Karcher Vacuum Malaysia Review

There are one million and one ways in which technology has helped individuals, especially with manual labour. One of these ways is the manufacture of simple machines such as Vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners work like a straw to suck up all dirt and dust from your floors, carpets, rugs or even furniture. 

Perhaps, you are thinking of getting a vacuum cleaner soon. This article explores the various types of vacuum cleaners and factors that should be considered in selection of vacuum cleaners. The article also includes the review of one of the best vacuum cleaners in Malaysia – Karcher Vacuum Cleaner.

It is imperative to consider all these to ensure you get a good that is worth more than your money. Today, the market is pervaded with fake appliances that may cause accidents. Karcher is a reputable brand with a vast range of products. Our Karcher vacuum Malaysia review will tell you everything you need to know about Karcher vacuum cleaners and help you decide if you want one for your home!

Main Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners come in different sizes and forms. They are essentially different with regards to functionalities and prices. Knowing the types on the market will help you select the vacuum that is most suitable to your needs.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Small and Handy Vacuum Cleaners: Why Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Mostly  Preferred?
This type of vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning cars and is also affordable and convenient to maintain.

Like the name suggests, this vacuum cleaner is handheld and therefore, is useful for cleaning difficult-to-reach spaces. This cleaner is best for car users and is also affordable and convenient to maintain.

The majority of handheld vacuum cleaners are actually pretty small. Their portability makes storing them easy. Another characteristic of handheld vacuum cleaners is that they are easier to use, and their functions are not very complex. They are built for children and adults alike.

Likewise, they are very lightweight and can be carried into almost any space. Some are built with handles that you can easily grip while cleaning. However, the model will determine the kind of handle and quality of the grip. Handheld vacuum cleaners are preferable over larger ones because they can fit into areas such as under the cushion, and in between furniture. There is so much more you can do with handheld vacuum cleaners.

Like every other vacuum cleaner, the handheld vacuum cleaner is built for small cleaning chores and therefore, has low capacity. Although handheld vacuum cleaners are impressive, they have less suction power compared to their larger counterparts.


  • They are small and lightweight
  • They are user-friendly
  • They are portable 
  • They are versatile


  • Their capacity is low
  • It has less suction power

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

8 Best Canister Vacuums for 2021 - Top-Tested Canister Vacuum Reviews
Canister vacuums have longer cleaning wands and flexible hoses.

A canister vacuum cleaner is the most common model. These vacuums have wheels, can clean a range of surfaces, and have compact, movable cleaning heads, making it ideal for cleaning around workstations and furniture. The canister vacuums include longer cleaning wands and flexible hoses to make it easier for you to vacuum under furniture. With these features, you can easily and quickly move the vacuum from one location to another.

Canister vacuum cleaners are quieter than other vacuum cleaners, which is beneficial in calm places like hospitals. 

This vacuum cleaner is able to stay stationary or moveable depending on your choice. There is no doubt it is your best option for cleaning stairs.


  • It is a lot easier to maneuver
  • It ensures a cleaning exercise that is more adaptable
  • The operation is less noisy
  • It is superior to upright cleaners
  • It is the best for cleaning stairs
  • It can remain stationary


  • Storage
  • Assemblage problem
  • Limited use

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum that is based on a special design; hence its name. They balance on the power head/power nozzle and it can stand upright. The power head, dirt container, and handle are all integrated into one device.

Upright vacuums are easy to move from room to room due to their one-piece design. Instead of leaning down to deal with the canister, upright vacuums have a handle that allows you to push, pull, or carry the entire device with one hand. Also, with an upright vacuum cleaner, you can easily stand independently in a closet or other spaces. It is convenient with the use of a special wall mount that is packed with most upright vacuums.

Upright vacuums are usually louder than canister vacuums. Its design makes it difficult to conceal the motor sound in general. However, you might still be able to find a relatively quiet upright vacuum cleaner (with a decibel rating of roughly 70). When sweeping large areas, the vast head that allows upright vacuums to balance on their own comes in handy.


  • It is simple to use
  • It is simple to store
  • It has a vast vacuum head


  • The level of noise
  • They are heavy-weight and difficult to maneuver 

Upright vacuums weigh a few more pounds than that of a canister vacuum. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

360 S10 review: Sweeping and mopping robot vacuum with 3D mapping Review |  ZDNet
Robot vacuums perform exceedingly well as they roam around the house.

As a very busy person, you definitely want to delegate some simple tasks like cleaning. A robot vacuum cleaner is a good choice because it performs exceedingly great with little or no human interference.

These robots can roam around the house, cleaning as they go. Although there are different models, they are simple to program. In fact, they have the tendency to accidentally lock themselves in rooms and therefore, require monitoring. However, some robot vacuum cleaners are complicated and hard to set up. This may also consume your time.


  • They are hands-free
  • Easy programming


  • They are not totally independent
  • Not all models have simple programming rules

Robot vacuums can be unreliable

Although they are machines and efficiently programmed, they are not perfect and may omit the most important spots. That can be very annoying.

Health Benefits of Vacuum Cleaners

  • It gives you better skin

It is no doubt that cleanliness is central to good health. The skin is one of the most exposed parts of the body and may become infected from contact with germs or dirty surface. For instance, contact with the dirt may result in pimples on the face.

A good vacuum prevents outbreak of skin reactions.

  • It provides allergy relief by eliminating pollutants and particles

The primary function of a vacuum cleaner is to clean up a particular space. By doing so, it eliminates pollutants and particles that could lead to allergic reactions. It also saves time and energy since the traditional method of cleaning usually requires separate disinfection.

This function is essential especially if you are asthmatic. 

  • It eliminates dust mites
Karcher vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaners suck up dirt and dust mites which pose a huge risk on your health.

  • It improves your psychological health
The Physical and Psychological Advantages of Using Vacuum Cleaner
An unclean environment can be a source of distraction and hinders your efficiency.

People react to dirty environments differently; however, often time, disorganized space affects how the mind functions. Vacuums, especially robot types, assist you to clean up your messes conveniently and your mind can function at its optimal state.

  • It provides you with adequate exercise

Apart from robot vacuum cleaners, other types of vacuums require some human labour (although very minimal). For instance, handheld vacuums require you to hold them and direct them to dirt and dust buildup. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner 


The performance of your desired vacuum cleaner should meet your expectations.

You need to ask yourself these questions? What do I need a vacuum cleaner for? Which type is suitable for my needs? The answers to these questions are crucial to the performance expectations you have. Generally, the best vacuum cleaner must have enough power for proper removal of dirt and dust. The most important feature that indicates performance level is the air flow measurement. The higher the measurement (cubic feet per minute), the better it cleans.


Sometimes, when using a vacuum cleaner, dust and particles of various sizes are exposed. The vacuum cleaner keeps them inside and uses a filter to prevent them from going with the airflow. Thus, look for vacuums that have HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtration.

Quality and Durability

The quality is as crucial as the performance and will determine the durability of the vacuum cleaner. The quality can be evaluated through examination of the component parts. The parts must have a good solid feel and with heavy duty seals. 

Ease of Use

A good vacuum cleaner is one that is easy and convenient to use. One of the best easy-to-use vacuums is the hand-held type and requires no expertise unlike some robot vacuum cleaners.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are easy to use compared to some robot vacuums.

Noise Level

The noise level differs depending on the type of vacuum cleaner. Hence, you have to consider the environment in which you are using it. Naturally, upright vacuums are louder than canisters and therefore, not suitable for hospitals. You may find this information on the features attached to a particular product.

The noise level is measured in decibels (dB) and should not be more than 80.


The dust bag’s size usually determines the capacity of a vacuum cleaner. The larger it is, the fewer frequently it must be replaced. 


Vacuum Cleaner Storage Ideas | Vacuum cleaner storage, Cleaning storage,  Storage
A good vacuum cleaner should not take up all the space in your storage room.

A good vacuum cleaner should be simple to keep. Better still, it should be small enough to fit in a corner of a room. Also if the vacuum has a wall mounting option, take advantage of it. 

It is all good if you have enormous space to store your vacuum cleaners but if not, settle with small types such as the handheld vacuum cleaner.


Add-on accessory equipment helps to extend the usability of your vacuum cleaner.

All good vacuum models come with a selection of attachment tools that address most floor and above-floor vacuuming requirements. However, there are some chores that require special equipment and others that simply make the task easier. The availability of add-on accessory equipment will extend the usability of your vacuum cleaner and in many cases, increase its performance.

Other points to consider include price, purpose, type of vacuum cleaner (bag or bagless) and shape among others. 

However, the best strategy is to consider the past reviews of any product because nothing beats practical experience. There are reputable brands that have nicely reviewed products, one of which is Karcher.

Finally, choose the delivery wisely – buy from a store that offers free delivery and pick up an old model to save hassle. 

Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner Malaysia Models

1. Karcher Malaysia Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Vc 4l Cordless Plus

Karcher Malaysia Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - Karcher Vacuum Malaysia - Shop Journey
The Karcher handheld vacuum cleaner has a moderately high suction power and therefore picks up dirt as fast as lightning.

This handheld Karcher vacuum Malaysia model is a lightweight and cordless vacuum. It can be operated over a prolonged time. With its sophisticated design and double handle, it can easily fit in the hand each time and is therefore very helpful to clean corners or underneath furniture. 

It has a moderately high suction power and therefore picks up dirt quickly and retains it through its bagless vortex system that has a filter.


  • Simple operations
  • Excellent suction power
  • Extremely powerful
  • Convenient storage requirement


  • Voltage (V) – 18
  • Total charging hours (100% Battery) – 3.5
  • Noise level (dB(A)) – 81
  • Current type charger (V/Hz) – 100-240/50-60


  • They are light-weight
  • The power suction is constant
  • Easy to store 
  • Simple to operate


  • Floor brush may not be very smooth

2. Karcher Malaysia Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD 1

An ergonomically shaped handle for holding grip.

This multipurpose vacuum is the best for household cleaning. It does not consume much power or energy and is suitable for cleaning floors and carpets.


  • Low power consumption
  • Very robust 
  • Extremely powerful
  • Small and therefore, easy storage requirement


Type: Multipurpose vacuum cleaner

Wattage: 1000W


  • Shock-resistant
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple storage
  • Has a foam filter for vacuuming liquids and paper bag for dry cleaning
  • Has an ergonomically shaped handle for holding grip


  • Might be difficult to maneuver with

3. Karcher Malaysia Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD 5 Premium

Novel filter removal technology and Impressive suction power.

The top-of-the-line WD 5 Premium is more than exceptional! With a power usage of about 1,100 watts, this wet dry vacuum cleaner model is incredibly strong. This wet dry vacuum for multi-purpose cleaning has a container and filter technology that allows you to fold out the filter box. It can be used to vacuum dry materials and liquids alike.


  • Corrosion-resistant 25-litre stainless steel container
  • Novel filter removal technology
  • Impressive suction power


Type: Wet and dry vacuum

Wattage: 1000W


  • A wet and dry vacuum cleaner
  • With a removable handle, it is easy to maneuver
  • Very easy to operate. You can start cleaning with just a push of a button.


  • A little on the expensive side.

4. Karcher Ash Vacuum AD 4 Premium

A practical handle on the trash container with cable storage and accessories.

With a 600-watt turbine and exhaust air filter, the AD 4 premium ash and dry vacuum cleaner provides exceptional high and durable suction force. The vacuum cleans itself through the filter at a button push which allows the suction power to be restored.


  • A 1-part filter systems
  • A practical handle on the trash container
  • Flame-resistant materials
  • Cable storage and accessories


Type: Dry and ash vacuum cleaner

Wattage: 600W


  • Quick and convenient to dispose dirt
  • It can vacuum ash
  • You can unclog with only a button push
  • It can vacuum all corners and hard-to-reach places


  • May not be necessary for smaller spaces.

5. Karcher Malaysia Water Filter Vacuum cleaner DS 6

This vacuum cleaner provides dust-free exhaust air up to 99.5 percent of the time.

The DS 6 Vacuum cleaner with water filter offers not only spotless floors, but also cleaner, dust-free exhaust air up to 99.5 percent of the time. As a result, the indoor climate is significantly more pleasant. 


  • It uses water filter


Type: Multipurpose vacuum cleaner

Wattage: 600W


  • The water is fresh and pure
  • Very versatile


  • It may be difficult to handle

Final Word 

A vacuum cleaner is no longer a luxury but a necessity in modern day homes. It serves various functions ranging from cleaning up pollutants to saving time and energy. Also, it helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and environment.

Nonetheless, care must be taken while buying appliances such as a vacuum cleaner. It is important to consider key factors that include performance, quality and quantity, storage, filtration etc.

After this thorough Karcher vacuum Malaysia review, we should probably recommend what we think are the best Karcher vacuum cleaners on the list. If you are considering a low storage space or you crave much convenience, the right type for you is the Karcher Malaysia Vacuum Cleaner Vc 4l Cordless Plus.

However, if you are looking for a versatile vacuum cleaner that can clean up dry surfaces as well as liquids, the best option is the Karcher Malaysia Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD 5 Premium, the Karcher wet and dry vacuum.

Another option to consider is the Karcher Ash Vacuum AD 4 Premium. This vacuum cleaner performs several functions easily and quickly.


What is the most reliable vacuum cleaner?

There is no such thing as the most reliable vacuum cleaner. All products are valid and reliable as long as they have certain features that are peculiar to their nature. Reviews can however assist you to make the best decision. Also, you can go through our buying guide on the various factors that can guide you to choose the best vacuum Malaysia cleaner for your needs.

Why can you not vacuum liquids using a dry vacuum cleaner?

Apart from the traditional types of vacuum cleaners, there are wet and dry vacuums. The dry vacuum cleaner is different from the wet dry vacuum because they have different suction power, air filtering system and some other features. 

When you use a dry vacuum to clean up liquids, the liquid will touch the motor which is dangerous if it links to a live wire voltage. This is why if you intend to clean up liquid spills, a wet dry vacuum is a good choice.

What is the difference between a wet and dry vacuum cleaner?

There are many differences between wet and dry vacuums. One of the differences is that dry vacuum cleaners rely on paper bags filtering effect, while wet vacuums use a unidirectional vortex AC motor for air filtering.

Furthermore, a dry vacuum contains no reservoir to handle collected liquid. It also lacks the valve to prevent it from overfilling.


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