Panasonic Fridge Malaysia – Best Panasonic Refrigerator review in 2023


As technology seems to get smarter and better, the ways of preserving our food have risen directly with such an ascent in technology. We need not worry about our food losing its nutrient, flavour or even being stolen when we try to preserve it outside. Steaming, boiling, roasting and preserving foods underground aren’t just unhealthy and unsafe, but also stressful which could expose you to a greater risk of falling ill.

However, you could get to preserve and cool off your meals easily with a fridge which with a temperature less than 5°c, slows down the metabolic processes in your food. Having a fridge in your kitchen could also help you leave your drinks and homemade ice creams chilled when you’re back from work and thirsty for something really cold.

cool off your meals easily with a fridge which has a temperature lesser than 5°c

Although having a fridge in your home is quite important, getting a fitting refrigerator is something that must be done cautiously. If you’re looking for a good guide before buying your refrigerator, then a Panasonic refrigerator review is the solution to your problem. It provides you essential factors to consider and the types of refrigerators available. Having gone through it, getting a Panasonic fridge becomes easy for you.

Types of  Refrigerator Available on the Market

With an extensive range of selection and differences in price and functions, you can get to choose whichever one fits in your budget and is most effective in the task you want it to pull off.

There are thus five major types of Panasonic refrigerator available in-store;

  • Single door refrigerator
  • Top freezer fridge
  • Bottom freezer fridge
  • Side- by – side fridge
  • French door

Single Door Refrigerator

This type of refrigerator is said to be the most basic and common type of refrigerator possessing only one door for the fridge and freezer. Its natural cooling convection allows your meal or beverage remain cold for a very long period of time.

Although it doesn’t have a large refrigerator capacity and freezer size, it’s less expensive than the other types of refrigerators. It is also best suited for a 2-3 member family and demands minimum power consumption. While buying a single-door refrigerator, it’s important to have a spacious kitchen as the refrigerator takes up space.

Its natural cooling convection allows your meal or beverage remain cold for a very long period of time


This is a refrigerator with a classic design style and is the second common refrigerator after the single-door refrigerator. As compared to a single door, it’s a double door refrigerator with the top door for the freezer and can be used in medium to large member families. 

Although it requires more power to function, it has a large refrigerator capacity and freezer size and is considered the most budget-friendly of all double door refrigerators. The top freezer fridge can function as both the best temperature for your frozen foods and the ideal icebox option to keep your cake and ice cream from melting.

It features a classic design style and is the second common refrigerator after the single-door refrigerator


The bottom freezer fridge allows for a variety of items of different sizes due to its large area and floor space in the fridge and freezer. Known for its long-lasting cooling technology, the bottom freezer fridge is commonly found in homes and restaurants. 

It is also said to be the most suitable because of its direct eye level with the fridge rather than bending to grab your meals and beverages. The bottom freezer fridge possesses pull-out drawers which makes it easier for you to store and arrange your foods.

Also, its various temperature settings allow you to adjust its temperature to the desired level. The high cost of the bottom freezer fridge is one of its major drawbacks.

The bottom freezer fridge possesses pull-out drawers which makes it easier for you to store and arrange your foods.


The side-by-side refrigerator is a slim type of refrigerator with its fridge and freezer side by side and is opened vertically. 

It is mostly used in smaller apartments, fixed at the edge of the wall and attractively affordable and so quite a cut price compared to other types of refrigerators.

 The side-by-side fridge allows you to store food in variable sizes although the fridge section takes more time before cooling meals and beverages.

It can be used in  3-5 member families but often not the best choice for businesses.

It can be used in  3-5 member families but often not the best choice for businesses


The French door refrigerator seems to be the latest trend as the double door gets even more advanced and the variety of icebox options get wider. They offer you a large space and area for your bulk quantity foods and big beverages.  

The French door refrigerator which was once found in exquisite houses alone is now increasingly used in different levels of residence, giving every home a modern look.

It possesses two doors with the split in the middle which can be opened individually and at the same time, making everything clearly visible saving you time and energy.

Although it is the most expensive of all refrigerators, the French door refrigerator has special features like door alarms and an inside camera. It is best recommended for restaurants and large homes.

It possesses two doors with the split in the middle which can be opened individually and at the same time

Things to Check before Buying a Fridge

Getting a durable and efficient refrigerator alone gives a customer over 60 percent satisfaction. Thereby our choice of a refrigerator should be done after critically considering some essential factors such as energy efficiency, capacity, cooling technology, and so forth.

With the advancement in technology, we are provided with options to make in choosing a refrigerator that smiles back at our budget. Below are some factors to consider before purchasing a refrigerator;


The energy star is a label that depicts the regulation and efficiency of energy by the product. It is a configuration operation to provide less power consumption, saving you your time, energy and even environment.

However, one thing to note is that the next largest energy user in every home is the refrigerator making energy star and efficiency an even more important factor to be considered before getting your refrigerator.

In terms of energy efficiency, a double-door refrigerator provides better compliant power options. The energy star program also lowers the cost of the appliance making it affordable and more attractive to customers. 

In terms of energy efficiency, a double-door refrigerator provides better compliant power options


The capacity of a refrigerator lets you know how much food it can store. With a large refrigerator capacity, you could get to easily organize and store bulk quantities of foods without necessarily worrying if the refrigerator might break down. 

The recommended capacity for a 2 -5 member based on family size will be 150-350 litre, and these are mostly double door refrigerators. Therefore for a restaurant or a large family and Bottom freezer fridge or French door refrigerator can be used.

The capacity of a refrigerator lets you know how much food it can store


This involves the transfer of thermal energy from the cool air in the kitchen to the warm air in the refrigerator, converting the liquid to gases thereby cooling off whatever is being refrigerated.

However, the cooling capacity can be determined by the CFH rating. This is the compressor capacity. The higher the rating, the higher the cooling capacity. 

Therefore before getting your refrigerator, the compressor capacity rating should be an essential factor to be considered as it tells your cooling capacity.

In terms of higher cooling capacity, the French door refrigerator is said to have the highest CFH ratings.


Before purchasing your refrigerator, you must be well informed on the price so as not to surpass your budget and end up making the wrong decision. The prices of the refrigerator are mainly determined by its size and special features.

However, there are different types of refrigerators you could get that are affordable and budget-friendly. 

The most affordable best mini fridge to buy in Malaysia you could get is the single door refrigerator and also the common Top freezer fridge.

The Bottom freezer fridge is said to be the most economical for a medium-member family.


A high warranty often gives a customer a sense of assurance of the quality of the product. In case the appliance develops a fault at an early stage of use. So if you want to remain rest assured after getting your refrigerator, the duration of the warranty is an important factor to be considered.

High-quality products show the reliability of the brand. Oftentimes, trusted brands manufacture high-quality products with several month’s warranties.

The best refrigerators to buy in Malaysia are often gotten from reliable and exceptional brands giving you a top-notch product.

Always consider the warranty of your refrigerator before purchasing it


The size of your refrigerator often determines the freezer space the refrigerator will have.

Large blocks of freezing spaces are mostly found in double door refrigerators making it easier to organize your frozen foods. The larger the refrigerator, the larger its freezer space for better organization.

In considering a large freezer space for your refrigerator, you can opt for French door refrigerators. They offer you the largest block space as compared with other types of refrigerators.


This is the overall design and outer feature of the refrigerator mostly made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a sheet material with an inner insulating material to trap the gases, keeping them from escaping.  Some refrigerators have an outer layer of painted sheet metal or plastic.

However, refrigerators with finishing materials as stainless steel give your home a modern look and are safer when it comes to its power conduction. 

 Stainless steel refrigerators are more affordable, hence the finishing materials are a good factor to consider.

French door and Bottom freezer fridge are examples of stainless steel refrigerators.


Refrigerators differ in functions and capacity, making them have special features in contrast to each other. Often than not, the more the special features the refrigerator possesses the more its effectiveness and efficacy.

Available features coming with the enhancement in icebox technology space are door alarms commonly found in French door refrigerators, inside camera, temperature control, and safety features.

These features will leave your cooking chores easier and your meals healthier.


Reviews give you a general idea of the product you are about to purchase. When you read reviews, you’re made to see the pros and cons of the people that have used what you are about to get. Reviews act as a guide from people who have used the product. Hence, in order to have adequate insight on the refrigerator you are about to buy, read up reviews of customers.


Exceptional products can most times be traced to notable brands. High-quality products are from time-trusted brands and so the brand of refrigerator you are about to purchase is an important factor to consider.

Reviews on brands can let you know how long-lasting the refrigerator you want to buy would be, also high warranty products are the results of exceptional brands. 

Evaluating the brands of products is one of the good ways to ensure you get the best refrigerator available.

Undoubtedly, brands like Panasonic, Sharp, Bosch and ASG provide you with durable and quality refrigerators which is to every customer’s utmost satisfaction. Therefore these brands offer you the best refrigerator available.



This Panasonic fridge is a basic type of refrigerator. This single-door refrigerator provides you with a 1-year warranty and an efficacy natural cooling convection for your foods.


  • 1-year warranty
  • 151L net capacity
  • 1 door type
  • Possession of glass tray
  • Manual defrost type


  • Capacity: 155L
  • Refrigerator compartment:19L
  • Product dimensions:525×509×1102mm
  • Energy level: 2 stars
  • Defrost Type: manual defrost
  • Door colour: Shining silver
  • Weight: 26kg


  • 1-year warranty
  • Large freezer space
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Affordable and budget-friendly


  • Manual defrost type
  • No special features
It provides an effective natural cooling convection for your foods

2. Panasonic 2 Door Fridge 325L

This is a 2 door refrigerator with a large freezer capacity for better organization and storage of your foods. This refrigerator is a good idea you plan on buying your food items in bulk quantities.

With an even larger freezer compartment, this refrigerator will leave your beverages and drinks well chill and can be used in a large member family.


  • LED room light
  • Inverter compressor
  • Internal and room temperature sensor
  • Net capacity of 306L


  • Capacity: 325L
  • Refrigerator compartment:224L
  • Freezer compartment:82L
  • Product dimensions: 601.5×657×1645mm
  • Defrost type: Electric PCB control
  • Door color: Stainless
  • Weight: 50kg


  • LED room light
  • Adjustable tray
  • Possession of inverter compressor
  • It has an extra cool zone


  • No energy efficiency
  • High energy consumption
This refrigerator is a good idea you plan on buying your food items in bulk quantities

3. Panasonic 2 door fridge bottom freezer

You no longer have to worry over manual defrosting and having sticky foods when using this double door refrigerator. It’s prime fresh keeps your foods fresh and healthier with it’s antibacterial effects.


  • 322L capacity
  • Independent storage case
  • Ag clean to deactivate bacteria
  • Inverter compressor
  • Energy efficiency


  • Capacity: 322L
  • Refrigerator compartment: 205L
  • Freezer compartment: 85L
  • Product dimensions: 601×645×1645mm
  • Defrost type: Electric PCB control
  • Door color: Silver
  • Energy level:4 star
  • Weight: 55kg


  • 4  star energy level
  • Prime fresh to keep meats and fish fresh although defrosting
  • Inverter compressor
  • Antibacterial activity
  • Possession of special features like door alarms and twice ice tray


  • High power consumption
Features a 4  star energy level and Prime fresh to keep meats and fish

4.Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BX421WGKM / NR-BX421WG 422L 2-Door Fridge

This is a double-door refrigerator with a large compressor for better cooling capacity. Its prime fresh keeps the meat and fish fresh and longer without defrosting. 


  • 380L net capacity
  • Has prime fresh
  • Blue Ag to eliminate bacteria
  • Energy efficiency
  • Inverter to adjust power


  • Capacity: 380L
  • Refrigerator compartment:256L
  • Freezer compartment:136L
  • Product dimensions:686×697×1680mm
  • Defrost Type: Electric PCB control
  •  Door colour: White
  • Energy level: 4 stars
  • Weight: 72kg


  • Prime fresh to keep raw foods from spoiling
  • Inverter compressor
  • Electrostatic touch control panel
  • LED room light
  • It has Ag clean for antibacterial effects


  • No installation service provided
  • Lacks utility box
2-Door Inverter Fridge NR-BX421WGKM (Black Glass) – Panasonic MY
A double-door refrigerator with a large compressor for better cooling capacity

5. Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BZ600PS / NR-BZ600PSMY 558L 2-Door Top Fridge.

This will be your ideal icebox option if you desire a refrigerator with a large storage capacity. This top freezer fridge allows you to easily organize and store your food. Its energy efficiency also helps to regulate and lower the cost, making it affordable for any family size to buy.


  • Total capacity of 610L
  • 5-star energy level
  • Possession of special features
  • Extra cool zone for higher cooling capacity
  • LED room light


  • Capacity: 610L
  • Refrigerator compartment:399L
  • Freezer compartment:159L
  • Product dimensions:805.0 x 788.5 x 1846.5 mm
  •  Defrost Type: Automatic defrost
  • Energy level: 5 star
  • Door colour: stainless
  • Weight:84kg


  • Extra cool zone for higher cooling capacity
  • LED room light
  • Special features like an adjustable tray and door alarms
  • It has a front Grill
  • Antibacterial and deodorizer


  • No installation service provided
  • High power consumption
Features Extra cool zone for higher cooling capacity

6.Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BX460WSMY / NR-BX460WS 2 Door Fridge.

This is said to be suitable if you really don’t buy the idea of always bending to grab your meals and beverages. It also has a large storage capacity, pull-out drawers and inverter compressor to optimize cooling performance. It can be used in a 3-5 large-member family.


  • Net Capacity of 450L
  • Electrostatic touch control panel
  • Quick freezing
  • Inverter compressor for higher cooling capacity
  • It has a water dispenser
  • Possession of special features


  • Capacity: 450L
  • Refrigerator compartments: 316L
  • Freezer compartments: 134L
  • Product dimensions: 685 x 698 x 1764 mm
  • Defrost Type: Automatic defrost
  • Energy level:  None
  • Door colour: Stainless
  • Weight: 70kg


  • It has a water dispenser
  • Large storage capacity
  • Optimized cooling performance
  • Prime fresh for long-lasting freshness
  •  Special features like Door alarms


  • No energy efficiency/star
  • High power consumption

Takes a long time to defrost

It has a water dispenser and Large storage capacity

7.Panasonic Refrigerator NR-CY550HKMY / NR-CY550HK / NR-CY550GKMY / NR-CY550GK 551L French Door Fridge.

If you’re up to giving your home a classic and modern look then a French door fridge might be the best bet for you. This is the latest trend of a double door refrigerator with a 551L large storage space to store your foods. It has a two-door split in the middle which saves you time and energy as you’re able to access both your fridge and freezer virtual at the same time.


  • Prime fresh and freezing
  • Ag clean antibacterial effects
  • Flat glass design
  • Door alarms for emergency


  • Capacity: 551L
  • Refrigerator compartment:394L
  • Freezer compartment:157L
  • Product dimensions:770×743×1714mm
  •  Energy level: None
  • Door colour: Gradient gray
  • Weight:89kg


  • Large storage capacity
  • LED room light
  • Possession of special features
  •  Prime fresh for food freshness


  • No energy efficiency/star
  • No provision of installation service
This a double door refrigerator with a 551L large storage space to store your foods


This side-by-side inverter fridge has a large fridge and freezer space which allows you to store your bulk quantity of foods. It can be used in smaller apartments and is affordable to purchase.


  • Possession of twice ice maker
  • Energy efficiency
  • LED room light
  • Net capacity of 617L


  • Capacity: 617L
  • Refrigerator compartments:340L
  • Freezer compartments:210L
  • Product dimensions: 912.00×749.00×1777.00mm
  • Door colour: Silver
  • Weight:105kg
  • Product type: Side by Side


  • Easy access to food items
  • Affordable to buy
  • Possession of special features like twice ice maker
  • LED room light


  • No energy efficiency level
  • It doesn’t have a water dispenser
  • High power consumption
It features LED light and twice ice maker


Refrigerators of different functions and sizes are found today in virtually, every home. As effective as traditional methods of preserving foods could be, it sure wouldn’t keep your foods 100% fresh and healthy. This is why every contemporary home makes refrigerators an ideal and essential part of its kitchen. We can get to enjoy long-lasting food freshness and its nutrients today because of technological advancement in the icebox space.

With different sizes, features and functions, you can make a variety of options aimed at satisfying you and giving you healthy foods. Hence, we see the need to provide you with adequate knowledge and heads up on refrigerators to purchase and underlying factors to consider before choosing the one you want.

After taking a speculative look at the different types of available best Panasonic refrigerator and the things to check before getting them, perhaps you may be thinking of getting a quality refrigerator that smiles at your pocket or a medium budget-friendly refrigerator then you may want to opt for a PANASONIC SIDE BY SIDE -INVERTER FRIDGE 617L NR-BS62 SNMY-SILVER. 

This is a medium double door refrigerator specially designed with special features for any family size. It is affordable and can be used in smaller apartments.

You could also consider buying a Panasonic 2 door fridge bottom freezer. It has an inverter compressor to optimize cooling performance and a large storage capacity, although it requires high power consumption.


1. Is Panasonic a good fridge?

High quality products can most times be related to notable and exceptional brands one of which is Panasonic. Their constant upgrade in technology to meet customer’s needs has  provided for them one of the best strong selling points. Having earned customer’s trust,they produce high fitting products with a high warranty giving customers utmost satisfaction.

2. What is the benefit of buying a Panasonic refrigerator?

 Ability to preserve food effectively should be the first check before purchasing any refrigerator. However,Panasonic offers you the best owing to their advanced cooling technology. They also have an optimistic freezing capacity keeping your meats and fish frozen for quite a long period of time with an effective antibacterial material to keep your food fresh and healthy.

Its energy rating helps regulate and promote the refrigerator’s energy efficiency.

3. How is the Panasonic warranty?

Panasonic has a standard 1 year warranty but is currently on an extension promotion for 5 years,valid for only some specific countries. This warranty puts your mind rest assured as to any sudden fault developed within the stipulated period of time.

This extension of warranty depicts the high quality  products Panasonic provides.

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