How to Use an Epilator – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Are you one of those people who just hates the discomfort and often fleeting results that comes with shaving with conventional blades? Or is the pain of waxing just too much for you to bear? Well, there’s another form of hair removal that is less discomforting and just as effective as the two methods mentioned above, using a hair removal epilator device. 

An epilator is a recent innovation in hair removal technology.
An epilator is a recent innovation in hair removal technology.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use an epilator, the advantages it has over other hair removal techniques, and give you some examples of the best epilator Malaysia products available online.

What is an Epilator?

An epilator is an electrical hair removal device. Epilating works by mechanically grasping multiple strands of hair and pulling them out from their roots. There are different types of epilators, each of which works through a different mechanical principle. However, most epilator devices perform the same basic function of hair removal either through spring, disc, or rotating tweezers.

An epilator is a hair removal device that is easy to use and effective.
An epilator is a hair removal device that is easy to use and effective.

All you have to do is gently run the epilator device over the area you wish to remove the hair from and let the device work. There may be a slight discomforting sensation, but most people find it less painful than being waxed and the discomfort generally reduces with time.

How to Use an Epilator

Now that we know what an epilator is and how it works, let’s take a look at a step-by-step guide and some top tips on the best way to use the device so that you can get optimal results. Some important things to note include:

  • Shave a few days before using the product
Shaving several days before using an epilator is a good practice.
Shaving several days before using an epilator is a good practice.

The device works best on shorter hair (about a few millimeters). Shaving helps reduce the length of the hair and also ensures that the remaining hair is of the same length. This can reduce the discomfort associated with the process of using the epilator. A good idea is to shave 2-3 days before using the epilator.

  • Exfoliate first to prepare your skin

Exfoliating your skin helps prevent ingrown hairs and gives your skin a smoother look by removing dead skin cells. This can be done during a warm shower by gently rubbing your skin in a circular motion using a body scrub or loofah to thoroughly get rid of the dead skin cells and reduce your risk of developing ingrown hairs before you begin epilating.

  • Start with the lowest setting

This is especially important for people who are sensitive to pain or who are using an epilator for the first time. Start with a low setting and gently run the device over your skin. You can then try a higher setting if you are not satisfied with the results.

  • Start from the least sensitive part of your skin

This also helps reduce the discomfort associated with epilating. Some areas are more sensitive to pain, such as the groin, armpits, and bony areas. Therefore, start with a less sensitive area like your shin or the inside of your lower leg and allow your body to become desensitized to the sensation of epilating.

  • Position the epilator device properly

The device is easy to use, but to get the best results there are several important tips you should know. One of them is how to correctly position the device before you begin epilating. 

Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle to your skin, hold the skin taut and then gently apply pressure to the area. Move the device in a slow circular manner while still holding your skin taut since epilating works best on flat surfaces, moving against the grain of the body hair (the direction the body hair grows). Do this repeatedly over the same area until you achieve the desired results.

  • Don’t forget to moisturize

This is an important step that a lot of people forget. Moisturizing helps soothe dry skin, which may appear red and irritated for several hours after you’re done. Products that contain aloe vera are the best due to the soothing properties of the plant.

Moisturizing is highly recommended after epilation.
Moisturizing is highly recommended after epilation.
  • Always clean your epilator after use

If you use a waterproof epilator, ensure you rinse it thoroughly with running water before storing the device. However, if you use it dry then clean the device with rubbing alcohol or a cleaning kit. 

Epilator vs Waxing vs Shaving

Epilating differs from waxing and shaving.
Epilating differs from waxing and shaving.

While epilating, shaving and waxing are hair removal methods, there are key differences between the different methods. Let’s break down some important factors to consider when comparing the three different hair removal methods.

CostA good epilator costs more than a shaving blade but can be used multiple timesA wax job typically costs more than epilation or shaving because it is usually performed by trained techniciansA good shaving blade is cheap, but can only be used reliably between 1-7 times
Time ConsumedUsually depends on how fast you are able to epilate May take a little longer than shaving or epilatingUsually just a few minutes 
Pain levelsUsually only mild discomfort onlyMay be discomforting if done incorrectly Quite painless unless you use a dull blade or poor technique which may lead to small cuts
How Long the Effects LastThe effects typically last for 3-4 weeks The effects can typically last for as long as 3-4 weeksA good shave may only last several days
AftercareTypically you’re only required to moisturize after epilatingMay require significant aftercare, especially if the skin is irritatedUsually requires little aftercare

Choosing an Epilator

When choosing the best epilators there are several key factors you have to take into consideration. These include:

  • The part of the skin you want to use it on

While the device works best on areas of the body with thick skin, special types of epilators have been designed which can cater to a wide range of hair types and body areas such as facial hair, pubic hair, and other sensitive areas. Some also come with different attachments that allow you to access hard-to-reach areas.

If you are unsure about how suitable an epilator may be for a particular area of your body, test the epilator out on a small area of skin to gauge the level of pain and the effectiveness of the device.

Epilators work best on the parts of the body with thicker skin.
Epilators work best on the parts of the body with thicker skin.

  • Your budget

While we all wish we could walk into the store and grab the most high-end option off the shelf, that sadly is not the truth for most people. When shopping for an epilator on a budget you have to consider the features you’re looking out for such as certain attachments, whether it can also be battery-powered, if it is rechargeable and how long a single charge can last, and so on. After considering all these choose the option that best fits your needs and is within your price range.

  • Is the device waterproof?

Most people prefer to perform their preferred hair removal method in the bathroom, preferably during a shower. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find an epilator that is also waterproof, both for reasons of safety and for product longevity. This is especially important if you’re someone who prefers wet epilation over dry epilation. Using a dry epilator with water can cause serious harm to you and damage the product.

  • Take into consideration the available settings

Most devices give users the option to adjust the speed settings on the device. While a higher speed setting means you can perform the task of hair removal faster, it can also be associated with a higher degree of pain and skin irritation. Therefore, it is advisable that individuals who are new to epilating purchase devices which gives them the option to choose lower settings to reduce the amount of discomfort they may feel during the initial stages of the process. This is also useful when using an epilator on more sensitive areas of the body as well.

  • Corded vs Cordless

Corded devices are typically more powerful than cordless devices and therefore allow the user to complete the task more quickly. However, cordless devices are usually battery-powered or rechargeable, which means they can be used even when an outlet is not readily available and are more maneuverable than corded devices.

Best Epilator Malaysia Products You Can Purchase Online

Let’s take a look at a few of the best epilator Malaysia products you can purchase online. These include:

1. Philips Wet & Dry Epilator Series 8000 [BRE740/10]

The Philips Epilator 8000 comes with various attachments to ensure you get the smoothest finish. How to Use an Epilator - Shop Journey
The Philips Epilator 8000 comes with various attachments to ensure you get the smoothest finish.

The Philips Wet & Dry Epilator Series 8000 is a great product that is gentle on the skin, leaves smooth skin and as the name applies can be used for both wet and dry epilating. The Philips epilator has an extra-wide epilator head, as well as specialized attachments such as a trimming comb and a shaving head.

The cordless ergonomic design is both comfortable and effective, leaving you with great results for as long as 4 weeks. Don’t forget to mention the added pouch for easy storage of the device and its attachments once you’re done.

2. AVOSKY KEMEI Epilator

The AVOSKY KEMEI Epilator is designed to give a smooth, painless finish with minimal risk of discomfort.  How to Use an Epilator - Shop Journey
The AVOSKY KEMEI Epilator is designed to give a smooth, painless finish with minimal risk of discomfort.

The AVOSKY KEMEI Epilator is designed to give a smooth skin and a painless process, while at the same time retarding hair regrowth. The product claims to produce finer and slower hair growth because the device pulls the hair from the roots, discouraging regrowth.

The product comes with a USB cord, but is rechargeable and can be used cordless. It features two speeds, which can be toggled between depending on the thickness and density of your hair. It is designed to reduce nicks and cuts, ensuring that there is minimal risk of discomfort and injury while using this product.

3. Philips Satinelle Essential Corded Compact Epilator

The Philips Satinelle Essential Corded Compact Epilator design features an innovative sensitive area cap. How to Use an Epilator - Shop Journey
The Philips Satinelle Essential Corded Compact Epilator design features an innovative sensitive area cap.

Unsurprisingly the next product on the list is another great product from the Philips company, the Philips Satinelle Essential Corded Compact Epilator is a corded epilator unlike the first two entries, which means it’s probably the most powerful option on the list.

The design features an innovative sensitive area cap and massage cap, as well as an opti-light system. It has two speed settings, an ergonomic handle, and works via a gentle tweezing action. The washable epilation cap is a great feature and the product comes with a pouch to help you easily store the device and its accessories.


Epilators are a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. They offer several advantages over other popular hair removal techniques by offering longer-lasting results, less pain, and are quite cost-effective.

There are several epilators on the market but we listed several great options for you to check out if you are looking for the right epilator. Our top recommendation would be the Philips Wet & Dry Epilator for its versatility and ergonomic design.

Make sure to leave any questions or comments you may have on the topic below and we would love to hear your feedback. Epilating is a safe hair removal method that involves gently plucking the hair follicles from their roots, ensuring smoother skin, longer-lasting results, and a less discomforting process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it best to epilate wet or dry?

While there is no definitive answer to this and it typically depends on individual preference, there are several advantages to both sides. Epilating wet is said to cause less skin irritation and is easier to clean up afterward, while epilating dry is said to offer smoother skin and a quicker hair removal process.

2. Is it painful using an epilator?

Most individuals report some level of discomfort while using an epilator. However, this is heavily dependent on the sensitivity of the area it is used on, the type of hair removed, the pain tolerance of the individual as well as the speed level that the epilator was used at.

3. How long do epilator results last?

While this may vary depending on the area from which the hair was removed as well as how thoroughly the device was used in that area, a good quality epilator should provide results that last as long as four weeks for most individuals.

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