TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker Review

Tefal home chef smart multicooker. Source Tefal.com

Getting a good pressure cooker should not be challenging any longer because I present the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker. The TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker is one of the best pressure cooker Malaysia.

It has features that distinguish it from other pressure cookers. Just like other pressure cookers, it has LED screen displays and an outstanding control system for easy control of the pressure cooker.

With the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker, you can cook varieties of foods conveniently and neatly as it has a non-sticking inner pot that allows easy washing. Coupled with the sticking pot, the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker has removable parts and they are dishwasher safe.

TeFal Home Chef Smart Multi-Cooker Even has 12 safety security measures in place to ensure maximum safety of its users. Although not for children, this pressure cooker has a 6L capacity inner pot that creates a large capacity for large families too.


  • It has a 6L inner pot capacity.
  • It has a voltage capacity of 1000W.
  • It has 15 + 2 cooking programs.
  • An LED screen display.
  • A safe pressure release button


  • Its inner pot capacity is not more than 6L.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pressure Cooker

Tefal Smart Multicooker is the perfect ideal pressure cooker for every home. It has solved most problems other pressure cookers could not solve. With The Tefal Smart Multicooker, countless recipes can be perfectly and swiftly cooked for the whole family.

It is 80% faster and versatile with 15 pre-set programs and 2 special functions which includes, adjustable cooking time and adjustable temperature.

It is easy to use with large cooking capacity, it is also convenient with a safe pressure-release button to avoid contact with steam.Thus, the ideal customers for this product category are adults. The Tefal Smart Multicooker is not suitable for children.

As a newbie, here are few things to consider before buying the best cheap pressure cooker and why Tefal Multi cooker is impeccable.


Checking for the best brands also apply to pressure cookers. It is vital to note that these brands vary in functions, Tefal Smart multicooker offers:

  • Slow cook functions.
  • Sauce thickening.
  • 6 Litres cooking pot.
  • Accessories such as: measuring cup, rice, spatula, soup spoon and steam trivet
  • Dishwasher safe

And many more.

The Tefal Smart Multicooker is produced by a brand that has had 10 years of quality product services. So when it comes to buying a pressure cooker, why not buy one with a good reputation among others.


Some brands do not offer better features but are expensive. These brands most times sell their names without quality products.

On the other hand, some brands offer quality products at very adorable rates. They are more concerned about providing quality services. An example is the Tefal Smart Multicooker.

The Tefal Smart Multicooker offers quality products at very affordable prices. Try the affordable Tefal multi cooker with lots of quality and superb features.


Some pressure cookers have less features while others have higher-quality features. Some of the features offered by Tefal multi cooker as mentioned above are the kind that one should look out for.


Always check for the design when purchasing a pressure cooker. Designs are important as they offer you classy looks in your kitchen. Part of the design will include the LED screen display and the shape of the pressure cooker. All of these will contribute to the function of the pressure cooker too.


A good pressure cooker should function effectively like Tefal multi cooker. The Tefal Smart Multicooker functions include cooking functions, baking functions and thickening functions.


Pressure cookers have distinct warranty periods. Unlike other pressure cookers that offer a 1 year warranty,theTefal Multi cooker offers a longer warranty of two years which is the best.

Specification of the Tefal Smart Multicook

The specification of different brands of pressure cookers vary according to quality, making and design, hence, some have low quality and through their specifications, one can easily figure out. Thus, looking at Tefal Smart Multicooker product specification, it is without doubt that it is one of the best and most affordable brands of pressure cookers.

The product specification is produced in the table below to show the high quality and other amazing features Tefal Smart Multicook possesses.





Capacity bowl



147.03 USD


Non-stick inner bowl to avoid sticking.

Protection systems

12 Safety protection features.

Cooking time

Slow cook low for up to 8 hours and slow cook high for up to 6 hours.


Slow cook low, slow cook high, adjustable temperature, adjustable time, steam, brown, simmer, multicooking, saute/sear, sous vide, bake, sauce thickening, DIY, induction heating, automatic pressure release, pressure cook, keep warm and reheat.

Screen display





2 years warranty

Bowl thickness

1.5 mm

Cooking programs


Features and Benefits

There are several benefits that the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker offers you asides pressure cooking alone. Here, we shall discuss all the features of the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker and how they benefit you.

Size of pot

In choosing the best pressure cookers Malaysia, choosing one with a large pit capacity is very essential. The TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker has an inner pot capacity of 6L which is able to cook food for a large number of people.

Inside the inner pot, there is a measuring line you can use to measure the amount of food and water you want to prepare. For foods that expand, I will not advise you to fill the inner pot to the peak of the measuring line, you may just have an overflow afterwards.

Here is what to do, ensure the food and water quantity is just half the pot’s capacity. This way, even if there will be an expansion of the food inside the cooker, there will be space available for the expansion.

Besides the cooking size capacity, the pot is non-sticking making it easy to wash. To wash the inner pot you can just use warm water, detergent and a soft cloth.

A 6L size non-sticking pot of a TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker. Source: Tefal
A 6L size non-sticking pot of a TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker. Source: Tefal

Control pad

The best pressure cookers Malaysia have easy-to-use control panels and the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker is not any different. To use this pressure cooker, there are control buttons that allow you to control cooking cycles and switch among cooking cycles.

Also, it has an LED display screen that displays the modes of the cooking cycle and the time of the body cooking cycle. With this, you can easily monitor the cooking procedures.

Here are some of the control buttons on a TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker

It has an LCD display screen that shows the cooking time. Source Winning appliances

The start button

Besides plugging your pressure cooker, there is a start button on it that starts all cooking procedures on the cooker. You even start the main pressure cooker itself too.

The start button is the most important button of all these buttons as it is necessary to start all other buttons too. The start button can be written as “manual button” or “pressure cook” depending on the version of the pressure cooker.

+/_ Button

Next, I have the increase or decrease button. You can create the cooking time, pressure and temperature with this button. You can even use it to change cooking Modes if you want to. This button is the second most important button on the pressure cooker.

Keep Warm and Cancel

When the pressure cooker completes a cycle, automatically the pressure cooker enters the keep warm function. The keep-warm function allows it to keep your food warm till you are ready to eat. What if you are not cooking?

You can preserve your food in the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker and press the keep-warm button. On pressing this, the pressure cooker will warm up the food without boiling as it has a regulator to ensure proper warming. However, you have to press the start button before the pressure cooker can enter into the keep-warm mode.

The cancel button performs a different function from the keep-warm button. By pressing the cancel button, you can cancel any on-going process in the pressure cooker.

Adjust button

The adjust button functions like the +/_ Button. Unlike the +/_ button, the adjust button is solely for switching between cooking Modes, temperature and pressures.

Pressure button

Finally, the pressure button. The pressure button is most labelled as “pressure level” in some versions of pressure cookers. You can easily switch between pressure as you cook with a press on the start button.


The keep-warm function is one that automatically comes on when a TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker completes a cycle. The function is to keep your food warm till you are ready to eat. For me, I use this feature the most because I love to eat my hot.

With a press on the keep-warm button and a start button, the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker switches to a keep-warm function. With the keep warm function, you are sure that you won’t eat cold and clogged foods.

Its incredible feature of keeping food warm. Source : Myer

Preset Time

Sometimes I arrive home late from work looking all tired, I have to cook, this has been my saving grace. This function allows me to set the time to when I want the cooking cycle to start. Most times, I set it to an hour before my arrival.

This is how the preset time feature works. You can set the time you want your cooking cycle to start by pressing the timer button and adjust the time with the +/_ button. After doing this, you can press the start button, this will automatically start the cooking cycle once the pre-set time has elapsed. However, you should know that the maximum pre-set time is 24 hours.

Preset your cooking time and it will automatically begin cooking when the time elapses. Source cookraze

Progression Indicator

Most people prefer to monitor their cooking cycle as it proceeds. I do the same too. The TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker has self-regulatory designs that control the cooking process, but this is not enough for some.

To allow you to monitor your cooking cycles, the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker has LED screen displays that show you the temperature, pressure, and time remaining to finish a cooking cycle. Not only this, it has floating valves that indicate the amount of pressure inside the cooker.

The floating valve which is most times red pops up when the pressure in the cooker is high and comes down when the pressure in the cooker is moderate or low. Both the LED and floating valve serve as indicators for pressure, temperature and cooking cycles.

Monitor tour cooking easily with the progressive indicator. Currys

Child lock

The child lock mode is one of the security measures to prevent kids from endangering themselves. This feature allows the lid to close firmly to the pressure cooker while cooking and will not open except when you exit the mode.

To switch on the child lock feature, press the pre-set time button for three seconds and do the same when you want to exit the child lock functions. Easy, isn’t it?

Pressure setting

Some parts of the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining pressure in the cooker. They are the floating valve, pressure regulator and pressure and adjust button.

Before you start cooking, turn your pressure regulator to “seal” on the cooker’s lid, close the cooker, and press the start button. Oftentimes I advise people to always allow for natural pressure release before opening the lid.

Before I open the lid, I press the natural pressure release button to release the pressure. To open the lid, I do not put my face directly to the pot on opening, instead, I use a long pot spoon to prevent steam from coming in contact with my face or hand.

Moving on, you can set the pressure by pressing the pressure button and the adjust button to increase or decrease the pressure. It is important to note that the pressure required differs on foods and altitude. Tougher foods may require more pressure to cook.

The pressure release system of a Tefal home Chef Multicooker. Source: cookraze


Slow cook features afford you the luxury of cooking food in your own space. You may need to attend to other things but need to cook at the same time, the slow cook feature on TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker allows you to do both conveniently without burning the food.

To use the slow cook feature, you can pour your food into the pressure cooker then click the slow cook button and then start. You can adjust the pace at which you want the food to slow cook using the adjust button. All of these do the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker offer with just a button push.

You can set the time of the pressure cooker to your own pace. Source: winning appliances

Saute/ sear cook

Not every pressure cooker provides you with the saute cook option, but the best pressure cookers do. The saute/ sear cook functions allow for proper absorption of flavouring into your food.

For instance, when you want to saute some chunks of meat, you should put them in the pot first, allow it to cook under for some minutes then open the lid and pour your spices.

Having done this, you can press the saute button and your mode is switched on. However, it is important to know that when you saute, you should always switch off the saute function before opening the lid.

saute/ sear cook functions allow for proper absorption of flavouring into your food. Source: Goodguys

Direct functions

All the features of a TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker can be controlled on the LED screen display. Its functions are direct and easy to use.

They are all designed in buttons just on the exterior surface. It even has display screen so you can monitor your cooking cycles alongside.

With the easy to understand instructions you can cook meals conveniently. Source: Currys


The TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker is one of the best pressure cookers in Malaysia. As the best electric cooker in Malaysia, it comes with a two year manufacturer warranty.


There are other alternatives to using the Tefal Smart Multicooker. Some are more expensive while others can be less expensive. If you will not be getting a TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker, here are some alternatives that you can try out.

Philips Premium Multicooker HD2146

The Philips Premium Multicooker is one that is high in demand in the pressure cooker market. It has a 6L inner pot capacity like every other pressure cooker that is able to cook food for 10 people.

It has a power capacity of 1000W and a voltage capacity of 230v. All of these are to power the incredible functions of the Philips Premium Multicooker.

Just like every other pressure cooker, the Philips Premium Multicooker is able to perform several functions like slow-cooking, saute and pressure. Also, it can even perform non-pressure cook functions.


  • A 6L capacity non-sticking inner pot.
  • A power capacity of 1000W.
  • Removable parts for proper cleaning.
  • Multi-cook functions.
  • Pre-set time and saute functions.


  • It is more expensive.
  • The keep-warm function can only last for 12 hours.

Cuckoo Multi-functional Cooker

With 40years of providing customers quality service, the Cuckoo Multi-functional Cooker has been able to maintain that streak of quality pressure cookers. It has a touch display screen that shows the temperature, pressure and cooking cycles. With this, you can easily monitor your cooking process.

The Cuckoo Multi-functional Cooker comes with an inner pot with a 1.03L capacity able to prepare food for 6 people. Also, it comes with a 2-year local supplier warranty. With the Cuckoo Multi-functional Cooker, you can cook varieties of food with just a single pressure cooker.


  • It is portable.
  • It has multi-cook functions.
  • 2-year local supplier warranty.
  • Touch screen display to monitor your cooking process.
  • Multi cook functions.


  • A small inner pot capacity of 1.03L.
  • No baking functions.
  • No, saute functions.

Buffalo IH Smart Cooker

The Buffalo IH Smart Cooker is the last alternative pressure cooker we will be reviewing today. It has a 1.8L capacity inner pot that can cook food for a few people. The Buffalo IH Smart Cooker allows you to cook rice and tastier dishes in just a very short while.

It comes with a year-long local manufacturer warranty. It has effective control systems that allow you easy control of the cooker.


  • 1.8L capacity inner pot.
  • One year-long manufacturer warranty.
  • Easy to use control system.
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning.


  • The warranty only covers a year.
  • Inner pot capacity is not suitable for more people.

Final Thoughts

The TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker is among the best pressure cookers in Malaysia. It features incredible control systems like the pressure regulator, floating valve and screen display.

The screen display allows you to monitor the cooking cycle, temperature and pressure. Still, on the screen display, the screen display has features like adjust button, start button, keep warm button and cancel button. All of these are to ensure proper regulation of the TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker.

Finally, when it comes to preparing varieties of food, TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker is the one you should go for. The TeFal Home Chef Smart Multicooker cooks keep warm and thicken soups.

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