Toshiba Fridge Malaysia | Best Toshiba Refrigerator Review in 2023

Shopping for the best refrigerator Malaysia can prove to be a bit difficult especially when one doesn’t know what to expect. With the various types and brands of refrigerators available in the markets, this makes it difficult for refrigerator shoppers to make a choice. One of the most essential appliances needed in a home is the refrigerator.

Not only does the refrigerator keep our food, vegetables, and other items preserved, newer modernized and intelligent refrigerators come with improved features such as touch screens, built-in cameras – which allow you to check what’s in the fridge without opening it, ice-makers, and other amazing features. Considering the great role it plays, it is very important to take caution when purchasing your refrigerator.

To help you make the best buying choice when considering the best fridge to buy in Malaysia. We have written this review on the Toshiba Fridge brandone of the best brands of refrigerators in Malaysia. Toshiba is known for its excellent products and one may find it hard in selecting a good choice. This review highlights the top 8 Toshiba Fridge Malaysia, their functions, specifications, pros, as well as their cons. Read on to learn more!

Types of TOSHIBA Refrigerators in the Market

Most of us get confused when we come across different models of refrigerators, making it hard to choose as we don’t know what type would be best for us. Refrigerators come in different sizes and types having certain functions and features. Here is a list of the types of TOSHIBA Fridge Malaysia.

  1. Single-Door Refrigerators

As the name implies these are refrigerators that come with a single-door feature. These fridges have just one door which opens to it. They are majorly mini-fridges, as they come in a compact size and are less weighty than other refrigerators. Some best mini-fridge in Malaysia, with single doors, comes with a freezer compartment while others lack this feature. It is a common model of refrigerators and is mostly suitable for small family sizes, for office purposes, dormitories, and other small spaces. 

A single door mini refrigerator which offers a compact option for buyers with less available kitchen space


  • Best choice for a small family
  • Takes up less space in the kitchen, office, or room.
  • Consumes less power than bigger models
  • Very economical and budget-friendly


  • Features a small freezer compartment or none at all
  • No automatic defrost, as ice needs to be cleaned out manually, unlike bigger designs
  1. Top-Freezer Fridges (2-Doors)

This is the most common design of refrigerators you will come across. This design features a freezer compartment at the top and a more spacious cooler compartment at the lower half. This is the best choice for anyone looking for a spacious and budget-friendly refrigerator model. They are more spacious than the single door designs, they also consume less power than bigger designs. 

A top-freezer refrigerator offers ample room for medium to even large size families to store their food


  • The freezer and refrigerator have separate compartments with separate doors.
  • A slightly larger freezer stall than the single door
  • The majority of its designs are frost-free
  • Does not require manual cleaning of ice


  • They consume more power than a single door
  • They cost more than a single door
  1. Bottom-Freezer Fridge (2-Doors)

This is the reverse of the design of the top-freezer model. It has its freezer at the bottom part and the refrigerator is designed at the top. The freezer below also allows you to store heavy and weighty food items like chicken and others, and also allows you to be able to bring these items out with ease. This makes it a suitable choice for the aged and elderly ones. It features a frost-free design and consumes lesser power. Models without inverter compressors tend to consume more energy. 

A bottom-freezer refrigerator is great for elderly individuals because it allows them to store weight items without too much strain


  • The bottom-freezer maximizes efficiency
  • Most models use inverter technology for power efficiency
  • More organized
  • This design is more user-friendly and promotes efficiency unlike the top-freezer model
  • It has the frost-free feature


  • More costly than a single door
  • Compared to a single door it consumes more energy.
  1. Side-By-Side Fridge:

This model is known for its convenience, you have your fridge and refrigerator side by side. This is a slightly larger model, it comes with two side doors which open to the side. This allows for more space capacity and organization of refrigerator items. The temperature is regulated by the fridge control. This control could be a high-performing thermostat switch with a sensing bulb or just an electronic control system that works with more than one sensor. These designs are ideal for a narrow kitchen but are not so good at conserving space.

Side-by-side refrigerators have a good capacity and organizational capabilities


  • It is more budget-friendly than other bigger models
  • Allows for a super convenient organization and makes it easy to arrange items.
  • Some models come with ice dispensers
  • A perfect choice for large families with narrow kitchen


  • Consumes more energy
  • Takes more space compared to single or double doors.
  • More expensive than conventional designs
  • Inner storage is quite narrow and might not be able to fit large dishes
  1. French-Door Fridge

This is one of the most luxurious refrigerator designs in Malaysia. It is a hybrid of the bottom freezer fridge. This model is perfect for large families because it provides the largest refrigerator and freezer capacities compared to other designs. This design comes with two side doors opening the refrigerator from the middle and a two-fold door that opens to the freezer compartment just below the refrigerator. Typically these models come with ice dispensers, and most modern french door fridges feature a Wi-Fi Ready interface and other advanced/smart technology.

A French-door fridge refrigerator which offers a large space and organizational capacity 


  • Improved organization
  • Large refrigerator and freezer capacity
  • Smart and intelligent technologies
  • Elegant and luxurious
  • Suitable for large families


  • Quite expensive
  • Some technologies malfunction

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Fridge

Buying a refrigerator just like many important home appliances is a big step that requires caution, a refrigerator is a long-term investment that every family needs. Finally, decide on getting your very own refrigerator? You must find one that works best for you and also falls within your budget. Here are the most important factors you should take into consideration before purchasing that refrigerator:

  1. Energy Efficiency

On your search for the best fridge to buy in Malaysia, it is important to get an energy-saving refrigerator. No one would like an appliance that consumes too much power, hence hiking up electricity bills. To get the best energy-efficient refrigerator, look out for the yellow and black EnergyGuide Labels. 

This label not only displays the annual energy cost of operating a refrigerator but also helps you compare the energy costs of competing brands having similar sizes and features. This allows you to determine which model is less expensive to manage in the long run. Along with this, you should also consider models with the Energy Star label. Fridges with this label are energy-saving and would help you save money.

Look out for the synergy star sticker to determine which models are more energy-efficient
Look out for the Energy Guide label which shows how much energy a model consumes
  1. Sizes/Capacity

You don’t want to purchase a refrigerator with a lesser capacity than you need or one that takes more space than your kitchen size. This is why you must take note of the size of your kitchen in comparison to the size and capacity of the refrigerator you want to purchase. The number of items you want to store in the refrigerator as well as the size of your family should also be taken into consideration when looking out for the perfect size and capacity of your refrigerator.

An important tip is to note the Gross and Net capacity of the refrigerator. Gross capacity is the total capacity of the whole unit, and the net capacity is the available refrigerated space, this would allow you to know the refrigerator with the perfect refrigerated space for you.

One should always consider the size and capacity of the refrigerator before purchasing it
  1. Cooling Technology

This is another important factor to consider because determining how well your refrigerator will perform depends on the type of cooling technology it uses. There are four major cooling technologies presently, these are:

Mechanical Compression: This technology makes use of a working fluid called the refrigerant, which is compressed into vapor and the vapor is in turn condensed to a liquid. Through a process called throttling, the pressure is reduced to allow the fluid to evaporate at low pressure. Compressor fridges are well known for their higher cooling capacity and many of them also come with temperature controls to make it easier for you to set your desired temperature.

Absorption Refrigerator: This technology employs a mix of sodium chromate, hydrogen gas, ammonia, and water in a containment vessel. These elements play an important role in the process of cooling.

Evaporative Cooling: Unlike other cooling systems, this technology does not use the conventional cycle. Instead, it absorbs heat from the air and then evaporates it.

Thermoelectric Refrigeration: This cooling technology uses a thermocouple and an electric current, in place of water or refrigerant.

The cooling technology and capacity of a refrigerator also determine how much energy it consumes. Refrigerators with higher cooling technologies tend to consume more power.

The cooling technology of a refrigerator is a very important factor to keep your groceries fresh.
  1. Budget/Price Factor

When purchasing any household appliance, one major thing we look out for is the price. This is because everyone wants a budget-friendly appliance, as well as a very efficient one. The amount you are willing to spend will determine the size and capacity of the refrigerator you purchase.

Refrigerators with larger size and capacity cost more than compact-sized models. Single door designs are usually the most affordable and the most expensive ones are the french door designs. Most refrigerators that come at a ridiculously cheap price, tend to have lesser quality than costly ones. The goal is to get the perfect size and features for you within your budget. Thus one needs to take into consideration the model, size, and design they prefer before setting their budget. 

Get a perfect refrigerator that has the features you desire at a budget-friendly price
  1. Warranty

Any refrigerator you wish to purchase should have a warranty of at least a year. Also, the warranty should cover the motor of the fridge.

Ensure your refrigerator comes with a reasonable warranty
  1. Freezer Space

Most mini-refrigerators, especially those with single doors don’t come with a freezer compartment. So if you are looking for a refrigerator that features a freezer compartment larger-sized refrigerators would be ideal. Generally, refrigerators come with a larger cooler compartment compared to the freezer space.

This makes it important to take note of the available freezer of any refrigerator you wish to possess. The perfect freezer space for you would depend on how many items you want to keep frozen and what you want to keep in the freezer compartment. It needs to be large enough for your needs.

A large freezer capacity is ideal to contain all items you want to keep frozen
  1. Finishing of the Materials:

A refrigerator that compliments your kitchen and gives a beautiful aesthetic to it is a must-have. An easy-to-clean and durable finish would be a good choice. However, this would depend on your preference and the design of your kitchen. Refrigerator finishing mostly comes in stainless, black stainless steel, plain black/white, and other colors.

A refrigerator with a beautiful and durable finishing is a perfect choice
  1. Features

Some refrigerators come with special features which promote convenient usage. Some of these features include temperature controls, an ice and water dispenser, a door-in-door feature – this is a feature where the door contains another smaller door that opens up to cold storage that is separate from the rest of the fridge. Removable/Customize-able shelves is another special feature – it determines how easy it would be to clean the fridge making cleaning more efficient and also promotes a more organized refrigerator. Humidity control, air purifiers- which helps reduce contamination and keeps the air fresh, door alarm/alert – which lets you know if the door has been opened for too long, and many others. Sourcing for the best refrigerator in Malaysia, you should look out for these features.

One should consider the features of the refrigerators before purchasing it
  1. Read the Reviews

Most times before you make purchasing decisions, the reviews we get from friends and colleagues who have used the product before plays an important role in determining if we would purchase such a product.  Reading reviews from users and blog posts would also help you make good choices when purchasing your refrigerator. User reviews and reviews like this one as well as recommendations from friends and family would help you know the best refrigerator for you, their pros, cons, and how to get a cheaper and very effective refrigerator. 

Read reviews to make the best choice before buying any appliance
  1. Choose Delivery Wisely

One major challenge that one would face after purchasing a refrigerator is its delivery. The refrigerators are generally bulky and heavy, even the smallest of them would be difficult to carry. When choosing a delivery service, you should take care to look for a positive seller, ship on time, and chat response ratings, ratings above 80 shows that such a seller did a good job of delivery service and handling. The ratings and reviews help you know how good their delivery service and handling are. After delivery ensure to take a good look at your walls, floors, and fridge to make sure there are no dents or damages.

Choose the best delivery method for your refrigerator

Best Toshiba Refrigerator in Malaysia 2021

Toshiba is one of the most renowned brands in Malaysia for home appliances. They have made a reputation for themselves with their high-efficiency and durable products. This also includes their refrigerators. This makes it hard for people to choose between their different designs and models, we have  provided a detailed review on the 8 best Toshiba refrigerators you can buy in Malaysia:

#1. Toshiba 280L Refrigerator GR-A28MS Top Mount Freezer 2 Door Fridge INVERTER GRA28MS

The Toshiba GR-A28MS Top Mount Freezer offers a large 280L capacity which is great for large families

The Toshiba GR-A28MS top-freezer with two doors is a perfect choice to store your food items, groceries, and vegetables. This freezer comes with all-around cooling, inverter technology, and a customizable shelf. It has a 12L capacity bin just for your vegetables, keeping them fresh and preserved. It also features an Ag+ Bio deodorizer system to keep unwanted odors away. It is a 5-star energy rating freezer with a total of 280L in capacity. The Toshiba advanced inverter technology intuitively adjusts its speed for regulated cooling and this ensures a trouble-free and long-lasting fridge performance.


  • Main
    • Number of Doors: 2 doors
    • Weight(kg):  40
    • Color: Silver
    • Compressor: Inverter
    • Warranty: 12 years compressor warranty
    • Door type: Steel
  •  Capacity (liters)
    • Gross capacity: 280
    • Net capacity: 233
    • Freezer room: 61
    • Cooling room: 172
  • Power supply
    • Voltage (v): 220-240
    • Frequency (Hz): 50 
  •  Dimension
    • Width: 545
    • Depth: 623
    • Height: 1545
  •  General Features
    • Interior lamp: LED
    • Deodorizer System: Ag+ Bio
    • Cooling Air Flow: Cool Air Wrap
    • Ice making system: Ice tray


  •  Advanced inverter technology
  •  Ag+ Bio deodorizer
  • 5 star Energy level


  • No light in the freezer  
  • Its capacity is small compared to others

#2. Toshiba Fridge GR-A28MU (UK) 280L Inverter 2-Doors Refrigerator Fridge (Urban Black)

The Toshiba GR-A28MU refrigerator comes with a beautiful tempered glass finish

The Toshiba GR-A28MU is a two-door refrigerator with a gross capacity of 280L. It comes in a conventional design with a modern twist. Its front door is decorated with darkened tempered glass giving it an elegant look. Apart from its elegant looks it runs on an inverter compressor and is graded as a 5-star energy saving, meaning that it saves more than 25% of electricity compared to the average energy consumption of a fridge. It is a perfect choice for a small family.


  • Main
    • Number of doors: 2 doors
    • Weight (kg): 40
    • Colour:  Urban Black
    • Compressor: Inverter
    • Warranty: 12 years compressor warranty
    • Door type: Uni Glass
  •  Capacity (liters)
    • Gross capacity: 280
    • Net Capacity: 233
    • Freezer room: 61
    • Cooling room: 172
  •  Power Supply
    • Voltage (v): 220-240
    • Frequency (Hz): 50
  •  Dimension(mm)
    • Width: 45
    • Depth: 623
    • Height: 1545
  •  General Features
    • Interior lamp: LED
    • Deodorizer System: Ag+ Bio
    • Cooling Air Flow: Cool Air Wrap
    • Ice making system: Ice tray


  • Ag+ Bio deodorizer to keep odors away
  • Chiller room compartment for items like; meat or fish.
  • 12 years warranty
  • 5-stars energy efficiency
  • Inverter compressor
  • Modern and elegant design 


  •  Small capacity for large families 

#3.  Toshiba 390L Fridge GR-T39MBZ 2 Doors INVERTER Refrigerator

The Toshiba GR-T39MBZ 2-door inverter refrigerator has a large 330L capacity with a dual cooling zone

The Toshiba GR-T39MBZ is one of Toshiba’s best refrigerators with its large capacity of about 330L. It has a dual cooling zone to keep your drinks, meat, and fish cooler at a faster rate. It also features a hybrid bio deodorizer, flexible door pockets, freezer deodorizer, and other amazing features, making it the best choice for your convenience.


  •  Design
    • Product type: Top freezer
    • Colour: Silver
    • Number of doors: 2 doors
    • Dimension (w x h x d): 60 x 171.5 x 71.7 cm
  •  Capacity
    • Gross capacity: 390L
    • Net capacity: 330L
    • Freezer capacity: 87L
  •  Features
    • Inverter technology: yes
    • Anti Bacteria: yes
    • LED lighting: Yes
    • Warranty: 12 years
    • Energy efficiency: 5 star


  • Larger capacity
  • Hybrid deodorizer 
  • Chiller room compartment for items like meat or fish
  • 12 years warranty
  • 5-star energy efficiency
  • Inverter compressor.


  •   Small capacity for larger families 

#4.  Toshiba GR-AG48MDZ (XK) Black Glass Door 480L Inverter 5 Star Refrigerator

The Toshiba GR-AG48MDZ refrigerator comes with a beautiful tempered glass finish and a dual cooling zone, along with other great features 

The Toshiba GR-AG48MDZ like other Toshiba refrigerators has a very unique and elegant design, it was designed for your convenience. Like the others, it comes with a dual cooling zone, and a LED Hybrid deodorizer. However, it has additional features like its side control panel, multi-purpose utility box, and a much larger capacity of about 480 gross capacity.


  •  Main 
    • Net weight: 75 kg
    • Compressor: Inverter
    • Warranty: 12 years compressor warranty
    • 5-star EE rating: yes
  •  Capacity
    • Gross total: 480
    • Net total: 407
    • Freezer Total: 101
  •  Power supply
    • Voltage (V): 230-240
    • Frequency Hz: 50
  • Dimension (mm)
    • Width: 680
    • Depth: 717
    • Height: 1770
  • General features
    • Cooling system: cool air wrap
    • LED lights: yes
    • Side control panel: yes
    • Utility box: yes 


  •  Larger capacity
  •  Hybrid deodorizer to keep odors away
  • Chiller room compartment for items like meat or fish
  • 12 years warranty
  • 5-star energy efficiency
  • Inverter compressor.
  •  Side Control Panel
  • Multipurpose Utility box
  • Quick Freezing Mode 


  •  Small capacity for larger families 

#5.  Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RF610WE-PMY/GRRF610WEPMY 511L 4 Doors Dual Inverter Fridge

The Toshiba GR-RF610WE-PMY refrigerator offers various energy-saving features such as a dual inverter

This Toshiba GR-RF610WE-PMY Refrigerator is an upgraded version of the smaller Toshiba refrigerators. It comes with the general features of an elegant design, dual cooling system, but it also comes with advanced and unique features like its radar sensor, PT fresh, 360-degree tridimensional surrounding cooling, alloying cooling, Dual inverter for energy efficiency.


  •  Total Volume
    • Gross total: 556L
    • Net total: 511L
    • Freezer: 170L
  •  Dimension (W x D x H): 833 x 648 x 1898 mm
  • Door Material
    • Morandi Dark Grey Steel
    • Dark Blue Glass (2nd step)
  •  Temp display: Exterior digital touch control
  •  Compressor and Fan: Dual Inverter
  •  Basic Features
    • Twin cooling system
    • Twin freshness control
    • Alloy cooling
    • Radar temp sensor
    • 360 tridimensional surrounding cooling
    • LED temp touch control


  • Twin cooling system
  • Twin freshness control
  • Larger capacity
  • Hybrid deodorizer to keep odors away
  • Chiller room compartment for items like meat or fish
  • 12 years warranty
  • 5-star energy efficiency
  • Alloy cooling
  • Radar temp sensor
  • 360 tridimensional surrounding cooling
  • LED temp touch control


  •  Small capacity for larger families 

#6. Toshiba 591L SIDE BY SIDE GR-RS682WE-PM Dual Inverter Refrigerator Fridge With Water Dispenser

The Toshiba GR-RS682WE-PM Dual Inverter refrigerator has several cool features such as child mode and a spill-proof design which makes it great for families with young children

The Toshiba Gr-RS682WE-PM is one of Toshiba’s best refrigerators with a large capacity of 591L. Its interesting features include; a dual inverter, a quick cooling air, cool water dispenser, a smart control with digital panel, spill-proof design and safety glass shelf, child mode and vacation mode, which minimises the way children play with it, holiday mode is favorable for a long vacation to save you energy and still keep your items fresh.


  •  Main
    • Number of doors: 2 doors
    • Weight (kg): 90
    • Colour: Grey Morandi
    • Compressor: dual inverter
  •  Power source
    • Voltage (V): 220-240
    • Frequency Hz: 50
  •  Capacity (liters)
    • Gross capacity: 591
  • Dimension (mm)
    • Width: 895
    • Depth: 745
    • Height: 1788 
  •  General Features
    • Dual cooling zone: Yes
    • Control system: Electronic
    • Touch Panel: Touching Digital Panel


  • Dual Inverter
  • Quick cooling air
  • Cool water dispenser
  • Smart control with digital panel for your convenience
  • Spill proof design and safety glass shelf
  •  Child mode and vacation for safety and to conserve energy


  •  Cost more than the smaller versions
  •  Would take more space

#7. Toshiba GR-AG66MA (GG) Fridge 661L Refrigerator 

The Toshiba GR-AG66MA is with an Ag+ Bio deodoriser to keep odors away and a LED Hybrid Deodoriser to help maintain the aroma and flavor of your food 

This is a beautifully designed refrigerator, one of Toshoba’s best. The GR-AG66MA, has an ultra fresh feature where it keeps your food fresh while retaining the taste and keeping it easy to cut without defrosting. The fridge is also energy saving with its inverter compressor, it features an Ag+ Bio deodoriser to keep odors away and a LED Hybrid Deodoriser, to keep the true flavours of the food, following this is its Auto Ice maker and other amazing features.


  •  Door type: Glass door
  • Ice making system: Auto Ice maker
  • Number of doors: 2 doors
  • Compressor: Inverter
  • Net Capacity: 608L
    • Freezer room: 163L
    • Refrigerator room: 445L
  • Dimension (W x D x H): 803 x 764 x 1848 mm
    • Weight: 96kg 
  •  Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V/ 50Hz
  •  Control system: electronics
  • ULTRA fresh room cooling: Yes
  • DUO Hybrid Deodoriser.
  • Colours available: Class black. Gradiation Blue Green, Premium Gradiation Brown


  •  ULTRA Fresh to keep your food fresh
  • Energy saving with inverter compressor
  •  Ag+ BIO Deodoriser
  • LED Hybrid Deodoriser
  • Auto Ice maker
  • Bigger room to maintain freshness and keep longer.


  •  More expensive than the others

#8. Toshiba RS637WE Inverter Side by Side Fridge Refrigerator

The Toshiba RS637WE Refrigerator comes with PlasmaPure technology which ensures your meals stay as fresh as possible 

The Toshiba RS637WE refrigerator keeps your food fresh and odor-free. This refrigerator comes with a one-touch facility that converts a freezer unit into a mini-fridge to support more groceries. The cool air in the fridge is purified by its innovative technology to reduce bacteria and avoid decay. Additional intelligent features like the 3 System Cooling and PlasmaPure Technology assure safety and hygiene.


  •  Type: Side by side with ice and water dispenser
  •  Gross Capacity: 573L
  •  Net Capacity: 507L
  •  Compressor: Real Inverter
  •   Refrigerant: Eco Friendly (R600a)
  • Colour: Stainless steel finish
  • Ice Maker: Auto Ice Maker
  • Cooling System: Cool Air Wrap
  • Temperature Control: Smart Control Digital
  • Power supply (Voltage (V)/Frequency (Hz): 220-240, 50/60
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Dimension (cm):
    • Width: 89.5
    • Depth: 74.5
    • Height: 178.8


  • 3-in-1 Auto Ice-Maker
  • Bigger room to maintain freshness and keep longer.
  •  Quick Cooling Air
  • Child and Vacation mode
  • Smart Control Digital Panel
  • Eco friendly refrigerant.


  •  More expensive
  •  Not suitable for small spaces


One cannot overemphasize the need for a refrigerator in a household, you can also get one for your office, dormitories, or wherever you deem it needed. The importance of this appliance makes it germane for one to take caution when purchasing a refrigerator and one must look forward to buying a fridge that suits your needs, and also fits into your budget. This review has assisted in highlighting the top 8 Toshiba refrigerators you can buy in Malaysia. It has provided their specifications, the pros of buying it, and cons where necessary so you have an idea of what you are buying. The price for the best budget-friendly Toshiba refrigerator goes to the Toshiba GR-A28MS it comes with wonderful features at cost-effective prices. Looking out for convenience, efficiency, and ease, you should check out the Toshiba RS637WE Inverter Side by Side Fridge Refrigerator.


  • How do you buy a reliable TOSHIBA Refrigerator?

Looking to get a reliable sharp refrigerator you can check out the links in each product in this review or go to a reliable physical/Online store to get your product.

  • What is the benefit of buying a TOSHIBA Refrigerator?

Toshiba brand is a very popular and reliable brand in Malaysia, the Toshiba refrigerators come with general unique features giving you an efficient appliance for your household. 

  • How reliable are TOSHIBA Refrigerators?

Toshiba refrigerators have proven to be durable and effective; several years of usage and tests have confirmed their reliability. They also come with warranties on each product.

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