Types of Grills – Your Ultimate Guide to Grills

Many people today enjoy outdoor cooking. This usually happens when they’re bonding with friends and family especially during the weekend. One of the most enjoyable outdoor cooking activities is grilling. Grilled food with its smoky flavor can taste incredibly satisfying.

For you to have a great grilling experience, you should choose the right grill. To make this decision, you need to ask yourself several questions such as whether or not you could use an electric grill on top of your existing kitchen appliances. What are the different types of grills?

How do you go about choosing the best electric grill? What are some of the things to consider when buying an electric grill? 

Keep reading to find out more about BBQ griller Malaysia models and if they’re what you need to get that smoky flavor!

What Is a Griller?

Cooking food by placing it on a grilling surface or grill grates that has been exposed to heat requires a device that is referred to as a grill. The heat that’s on the surface of your grill may come from different sources. It highly depends on what type of grill unit you’re using.

Back then, charcoal or pellet grills were very common. Aside from these charcoal grills, natural gas grills and propane grills also became a popular option. However, these are all outdoor grills. An electric grill allows you to do the grilling from the comfort of the indoor kitchen. Electric portable grills are also a great on-the-go option or for one-time cookouts.

When using an electric grill, electrical energy is converted to heat energy that will be used for grilling your food.

If you are using the non-electric grills, you are most likely going to use any of the widely available fuel sources such as charcoal to produce the heat required to cook the food. Other types of grills include gas grills and charcoal grills (also called a char griller). 

Note that the grill machine that you choose will affect the final flavor that you achieve in the food that you cook.

An electric grill can help you get a distinct smoky flavour.
An electric grill can help you get a distinct smoky flavour.

Grills purchased from different manufacturers often come in different designs and sizes. When buying a grill, go for one that suits your preferences considering such things as your space and lifestyle.

It’s also advisable that you consider the convenience it offers. This is because you want a grill that you can ignite quickly and easily as well as prepare your meals fast.

How To Clean A BBQ Griller

Cleaning the BBQ grill Malaysia is important because it ensures that you remove the greasy smell that may adversely affects the taste of your food. When you also clean your grill, you protect the device from the accumulation of excessive grease that usually results in rusty surfaces and parts.

It’s best that you clean your barbecue grill after each use, and as soon as the grilling surface cools off. 

To clean your barbeque grill, you’ll need to use a bristle brush to scrub the surface until you rub off all the remaining grease.

Be gentle while scrubbing the surface of your grill so that you don’t scratch it especially if it’s a nonstick grill. For the best results, you should consider purchasing grill cleaning sprays that particularly contain vinegar. 

Don’t forget to use stainless steel cleaners and polish for the exterior of your grill. When you have a clean BBQ grill, you will be protected from food poisoning.

You should make sure that you do not use any toxic chemicals that may accidentally mix with your food and cause problems to your body.

Watch how to clean a BBQ griller here:

How To Use A Grill Pan

Grill pans are mostly used when one does not have the outdoor space required for grilling activities. The grill pan, therefore, often comes in handy for a lot of people living in apartments.

One thing that we love about using the grill pan is that it allows you to control the time that is spent cooking your foods.

Grill pans have become really popular because they're convenient and easy to handle.
Grill pans have become really popular because they’re convenient and easy to handle.

To be effective in using the grill pan, there are certain steps that you should take. First and foremost, ensure that your grill pan is dry by wiping any moisture on the surface with a clean cloth.

Brush oil on the pieces of food that you wish to prepare. Secondly, preheat the grill pan for a few minutes. Once the pan is evenly heated, you should then place the food pieces in it. 

It is necessary for the placement of the food not to be parallel to the grill ridges so that the cooked food will come out with grill marks. Use tongs to place the food on the surface of your grill pan.

These go a long way in helping to protect you from burns. You should then cover the grill pan for increased heat efficiency and to also make sure that a smoky flavor is achieved.

After a while, flip the food so that the other side can also be grilled. When using an electric grill pan, choose temperature levels that will be suitable for the food that you are cooking.

 Watch how to use a grill pan:

How About Electric Griller?

The electric griller is becoming increasingly popular among people that have been using the traditional grills for years. Electric grills are useful when you want to experiment more with different foods.

When you have an electric grill, you reduce the time that you spend when preparing foods. As time goes by, manufacturers are increasing the grilling surface on electric grills and this should give you an enjoyable experience as it allows you to prepare more food.

Electric grills offer more features but are more expensive.

Generally speaking, the electric grill is more expensive than the other type of grills. It offers users expanded features that enhance the grilling experience.

When using an electric grill, you will have control knobs to regulate the heat that is generated while cooking your food. In a nutshell, the electric grills provide you with more performance and more control when cooking your food. 

Additionally, the grilling plate can be removed from the electric grill and cleaned easily. This makes it super easy for you to drain the grease off the surface of the plate.

It is also good to know that when you purchase a BBQ grill Malaysia, you will enjoy ergonomic and large handles that help you be in control over the grilling of your food.

Your Guide to the Types of Grills!

From charcoal grills to propane grills or natural gas grills, to pellet grills and all the way to the modern electric grill, the sheer number of types on the market may be confusing. My go-to is undeniably the electric grill but I decided to check out some of the other types of grills just to see what they can offer.

The Different Types Of Grills

1. Gas Grills

As the name suggests, natural gas grills use gas as the heating source. Since gas burns very quickly, you can be sure that you will require a very short time to finish grilling your food.

Most gas grills can last for decades depending on how well you take care of the grill. Ensure that you have a reliable supply of gas so that you don’t run out of gas while grilling.

A gas grill is long-lasting.
A gas grill is long-lasting.

2. Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are probably the first thing you think of when you think of grilling. An outdoor charcoal grill is a common placement in many suburban houses. Charcoal grills or char-grillers have been here since ancient days. They use burning lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes as the main source of heat.

You should consider closing the lid off your charcoal grill so that to preserve the heat within the grill and therefore evenly cook your food.

In case you intend to use a charcoal grill, you should be ready to manage to work amid the extra smoke that will be produced from the burning charcoal. Charcoal grills will give you that irresistible mouth-watering char-grilled flavour.

A charcoal grill.

3. Pellet Grills

Like the charcoal grill, the pellet grill is another grill that has been there for some time. The pellet grill is very appealing to many people because it can be used as both a grill and smoker.

With multiple features pellet grills offer, it means that you will enjoy the convenience of having several flavor options. If you use the pellet grill, you’re going to be very effective in avoiding browning or searing of meat.

Pellet grills can be used as a grill and a smoker.
Pellet grills can be used as a grill and a smoker.

4. Electric Grills

An electric grill uses electricity to generate the heat energy that’s required for cooking. The grill plate heats up once you connect it to the mains supply and the heat is conducted to the food.

Because your electric grill is going to consume significant electrical energy, you should purchase the one that has the best energy ratings.

Why Do You Need An Electric Griller?

An electric griller comes in handy for anyone who is looking to save time. It heats up very quickly with the switch of a button. It saves you the hustle of working with grills that take a lot of time for the charcoal to start burning sufficiently before the grilling process starts. 

An electric griller is also useful when you want to have several heat adjustment settings that will be suitable for a wide range of foods. The temperature control knobs give you convenience and versatility in one.

Another reason why you would need to purchase an electric griller such as the steamboat grill is that it will come in different sleek designs.

Considering the compact size of the electric grills, you’ll also be able to save a lot of space.

How To Choose The Best Electric Grill To Use?

  • Price

When choosing the electric grill Malaysia to purchase, you should go for a reasonably-priced one. Even with a budget-friendly electric grill, you should still be very keen to ensure that it still offers all the features needed for an amazing grilling experience.

A Reasonably-priced grill will help you to save a lot of money that you can use to purchase other accessories needed to enhance the performance of your BBQ electric grill.

  • Size

The size of your electric grill determines the number of people that you can cook for and the type of foods that you can cook. Choose the right sized electric grill depending on what your needs are and how much storage space you have available.

An electric grill with a spacious interior is suitable for serving several people at once.
An electric grill with a spacious interior is suitable for serving several people at once.

When it comes to the size of an electric grill, ensure that it is compact for effective storage.

  • Construction

The material that is used to build your electric grill will determine the durability levels of the grill. You are encouraged to purchase an electric grill that has been made using materials such as aluminum. This is resistant to rust and is easy to clean. 

You should be very careful with handling so that the protective material of the grilling surface does not peel off when rotating or flipping foods.

  • Cleaning Ease

Once you have finished using the electric grill, you should clean it as soon as you can. Considering the huge amounts of fluids that are drained from the foods that you’re grilling, if the electric griller is left uncleaned, it will become greasy and be quite a mess. You should, therefore, get an electric grill that has parts that can be cleaned easily.

  • Temperature Control

One of the ways in which you can achieve the best flavors for the foods that you are grilling is by being able to regulate the temperature. Opt for an electric grill that allows you to program a variety of temperature levels suitable for the food that you are preparing.

With more control over the heat on your grilling surface, you will be able to make temperature adjustments as need arises.

  • Safety

When using any type of electrical appliance, there is a risk of experiencing explosions and fire hazards. The electric grill that you purchase should be compliant with the set safety standards.

To enhance your safety when using the electric grill, ensure that the plug connected to the socket does not come into contact with water. Read the user manual to find more safety precautions to take when using your electric grill.

  • Extra Features

Some of the bonus features for your electric griller are side tables, a cart, and a thermometer. Also, be the lookout for unique features such as a portable electric grill so that you don’t have any problems moving it to the storage area after use.

These extra features will simply give you the best grilling experience and you will fall in love with your electric grill.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Grill

  • Indoor Vs Outdoor

Sometimes it can be difficult for you to know whether to go for an indoor or outdoor electric grill. At the end of the day, you can’t go for both unless your budget allows for it.

You will realize that there is a very thin line between indoor and outdoor electric grills, especially when you consider functionality. 

The indoor electric griller is more affordable, more compact, distributes heat more effectively, and is slightly smaller. On the other hand, the outdoor electric griller comes with a larger grilling surface, is more expensive, and more likely to lose heat to the surroundings.

If you want the true outdoor grilling experience, charcoal grills and natural gas grills will not disappoint. However, you will have to deal with stocking up on supplies that will get the heat going. You might have to purchase hardwood lump charcoal or manufactured charcoal briquettes, wood chips, or a propane tank depending on the grill type.

A natural gas grill, however, will have an unlimited fuel supply assuming that it’s properly connected to a gas line. Convenient? Yes, but the trade off is that they’d be stuck there.

An electric griller, by comparison, is easy to operate and low maintenance. There are even a variety of portable grills to choose from.

What do you want to cook with your BBQ grill?
What do you want to cook with your BBQ grill?
  • Cooking Style

While some people love that smoky flavor that comes with grilled food, others are biased towards grilled foods that are smoky.

There are other people who do not want visible grill marks on their food and, at the same time, there are others who get a lot of satisfaction from seeing grill marks on their food.

You should therefore purchase an electric griller that enables you to achieve the specific flavors you love and to bring out grill marks as you would want. The electric griller should provide you with a sufficient working area that suits your style of cooking.

Your electric griller should allow you to choose different temperatures from time to time so that you prepare and present the food as you deem fit.

The Best Electric BBQ Grills To Purchase

1. Korean Style Electric BBQ Grill Pan

Grill pans should be quick to heat, non-stick, and smokeless. The Korean Style Electric BBQ Grill Pan provides you with these features and so much more.

With this grill pan, you will also access various other features such as an adjustable thermostat, a height grill that is adjustable and it has a tray that collects any fat that drips. 

After you purchase this electric grill, you realize that it is easy to operate and you will not have any safety concerns. Having the stainless steel tray means that you will be able to use the grill pan for a very long time.

Because the grill pan has a non-stick coating, foods will not stick on the grilling surface.

Korean style BBQ Grill Pan - Types of Grills Malaysia - Shop Journey
Korean style BBQ Grill Pan

2. Electric BBQ Grill Multifunctional Non-Stick Pan

What’s the use of a grill if it does not have multiple functions? Purchasing the Electric BBQ Grill Multifunctional Non-Sticky Pan will give you a lot of flexibility because it comes with several features.

Some of the features that stand out in this electric grill pan Malaysia include a slim construction design that minimizes storage space, a spacious grilling surface, knobs for temperature adjustments, and a nonstick tray.

Since it is a multifunctional grill pan, it will come with a BBQ grill set that lets you fry, grill, boil, and parch foods. 

A multifunctional electric BBQ grill. Types of Grills Malaysia - Shop Journey
A multifunctional electric BBQ grill.

This electric grill pan is quite affordable and also consumes little electrical energy during usage. This is a win-win for you.

Final Thoughts On Grills

There are so many types of grills that may potentially suit your needs. The type of grill that is right for you will mainly depend on the nature of the food that you are grilling and the amount of food that you are preparing.

In some instances, an electric grill can be more suitable for you than other types of grills and vice versa. For example, you’re looking to cook a variety of dishes via different cooking methods, maybe you’re looking for the best multi cooker instead.

Therefore, choose a BBQ grill Malaysia that feels right for you after you figure out your preferences. Reach out in the comments section in case you have any other questions regarding the types of grills in the market that can be appropriate for your needs.

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