Huawei Band 6 review

Overview of Huawei Band 6

Huawei’s Band 6 is one of the brand new fitness bands that add a wealth of increasable features to your wrist. Apart from being one of the best luxury smart watch to buy, it can also serve as a fashionable timepiece. 

When Huawei Watch Fit was introduced, it definitely made an impression with its 1.64-inch long display and metallic body. Huawei’s Band 6 has tapped on the same design. it has the same long face but shorter width.

Huawei Watch Fit definitely made an impression with its 1.64-inch long display and metallic body

Currently, Huawei is an independent company that launches its wearable on its own. It came out in China in 2020 November. Thus, it is only recently that the product has hit the global market. 

For several years, Xiaomi’s Mi Band has been the top dog in terms of a budget fitness tracker. However, it seems like Huawei is here to change the notion with its new band. The new fitness tracker is a little wearable that comes at an affordable price. It is an entry-level fitness band that appeals to those who don’t want to go for a full-fledged smart watch for men.

Read our full Huawei Band 6 review to see if it gives other budget wearables a run for their money. 


  • Has an attractive and modern design.
  • The sensor app works incredibly.
  • Strong and durable built quality.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • Has 5 ATM water resistance.


  • Notification bugs sometimes show repeated messages.
  • No built-in GPS.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartwatch

Even though the best smartwatch Malaysia performs a wide range of functions that you will not get in a regular watch, some brands rate their product so much that it appears like they are only meant for privileged people. However, that is not the case with Huawei Band 6. 

It comes in an affordable range and offers a wide range of features. With such a range of features being available at a budget price, you might doubt its quality. Nevertheless, to be sure, there are some factors that you need to consider prior to choosing a smartwatch. It is the best smartwatch for men.

To make sure that you are choosing the right cheap smart watch to buy, you need to consider a few factors. A few important ones have been discussed below. 

  • Compatibility

It is necessary to ensure that the band works with your smartphone. Think, if after ordering a Chinese brand smart watch you find out that it doesn’t work with your phone, how disappointing it can be?

It is necessary to ensure that the band works with your smartphone

To avoid this, check for the smartwatch compatibility. Huawei smartwatch is compatible with all Android smartphones. The watch might not support receiving calls but you can check out the notifications.

At times, smartwatches are only compatible with one brand like Apple. These don’t connect with other devices. So, be careful. 

  • Brand

No, you don’t have to purchase big brands to enjoy the features of a Chinese smart watch. However, you are more likely to miss out on some things that are specific to a brand. Avoid getting ripped off by an obscure brand while buying the best smart watch for you.

Purchase from big brands to enjoy the features of a premium smartwatch

Huawei is a well-known electronics brand that has been operating in the industry for several years, now. 

  • Budget

Surely, you do not want to spend a significant amount of your savings on just the best Chinese smart watch. We would not recommend you to opt for the costliest fitness tracker even if you have a large budget.

Consider your budget before buying a smartwatch

So, make a list of the features that you would like to have in the device and check out all the affordable options that come with the required features. This way you will be able to save a great deal of money without compromising on the required features. 

  • Features

Make a list of the features that you want in the smart watch for women before you proceed to buy. Choosing the right product is much easier when you have a clear idea of what you are looking for. Some primary features that you need to look for in a smartphone are cellular connectivity, apps compatibility, sleep monitoring, and heart-rate monitoring, water, and dust resistance. 

  • Design
Many brands offer fitness trackers in various colors

Since looks are subjective, it is on you to decide if you need a square-shaped or a round-shaped watch. Many brands offer fitness trackers in various colors. So, go for the one that you like the most. 

  • Battery Life
Huawei Band 6 has long-lasting battery life

Battery life is another important thing that you should consider when you make a smartwatch purchase. Obviously, you do not want a band that does even make it home from work. Albeit, smartwatches are notorious in terms of battery life, you will come across smartwatches like Huawei Band 6 that have long-lasting battery life. There are a few bands where the battery lasts for more than a week. 

  • Warranty

Repairing the best smartwatch for women can be quite expensive, particularly if it isn’t branded as it might be hard to secure the spare parts. It might cost you a lot even for one repair. This is the reason you should buy products that come with a warranty. Most of the branded budget smart watch to buy provide at least a year of replacement and repair warranty. 

Specification of Huawei Band 6

Display0.95-inch display
StrapForest Green, Graphite Black, and Amber Sunrise
Screen Size1.47-inch
Modes96 Workout modes
SensorAccelerometer sensorOptical heart rate sensorGyroscope sensor
Dimension1.47-inch, 194 x 368 resolution
Battery14 days’ battery life
Features AvailableBluetooth LE, Bluetooth 5.0, and touchscreen with side button
PriceRM 219

Huawei Band 6 Review: Features and Benefits

Huawei Band 6 comes in a simple but feature-full smartwatch. With this on your wrist, you can expect to have an intuitive and versatile experience. Thanks to its larger design, it is verging on the territory of a smartwatch. 

Let’s take a look at an in-depth analysis of the smartwatch. 

  1. Design and Display

The Huawei Band 6 comes with a good display that is bright and clear enough to work under direct sunlight. However, the screen is a little reflective. Its larger screen surely helps when you receive notifications. So, you can skim enough emails on the screen, even if you cannot read the entire email.

It has a larger 1.47-inch, 194 x 368 resolution AMOLED display. The tempered glass offers additional protection. This is an impressive jump from the 0.95-inch display. 

The additional screen estate comes as an added bonus. It means Honor can fit more on its display for you to check. Since it is 18g or so in weight, you will hardly realize that you are wearing it.

Huawei Band 6 comes with a good display

Huawei’s Band 6 has a strap that is long enough to fit into all types of the wrist. It has also put holes on the shorter side. So, it is comfortable to wear. The unit might not be bulky but it has thick bezels that surround the display. However, this shouldn’t bother you. On the side of the band is a physical side button that lets you access the menu. 

It is available in 3 different colors Forest Green, Graphite Black, and Amber Sunrise. The silicone strap has a matte finish. Also, it is non-removable. Thus, you cannot change it like with other smartwatches. The athleisure look makes it a nice accessory to go with the sports gear. 

  1. Battery Life

According to the manufacturer, the wearable offers excellent battery life. It can last for up to 2 weeks. This is accurate enough. When I used the band for exercising 5 times a week and sleep tracking a few times, I found the battery life was closer to the claimed target. Even though the battery life was almost 10%, it lasted for many days while being used for different workouts.

Additionally, charging for just a few hours will take the battery up to 100%. Since the device constantly monitors your heart rate, the longevity of the battery is a big plus. 

  1. Unique Features

What’s great about Honor Band 6 is it is available in 96 different workout modes, which you can add. It has features that let you track the activity goals. It can also show a documented progress log from the collected health data. 

Here are some of the most striking features of this brand. 

  • Sleep Tracking

A sleep-log tracks your sleep phases. It also rates your sleep quality. For sleep, there is TruSleep tracking software that captures your sleep durations, offers sleep quality insights, and scores sleep.

There is TruSleep tracking software in modern smartwatches

When it is bedtime, use the sleep menu on the band to check the most recent sleep time tracked with data found inside Huawei’s Health app. In the app, users will find the breakdown of the sleep stage with the sleep score that offers some insight into their sleep quality. 

  • Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Saturation

Often, heart rate monitoring is like the Achilles heel for a majority of fitness trackers. In fact, it is something that we have been critical of on Huawei wearables before, especially for exercise.  On the Huawei Band 6, you will get TruSeen 4.0 heart rate sensor feature that offers on-spot measurement. It constantly monitors stress and heart rate during your exercise.

In modern smartwatches, you will get TruSeen 4.0 heart rate sensor feature

For the heart rate insight, it is a mixed bag. At times, resting heart rate shows 1-2bpm out of a dedicated heart rate monitoring. On certain occasions, the reading on the Huawei Band 6 against heart rate monitor baked to a medical-grade pulse oximeter was much higher. 

Apart from heart rate monitoring, it offers a SpO2 monitoring feature just as Band 5. It measures blood oxygen level that is an indicator of general wellness.  However, just as heart-rate monitoring, it hasn’t been created for medical use. It can be used as a reference point for your health rather than anything else. 

It is just for on-spot measurement. So, there is no support for monitoring blood oxygen levels continuously. The readings are stored in Huawei’s Health app. 

  • Music Controls and Weather Forecast

These features have been well-optimized for larger screens. Also, getting around the software is pretty easy. You can change music and check the weather for the day on your smartwatch. 

  1. Performance and Software

I liked the Huawei Band 6’s software. The device hardly lags. This is mainly because the operating system is lightweight. Touch responsiveness is snappy and smooth. 

However, even though the notifications from the smartphone show up reliably, the functionality is quite basic. You cannot tap in order to expand the message notification. So, you have to use your phone to read the full test. 

The exercise log is detailed. For my swimming session, I was able to find which stroke is used the most and the stroke rate. But a few sports record fewer data points. 

  1. Connectivity and Compatibility

Band 6 is without GPS connectivity. So, it cannot determine the user’s location. It pairs well with an Android smartphone or iPhone. However, for this, you need to have a Huawei Health app on your smartphone.

Huawei Band 6 is without GPS connectivity

It is possible to connect its health data to Google Fit. But this is the only other app it supports. 

  1. Fitness

The Huawei Band 6 delivers the core features to track steps and monitor sleep, automatically.

Huawei Band 6 delivers the core features of fitness tracking

There is a gyroscope motion and accelerometer sensor that helps in delivering that and provides you with step counts. Thus, with the distance cover, you can count the active hours. 

For daily activity tracking, you can check progress from watch facts that show the stats. Go over to the Activity records menu to expand the states. You will get enough data on the device. So, you have to spend less time in the app. 

  1. Warranty

The product comes with a 100% manufacturing warranty. So, you can expect complete repair and replacement for this product. 

  1. Specifications

The wide-screen 1.47-inch watch shows that the design is a big departure from the Band 5 design. There are different band colors. However, all in all, the smartwatch has a plain look. 

There is a solitary physical button in the case’s right hand. With it on your wrist, you can take a shower. This is because it has a 5ATM rating of water resistance. So, you can submerge it into the water up to 50m in depth. 

  1. Other Unique Features

Band 6 has 96.3% accuracy in recording your sleep time and quality. However, this is not the only good feature you will get to enjoy. There is a feature that will let you add 3 daily activity goals, hours active, steps, and moderate-high intensity activity. At workout, it comes with 96 different workout modes. 


Pros of Huawei Band 6

  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Larger display.
  • Long battery life.


  • Non-removable straps.
  • No GPA.

Our Best Alternative Smartwatch Options

In case you want to check out more good smartwatches, here are our top picks. 

  1. Realme Watch S
Realme Watch S

Realme is a brand that is known for its exceptional electrical appliances. This Realme smartwatch has garnered attention far and wide. It comes with some amazing features. With this smartwatch, you are provided with sport, health, and other functions. It is perfect for both males and females.


  • 7-9 days of battery life.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Smart notifications.


  • Requires you to have a phone app.
  1. FK88 SmartWatch
FK88 SmartWatch

FK88 SmartWatch is a wearable with a sporty look. It has a design similar to Apple Watch. It has a bright and sharp display screen. The smartwatch comes with heart-rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, and blood pressure monitoring. 


  • Multiple modes.
  • iPhone and Android compatibility.
  • convenient to wear.


  • Limited battery life.
  1. Amazfit BIP U Pro Fitness Smartwatch
Amazfit BIP U Pro Fitness Smartwatch

This is a great fitness tracker and is available at an affordable price. Nevertheless, the star of the show is the built-in GPS. The experience is similar to that of Bip U. It is the best smart watch Malaysia in its price bracket. 


  • Built-in GPS.
  • Precise sleep tracking feature.
  • Tracking and fitness features.
  • Value for money.


  • App sync problem.
  • Alexa’s smart assistant doesn’t work well. 


This smart watch review shows that Huawei Band 6 has many things going for it. It has got significant battery life, a broad range of workouts, and a large display. All these come at a decent price. 

Nevertheless, it is let down by its inconsistent heart rate monitoring technology, non-removable straps, and lack of GPS. The fault with the heart rate monitoring can impact the outcome you get when you exercise. But it is a great fit for a casual user. 

In case you are looking for an alternative smartwatch, you can go for Realme Watch S.

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