Single Oven Vs. Double Oven – What Are The Differences?

What Is An Oven And What Are The Different Types Of Ovens?

Ovens are cooking devices that resemble a hollow box with a door. These allow users to cook food in them whereby the trapped air is maintained at a certain temperature. Different types of foods may be cooked inside an oven using various methods such as roasting, baking, or drying.

The best oven brand in Malaysia should be reliable to provide great cooking results at all times.

How Ovens Work…

Ovens use different types of energy to cook including electricity, gas, or oil. These are converted into heat energy that’s then transferred to food being cooked either by radiation, conduction, and/or convection.

A single oven vs a double oven , side by side Source:
A single oven vs a double oven , side by side Source:

As previously mentioned, the temperatures inside an oven are maintained at the required levels till the cooking is complete.

Different Types Of Ovens

The type that you choose depends on several factors such as the type of meals you’ll be preparing regularly, the size of your family, as well as your kitchen appliance space.

The two main types of ovens are the single oven and the double oven. Basically, the difference between them is that the first is one larger oven and the second refers to two separate ovens. Both options are very practical and convenient depending on your needs. Generally, the double ovens have more overall space than single ovens but each oven is smaller.

These can then be categorized differently depending on their source of energy, operation efficiency, construction material, and maintenance needs.

Differences Between Double Oven Vs Single Oven

Are you feeling unsure about which one to get between a single oven vs double oven? We’ll give a brief definition of both to help you make an informed decision. You need to know the difference between a single and double oven before you rush out to go and buy.

What Is A Double Oven?

A double oven comes with two different compartments that allow you the opportunity to cook two different meals at different temperatures, and at the same time.

These ovens give you more flexibility and are a lifesaver when there’s lots of cooking being done especially during the holidays.

A double range oven Source: HappyAppliances
A double range oven Source: HappyAppliances

What Is A Single Oven?

A single oven has one large cooking cavity but offers a wide range of cooking programs to choose from. In the oven’s single cooking cavity, there is ample space and multiple shelves for bulk cooking.

Single ovens eliminate the need to heat two ovens.

A single range oven Source: ElekDirect
A single range oven Source: ElekDirect

Double Over Vs Single Oven: The Features

Are you looking to add an oven into your kitchen to expand your cooking capabilities? A double oven and a single oven are both great ways of enhancing your cooking capacity, allowing you to cook different meals at once. But how do you tell which one of these two is right for you, your family, and your kitchen?

Here are some of the differences you should consider before settling between a single oven and a double oven:

1. Price Range

Your budget is one of the biggest determinants of the type of oven that you’ll buy.

Double range ovens cost more than single range ovens and they are worth the money because of the cooking convenience that they bring.

Generally, ovens cost anywhere between $400 and $15,000 but you don’t have to run broke to get a great oven. If you’re looking for an oven with the best performance and some of the handiest features, you should be willing to part with around $1,500 to $2,000.

Ovens can be costly depending on brand, style, and performance           Source:
Ovens can be costly depending on brand, style, and performance           Source:

Cheaper models tend to look (and most probably are) less substantial. The more you spend on an oven the more improvements you should expect in terms of performance, durability, and appearance. However, it gets to a point of diminishing returns – so don’t go overboard.

2. Size

In addition to your budget, there are other considerations that you need to make and the oven’s capacity is at the top of that list. Regular double range ovens measure around 70cm in height while regular single range ovens measure about 60cm high.

Oven sizes represent the capacity which is indicated in liters. Overall, the larger the capacity, the larger the cooking space. Smaller ovens are ideal for smaller families and are more appropriate for smaller homes. Bigger ovens are recommended for larger families.

If you are replacing an old oven with a new one, the easiest thing would be to go for the exact size as the previous one. This will save you the trouble of having to do additional structural work. But if you are starting from scratch, you have to measure the amount of space available for the oven. If the space is limited, it’s highly likely that your size options will be too.

Different oven sizes compared Source:
Different oven sizes compared Source:

Also, remember to always go for a size that will look great in your kitchen and one that looks well-balanced with the rest of your appliances.

3. Efficiency and Functionality

Double ovens are so useful. They give you more flexibility because you can cook at two different temperatures simultaneously. This makes them more efficient and functional as compared to single ovens. Having multiple ovens makes life so much easier for you whether you’re single, have a family, or enjoy hosting people at your home.

Single ovens are more limiting and aren’t as versatile as double ovens. If you like to experiment, buy an oven that comes with different functions.

A high-energy efficient range ovenSource:
A high-energy efficient range ovenSource:

Prices are a huge indicator of performance. Pricier ovens provide better efficiency and functionality – to a point. What we mean is that a cheaper oven doesn’t limit an experienced chef the same way you shouldn’t expect that an expensive and highly-functional oven will turn you into a gourmet chef overnight.

4. Durability

Like any other appliance, ovens come in many different forms and as is quite obvious, not all brands are created equal. Higher-end ovens, no doubt, are of higher quality.

If you are in search of an oven that will keep on cooking for many years to come, you should ensure that it’s from a well-known, established, successful, and reliable brand. These often come with robust warranty programs that speak their confidence in the durability of the product.

A durable oven with a stainless steel finish Source:
A durable oven with a stainless steel finish Source:

When you’re looking for a specific model, you should read up some reviews to see what other customers have to say. It makes no (financial) sense to invest in an oven that will only perform for the first year and start developing problems later.

5. Storage

You will have to compromise on some storage cabinets when installing your oven. But you can always have the drawers installed on another side of the kitchen so it’s totally worth it. The installation of both the double oven and single oven is quite straightforward as they’re designed to fit right in between your kitchen cabinets. All you need to do is slot it in and plug it. Remember to check with the manufacturer to see whether or not you should plug it directly into a wall socket. Some ovens are just too powerful.

A stand-alone oven that fits perfectly into the cabinets   Source:
A stand-alone oven that fits perfectly into the cabinets   Source:

Consider the amount of available space that you have and want to devote to your oven. If the space is limited, then your oven options are most likely limited too. On the other hand, if you have lots of storage space to spare, go for an oven that fits in best.

Ensure that the surrounding space allows you to fully open the oven door.

6. Construction Material

Pro-style double and single ovens feature solid stainless steel construction with beautiful designs. Stainless steel, nowadays, is considered a timeless addition to today’s modern kitchen. Solid models offer lovely finishes without compromising performance. Statement finished of custom colors like red or black stainless steel are quickly gaining popularity.

Is it really worth taking the plunge on a double wall oven? Absolutely! This top-tier range is sturdy and you can rest assured that it’ll give you years of service. Manufacturers are now infusing hue deep into the steel to make the ovens more scratch-resistant so they remain beautiful for longer.

Classic red finish that’s bound to last a lifetimeSource:
Classic red finish that’s bound to last a lifetimeSource:

The construction material also determines the oven’s appearance and design. Don’t forget that the visual appeal that a pretty oven adds to your oven is extremely important.

7. Maintenance And Ease Of Cleaning

So many people are guilty of not paying enough attention to the oven’s interior as much as they do the exterior. Keep your oven clean as you go to avoid a greasy oven interior which will eventually require laborious scrubbing. Do this by regularly wiping down the interior and the glass just after you’re done cooking before the food solidifies and gets burnt on during the next cooking session. If the burnt food is left to build up, it absorbs the heat and this makes the oven less efficient. With the right tools and techniques, cleaning your oven becomes an effortless task.

Give your oven some shimmer and shine with regular cleaning Source: livingsocial

If you can afford it, invest in a self-cleaning model. This will make work so much easier for you as it eliminates the need to clean at all. How this eco-friendly clean setting works is that it heats the internal cavity to about 400 degrees to incinerate and loosen the grease, allowing you to wipe it away easily.

The most common options that you’ll find on both the double oven and single oven are the:

   i.     Pyrolytic

ii.     Catalytic

   iii.     Easy-clean enamel

8. Other Unique Features

Certain accessories that come with ovens simplify the way that we use our ovens. There are some unique accessories that you should look out for depending on your cooking preferences, aesthetic tastes, and demand for easy maintenance. Some of these accessories that facilitate convenience include:

   i.     Gliding rack system – sliding racks enable easy loading and can be removed to make room for tall dishes

ii.     Timer – this reminds you when the time is up

   iii.     Temperature probe – this lets you set the desired temperature

   iv.     Wi-Fi connectivity – this allows you to control your oven from your smartphone

  v.     LED touch display – this allows you to control your cooking setting while maintaining the sleekness of your oven

A highly functional double oven Source:

Which One Should You Get Between A Double Or Single Oven?

This is one of the most common questions that sellers get. What type of oven should I buy? Which is the better option between a single oven and a double oven? Is two better than one? Is less equal to more? As you can see, there are so many things that you need to put into consideration such as:

   i.     The capacity

The standard capacities that you have to choose from are usually 24,27, or 30 inches wide but you can find ovens that are as wide as 36 inches. In case you are wondering, a full sheet pan cannot fit in a standard oven. Most standard ovens measure 22 inches wide inside so they fit a half sheet (13 by 18 inches) at best.

Keep in mind that the interior of the oven is smaller than a standard cooker by about 2 cubic feet. The capacity of a standard cooker is approximately 5 cubic feet while that of a range oven is roughly 3 cubic feet. If you usually cook for about one or two people,  a 3-cubic feet oven should be okay. If you cook for more people you should probably go for a 5-cubic feet oven or bigger.

Family meal preparation using a single range oven Source:

ii.     The price

At the end of the day, your budget is a huge determinant of the type of oven that you get. So you need to work around that as this will help keep you on budget. As you might expect, the cost depends on the manufacturer, model, style, size, etc. but generally, double ovens cost more than single ovens.

If you want a stainless steel finish or lots of other additional features, the oven continues to get pricier.

   iii.     The cooking functions and styles

What type of cooking do you anticipate to do with the oven? Are you a baker? Do you enjoy your meat roasted? The answers to these questions will influence your decision-making process.

Apart from cooking and baking, ovens may also be used to keep food warm, defrost food, warm leftovers, or proof bread dough.

Bake, roast, or grill – ovens are multifunctional Source:

   iv.     The cooking time

The amount of heat that the oven can give off determines how much time the food will take to get ready. The cooking temperatures vary depending on the oven’s cooking capability.

Also if you have a double oven, you can prepare different dishes that require different temperatures simultaneously and this will cut your cooking time.

  v.     The convenience

Modern ovens such as the best oven brand in Malaysia come with advanced features like the self-cleaning function, detailed temperature probes that alert you when the food is ready, and locking doors depending on the manufacturer or model that you choose.

Think about the features you need and the convenience they’ll bring before making a purchase. This will prevent you from paying for extras that don’t add any convenience to the cooking.

An oven panel with timer         Source:

What are the advantages of a double oven?

Double ovens come with numerous advantages over single ovens but before you get mesmerized by all the pros, you should keep in mind that they don’t come cheap. So if you’re working on a very tight budget, then the double oven isn’t a viable option for you. But on the brighter side, you get your money’s worth for every penny that you pay.


Well, it’s quite obvious that you’ll get lots of ample cooking space upon purchasing a double oven. These ovens have plenty of space to cook big meals.

Different cooking modes

You also get to cook different dishes at different temperatures, simultaneously. With single ovens, you would have to cook the meals separately especially if they need to cook at different temperatures.

Cooking at different temperatures or functions is logistically impossible in a single oven.

Different cooking modes on an oven panel Source: 

Energy efficient

The double oven takes a shorter time to preheat because the cavity space is smaller. This makes it great for those nights when you’re in a rush to get dinner ready because you don’t have to wait very long for the oven to warm. Unless you are cooking large quantities of food, it can seem like a waste of time and energy waiting for a large singular cavity to reach the desired temperature.

The temperatures can also be controlled evenly. The upper and lower parts of the oven give off an even distribution of heat. What this means is that if you have two separate dishes in the double oven, the top one won’t get more heat than the bottom one because there’s even distribution of heat. As a result, dishes don’t get burned easily.

Other advantages

   i.     Double ovens offer more cooking options than a single

ii.     There’s no cross-contamination of food types or odors

   iii.     A smaller space to clean. You can always use the same oven for everyday cooking and only use the second one when you need more cooking space.

 A top brand oven Source: DIYmommy

Our Best Pick – The Electrolux 72L Built-in Oven with Grill Function

Ovens have become a staple in every modern kitchen. To help you get the most out of your investment, we put several ovens through a series of trials to find out how they perform when used in the kitchen for roasting, grilling, baking, etc. We also tested their temperature accuracy.

Apart from its streamlined look, the Electrolux 72L Built-in Oven with Grill Function also offers several other advantages including:

   i.     Offering room for multiple dishes

ii.     Evenly distributed heat that ensures the food is cooked well

If you’re looking to save money with class A energy efficiency, the Electrolux 72L Built-in Oven with Grill Function is definitely your go-to appliance. We promise that you’re going to fall in love with the smooth enamel interior that makes cleaning a walk in the park.

Impress your friends and family with tastier meals thanks to the Electrolux Source: TolayOnline

At first glance, this grill boasts minimalist elegance. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel is very aesthetically pleasing. The large view window together with the interior light system makes it very easy for you to see the food while it cooks.

The Electrolux 72L Built-in Oven with Grill Function is versatile and comes with plenty of features. We were impressed by how accurate the oven’s thermostat is. We were also impressed by how evenly the meals cook.


When you’re remodeling your kitchen, you need to choose between a single oven vs double oven. There are plenty of aspects that you need to look at when buying an oven such as the brand/model, your budget, the capacity that you need, the available features, and, of course, the efficiency among other things. Before buying an oven, you should also think about how it’ll be used and what it’ll be used for.

We hope that this and other double oven reviews will walk you through the process of deciding between a double oven and a single oven. By reading through this piece, you’re guaranteed of many years of cooking enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which one do I need? A double oven or a single oven?

The type of oven that you choose depends on several factors. Here’s a summary of what you should put into consideration:

Get a double oven if…

If you enjoy cooking and you have a large family or you enjoy entertaining guests, then you should get a double oven. Purchasing a double oven enables you to save time by cooking multiple meals at once but at different temperatures. The best part about this is that the aromas of the two dishes don’t mix.

Get a single oven if…

On the other hand, if you prefer a minimalistic look and don’t have that many people to cook for or different recipes to prepare, then the single oven would do just fine. Single ovens are a great choice if the space is tight.

2. Are double ovens better than single ovens?

Yes, double ovens are a better choice if you are looking for extra oven space. Double ovens are not only roomier than single ovens but they also add extra cooking convenience to a kitchen. Even though the double oven ranges offer more overall space, each oven is smaller but most of the time this doesn’t matter.

Keep in mind that single-oven ranges can also be divided into two compartments to allow for different temperatures.

3. Will a double oven fit in a single oven space?

Yes, since there’s not much difference in terms of space occupied. Double ovens can fit anywhere that a single oven range fits. This means no renovation or redesign is necessary.

If you initially had a single oven and it stops being the best solution for you, you can replace it with a double oven and it’ll fit in the same spot.

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