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Best Samsung Fridge in Malaysia to buy

Have you ever wondered why you need a refrigerator in your kitchen? Well, a refrigerator or a fridge as others call it is an important piece of equipment in keeping food safe. You will realize the importance of a fridge when the power goes off and your food’s safety is compromised.

With the fridge, bacterial generation in the food will be decreased, your food will remain fresh, and at the same time, you will prevent possible illnesses caused by bacteria that grow in food. Now you might be wondering which the best Samsung Fridge Malaysia is. Worry not because we present Samsung fridge Malaysia review to help you decide on the best refrigerator to buy.

When buying the best refrigerator Malaysia, you need to consider some factors, and all the factors are listed in the article. Read to the last sentence to discover more!

Value Section for the best Samsung Refrigerator in Malaysia

Buying a refrigerator is a major household decision. It is a lifesaver when it comes to eating healthy and fresh food and preserving your food. The moment you check into an online store, you will encounter endless decision points from sizes and configuration features among others. Nevertheless, this is the time to help you make that decision.

What types of Samsung refrigerators are there on the market?

There are different types of Samsung refrigerators in the market. In this section, we will highlight the different types, their pros, and cons.

Single Door

This is a perfect Samsung refrigerator for bachelors in Malaysia or a family with up to four members living together. Just as the name suggests, the single-door fridge has one door, small in size, and consumes less energy. It is the Best mini fridge Malaysia.

Single Door Fridge


  • Perfect for a small family
  • Consumes less power compared to bigger fridges
  • Easy to clean
  • Occupies little floor space


  • Has smaller refrigerator capacity hence not fit for larger families
  • Comes with direct cool technology
  • Smaller shelves so bigger bottles of beverages cannot fit
  • There is only one door so to open the freezer you must open the main door then the freezer

 Top Freezer Fridge (2 doors)

A top freezer (2 doors) can work well with those who are cost-conscious but need larger storage capacity than the single door fridge. With this type of Samsung fridge, the freezer is located above the refrigerator at eye-level. It offers better organization with a sizable shelf, freezer drawer, and other compartments for ice makers.

Top Freezer Fridge (2 doors)


  • Both the freezer and the refrigerator has a door in different compartments
  • Excellent organization compare to a single door
  • Generally more affordable
  • Saves energy
  • Freezer at eye level


  • No pull-out drawer option
  • More expensive compared to the single door refrigerator

Bottom Freezer Fridge (2 doors)

This is the opposite of Top Freezer Fridge in terms of design. The freezer is down and the refrigerator is above.  The freezer is located next to the compressor and this means that the coldest and the hottest part are in close proximity. This translates that the compressor has to work harder and hence, uses more energy to keep the freezer at the required temperatures.

Bottom Freezer Fridge (2 doors)


  • The refrigerator is at eye level
  • Excellent storage and organization options
  • Has standard energy-efficient ratings


  • Consumes more power because of the proximity of compressor and freezer
  • Expensive compared to Top Freezer Fridge due to its design
  • Often fever in the market hence hard to find

Side-by-Side Fridge

If you have a wider kitchen space in Malaysia and you want to buy a fridge, the Side-by-Side Fridge is the perfect fit. It features two separate compartments each having a door. One side of the fridge is the freezer while the other is the refrigerator for fresh food.  It has a wider space hence allows you to arrange your items with ease.

Side-by-Side Fridge


  • Excellent organization and easy access to food
  • Has larger space than other units
  • Offers more freezer shelf space compared to other units
  • Some models have a water and ice dispenser at the freezer door
  • It is trendy


  • More expensive
  • Larger in size
  • Less ideal for narrow kitchen

French Door

This is the most complicated and advanced refrigerator in Malaysia. French Door Fridge is advanced because it combines both Side-by-Side Fridge and Bottom Freezer Fridge. You’ve got two refrigerator doors at the top and another two-fold freezer compartment below. By design, one part of the upper door is a refrigerator and another is a freezer. It also has a water and ice dispenser at the freezer door. New models have included a Wi-Fi connection.

French Door Fridge


  • Provides larger space for item storage with easy access
  • Serves larger families compared to other units
  • Offers more freezer shelf space compared to other units
  • It is trendy
  • Has Wi-Fi connection interfaces


  • More expensive than other units
  • Requires large space

Things to Check before Buying a Fridge

Buying a fridge should not be an impromptu decision. It’s a major decision that should consider several factors. There are many styles, sizes, and models in the market. Whether you have a small family, a big family, or requires a modern and trendy fridge, there are dozens of Samsung Fridges in Malaysia calling your name. Here are 10 factors you should consider before buying a Samsung Fridge in Malaysia.

Energy Efficiency

Fridges have a bright yellow Energy Guide label which shows how much energy they consume. At the same time, you should check for an ENERGY STAR sticker to prove that the fridge you are about the buy has passed energy-efficient guidelines.

Besides the Energy Guide label and the ENERGY STAR sticker, you should consider the placement of the freezer. When assessing energy efficiency between Top Freezer Fridge, Bottom Freezer Fridge, Side-by-Side Fridge, and French Door, we look at the position of the freezer and yes, it does matter how much energy you will be consuming.

The most energy-efficient Samsung refrigerator in Malaysia is a top-mount freezer. With the bottom mount freezer, there is close proximity between the freezer and the compressor. Ideally, the hottest part of the fridge is close to the coldest part hence, the compressor has to work harder to keep the freezer at the required temps. So think about the location of the freezer when making the purchase decision.


All other features in the fridge might mean nothing if it doesn’t fit your needs. For bachelors or a family of up to 3, you can consider a 150 to 250-litre refrigerator. For 3-5 people in a household, a 250 to 500-liter one would suffice. For a family of four comprising two adults and two children, you can go for between 250 to 350-liter capacity fridge.

Cooling Technology

When buying a refrigerator, it is important to consider the cooling technology used. This means investing in a unit that suits your cooling needs in the kitchen. Cooling technology has undergone significant improvement over the last years. There are four main options to consider.

Mechanical-Compression Cooling Technology

This cooling technology transfers heat by mechanically compressing refrigerant to low-pressure, cold liquid then finally expanding it to high pressure, hot gas. Refrigerant is a substance that facilitates heat cycle movement from one area of the fridge to another. Just like all liquids, the refrigerant absorbs heat into a gas then releases it when condensed back to liquid.

Absorption Refrigeration

In this system, heat is also transferred by compression and expansion of the refrigerant.  This system relies on the process of absorption and heat, rather than an electrically powered mechanical compressor, to move the refrigerants from the low-pressure to the high-pressure side.

Evaporative Cooling

Unlike the mechanical-compression and absorption refrigeration technology, evaporative technology doesn’t embrace the traditional refrigeration cycle. Rather, these types of refrigerators cool warmer outdoor air by passing it over water-soaked pads to achieve the cooling effect. Water absorbs the heat from the air and evaporates. Cooled air is directed into the fridge as the warm air is expelled.

This type of fridge can work best in dry climates. They are less costly to install and are more energy-efficient compared to other refrigeration units.

Thermoelectric Refrigeration

This is a unique cooling technology and different from all other three variants because it doesn’t use water or refrigerant. It used an electric current and thermocouple. This refrigeration system is often used in small cooling loads that can be difficult to access like electronic systems.

 Price Factors

Price is an important factor when buying a fridge in Malaysia. There are a variety of Samsung Fridge in the Malaysian market which can be found for as little as RM 650 for a single door fridge and going up to RM 8,500+ for the most advanced models and types. You should check and order according to your budget range.

But when it comes to the difference in quality and size, those two priced units have significant differences. More money will get you more qualities in terms of size and technology used. Cheap appliances come with minimal space while expensive types come with enough space and compartments.


Considering that buying a fridge is a serious matter, you should factor in a warranty. When you make a purchase for instance a Side-by-Side Fridge, you want to make sure that it serves your needs for a long time. You don’t want to buy it then after some months, it is broken and there is nothing you can do but buy another unit or spend a lot of money repairing it. This is where a warranty comes in.

A good warranty can save the hustle of looking for someone to repair it. Samsung Malaysia has generous warranty coverage and a proper life span. They don’t need service very often and have replaceable parts.  

Freezer Space

By default, most fridge models come with a larger refrigerator compared to the freezer compartment which is often smaller in size. When making a purchase decision, consider looking for a fridge with a relatively larger freezer section compared to other units.

Finishing of the Materials

Sometimes you might think stainless steel is the only option design when it comes to finishing. But there are many options including black stainless steel, white, among other colors. You should consider all these options and choose what fits your kitchen theme. All these material finishing have a look of quality with different price ranges.

Features (such as power saving, adjustable shelves, door alarm)

There are additional features that you can check including power-saving, adjustable shelves, and door alarm when making a purchase decision. Even though these features do not affect the functionality, they are auxiliary factors that can be used to buy Samsung Fridge Malaysia.  The adjustable shelves will give you flexibility when it comes to storage and eases cleaning. Adjustable shelves in the fresh food section are easy to handle and create more storage space.

 The door alarm helps keep the food is preserved. When the door is left open for more than 3 minutes, the alarm will sound for you to close and achieve optimum food preservation.

Read the Reviews

Before deciding to buy a fridge, consider checking reviews from previous customers who have used them. The good thing with reviews is that it boosts confidence with a product and enhances purchase decisions. Reviews not only can influence customer’s purchase decisions but can also enhance Samsung fridge credibility.

Choose the Delivery Wisely

Best refrigerator Malaysia has delivery services. In most cases, appliance damage does not occur at the factory but during delivery. This calls for the need to wisely choose the delivery option. Assess the options available. Some online stores offer free delivery services while others provide delivery services at a cost. After delivery, inspect the fridge before giving your signature. We advise you to buy from stores in Malaysia that offer free delivery.

The following are our best Samsung Fridge Malaysia

  1. Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator 450L Digital Inverter Fridge RT35K5562SL
Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator 450L refrigerator


  • Gross Capacity: 450L
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • 10 Years Compressor Warranty (On-Site Service)
  • Twin Cooling Plus

Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator 450L refrigerator can be a perfect fit for a family of 3-5 people. It has a Twin Cooling Plus feature that helps create a conducive environment for preserving fresh food with up to 70 percent humidity. This helps keep ingredients fresh for a longer time without drying. Twin Cooling Plus also cools the compartments separately thereby preventing unexpected odors from spreading from the refrigerator to the freezer.

Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator 450L also has a digital inverter that automatically adjusts the speed of the compressor to cooling demands. In the process, less energy is used, with minimum sound, and minimized wear and tear.

      2.   Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator 220L Digital Inverter Fridge RT20FARVDSA

Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator 220L


  • Gross Capacity: 220L
  • Deodorizer Filter
  • Big Guard (Deeper Shelves on Fridge Door)
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Moist Fresh Zone

This refrigerator can support up to 3 people living in a single household. It has big shelves convenient for storing milk containers and juices in the door, along with another row of beverage cans. There is also a deodorizing filter made of Activated Carbon. This filter helps eliminate bad smells and hence, helps keep the air inside fresh for a longer time.

There is also a moist fresh zone perfect for fruits and veges. This is a smartly dressed compartment with a tight seal to prevent moisture from escaping when humidity decreases. There is also a vent to release excess moisture when the humidity levels increases. So this model has more advanced technology compared to the traditional refrigerator units in Malaysia.

3.   Samsung 500L 2 Door Refrigerator (RT38K501JS8)

Samsung 500L 2 Door Refrigerator


  • Gross Capacity: 500L
  • All-around Cooling Technology
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Refrigerant: R-600a
  • Smart Conversion
  • Clearly see what is inside

Samsung 500L 2 Door Refrigerator (RT38K501JS8) has a Digital Inverter Technology which helps control the compressor speed at 7 different levels. This helps with energy consumption, reduced noise, and reduced wear and tear of the fridge. There is also LED lighting that illuminates all corners of the fridge for better visibility. The cooling technology used help ensure there is an equal distribution of cool air in the fridge.

4.   Samsung 2 Door 410L Digital Inverter Refrigerator RT32K5552SL

Samsung 2 Door 410L
Samsung 2 Door 410L


  • Gross Capacity: 410l
  • Twin Cooling Plus™
  • Smart Conversion
  • Digital Inverter Technology (DIT)

Samsung 2 Door 410L Digital Inverter Refrigerator RT32K5552SL has a capacity of 410 Litres and can fit the needs of 5 people. The Twin Cooling Plus™ helps create a conducive environment for food with up to 70 percent humidity. As a result, the ingredients are kept fresh for longer without drying. Smart conversion helps provide flexible storage by converting the freezer to a refrigerator.  

5.   Samsung (RT43K6271SL/ME) 2 DOOR 520L

Samsung (RT43K6271SL/ME) 2 DOOR 520L


  • Gross Capacity: 520l
  • Moisture-Full Freshness all over the fridge
  • 5 Conversion Modes on demand
  • Spacious
  • Double door

Samsung (RT43K6271SL/ME) 2 DOOR 520L has a capacity of 520 liters and a double door top freezer. The moisture-full freshness helps realize a deliciously tasty and odor-free frozen food. There are 5 conversion modes that can be used to convert storage from the freezer into a fridge during different seasons and special occasions. It can also convert to “off” to help conserve energy.

6.   Samsung (RS62T5F01B4) 660L 2 Doors Side by Side with Family Hub Digital Inverter Refrigerator

Samsung (RS62T5F01B4) 660L 2 Doors Side by Side


  • Gross Capacity: 660l
  • Side-by-Side Doors
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • SpaceMax Technology™
  • Built-in Look
  • Family Hub
  • View Inside
  • Internet
  • Bluetooth call
  • Recipes & Meal Planner

Samsung (RS62T5F01B4) 660L 2 Doors Side by Side is one of the most advanced and expensive fridges in Malaysia with numerous specifications as listed above. The “family hub” for instance helps provide a fun method for sharing messages, photos, and schedules between family members. The Bluetooth call feature makes it easy to receive and make calls while cooking without holding your smartphone. The SpaceMax Technology™ helps increase the space without changing the physical dimension or alter the energy efficiency. So there is more on offer with this Samsung Fridge and if you buy it, you will have a lot of features to explore.

7.   SAMSUNG (RT62K7005BS/ME) 710L Digital Inverter 2 Door Fridge Refrigerator

Samsung (RT62K7005BS/ME) 710L Digital Inverter 2 Door Fridge


  • Gross Capacity: 710L
  • Top-freezer
  • Twin Cooling Plus™
  • Smart Conversion
  • Digital Inverter Technology (DIT)
  • SpaceMax technology™

Samsung Refrigerator (RT62K7005BS/ME) 710L is a double door fridge with the freezer on top and the fridge below. It has Twin Cooling Plus™  to help keep food fresh for longer, a Smart Conversion feature that can be used to convert freezer to fridge and vice versa, and Digital Inverter Technology (DIT) for longer performance and reduced noise. The SpaceMax technology™ used in the fridge will be helpful when you require extra space for storage.

8.   SAMSUNG (RT21M6211SG/ME) 670L Inverter 2 Door Refrigerator

SAMSUNG Fridge (RT21M6211SG/ME) 670L


  • Gross Capacity: 670L
  • Two door and Top Freezer
  • Twin Cooling Plus™
  • Smart Conversion
  • Digital Inverter Technology (DIT)
  • Deodorizing Filter Available
  • Interior LED Light

SAMSUNG (RT21M6211SG/ME) 670L Inverter 2 Door Refrigerator is one of the Best Samsung Fridge in Malaysia. It has a sleek and contemporary design with advanced features you might be looking for. Its design creates an ambiance in the kitchen and enhances your kitchen look. The black stainless steel look adds another level of sophistication.

It comes with Twin Cooling Plus™, Smart Conversion, Digital Inverter Technology (DIT), and Deodorizing Filter. Besides, there is a slide and reach pantry that’s ideal for fish and meat lovers. This compartment keeps fish and meat at lower temperatures to help achieve freshness. There is also a reverse door which can be ideal for any kitchen layout. The hinges can be changed without creating unattractive holes on the door.


Deciding on the Best fridge to buy in Malaysia, budget is the first factor you need to consider. Price is the determining factor for all the models presented with sufficient cash in your bank, you can order the biggest fridge and those with the latest and advanced technology.

A single door fridge is a perfect fit for a single person while the Top Freezer Fridge (2 doors), Bottom Freezer Fridge (2 doors), Side-by-Side Fridge, and French Door are the best for families living in one house. Other than price, you should consider other factors such as Energy efficiency, Cooling Technology, and Warranty.

For budget-wise, you can choose Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator 220L Digital Inverter Fridge RT20FARVDSA. But if you want a modern and trendy fridge with advanced features such as Wi-Fi, larger space, recipes & meal planner, and other features, choose Samsung (RS62T5F01B4) 660L 2 Doors Side by Side fridge.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Samsung Fridge in Malaysia

  1. How do you buy reliable Samsung Refrigerators?

You can make an order from reputable online stores in Malaysia. But before that, you should list down a number of factors that you need in a fridge. The most important factors to consider include price, size, energy consumption, cooling technology used, warranty, and freezer space if your intended purpose for making a purchase requires a larger freezer compartment. And of course, the reviews from previous customers will be vital.

  1. What are the benefits of buying Samsung Refrigerators?

There are numerous benefits of buying Samsung refrigerators. First, these fridges are made in different sizes and prices so you won’t miss what suits your kitchen needs. Secondly, they are built with modern technologies such as The Twin Cooling Plus™ which helps create a conducive environment for food with up to 70 percent humidity. Thirdly, there is a warranty to cover your unit for a period of time.

  1. How reliable are Samsung refrigerators

Reliability comes in sizes, the technology used, and warranty. You can find different fridge sizes from Samsung whether you are single or living as a family of up to 6 members, with different prices. So there is absolutely nothing you can miss in Samsung refrigerators. These units have a warranty and don’t need service very often and have replaceable parts.

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