What Is Body Mist? Find the Best Body Mist Spray in Malaysia

While most people might not realize it, your scent forms a distinctive part of your persona and is definitely one of your most recognizable features.

We constantly attribute certain scents and fragrances to those around us without even realizing it. Since we absorb a wide variety of aromas over time, how you smell says a lot about you and how seriously you take your personal hygiene.

That probably explains why people spend money on a wide range of expensive scents and fragrances such as eau de toilette, colognes, body sprays, antiperspirants, and of course, body mist spray. 

What is body mist and how does it compare to perfume?

What is body mist? In this article, we’re going to take a look at what body mist is, how to use body mist, the old comparison of body mist vs perfume, and the best body mist spray you can buy online in Malaysia. So hold tight as we take you on a rollercoaster of fragrances.

What is Body Mist?

Body mists are a group of body sprays developed for conditions where a lighter scent is desired by the user. For a long time, perfumes or eau de toilette were produced to give off strong, overwhelming fragrances. But as time went on, there was a gradual shift in demand for a product less heavy in scent. Hence the creation of body mists. 

You may be wondering what makes a fragrance mist different from perfumes. Body mists are more or less water-based, but may also contain alcohol. The essential difference between body mist and perfume is the amount of water and concentrated oils that make up both types of fragrances. Body mist is a lighter perfume, so to say, and so evaporates more quickly (ie they are more volatile).

Hence, you would need to spritz the fragrance more than once a day to sustain the scent. For this reason, you might need to purchase new fragrance mist sprays more frequently than you would perfume. However, body mists are usually cheaper than perfumes largely due to the lower oil composition, the same property that contributes to its volatility.

Body Mist vs Perfume

There are lots of differences between body mist and perfume. Some of the key differences are highlighted below. 


This quality alone contributes tremendously to the intensity of the scent. While body mists contain a large amount of water, perfumes typically don’t. Also, perfumes have abundant fragrant oils, of which body mists usually have only small amounts. This is why perfumes give a stronger scent that lasts for longer. 


Body mists are often lighter than perfumes. This is due to the dilution of the ingredients, and the ratio of water, oil, and alcohol in them. The lower concentration of essential oils and scents in body mists give them a lighter scent, making them convenient for indoor use. 


Perfumes are usually more expensive owing to the higher concentration of fragrance oils and other key ingredients. Fragrance mist sprays are more affordable due to the lower concentration of concentrated oils. However, remember that the fragrance from perfumes lasts longer and thus a bottle of eau de parfum will need to be replaced less frequently than a bottle of fragrance mist.

Average Quantity Used

Logically, fragrance mist sprays should be used up more quickly than perfumes of like quantity. The lighter fragrance demands that you use higher quantities to achieve a similar result to that of a perfume. 


The fragrance from body mists doesn’t last long. The reason for this is the high percentage of water and alcohol in the products. Perfumes contain much more fragrant oils than body mist, hence their long-lasting fragrance after spraying them.

Benefits of Body Mist

Body mist allows for certain benefits due to the light nature of the fragrance and the dilution. It makes for a wonderful fragrance while you’re at home and not moving about. Some people find it annoying to have a strong scent surrounding them and prefer a more subtle fragrance. Here are some benefits of body mist: 

1. Freshness

Body mists are a great way to enjoy your day without having to deal with the overwhelming smell of perfumes. Spraying some body mist onto your skin gives you a kind of refreshing feeling due to the subtle, yet delightful scent around you. Slip into something comfortable and feel the freshness of the fragrance about you all through the day. 

2. Pleasant scents that aren’t overpowering

Thanks to subtle body mists we can spritz pleasant fragrances around our homes and on ourselves without having to bother that the scent is too strong or may irritate other people. This is an added advantage especially for people who just want to smell nice and yet dislike heavy perfumes. 

3. Affordable

Body mists have a lower cost than perfumes. It gives you a low-budget option to enjoy your favorite fragrance. This is due to the low concentration of ingredients and aromatic oils in body mist sprays. You can prolong the lasting power of body mist sprays by layering. This is achieved using different or complementary products to deepen the scent and make it last longer. 

4. Hydrating for skin

The skin requires moisture to keep itself luxuriant and healthy. So you should be looking out for products that moisturize the skin and prevent moisture loss. Body mists are an excellent way to accomplish this thanks to their water-based formula. Unlike plain moisturizers, it gives you a refreshing scent to go about it. 

5. Added protection

Some body mists double as protective screens and provide you an extra shield from extreme environmental conditions such as harmful sun rays or protection against insects.

6. Reduce stress levels

Many body mist sprays today have a calming effect on the body due to the therapeutic effects of certain fragrance oils in their composition. The lavender scent, for instance, is known to be very calming. These aromatic oils probably seep into the skin and cause a reduction in stress levels, so when you spritz them on the skin you feel the fatigue begin to dissipate.

How To Use Body Mist Spray

Body mist sprays are best applied to areas like the wrist to help the fragrance diffuse quickly.
Body mist sprays are best applied to areas like the wrist to help the fragrance diffuse quickly.

After you have purchased the body mist fragrance of your choice, the next thing on your mind is probably how to use it. The way you use a body mist spray is not entirely different from how you use eau de parfum. However, there are certain variations. A major one is in fragrance layering as applied to body mists, a practice that is done to increase the longevity of the scent. So how should you apply a body mist?

How Do You Properly Apply Body Mist?

When using a body mist, you must first understand that taking a long shower before using the product helps you feel refreshed. It also improves the quality of the experience and helps the fragrance come out more cleanly. 

Most people believe the product should be applied directly to their skin, typically around the chest, neck, and armpits. However, you can also safely apply it to your hair and clothes too. A general rule is to spray the fragrance to your pulse areas, for example at the wrist, crook of the arm or behind the knees. These areas are usually warmer than the rest of the body, helping the fragrance evaporate and diffuse more quickly around you. Usually, you can apply body mists more than once a day if you don’t layer the fragrance.

When Should You Use It?

You can use a body mist anytime, anywhere. The demand for a super light aroma that one can wear indoors while watching TV, or wear out to see a movie or a picnic is what made body mists popular. Therefore, you can potentially wear them for any occasion. Preferably, using it after a shower adds a certain coolness to the enjoyable fragrance. Also, you may choose to refrigerate your spray before applying it during hot weather conditions.

How Much Body Mist Should You Use?

Just the right amount of body mist for the occasion, or as much as you desire. It depends on the individual, but you should know a body mist spray gives you a lighter fragrance compared to perfume. So, if you need a stronger scent you can apply larger quantities. Also, if you want the scent to stay longer on you, then you should consider fragrance layering. 

What Is Fragrance Layering?

The idea of fragrance layering is simply a technique that allows your fragrance to last longer than it ordinarily should. Body mist sprays can be layered, too. A classic example of fragrance layering is seen in a combination of several products such as body butter, body wash, body lotion, and so on, in a way that prevents the oil in body mists from getting absorbed too quickly.

For example, you can achieve this by combining two or more complementary body mist scents to get the desired one that stays on you for longer. You could also mix a body butter and body lotion with your body mist on top to get a pleasant all over scent that lasts longer.

Best Body Mist Sprays In Malaysia 

Let’s take a look at some of the best body mists you can purchase online in Malaysia. They include:

1. The Body Shop® Vanilla Body Mist

This gentle vanilla-scented body mist is guaranteed to keep you smelling fresh all day long. What is Body Mist - Shop Journey
This gentle vanilla-scented body mist is guaranteed to keep you smelling fresh all day long.

This vanilla-scented body mist by the Body Shop® company provides a gentle vanilla fragrance to create a warm, soothing effect. The scent is calming with a super light aroma, yet smells fresh and natural. The product is safe to use all over your body and may even offer some of the therapeutic effects of vanilla such as its soothing properties, antioxidant effect, and anti-inflammatory properties. The product has numerous positive reviews and is something you should check out if you are a fan of vanilla fragrances.

2. Victoria Secret BOMBSHELL Body Mist

The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell body mist is a blend of fruity fragrances. What is Body Mist - Shop Journey
The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell body mist is a blend of fruity fragrances.

Victoria’s Secret is a widely popular name when it comes to beauty products and fashion, and Victoria’s Secret body mist proves why they are still a top brand after all these years. Their lovely Bombshell body mist is made from a unique mix of exotic scents that gives the body mist a subtle but enticing scent. Some of the scents include passionfruit, tart pineapple, grapefruit, tangerine, and sweet red strawberry. This lovely mix is guaranteed to give you that burst of energy you need while still keeping you feeling fresh all day.  

3. SUNPLAY Sport UV Body Mist SPF 120

The Sunplay Sport UV body mist offers a great smelling fragrance, and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. What is Body Mist - Shop Journey
The Sunplay Sport UV body mist offers a great smelling fragrance, and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Previously in this article, we mentioned how some body mists not only offer a great smelling fragrance but can also serve as protection against harsh environmental elements. The SUNPLAY Sport UV Body Mist has an SPF of 120, which can effectively block as much as 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This makes it a great option for those who want to stay smelling fresh and keep their skin safe when outdoors. The functional product can also stay sweat- and water-resistant for as long as four hours, giving you long-lasting protection.

4. Bath And Body Works Fragrance Mist

The Bath and Body works body mist collection offers a very versatile array of fragrances that can be used for any occasion. What is Body Mist - Shop Journey
The Bath and Body works body mist collection offers a very versatile array of fragrances that can be used for any occasion.

Anyone who has tried the Bath and Body Works body mist cannot help but marvel at their great fragrances. The product comes in a wide range of amazing scents such as Cucumber Melon, Dahlia, Sweet Pea, Fresh Sparkling Snow, Mad About You, and the ever-popular Into the Night Fragrance. This amazing brand has worked tirelessly to create a vast catalog of scents that fit virtually every occasion and I can assure you that no matter what your tastes are, the Bath and Body Works body mist has the perfect fragrance for you.

5. Elianto Perfume Body Mist – Violet

The floral blend of the Elianto perfume body spray is one of the most perfectly balanced fragrances on the market. What is Body Mist - Shop Journey
The floral blend of the Elianto perfume body spray is one of the most perfectly balanced fragrances on the market.

The Elianto body mist is one of the brand’s best-selling products and the violet fragrance is definitely one of the most popular. Imagine being enveloped by the sweet seductive oriental fragrance of freshly pressed violets while reclining on a sunny beach. To add to the floral tone are also hints of other fragrances such as lemon, apple, pineapple, jasmine, orange blossom, musk, amber, caramel, vanilla, cedarwood, and much more. All these fragrances are harmoniously combined and perfectly balanced to give you a light and breezy edge.

Final Word

Body mists are a great option for people who don’t like heavy fragrances and are looking for a lighter option. They come in a wide range of refreshing scents and some of them even offer other benefits such as protection and acting as an antiperspirant.

For individuals who love spending time outdoors, the SUNPLAY Sport UV Body Mist SPF 120 is a great option due to its high SPF, while the light and breezy touch of the Elianto Perfume Body Mist – Violet is an affordable yet amazing fragrance you need to try out. 

We definitely recommend that you use these amazing body mists and don’t forget to drop your comments and questions because we want to hear your opinions on the topic.

Body mists are a great cost-efficient way of staying fresh. Be on the lookout for fragrant body mists that can also keep your skin well-hydrated.

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