How to Use a Nano Spray Gun – Wireless Disinfection Spray

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the increase in purchases of devices like the pulse oximeter to check blood oxygen levels and the nano spray gun for disinfection.

A nano spray gun machine helps with sanitization.
A nano spray gun machine helps with sanitization.

How have you been handling your sanitization needs since the pandemic began? Are the regular hand sanitizers doing enough?

The biggest challenge of using ordinary disinfectants like hand sanitizers is that they are only limited to being used on the hands, and that is not enough.

Germs and viruses continue to be active around us. When you consider how virulent the Coronavirus has been, a stronger solution is necessary, and this is where a nano spray gun comes into play.

I am going to take you through what a nano spray gun is, how it works, how to properly use it, the benefits, and wrap it up with some recommended models you can purchase easily online. 

What is a Handheld Nano Spray Gun?

A K5 Nano Spray disinfectant gun transforms sanitizer into fine mist.
A K5 Nano Spray disinfectant gun transforms sanitizer into fine mist.

A handheld nano spray is an advanced form of disinfection option that makes use of nanotechnology. It works by transforming the sanitizer into a fine mist that spreads around in the air. This mist deals with germs and viruses suspended in the air more effectively than other sanitizer types.

A handheld nano spray is shaped almost like a gun. It has a switch that resembles a trigger, an adjustment knob, a nozzle, and a bottle that holds the sanitizer attached from below.

In terms of size, the sanitizer spray is portable equipment that can fit in one hand. This makes it easy to use over a large space. You load it up and press the switch, and a fine mist is ejected.

A significant number of people have only come to know about handheld nano spray guns in 2021. This is due to the ongoing pandemic. The need for an effective sanitizing mechanism has made the demand for handheld nano guns skyrocket.

In terms of price, handheld nano spray guns cost anywhere from RM15 to RM 200 and up. On top of being more advanced and more effective, you can use it anytime and on any surface In some ways, that’s way better than a simple hand sanitizer.

How Does a Nano Spray Gun Work?

If you have used any kind of spraying gadget, then a handheld nano gun isn’t rocket science.

The wireless nano spray gun comes already assembled straight from the box. It has a bottle you can adjust to the bottom that can be detached for a refill.

There are two categories of handheld nano spray guns: It can either be a spray sanitizer that emits a wet mist or a nano atomizer that produces a dry fog. Each of these types handles the same tasks but in slightly different ways determined by the environment.

A handheld nano spray gun is easy to operate.
A handheld nano spray gun is easy to operate.

So How Do You Use It?

  • Begin by mixing your preferred disinfectant with some water to fill the bottle. Some nano spray guns come with their own disinfectant solution, so if it does, just use that. Avoid alcohol-based sanitizers since they are flammable and the nano spray gun uses heat.
  • Shake the bottle well. Reattach and adjust the bottle onto the handgun.
  • Being wireless, turn the handgun on to give it some warm-up time of about 10-15 seconds before activation.
  • Once the mixture has been heated well enough, start spraying the contents on the relevant surfaces.

A dry fogger sanitizer spray is preferred for the following reasons:

  • There’s no need to wipe surfaces later on since the fog is dry.
  • It can reach small corners and crevices, increasing disinfecting efficiency.
  • Being dry, you can sanitize electronics without damaging them with moisture.

How to Use a Nano Spray Gun

The principle behind how a disinfection spray gun works isn’t hard to understand. You load the liquid as described above and spray it on any surface that you need. However, there are some precautions you have to adhere to when sanitizing using this item.

  • Do not spray the sanitizing solution directly on to people’s skin. This may cause irritation and respiratory issues in some people.
  • Only aim at the surfaces you are disinfecting to avoid wasting the sanitizer. Spraying it randomly may not have the desired effects.
  • Not all sanitizing solutions can work with any handheld nano spray gun. You have to combine the ones associated with the gun for more effectiveness.
  • Check the information on the sanitizer solutions to know whether they can and cannot be used. Some may claim they are safe even for food, but that should be clarified in the manual.
Nano spray guns can be used in many spaces.

The handheld nano spray gun can be used in the following domestic and industrial spaces.

  • Home:  The disinfection spray can be used on furniture like chairs, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, floors, walls, among other surfaces, to protect people from contaminating their hands. It should come in handy in a house full of children.
  • Hotels: Hotels receive a lot of people in a single day or week, and the tables and chairs have to be constantly cleaned after every use. Handheld nano spray guns are the fastest way to get this done.
  • Retail Stores: Every time someone walks into a retail store, they touch items they may not buy. Cleaning each time every 5 minutes is not ideal. A nano spray gun is how you deal with contamination on a large scale.
  • Office and Workplaces: Computers, keyboards, working desks, door handles; all these are touched regularly and have to be sanitized every time using nano spray guns.
  • Car Interiors: Most car interiors require dry atomizers due to the presence of electronic gadgets. Nano spray guns are very effective when used to sanitize a car because there are many nooks and hard-to-reach spots in the enclosed space.
  • Hospital Rooms: COVID-19 is concentrated in hospitals, and sanitizing has to be aggressive. Using nano spray guns is the only way to cover the entire space as regularly as needed.
  • Schools: With the reopening of schools already underway, rigorous sanitization using nano spray guns is the most effective way. The disinfection spray should be used on desks, door handles, railings, the playground, among other places.

Benefits of the Nano Spray Gun

A newly unboxed atomizer with a water bottle.
A newly unboxed atomizer with a water bottle.

It is hard to tell when the pandemic will truly be over. At the same time, COVID-19 is not the only scourge we have to deal with. There are countless dangerous viruses, bacteria, and germs around us, and nano spray guns are the ideal disinfectant solutions.

Some of the benefits of using a market standardized nano sanitizer spray include the following:

Has a Wider Range

Regular sanitizers, like the ones used on hands, are limited to specific areas; you achieve less protection. The moment you touch an unsanitized area, you are back to square one.

Handheld nano spray guns not only handle solid surfaces but also deal with airborne pathogens. Considering how most of them are airborne, Coronavirus included, you will effectively be killing two birds with one stone.

A single disinfectant emission from this sanitizer spray covers a bigger space and makes the interiors safer without wasting a single drop.

It’s a Budget Option

At the start of the pandemic, people cleared sanitizers and disinfectants from shelves in stores. This caused their prices to skyrocket, and replenishing them every few weeks became unsustainable.

With a nano spray gun, however, that cost comes down significantly, and you get more out of it in return. You don’t even have to use the sanitizers in their concentrated forms. Dilute them with water to get more hours out of them.

Using this spray gun translates to less money as they last longer, making them the most cost-effective type of sanitization.

It’s a Time Saver

Depending on the size of the room you are sanitizing, you could fully cover it whole in minutes instead of wiping furniture for hours. Fill the bottle with any compatible type of sanitizer and spray it all around you on the surfaces.

Imagine for a moment the time and energy it would take you to wipe every surface in a classroom, for instance. If you were to use a disinfectant cloth, that could last you hours, depending on the size.

With a nano spray gun, you can cover more area in less time.

Reduces Contact with Contaminated Surfaces

It is easy to recontaminate yourself when you touch a contaminated surface. No matter how many times you clean your hands with a disinfectant, the danger of invisible pathogens remains.

With a nano spray gun, you aim and press the switch, and every surface, including the air around you, is sanitized. With this, you don’t have to douse your hands in sanitizers every two minutes. With this product, you get more freedom to move around and touch surfaces.

Can Handle Electronic Devices

Most sanitization methods use a liquid disinfectant, and this poses a challenge where electronic devices are involved. Moisture can cause short-circuiting, causing irreparable damage.

With atomizers and any other advanced spray sanitizer spray machine, the dry fog they emit can safely sanitize electrical parts without causing any damage. You wouldn’t want your expensive Macbook to suddenly stop working because you are fighting COVID-19 now, do you?

It’s a Cordless Spray Gun

That alone should get you excited. The hassles of using a corded nano spray product are way too much. The distance you can cover is limited by the length of the cord.

With a wireless nano spray gun, however, you can move anywhere you want and sanitize more space effectively. This reduces accidents that may come with tripping over the cord once it wraps around other things.

The best part? The batteries on this product are rechargeable and last for hours with a single voltage charge. That’s more than enough to ensure you sanitize your surroundings as frequently as you want. Ensure you get certified batteries with the right voltage power from a good seller.

Can Reach Tight Spaces

There are places where even the most potent sanitizing mixture cannot reach, no matter the large amount of sanitizers you use or the hours you spend.

But once the disinfectant has been vaporized and turned into superheated steam, even the slimmest of crevices become accessible. Pathogens are small enough to squeeze anywhere, and the only way to reach them is by using a nano spray gun.

With a dry fog gun, you wouldn’t even have to open your electronics to reach inside. Find some space and spray the fog inside.

Flexible Options

You can set the speed of fog emission on this spray sanitizer spray machine. You can also adjust the amount of fog being produced as well as the distance it can cover. The temperature used to heat the solution can also be set from 10 degrees all the way to 30 degrees.

Some product models even come with a smart temperature function as well as a control time feature. This is used to stop dry heating when dealing with a large amount of sanitizer.

These are automated settings that you can adjust with a simple press of the button to achieve satisfied results after long hours of usage.

Convenient and Portable

The average nanospray gun product weighs about 900g, give or take. Add a filled-up solution bottle, and the weight could be anywhere slightly above 1000g.

You could easily use this gun for hours without feeling the pressure on your hand. This portability, combined with the cordless setup, allows you to cover more areas faster.

If convenience is a big deal for you, then you’ll love this handheld device.

Nano Spray Gun in Malaysia

A nano spray gun in action taking care of pathogens.
A nano spray gun in action taking care of pathogens.

You now have a good idea of what a nano spray gun looks like and how it operates. The next thing would be shopping for one that fits your needs.

To save you the trouble, we have compiled a short product shopping list of the recommended nano spray guns that may interest you if you plan to get one.

1. Wireless Rechargeable Nano Blu Ray Atomizer Spray Gun

Nano Blu Ray Atomizer. Nano Spray Gun - Shop Journey
Nano Blu Ray Atomizer.

The Nano Blu Ray Atomizer is a wireless and rechargeable gun utilizing fast fogging nanotechnology that has received good reviews. The entire product is made out of biodegradable parts, good news for the environment buffs.

Some of the standout seller features of this nifty machine include the following:

  • It is non-toxic and alcohol-free. You can use a large amount of sanitizer without worrying about explosions or getting irritants onto your skin.
  • The product has a plastic head that prevents blockage inside the attached water bottle.
  • It has a porous heat dissipation that boosts fast fogging.
  • It is large, and that increases the quantity of sanitizer mixtures that you can use.

2. HGV Nano Portable Wireless Electric Sanitizer Spray

HGV Nano Portable Wireless Electric Sanitizer Spray. Nano Spray Gun - Shop Journey
HGV Nano Portable Wireless Electric Sanitizer Spray.

This is a stylish handheld atomizer that produces a heavy amount of fog. It is highly advanced too, with a set of nifty buttons and a fuselage intelligent heat dissipation feature.

The inbuilt rechargeable battery has enough voltage to last you hours of sanitization. Combine that with the lightweight and cordless design, and you have a tool that does what it was made for.

Some of the product features worth noting include the following:

  • An easy shuttle button that requires minimum pressure quantity. A simple press and the device releases a large amount of fog.
  • A clean handgrip that fits the palm perfectly.
  • The product is wireless with a rechargeable 2000 voltage battery that can be recharged with a USB cable.
  • The device has two levels of fog spray adjustability that use a 280ml large capacity water bottle.
  • Excellent porous heat dissipation and a control time button.
  • The device releases an ultra-long-range spray that handles even mites.
  • The product comes with fast fogging and adjustable spray intensity.

3. Touch Screen Wireless Rechargeable Sprayer Gun Sanitizer Machine

An advanced nano spray gun with a touch screen. Nano Spray Gun - Shop Journey
An advanced nano spray gun with a touch screen.

This is an upgraded sanitizer gun that replaces most manual buttons with a touch screen. The design is quite simple, with the most standout feature being the touch screen at the back facing the user.

It comes with large capacity water bottle options that range from 300ml, 380ml, and 800ml. The larger one is enough to handle all your home sanitation needs for those with a larger house plan.

Some standout features include the following.

  • Three large capacity water bottle options increase the capabilities of the spray gun.
  • A long-lasting 18W battery that can be recharged with USB cables and lasts for hours.
  • A touch screen at the back for all the operations. You only get one physical on/off button.
  • The ability to adjust the quantity and control time by the minute.
  • A short charging time
  • The device releases a large amount of fog
  • Great porous heat dissipation


It is hard to tell when the pandemic will really be over, and much of that depends on our sanitization efforts. The more we commit to this, the faster things return to normalcy. If you are looking for a reliable nano spray gun, the Touch Screen Wireless Rechargeable Sprayer Gun Sanitizer Machine would be the best bet for you. But if you are on a budget, then add the reliable Nano Blu Ray Atomizer to your shopping cart.

The bottom line is that sanitizing as frequently as possible is the best way out of this, and getting a nano spray gun that fits your needs should be your priority.

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