Morgan Freezer Malaysia – Best Morgan Freezer review in 2024

Every home has a fridge or freezer for keeping their foods safe and for a prolonged period of time. Asides the basic needs of keeping food items intact, freezers are also needed to add beauty and sophistication to the kitchen, dining, room or wherever it is placed. 

Are you thinking of replacing your freezer or are you about to get your first one and you’re scared not to make the wrong decision? Well, you’ve come across the best freezer Malaysia review. This article entails detailed information about the type of refrigerators available to you, the guide to buying your fridge, and our top pick Morgan freezer review.

You should probably grab a pen, paper and a bottle of soda as you read along!

What Types of Refrigerators Are There on The Market?

Single Doors

Single door refrigerators are best suitable for single people or for families of not more than 3 people. The sizes for this kind of fridge ranges from 50 – 300 litres. They are usually smaller in size, which is an added advantage if storage space for the fridge is a concern for you. 

Freezer and fridge enclosed together with one door

In single door refrigerators, the freezer compartment is usually part of the fridge and whenever you want to defrost it, you do so manually. By either pressing the defrost button or turning the control knob to the defrost option. These may vary according to the model or design you buy.


  • For storing small food quantities
  • Within 50 – 300 litres


  • Portability
  • Minimal space required for storage


  • Not for large families

Top Freezer Fridge

The top freezer fridge is only slightly different from the single door fridge. It is also small in size, requiring little space in your house. However , the distinction between this top freezer and the single door lies in its name. Rather than the freezer compartment being a part of the fridge it is separated at the top part of the fridge and has its own opening.

This is an example of separate doors for the fridge and freezer in the top freezer fridge

In other words, the top freezer fridge has two doors. The upper one for the freezer and the lower for the fridge. The top freezer fridges are very common and energy efficient.


  • Freezer at top and fridge below
  • Energy saving


  • Separate compartment for fridge and freezer
  • Energy efficient


  • Not so sleek designs

Bottom Freezer fridge

Indeed, you guessed right! Just as the name indicates, the freezer is at the bottom as opposed to the top freezer fridge. Similar to the top freezer, it also has two doors. The freezer compartment takes about one third the entire length of the fridge. 

The smaller compartment at the lower part is the freezer

This kind of refrigerator is a new invention, is less common compared to the top freezer and is usually more expensive. Some brands add a slide out drawer to their design making it similar to the french door styles although the upper fridge part opens just as a single door does.


  • Distinguishing freezer from fridge
  • Keeping frozen food apart
  • Freezer compartment at the bottom of the fridge


  • Sleek design


  • Expensive

Side by Side Fridge

If you are someone that likes to have their foods frozen and still love to keep fresh vegetables, a sis by side freezer would be a great option. It has two doors that are side by side and open from the center. The fridge compartment is usually wider than the regular width of a top or bottom freezer fridge while the freezer compartment is a little less smaller than the fridge though bigger than the freezer of the regular refrigerator. 

At a glance, you can easily identify whatever you need from the fridge

The doors of the freezer open from the middle and require a small circumference for opening. Most side by side refrigerators come with ice dispenser user interface panels externally, and water dispensers.


  • Two doors that open side by side
  • External users control panel


  • Comes with water and ice dispensers
  • Larger size 


  • Energy consuming

French Door 

The french door refrigerator type has a few similarities with the side by side refrigerator in terms of having doors that open from the middle rather than the side. It also has a basic structure of the bottom freezer, in that the freezer is placed at the bottom while the fridge stays above it.

Two doors for the fridge and 2 slide out drawers for the freezers

Some models of the french door fridge have two doors for both the fridge and the freezer while some others have two doors for the fridge and a single door for the freezer. One great advantage that the multiple doors of the french door offers you is that when you open one door at a time, you reduce the amount of cold air leaving the fridge and the amount of warm air entering into it. Hence, keeping the temperature in the fridge cool most of the time.

Dual doors for the fridge and one for the freezer


  • Separate fridge and freezer compartment
  • Dual doors for the fridge and sometimes the freezer


  • Larger size
  • Classy design


  • Consumes large energy

Factors to Look Out For Before Buying a Fridge

Energy Efficiency/ Energy Star

Energy star simply has to do with how much energy the freezer /fridge consumes. Usually, older models of refrigerator tend to consume more energy than the more recent models. While choosing a refrigerator, you should check out for its energy efficiency. This would save you a lot of extra bills on electricity. 

Sizes / Capacity

The size of your fridge greatly depends on you and what you need the fridge to do for you. For a single person or a small family, you can opt for a single door fridge or a top freezer fridge. On the contrary, if you have a large family or get to store a lot of food items, a side by side or a french fridge would be adequate. 

Cooling Technology

The fridge works by making the refrigerant in it to change state from liquid to gas, this then cools the area and produces the cooling of the fridge. This process is known as evaporation. One of the best cooling methods for refrigerators is the use of a Digital Inverter Compressor. More commonly is the Vapor Compression Cycle. Both are good anyways.

Budget / Price Factor

Considering the several available nice options in the market today, if it were possible you would like to own more than one fridge. If that were possible, there would be no crime in it. The ability to get the fridge you’re or have been admiring depends on how much you’re willing to exchange for it. 

There are of course fridges for as low as 300RMB and some that go high up as 2000. You can get a basic fridge with basic features within your budget and still get the best out of it.


Checking the warranty of whatever item you’re buying is as important as ensuring you’re paying for the right item you chose. You definitely would not want a situation where after a month of buying your fridge, it suddenly stops working and there’s no one to call or get the necessary aid from.

Though many times, you may not get to use the warranty of some items you might have bought previously, it would not cost you anything extra if you choose a fridge with a higher warranty as it’s better to be on the safer side. Most refrigerators come with a one or two years warranty. For instance, all Morgan freezers have one year general warranty and 5 years warranty on the compressors.

Freezer Space

Since the main focus is on fridges, you should not be surprised to know that some fridge do not actually have freezer space at all. Though this is not so common, most fridges have both freezer compartments and they vary in size. Depending on how much you need for the freezer, you should take time out to check for the size capacity of the freezer.

Getting a freezer that would accommodate all your stuff would help you keep an organized fridge

Finishing of The Material

As earlier stated in the beginning of this article, fridges are bought beyond their use as food preserving agents. You would surely want something that would give your kitchen a taste of class and sophistication. 

Rose gold finishes are usually easy to clean

Stainless steel finishes are in no doubt common. But are also usually really nice and easy to polish and maintain. There are also refrigerators that come in black or white finishes. They are usually less expensive than the ones with stainless finishes and would be appropriate if you’re trying to match your fridge with the colors of your other appliances. 


There are a bundle of special features that are available to you as long as you’re ready to pay! Fridges with adjustable shelves are an added advantage as it helps you to customize your space and fit in whatever you want to have in there. 

Water or ice dispensing fridges are sleek to have

Furthermore, flex drawers as found in french fridges are used to keep your food items in a very cool or very warm temperature. They are also called temperature controlled drawers. Other features like water and ice dispensers, power saving feature, which helps you manage your electricity bill, door alarms and so on are also nice to have.

Read the Reviews

Like we always say, the description of the marketer alone should not be your basis of buying whatever product. Reading the reviews of other people who have bought the fridge would give you a hint on whether or not to buy and if you choose to buy, the review prepares you on what to expect after purchase. Reviews provide you with real life experience with the item you’re about to take home rather than the expected features you see online.

Choose the Delivery Wisely

If you need to replace an old fridge with a new one, you can get it done easily if you get the right people. While looking out for the features you want to get in your refrigerator, you might also want to be on the lookout for marketplaces that offer free delivery and pick up your old items too. That makes your work less stressful and easy.


Here and there, there are several old and new brands that are seriously competing to provide you with the best refrigerator offers. Sometimes, it may be hard to choose one. Well, the Morgan brand produces some of the best fridge to buy in Malaysia. 

Morgan home appliances brand is a reputable brand in making home products like deep fryers, steamers and many more. Their products are also very efficient and durable. You should check out our top pick in this Morgan freezer review. 

Best Morgan Freezer Review


The best mini fridge Malaysia!

The Morgan chest freezer capacity is 80 litres. Its outer dimension is not so large hence, would not take up a lot of space in it. Similarly, the inner dimension is 426 x 296 x 691 ( L x W x H). This space and height is good enough to store your food items and not get them lost in the freezer. 

If you’re single or just starting up a family, the freezer would be very appropriate. While purchasing this fridge you can be rest assured that you’re saving yourself some money because it consumes less power with its high efficiency compressor and it has a lot of coverage from the manufacturer. It has a one year general warranty and a 5 year motor warranty. 

Nice finishing that’s easy to clean

The freezer doesn’t take long to start freezing once you put it on and it is deep freezing. You can always regulate the thermostat to either fridge or freezer temperature. For the fridge, you can use it within 5 degrees – 3 degrees, while for freezing, you can leave it within 8 – 24 degrees. 

For safety purposes, the freezer is CFC ( Carbon Fluoro Carbon) free. 


  • Capacity of 80 litres
  • Outer dimension of 530 x 440 x 830 (L x W x H)
  • 5 year motor warranty
  • CFC free


  • Energy efficient
  • Relatively cheap
  • Free basket inside


  • No free delivery

MORGAN 74L Chest Freezer Fridge MCF-ADVENT88L 

The fast deep freezer for the singles! 

A smaller version of the previously discussed one. It has a capacity of 74 litres. It is also a chest freezer, meaning one you open from the top as seen in the image below. This chest freezer consumes only 73 watts of energy. While saving you a lot of energy, the freezer still provides you with optimum freezing and cooling services. It freezes deep and really fast

One of the features of this Morgan chest freezer is that it has a thermostat control that can be regulated to keep the fridge in a cool temperature or a freezing temperature. If you want to keep it cool, you can regulate the thermostat to anywhere between 0 and 10 degrees, while if you want it to be all ice and freezing, you can have it between 8 – 22 degrees.

Mini 74 litres Morgan freezer


  • 74 litres capacity
  • Consumes 73 watts of energy
  • Inner dimension of 414 x 304 x 574 (L xW xH)
  • Butane gas a refrigerant


  • Added basket
  • Consumes less energy
  • 5 year compressor warranty and 1 year general warranty


  • Small size

MORGAN 116L 2-in-1 Chest Freezer Fridge MCF-1178L

One of the best mini freezer in Malaysia!

The 2 in 1 Morgan freezer derives its 2 in 1 title from the divided compartment that it has. This division helps you to store foods accordingly and in order. Hence promoting easy accessibility and storage. The chest freezer fridge is quite large. Though being advertised to have a capacity of 116 litres, its actual size is 100 litres. With this, you get a lot more than you’re paying for.

The freezer is designed to save energy so, you can be guaranteed that there won’t be a spike in your electricity bills. Despite being energy conservative, the freezer cools really fast and deep. Keeping your food at safe temperatures for a prolonged time even if there’s a power outage. 

This 116L freezer is budget friendly in all ramifications

However, the temperature of the chest freezer can be regulated with the aid of the thermostat. If you want to store vegetables at a cool temperature you can regulate the thermostat between 2 – 8 degrees centigrade. But if you want to freeze foods like meat, you can keep the temperature between 10 – -24 degrees


  • Size of 100 litres
  • Dimension of 630 x 605 x 830 (Lx W x H)
  • CFC free
  • Inner epoxy material


  • Easy to clean
  • One year general warranty, 5 years compressor warranty from Morgan
  • Free shipping


  • Surcharge may apply for extra services like unboxing


The best freezer Malaysia 

This super large Morgan net duo function freezer is superb for a very large kitchen or for those who use it for businesses. Mere looking at it, you would see that it is segmented into two sections with each part having their separate covers. This unique feature gives room for organized storage of food and vegetables as well as helping to preserve the temperature in the fridge.

The freezer is segmented into two parts and each has their doors

The chest freezer comes with added baskets on both sides of it. It has two light bulbs just beside the thermostat on the bottom right corner of the fridge. The one closer to the thermostat is the bower indicator while the one farther away from it is the operation indicator. 

The power indicator tells you if the freezer is on or off, while the operation indicator shows you whether it’s on high ( freezing temperature) or on low ( cooling temperature).

The thermostat is graduated, you can easily rotate it to whatever point you need it to be either fridge, freeze or deep freeze. The two segments of the freezer can be locked with keys keeping it away from children.


  • CFC free
  • Dimension of 1600 x 765 x 826 (Lx W xH)
  • Capacity of 520 litres
  • Quality epoxy material for inner part


  • Can accommodate plenty foods
  • Easy compartmentalization of foods
  • Easy to clean


  • Large storage space


The sleek organized freezer for medium sized families

This Morgan upright freezer is not the regular kind of freezer you see around. It is a single door freezer. However, rather than the usual ones that have only a small compartment for the freezer at the top or side then the rest of it being a fridge, this one is totally a freezer. The freezer is then segmented to 7 compartments. 

The seven compartment of the upright Morgan freezer

Asides the fact that this design makes it unique and beautiful, it helps you to manage the things you refrigerate in an orderly manner. For instance, you can have a separate compartment for drinks, another for fruits, another for cooked foods, another for raw food and so on like that. With just a glance you can easily know one item is and then easily reach it. 

The total capacity of this fridge is 285 litres. It has a thermostat that can be used to regulate the temperature. The temperature range for the freezer is between zero to 18 degrees (0 – 18). The refrigerant used in this freezer is butane and it freezes really quick and deep. For its efficiency and capacity, the freezer consumes less energy than expected, it is safe to say it is energy efficient.


  • CFC and frost free
  • Capacity of 285 litres
  • Power consumption of 210 Watts
  • Key lock
  • 1 year general warranty, % years on compressor


  • Different compartments for easy storage
  • Thermostat is adjustable
  • Beautiful design
  • Energy saving


  • Expensive


The extra large refrigerator for homes

This super large Morgan freezer is fit for commercial purposes or for people that shop for foods in large quantities. As with all Morgan fridges or freezers this refrigerator is environment friendly, being CFC free. The inner part of the fridge is made with quality epoxy material making it easy to get things out of it even when it’s frozen.

The compressor of this freezer is energy efficient, yet freezes your stored foods deeply and very fast. You can keep the fridge away from your kids when you’re not at home by locking it with the key. Other advantages that the freezer offers is that the finishing material is nice, easy to clean and can blend with whatever colors you already have in your home. 

The super large lockable Morgan freezer

Furthermore, the temperature in the freezer can be regulated with the thermostat. The total capacity of the freezer is 700 litres and the dimension, 2030 x 725 x 910 (L x D x H). A freezer as large as this would require a deal of space in your kitchen.


  • Thermostat can be regulated
  • Light indicators
  • White finishing
  • CFC free and butane gas as refrigerant


  • Fast and deep freezing
  • Energy saving
  • Easy maintenance


  • Requires large storage space


We know that freezers are not items you just wake up and get to the store to pick. It’s something you get to use for years, you get to see it every day of your life so, you should take great care to choose one that would not give you any stress in terms of function, and one that would also add beauty to your home. 

The Morgan brand has proven worthy of meeting the two criteria and by now, you must have decided on which to pick from our best refrigerator Malaysia. Nonetheless, if you’ve not selected one from our choicest options, we believe we have provided you with the necessary guide to help you make the best choice.

However, if you’re looking a a budget friendly refrigerator with an average capacity, we would suggest you choose the MORGAN 116L 2-in-1 Chest Freezer Fridge MCF-1178L , but if you are more concerned about convenience, we would recommend the MORGAN MCF-5507L 520L NET DUO FUNCTION 2-IN-1 CHEST FREEZER .


  1. Is Morgan a good fridge? 

The Morgan brand is not new in the production of kitchen appliances. They have been in existence since 2006 and have honed their name in the production of quality and durable appliances, fridge and freezer inclusive.

  1. What are the benefits of buying Morgan refrigerators?

Asides enjoying the premium quality of their refrigerators, you also get a one year general warranty on the fridge and a five year warranty on the compressor of the fridge. 

Morgan freezers are also cheap, in terms of purchase price and in terms of conserving energy, hence reducing your electricity bill.

In addition, Morgan products are delivered promptly, and in very good conditions.

  1. How is the Morgan fridge warranty?

All Morgan refrigerators have one year general warranty on the whole fridge and a five year warranty on the compressor of the fridge.

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