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The most important element in every kitchen is a reliable and effective refrigerator that can hold all the food items and beverages yet will not take up a lot of kitchen space. Since every family has a different lifestyle, they need different kinds of refrigerators that specialize in fulfilling certain functions. There are thousands of refrigerators in the market and some of them are available at very cheap prices. However, it is not recommended to get cheap refrigerators as they do not last long and consume a lot of electricity.

But there is nothing to worry about as in this short Hitachi fridge review, anyone will find their perfect refrigerator if they continue reading till the end. Since fridges come in several customized shapes and sizes, there are several factors that you should consider before buying an expensive refrigerator.

Buying a refrigerator is always a big investment for every family as they will use it regularly for at least 15 to 20 years. So people should buy refrigerators after doing a lot of research to know what kinds of fridges are available in the shops and what the special features of the fridges are. Moreover, every family should consider their food and beverage needs.

Too many types of Hitachi fridges are available nowadays Source:

If someone has a big family then they will need a fridge that has a lot of storage space. On the other hand, if you have a small family, then go for the smaller mini-fridges that can easily get the job done without taking up a lot of space in the kitchen. Refrigerators can be classified into several types according to their shapes and designs and they are as follows:

A single door refrigerator is the best choice for a bachelor or a small family
  • Single Door Fridge

As the name suggests, the single door fridges have only one door but they have ample space to store several types of food items. If you have a small family or need a fridge for an office or other such purposes, then the single-door ones are perfect for you. They have rounded corners and edges and have a single and classy handle. The door panel also has many nooks to keep beverages and other items. Moreover, many mini single-door fridges can fit in any small space. You can check the prices of Best mini fridge Malaysia before buying one.

These types of fridges are more reliable
  • Top Freezer Fridges

These types of fridges are the most common type that you will find in almost every family kitchen. The freezer portion is on the top with a separate door so you can easily use it without opening other compartments. They have modern and contemporary designs and you can also get them in small sizes. Moreover, since they have a good height, you do not have to bend often to get food items out of the fridge. They also come with several special features like LED lights and intelligent AI.

Bottom freezers are generally roomier than other freezers
  • Bottom Freezer Fridge

Some families do not use the freezer portion of the fridge often and the bottom freezer is best for them. The compartment to keep foods and beverages is on the top so you will not have to use it. The freezer at the bottom is large for storing several items for a longer time and the upper portion is for everyday use. The bottom freezers are very useful for keeping clutter-free storage as the top portion is very big and can fit all your food items.

Side-by-side refrigerators are best for kitchens that are narrow
  • The Side-by-Side Fridge

If you want to spend a little more money on buying an intelligent and high-tech refrigerator that will last for ages then buy the side-by-side fridges. They have double doors and you can keep your food items on one side and the freezer on the other. If you have a large family who needs ice and chilled beverages often then the side-by-side fridges can cover all your needs. They have a sleek design and also have several other extra features like the ice maker and digital displays.

French door fridges are very luxurious
  • French Door Fridges

The French door fridges are designed with the latest technology and they have the best features of both the side-by-side fridges and the bottom freezer fridges. They have a bottom freezer and double doors on the top. So you access the entire fridge without any difficulties. Generally, the French door fridges are wider than the normal ones so you should be sure that you have a lot of space in your kitchen before buying these French door refrigerators. You will find the best refrigerator Malaysia with French door designs. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Refrigerator

It is not possible to buy refrigerators like a person buys groceries and other items. This is because refrigerators cost a lot of money and it is used regularly for several years. So there are several factors that you should consider before buying a refrigerator for your home. Some of the factors to consider are as follows:

These fridges are made with the latest energy-efficient technology
  • Energy Star

Typically, 17% of the total electricity bill every month is from refrigerators. Thus it is very important to buy a fridge that has energy-efficient functions to prevent wasted energy. These energy-efficient technology fridges are made with the latest technology and they have special programs that will reduce the amount of electricity needed for them to run. If you want to save up on your electricity bills, then get the fridges that have an energy star rating. This rating is given by the EPA on the best energy-saving machines and appliances in the market. So if you see an energy star sticker on the fridge, then it is an energy-efficient one. You will get a Hitachi fridge with energy-efficient labels.

The capacity and size is the most important thing to check
  • Capacity and Size

Every person wants to buy a fridge that can store all their groceries, leftover foods, and beverages along with several other items. So before you buy a fridge, you should look at the number of people in your family and their needs. If you have a big family with more than four people, then you should get the big refrigerators with separate freezer space. Thus you will be able to store all the food items you want. Moreover, you should also check the amount of space you have in your kitchen because if you get a fridge that takes up a lot of space, you will have reduced space in your kitchen for movement and cooking. You can also buy the best mini freezer in Malaysia if you have a small family.

There are several cooling technologies used in modern refrigerators
  • Cooling Technology

Since every day new technologies are being invented, there are several cooling technologies used in refrigerators. So before buying a refrigerator, you should check the types of cooling technologies that are available. If you want to get a refrigerator that focuses on drinks and beverages more than foods, then get the static cooling system or the fan-assisted cooling system. They are suitable for medium load fridges so they will cover your needs for a small family. If you have a big family then go for the dynamic cooling systems as they are perfect for refrigerators with more than 500L of capacity.

The budget is another important aspect when buying a fridge
  • Budget

The budget or the price of the refrigerators is another important aspect when buying a fridge for your home. Since you can get refrigerators at various price ranges, it can be confusing for a person to select the right one. Moreover, the new refrigerators offer so many new features that every person gets attracted towards them and spends a lot more money than they have planned. Thus you should never get swayed by the special features of the refrigerators and look for features that you will need in the future.

Choose a refrigerator that has a good warranty
  • Warranty

The refrigerator has several small parts and machines that can stop working at any point in time. Moreover, you will be using the fridge daily several times and if you have a big family, everyone will be opening it for various purposes. So it is very important to choose a refrigerator that has a good warranty. Buying a refrigerator is a big investment for every family and if it stops working after a few years, it can cause a lot of difficulties for the family. Thus you should always buy from good brands like the Hitachi fridge so that if the refrigerator stops working in the future, you can easily get it repaired without any difficulties.

The freezer space is very important for a refrigerator
  • Freezer Space

If you are going to buy a refrigerator, then pay attention to the freezer space and your freezer needs. Many refrigerators have a lot of special features but they have very small freezer space. You can get several mini-fridges with big freezer space if you consume a lot of cold drinks and beverages. Thus if you lead a lifestyle where you eat a lot of frozen foods, then you should get a fridge that has a big freezer space. If you do not use the freezer frequently, then get a refrigerator that has a bigger shelf space than freezer space.

Check the style and finishing before buying
  • Style and Finishing

Refrigerators will not only store your food items and beverages but will also add aesthetic beauty to your home. So you should always check the styles and finishing of the refrigerator before buying. Check the number of available doors, compartment space, and the design of the fridges. Refrigerators come in many colors so you can get the one you like the most. Moreover, they also come with several extra style features like matt finish or stainless steel body and rust-free technology.

Modern refrigerators has special features like power-saving mode
  • Special Features

Nowadays, you will get many refrigerators with special features like power-saving mode, intelligent artificial intelligence technology, and alarm systems. If you are energy conservative then look for the fridges that have a power-saving button that makes your refrigerator run on minimum electricity. Several artificially intelligent fridges can recognize the outside temperature and change the settings of the fridge on their own to save money. You will also get refrigerators that have an alarm system and also with adjustable shelves.

  • Check Reviews

The best way to understand if a certain refrigerator is good is by looking at the reviews given by the buyers of that fridge. You can just search for the model number of the refrigerator you want to buy and you will be able to see all the reviews given by other people. You will understand the advantages and disadvantages of using that refrigerator easily. 

  • Delivery Process

Since refrigerators are big and are very heavy, it is not possible to carry one on your own from the store to your house. So you should always buy refrigerators from shops that offer home delivery so that you will not have to worry about the transportation of the fridge.

List of the Best Hitachi Refrigerators 

In this Hitachi fridge review, you will find the best fridge to buy in Malaysia and that too at an affordable price. All the fridges listed below have some special features and qualities that you will not find in any other refrigerators. So go through all of them before choosing the best that you want to buy.


This Hitachi model is among the big refrigerators with a net storage space of 540L and freezer space of 144L. It has a width of 855 mm and a height of 1835 mm and the depth with handle is 737 mm. The freezer is on the top of the fridge and it has 4 doors in the French style. It is also equipped with a dual-fan cooling system to keep your groceries fresh for a long time. It comes in several colors and also has a LED light along with tempered glass shelves for sturdiness. The touch-screen controller will enable you to utilize all the features easily and it also has a tank-type water dispenser.



  • Touch-screen controller.
  • LED light.


  • Big size.

Hitachi Refrigerator R-H275P7M BBK

This side-by-side Hitachi fridge has double doors and is of the stylish line series. It has a net capacity of 230L and a freezer capacity of 54L. It comes with a width of 540 mm and a height of 1585 mm. This piece of beauty has a high-power inverter compressor that provides an efficient energy-saving function. It can work perfectly even at 60 degrees and has a special system that can keep the inside cool even in times of power cuts. It also has two Thermo sensors for the freezer and the normal storage space so opening one door will not affect the temperature of the other.

Hitachi Refrigerator R-H275P7M BBK


  • Dual Thermo sensors.
  • Powerful compressor.


  • No stabilizer.

Hitachi R-H355P7M BBK Fridge

This top freezer model by Hitachi boasts a powerful cooling system and energy-saving function that can understand which part of the fridge needs more cooling. It has a separate vegetable compartment and movable twist ice tray that can be removed for greater storage space. This 600 mm x 1672 mm fridge has tempered glass shelves with decorated frames that can hold up to 100kgs of weight. It also has a rear temperature control dial and a nano titanium filter. It comes in black or silver color.

Hitachi R-H355P7M BBK Fridge


  • Vegetable compartment.
  • High-capacity shelves.


  • Low capacity freezer.

Hitachi Fridge R-V420P8M

This 443L refrigerator by Hitachi has a top-mount freezer and a dual-fan cooling system along with a powerful inverter. The inverter compressor, known for its energy efficiency, is a feature of Hitachi’s inverter refrigerator. The inverter compressor is at the bottom and the refrigerator fan is at the middle. You will also get a freezer fan so the cooling system of this refrigerator is high-end. It also has a good energy star rating so you will not have to worry about your electricity bills along with a powerful triple filter that can remove even the strongest odors in the fridge.

Hitachi Fridge R-V420P8M


  • Powerful cooling system.
  • Triple filter.


  • Not ideal for small homes.

Hitachi R-WB800P5M GBK 650L Bottom Freezer 4 Door Fridge

This refrigerator has a bottom freezer and side-by-side doors having a total capacity of 650L. Thus it is quite big for a big family and since it has four doors, you will get ample storage space for all your beverages and drinks. It has a selectable mode compartment with an open assist handle. This dual-fan cooling fridge also has an Eco Thermo sensor, Vacuum Insulation panel, and touch-screen display to ensure energy-saving and powerful cooling. The Eco Thermo sensor detects any temperature change separately to enable the ideal temperature change to be maintained in each of the compartments at all times. You will also get a door alarm system with the refrigerator.

Hitachi R-WB800P5M GBK 650L Bottom Freezer 4 Door Fridge


  • Four doors.
  • Door alarm.


  • Large footprint.

Hitachi R-VG490P8M GBK Fridge 2 Doors

This double door fridge has a separate vegetable mode and a dairy and meat mode for keeping customized products. The large vegetable compartment has a capacity of 31L and the fresh select portion has a capacity of 20L. It has a width of 680 mm and a height of 1770 mm. Moreover, it is equipped with a no frost technology that prevents frosting and also has deodorization technology that can absorb the odors of fish products and other smelly items. However, the warranty period is just one year.

Hitachi R-VG490P8M GBK Fridge 2 Doors


  • Large vegetable compartment.
  • No frost technology.


  • Low warranty.

Hitachi R-H315P7M Stylish Line Refrigerator 289L

This fresh select Hitachi fridge has double doors and has a capacity of just 260L. Although the capacity is low, it has a powerful inverter compressor that can create large volumes of chilled air to keep the groceries fresh for a long time. It has tempered glass shelves that are very strong and a movable ice tray. It also features a rear temperature control dial along with a high-tech titanium filter.

Hitachi R-H315P7M Stylish Line Refrigerator 289L


  • Tempered glass shelves.
  • Rear temperature control dial.


  • Low capacity.

Hitachi R-M810GP2MX Side by Side Mirror Series 651L Refrigerator

If you are looking for an elegant and stylish refrigerator that has a high price then go for this model as it is equipped with several high-end features like a wine and other beverages shelf. You can even keep your wine glasses inside the refrigerator since it has a lot of space. It has a modern touch-screen controller and you can easily clean the surface of the fridge with a simple wipe. It has 3 doors and also boasts a dairy pocket along with a door alarm.

Hitachi R-M810GP2MX Side by Side Mirror Series 651L Refrigerator


  • Wine shelf.
  • Modern touch-screen controller.


  • Not for small families.


So in this Hitachi fridge review, you will find the top models of 2021 that have all the new technologies for efficient energy-saving functions and also for keeping the food items fresh and healthy for longer periods. If you are looking for buying a refrigerator for a small family then get the Hitachi R-H355P7M BBK fridge as it has a low footprint but will serve all your kitchen needs.

However, if you want a big refrigerator that will store food items for a huge family at low costs then buy the Hitachi R-M810GP2MX Side By Side Mirror Series 651L as it has a big size and has good energy-efficient functions.


  1. Is Hitachi a Good Refrigerator Brand?

Yes, Hitachi has been in the electrical appliance market for a long time and they manufacture the top models in refrigerators.

  1. Where Is the Hitachi Fridge Made?

Hitachi fridges are mostly manufactured in Japan.

  1. What Are the Benefits of Buying Hitachi Refrigerators?

Hitachi refrigerators have all the efficient qualities needed in a good fridge and it comes at low prices.300

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