Mijia brand is under Xiaomi, in Chinese language, it means Xiaomi Smart Home. So, it is no different from Xiaomi.

The clean air delivery rate of this Xiaomi air purifier is very high making it proficient for large spaces. It can effectively purify a room of about 750 sq.ft.

The tower shaped design of this Mijia Air Purifier is made to allow air to enter into it from the roof rotating at 360° to the floor of the purifier. This design is to form a unique fresh air tree. 

The purifier uses 3 mechanisms to purify air. It uses a primary filter, HEPA filter and a high quality activated carbon.

Sleek design and easy fit into rooms


  • Uses Primary filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon
  • Covers 750 sq.ft room.
  • 735 x 260 mm (HxW)


  • Triple filtration systems
  • Can cover large room
  • OLED display


  • Not compatible with less than 4.0 android versions and less than iOS 8.0

Air Purifiers For Cars

Xiaomi IOT Original Roidmi P8S Car Air Purifier

The perfect car air purifier Malaysia

This Xiaomi IOT car air purifier is portable and efficient for purifying air in the car. It uses High Efficiency Particulate Air filters which can pick very small microbes or allergens that are present in your car but may not be visible to your eyes. Normally, the eye can see substances from 10 microns above but the HEPA filters can be anything above 0.3 microns.

Easy installable Xiaomi air purifier

Air flows in from three inlets and out from 2 outlets in this air purifier. It also has a clean air delivery rate of 70m/h and an OLED display that tells you the quality of the being delivered. It is one of the best car air purifier Malaysia


  • Uses HEPA filters
  • CADR of 70m/h
  • Has Laser Particulate Sensors
  • Uses Centrifugal Turbine Fan


  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t make noise
  • Can be controlled with an App


  • Expensive

Air purifier for replacement

Xiaomi IOT Original Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter / M8R-FLH

Easy to change high particulate filter

In this Xiaomi IOT Original Mi Air Purifier, you get three levels of purification. The primary filter at the outer level which filters out dirt or dust particles suspended in the hair, High Efficiency Particulate Air filter for micrograms, viruses or pathogens in the middle and activated carbon in the inner part for odor removal and other smaller microorganisms.

3 in 1 replaceable filters

The filter can work with a number of the Mi air purifiers. For example, Mi 2, 2H, 2S, Pro or 3 air purifiers.

It can also work effectively for about 6 months before requiring a replacement.


  • CADR of 380m3/h
  • 360 degree triple layer filter
  • Compatible with several air purifiers


  • Multiple filtration layers
  • Absorption of dirt, allergens and odors
  • Acid, base, fat or grease resistance


  • Short term effectivity (3-6 months)

Alternative Air Purifier

Alternative Air Purifiers

Air Purifier Build in UV Technology And HEPA Filter

Budget friendly Ultraviolet air purifier!

As indicated in the name, this air purifier uses ultraviolet rays to purify air. The rays penetrate the smallest unit of life of these pathogens and destroy their DNA. This advanced technology makes it very effective for destroying 99.9% of the harmful or potentially harmful substances in the air. 

UV radiating air purifier

You do not have to worry about getting a UV light source in your home, the purifier has a built-in UV lamp from which it operates. Asides the UV light for bacteria destruction, the purifier also features a HEPA filter for the removal of dirt, dust or other suspended particles in the air. The combination of these two provides you with optimum clean and healthy air.


  • UV lamp and HEPA filter
  • For this air purifier Malaysia, it uses a 3 pin plug
  • For within 35-50 meter square room
  • LCD display


  • Touch control
  • Effective air cleansing
  • Very affordable


  • Small size

Air Purifier HEPA filter With Remote Control

Remote control air purifier 

If you’re looking for something that would cost you less and still provide you with good air purification services, you’ve come across the best bet! This air purifier Malaysia by KL SEND is not only cheap, it has 4 levels of air purification which provides a super clean air at the end of filtration.

On the purifier, there are 6 buttons which are used to manage its functions, first is the sleep wind, next is the purification button, then the smoke removal button, then the timing button followed by the negation ion button and then the power switch. However, you don’t have to get up anytime to want to activate one mode or the other, you save yourself a lot of stress by using the remote control which also has all these 6 control buttons embedded in it.

Easy remote control air purifier


  • Remote control
  • LCD display
  • Multi filtration system
  • 25-45 meter square room 


  • Inexpensive
  • Smart touch sensor
  • Efficient purification


  • Small size


Health, they say, is wealth. Air is also required for survival. It is therefore important to take in air that would not pose more threat to health. And that is why the need for a good air purifier cannot be overemphasized. 

Be it in your home, in the office or in your car, Xiaomi air purifiers are always ready to keep your quality air intake in check. You can make a pick from our Xiaomi air purifier review or check out their other models online and you’d definitely get one that would amaze you.


  1. Which Xiaomi Air Purifier is best?

Best, is actually relative. What might be best to you might be average to someone else. So, to determine which purifier would be best for you, you have to identify what you need it to do for you. Using your needs to choose an air purifier would help you get the best one for you.

  1. Is a Xiaomi Air Purifier safe?

All Xiaomi purifiers are safe to use. They make use of the recommended, standard filtration systems such as HEPA filters, Activated carbon or most times, a combination of both and more!

  1. How does a Xiaomi Air Purifier work?

The mechanism of action of Xiaomi air purifiers differ depending on the filtration system used in each of them. Basically what they do is absorb or trap particles, microbes or dust suspended in the air and produce clean, filtered air. They also work through connection to electricity. 

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