Can Portable Air Purifiers (Air Cleaner) Protect You From COVID 19?

When we talk about protection from the ongoing pandemic, people often mention measures like everyone has to wear a face-mask, practice social distancing, and wash their hands with antibacterial soaps or liquids. 

No one talks about an air purifier. This is because not everyone really knows how important it is. Let us be the first to say that air quality is very important during a time like this.

What we inhale matters a lot to our health. If you find yourself in an enclosed space with poor ventilation, it is easy for you to get infected. This is because indoor pollutants can trigger respiratory infections and also increase symptoms for people with asthma. 

Air cleaners are essential for improving air quality in public places and in homes too. There are various types of air cleaners, and you might be worried about what works. The air filters fall into different categories, and there is a long list of products under each category.

Before getting an air cleaner, you should know its importance and how it can help you. This article will discuss some essential information you should know about the coronavirus and how an air purifier can help keep you safe against it.  

Why are Air Purifiers Important to You? 

There are many pollutants in the air, making it hard for people to believe that the air can be clean. However, you should know that you deserve the cleanest air possible. 

Making the air in a room clean is not determined by how often you open the windows or your curtains.

Even if you open up your windows and doors, there can still be lingering dust mites and ultra fine particles in the air, which will prove unhealthy to you. You deserve an unpolluted space, and this is why air purifiers are essential. 

Air purifiers are electronic appliances that aid in the removal of air pollutants. Most Covid-19 symptoms involve your respiratory system, and this is why the indoor air quality of your space is important.

Air purifiers can be used for both personal and commercial use. They help people with respiratory issues; they are efficient in taking out the off-putting smells in your home, including pet odors, smoke, allergens, dust, and other pollutants in the air. An air purifier also strives to remove pet dander to give you cleaner air.

Air purifiers help to refresh stale air, and this reduces the risk of health issues. Not only do air purifiers keep your health in check when used in the home, but it also aids good sleep. There are other benefits to having an air cleaner in your house. 

  • It helps to get rid of harmful chemicals indoors. Having your windows closed does not keep you safe from air pollutants. There are cleaning agents you use in the house which contain toxic chemicals like ammonia, phthalates, and chlorine. These products are not harmful, but constant exposure to them can cause health issues. An air purifier with activated carbon in it can cleanse your environment of these products’ chemical components. 
  • It reduces the chances of airborne diseases. The coronavirus has not yet been confirmed as an airborne disease but can be transmitted through droplet transmission. Some of the Covid 19 symptoms, including common cold and flu, spread through tiny pathogens floating around. When everyone is breathing the same air in a house, it can lead to a virus spread if the air is contaminated. This is especially true for a family with older adults and children as their immune system isn’t healthy. However, with an air cleaner filter, the family has nothing to worry about.  
  • It increases life expectancy because air pollution can affect the respiratory system. An air purifier traps smaller particles that cannot be seen with the eye and provide better air. Even household pollutants like pet dander and dust mites can take a toll on the respiratory system. The use of an air cleaner reduces your chances of having airborne particles affect your cardiac, neurological, and respiratory systems. 

The air cleaner comes in filters and sanitizers. It would be best to have an air purifier because you do not know who has gotten exposed. When an infected person talks, coughs, breathes, or even sings, particles are let out in the air.

The small droplets or particles can remain in the air for as long as 30 minutes, jeopardizing air quality. To capture it, you will need a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air), Ionic, or Deodorizing purifier. 

Types of Purifiers

HEPA Purifiers:  

Home use air purifier - Air Purifier - Lanaform - UV / with HEPA filter
Home use HEPA purifier

This purifier draws polluted air into it. The air passes through a filter in the device made of fiberglass. In the fiberglass, the airborne particles become trapped in a maze-like tangle of fibers.

While in this maze, three processes happen; interception, impaction, and diffusion. This is how the air is broken down into gas molecules.

When the air passes through the filter, it is pumped into the room, making space for the cleaner to draw in more air. This cycle goes on continuously, and that is how the HEPA purifier keeps your area clean.

The HEPA purifier is effective with trapping airborne particles and works perfectly as a household item. It also comes with a UV pre-filter that kills microbes, which are removed in the fiberglass—the cleaner the air, the lower the risk of getting the virus for you. Air purifiers in Malaysia with HEPA filtration typically give you a higher clean air delivery rate than air cleaners without a HEPA filter.

IONIC Purifiers:

Buy AirTamer Travel Iconic Air Purifier A302 in Cheap Price on
AirTanner iconic air purifier

 This is sometimes called an ionizer or an ozone generator. When the ionizer is on, it attaches itself to particles of dust, mold, pollen, and other allergens in the air.  An air ionizer does not immediately capture particles in the air. Instead, it pushes out negatively charged ions into the air. 

The ionic air purifier works the same way as the electrostatic air purifiers; they use a high voltage to give an electrical charge, which moves to molecules in the air. Some of these cleaners are fanless and are very quiet, but they do not work and the ones with a fan which helps to speed things up. 


China Air Cleaner Dog Urine Deodorant Pet Deodorizer Ozone Air Purifier -  China Deodorizer Ozone Air Purifier and Pet Deodorizer Ozone Air Purifier  price
Deodorizing air purifier

 This, unlike other cleaners, can be found in some air conditioners. It has activated coal incorporated in it, which helps to absorb smells and odors. The air filter can be washed with water when it is dirty, and when the filter is clean, it makes the air conditioner’s efficiency better. 

These cleaners, amongst others, are very portable. The typical retail price of deodorizing air cleaners is also affordable. These air purifiers are also easy to maintain. These cleaners are highly recommended because ozone purifiers can cause coughing, throat irritation, and other health issues. 

How Air Purifiers can Protect you from COVID 19

Air Filtration

You might decide to invite a friend over, not being sure if they have the virus. With the use of a cleaner, the air can be cleaned after they sneeze or cough if they have the virus.

This provides a level of protection for you, giving you better air quality. With an air filter in a small space, you can help reduce airborne contaminants.

Filtration of the air does not entirely protect you from Covid-19, but it reduces airborne transmission potentials indoors. The HEPA filter can be used to rate the air cleaner performance.

Limiting The Spread

Most schools are in session, offices and other commercial places are functioning now. However, with the use of a purifier, you can reduce the spread of the virus.

How? With a cleaner, the air gets fully charged in about two hours through air leakage. This can be aided with the use of mechanical ventilation systems. 

An Added Layer of Protection:

 Using a mask and social distancing is essential. The use of an air filter or purifier serves as an added layer. Masks offer a 50% risk reduction, and having cleaner air can reduce the risk further. 

All the discussions above suggest that an air purifier can help in the protection against coronavirus. But then, it is not 100% certain. An air cleaner reduces airborne transmission risk and should be placed in the room you use the most. 

As mentioned earlier, when a person infected with the Corona Virus sneezes or coughs around you, particles of spit remains in the air. You need a good air purifier complete with several layers of air filters to keep your air clean and reduce the chances of catching the virus. 

Below are some recommended air purifiers you can pick from.

Top 3 Air Purifiers to Pick From

1. Air Purifier HEPA Filter With Remote Control Clean Air PREMIUM Quality

Air Purifier HEPA

This is purifier cost just over RM100, and it has a four-stage filtration system. It also has an intelligent touch control. The purifier removes dust, bacteria, smoke, odor, etc. It is budget-friendly and the best appliance for giving you clean air especially in light of Covid-19.

2. Philips Air Purifier 800 series AC0820/30

Philips air purifier

As far as air filters go, this is definitely a pricier model. However, its energy efficiency rating is high. It has a 99% rate of filtering bacteria, and it takes up to 49 square meters in a room. It is highly recommended as it efficiently boosts air quality during this pandemic.  

3. Sharp Air Purifier FPJ30LA / FPJ30LB 

Sharp air purifier

This has a higher HEPA filter grade and is one of the best air purifiers in Malaysia. It has superior technology to give you clean air 24/7. With the HEPA filter, the efficiency of taking on microns and making the air clean is very high. 


An air purifier is essential for your personal space and also for commercial places. When a virus becomes airborne, the chances of getting infected become higher. Thus, it is best to filter the air around you. 

A well-ventilated place with an air purifier can increase your chances of being safe from the coronavirus. This also depends on how much you go out and how often you let visitors into your home.

Our top pick for this list is the Sharp Air purifier FPJ30LA / FPJ30LB . This is because it can use its superior technology to take on microns in the air and guarantee you purified and clean air.

A budget-friendly option would be the Air Purifier HEPA Filter With Remote Control Clean Air premium Quality. It offers great quality for a great price.

We are always ready to answer your questions concerning air filters and how they can help during the pandemic. So, leave us a comment below!

Safety is a top priority at a time like this. Air filters can make all the difference in enclosed spaces and homes. Get one today! 

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