Electrolux Fridge Malaysia – Best Electrolux Refrigerator review in 2023


A refrigerator is the first thing you should get for your kitchen. It lets you store your groceries, frozen food, drinks, and ice-creams. The Malaysian market offers an extensive range of refrigerators from different brands. However, one of the top brands in the market is Electrolux, the Swedish appliance giant. 

Malaysian market offers an extensive range of refrigerators

For years, the company has been developing electrical products. It started off by developing lamps. However, currently, it is the second-largest appliance manufacturer across the globe. Refrigerators are one of the many things it develops. 

With Electrolux, you can expect to find different freezers. These come with different features. So, choosing the right one for your kitchen might be overwhelming. 

But, not to worry! We have come up with this Electrolux refrigerator review and guide. We have done in-depth research into different models available in Malaysia. 

So, let’s dive in to find out the best fridges you can buy in Malaysia. 

What Types of Refrigerators Are There on the Market?

Even though refrigerators look alike with their rectangular shape and metallic finish, there are variations in compartment arrangements. Also, there are different internal storage capacities and sizes to cater to the requirements of different households. 

Check out the different types of a refrigerator in the market. 

  1. Single Door

Like the name suggests, these types of refrigerators in Malaysia come with just one door. Thus, it is more convenient to handle. The fridge uses a direct cooling system with natural convection. An Electrolux fridge with a single door will consume lesser power in comparison to the other fridges available in the market. 

A single door refrigerator will consume lesser power


  • The best choice for a small family.
  • Takes lesser space in a kitchen.
  • Consumes lesser power than bigger refrigerators.
  • An economic choice for low budget individuals.


  • Ice has to clean manually.
  • The freezer size is too small.
  1. Top Freezer Fridge (2 Door)

The best fridge Malaysia within budget is a top freeze fridge. You will find a few models under this category. It comes with an evaporator for the refrigerator compartments, as well as the freezer. 

Top freeze fridge

The design is frost-free and the evaporators are placed outside the cabinet. Most of the time, these fridges use inverter technologies. 


  • No manual cleaning for the ice.
  • The refrigerator and freezer come with separate compartments.
  • The freezer stall is a little large.
  • Most designs are frost-free.


  • It is pricier than single door models.
  • Consumes more power than a single door model.
  1. Bottom Freezer Fridge

The bottom freezer is ideal for families using the fridge compartment more than the freezer. You don’t have to bend much as the fridge section is at eye level. So, taking out items is more ergonomic and convenient. It comes with adjustable drawers that you can sort and pack for your groceries. It keeps your refrigerator clutter-free. Thus, you spend less time rummaging through the fridge. 

Bottom freezer is ideal for small families


  • Better organization than one-door design.
  • Frost-free operation.
  • Highly user-friendly in comparison to the freezer on top design.
  • A freezer at the bottom maximizes efficiency.


  • The energy bill will be a tad higher.
  • An expensive design in comparison to single-door.
  1. Side-by-Side Fridge

With a freezer on one side and a fresh-food section on the other, this design lets you access all chilled items easily and quickly. The generous capacity of the model can cater to the requirements of larger households without consuming much space. 

Side-by-side fridge

Some side-by-side fridges come with various other features like energy-efficient systems, ice-makers, and digital displays. The design makes it look elegant and modern. 


  • Good choice for large families.
  • Convenient organization and easy to arrange items.
  • A few models come with ice dispensers.
  • Affordable than a French design.


  • More expensive than a conventional design.
  • Takes more space than a single or double-door.
  1. French Door

This is a model that has become popular in recent times. It is basically an upsized side-by-side refrigerator with a freezer at the bottom. If you choose this, you will get easy access to the frozen and fridge section. No doubt, its capacity is impressive. It can accommodate wider and bulkier items without any obstruction from the partition in the center. 

Upsized side-by-side refrigerator with a freezer at the bottom

Just as the side-by-side fridge, this French door design has many humidity drawers that help in retaining the flavors and freshness of the vegetables and meat. 


  • Better organization of items.
  • Intelligent design with a Wi-Fi enabled interface.
  • An ideal solution for large families.
  • French doors are largely elegant.


  • Some technologies tend to malfunction.
  • Too expensive in comparison to other fridges.

11 Things to Check before Buying a Fridge

Whether you are buying the best mini fridge Malaysia or a regular fridge, you have to put in a fair amount of thought to find the right Electrolux model. There are various factors that you need to take into account. 

Buy the best mini fridge in Malaysia in a budget

Here are ten things you need to check before you buy a fridge.

  1. Energy Star or Energy Efficiency

Energy Star is the best choice to save on the energy bill on the best mini freezer in Malaysia. It also helps in protecting the climate. After a cooler and heater, a refrigerator is probably the next largest energy consumer in your house. But thanks to the recent developments in compressors and insulation, refrigerators use much less energy than the older models. 

In fact, a refrigerator that is more than one decade old can consume over 33% more energy than a model with Energy Star certification. 

  1. Capacity or Sizes

You already have an idea about the different types of freezers in the market. So, you can easily decide on the freezer size. It is measured in relation to interior capacity. 

The first thing you need to consider is the family size. In case you live alone, a single-door refrigerator is a good choice. However, if you are a family of over 6 people, get a fridge with a larger capacity. 

The next thing you need to consider is the space. When you replace an old fridge, you get one that you can adjust in the same slot. In case you have a small space, a side-by-side fridge might not be the right choice. So, think about the space you have. 

  1. Cooling Technology

The cooling technology used by the new fridge decides its performance. There are 4 types of cooling technologies. 

  • Mechanical Compression

The cooling technology uses a working fluid called a refrigerant. It is compressed. Then the compressed vapor is condensed into a liquid. The pressure gets reduced through throttling. Thus, the fluid evaporates at low pressure. 

  • Adsorption Refrigeration

The technology blends hydrogen gas, sodium chromate, water, and ammonia in a containment vessel. Every element plays a significant role in the cooling process. 

  • Thermoelectric Refrigeration

It is a unique cooling technology that doesn’t use refrigerants or water. Rather it uses an electric current and thermocouple.

  • Evaporative Cooling

Unlike mechanical compression and adsorption, this technology doesn’t use the traditional refrigeration cycle. Rather water absorbs heat from the air. Eventually, it evaporates. 

  1. Budget and Price Factors

Budget plays a crucial role when you look for the best refrigerator Malaysia. The most affordable fridges are generally single-door, while the most expensive ones are French doors. With side by side or double-door, you can get the best of both worlds. However, the most popular choice for Malaysians is a double door fridge as they offer the best value for money. 

They might cost as little as RM760, while as high as RM1690. However, some brands come with a higher price point. 

  1. Warranty

The fridge’s warranty is another important factor that you need to consider when you look for the best fridge to buy in Malaysia. A product with a warranty shows that a brand is confident with its product. Also, if a refrigerator comes with a warranty, you will know if you encounter any problem, the company is going to take care of it.

  1. Freezer Space

Refrigerators are usually designed to come with a large freezer compartment. If you have to store more things in a freezer, such as meat or ice cream, get a fridge with bigger freezer space. 

Get a fridge with bigger freezer space

Some units come with a freezer, as well as cooler compartments that help in keeping the food cool. So, if the freezer is your priority, make sure that you check for this. Also, check the freezer’s temperature control. Some of them come with separate temperature controls for their freezer. In fact, they might also allow you to switch off and off if the freezer isn’t required. Having separate switches will help in saving energy and cost. 

  1. Finishing of the Materials

You will find refrigerators with different finishing materials. You can choose the one that goes with your kitchen décor or you think you like the most. Some of the most common finishing material are, 

  • Stainless steel
  • Black stainless steel
  • White stainless steel
  1. Features

When you are buying a new refrigerator for your kitchen, you should also look into the special features. 

  • Enough Floor Space

A fridge needs enough floor space for efficient ventilation. Apart from the space, you have set aside for it; you need to ensure that there is half-inch of additional space along the side and top of the refrigerator. 

  • Freezer and Fridge Placement

The freezer and the fridge compartment can be decided on the basis of your height. For instance, you have to consider the compartments that you are going to use the most. If you will be using the freezer more, it should be at the top of the refrigerator. 

  • Adjustable Shelves

Look for fridges with adjustable shelves. This makes it more convenient for you to store your things. Use more of them when you have to store more things. 

Fridges with adjustable shelves are worth buying
  • Door Alarm

Many people have the habit of keeping the door open for a long time. A door alarm can prove to be helpful in such cases. Get a fridge with a door alarm that goes off when you keep the door open for long. 

  1. Read the Reviews

Before buying the refrigerator in Malaysia, you should not forget to read the reviews. Through them, you will come to know what the customers who have already bought the product have to say about it. Hence, you will be able to make better purchasing decisions. 

  1. Choose the Delivery Wisely

The delivery of the product to your house is an important factor that you should take into consideration. There are stores that will charge you a large sum of money for delivering the product. So, look for stores that provide free delivery. 

  1. Brand

Electrolux is one of the best brands in the Malaysian market of refrigerators. It has a wide range of products with ample features. 

Top 8 Electrolux Refrigerator Review

  1. Electrolux 210L ETB2302H-A / ETB2302HA NutriFresh® Inverter Top Mount Fridge

The refrigerator from Electrolux keeps your food fresh for a longer time. So, you and your family can enjoy the goodness of the taste you love. It retains the moisture and keeps food in the right condition. The NutriFresh inverter compressor helps in maintaining a steady temperature. This is quite unlike the fluctuations that you get to see in conventional refrigerators. 

Electrolux 210L ETB2302H-A / ETB2302HA NutriFresh® Inverter top mount fridge

The Electrolux product has a 360-degree cooling that offers three-way air circulation. It helps in maintaining optimum goodness even at low levels. The high-performing ecosystem preserves taste and freshness. 

Key Specs

  • 154 liters gross total.
  • 76 liters gross freezer.
  • NutriFresh inverter.
  • 360-degree cooling.


  • Separate freezer.
  • 360-degree cooling.
  • Efficient design.


  • Price on the higher end.
  1. Electrolux ETB3400H-H 339L NutriFresh® Inverter Top Mount Fridge

It is one of the most affordable 2-door refrigerators. With a compact size, the fridge is a value for money. If you have limited space in the kitchen, it is the ideal choice for you. 

Electrolux ETB3400H-H 339L NutriFresh® Inverter top mount fridge

The storage system for the door shelf is customizable. So, it can be adjustable for your varying storage needs. The brand claims it uses NutriFresh Inverter and 360-degree cooling. This is responsible for maintaining a stable and consistent temperature. 

Key Specs

  • 339l Capacity.
  • 360-degree cooling.
  • NutriFresh Inverter technology.
  • Double-door design.


  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Good for small space.
  • Inverter compressor.


  • Not the most portable unit around. 
  1. Electrolux ETB4600B-A 460L NutriFresh® Inverter Top Mount Fridge 

Not only does this fridge offer a good value for a 2-door fridge but is also one of the most popular Electrolux products in Malaysia. It is highly rated. At this low price, you are getting a product with bacteria elimination technology. The NutriFresh Inverter technology helps in maintaining a consistent temperature for keeping the food at its best. It has a 5-star energy rating. So, you can keep your energy bills low. 

Electrolux ETB4600B-A 460L NutriFresh® Inverter top mount fridge

Key Specs

  • 460L capacity.
  • NutriFresh Inverter technology.
  • TasteLocker crisper.
  • 1 Year general warranty and 10 years compressor warranty.


  • Flexstor storage system for customizable storage.
  • 5-star energy rating.
  • 360-degree cooling ensures even cooling.


  • Comes at a higher price.
  1. Electrolux EME3700H-A 363L NutriFresh® Inverter Top Mount Multi Door Fridge
Electrolux EME3700H-A 363L NutriFresh® Inverter top mount multi door fridge

Electrolux EME3700H-A 363L is the ideal choice for a bigger family. It is a 3-door refrigerator that comes with a capacity of 363L. It has a separate chill room. The Flexstor door storage lets you adjust the storage as per your requirements. 

Key Specs

  • 360-degree cooling.
  • FlexStor Storage.
  • A convertible zone.


  • 360-degree cooling ensures all-round cooling.
  • A separate chill room.
  • NutriFresh Inverter technology keeps things fresh.


  • Consumes more space than usual.
  1. Electrolux ESE6201BG 636L Black Side by Side Fridge
Electrolux ESE6201BG 636L black side by side fridge

Together with the premium design and 360-degree cooling, Electrolux ESE6201BG can transform your kitchen into a place to be inspired and inspire. With this, the items in the refrigerator are always at their freshest. 360 degree circulates through the whole fridge. Hence, every compartment and shelf is cooled at a consistent temperature. 

Key Specs

  • 636L capacity.
  • NutriFresh Inverter and 360 Cooling.
  • Fresh Taste Deodorizer.


  • 360 degree ensures all-around cooling.
  • Fresh taste deodorize keeps the foul smell away.
  • Larger capacity makes it ideal for a large family.


  • Consumes more power than a double-door fridge.
  1. Electrolux 370L NutriFresh® Inverter Bottom Mount Fridge EBB3700H-A
Electrolux 370L NutriFresh® Inverter Bottom Mount Fridge EBB3700H-A

If you use your fridge compartment more than the freezer, this can be the ideal choice for you. 360 cooling circulate air throughout the fridge. Thus, each shelf and compartment is cooled evenly. XL freezer lets you store frozen items. 

Key Specs

  • FlexStor feature.
  • TasteGuard technology.
  • Integrated door handle.


  • TasteGuard removes 99.8% of bacteria.
  • Quick and easy ice-making.
  • 360-degree cooling.


  • Design not suitable for all.
  1. Electrolux EHE5224B-A 524L NutriFresh® Inverter French Door Fridge
Electrolux EHE5224B-A 524L NutriFresh® Inverter French door fridge

The highlight of the model is the FlexFresh drawer that provides the wildest temperature range in the market and is ideal for all storage conditions. The UltraChill settings keep items cool but not frozen. XL Freezer ensures you can store enough items. 

Key Specs

  • 524L Capacity.
  • FlexStor for flexible storage.
  • NutriFresh Inverter.


  • NutriFresh inverter maintains a steady temperature.
  • 360 cooling ensures all-round cooling.
  • Inverter technology saves energy.


  • Not suitable for smaller families.
  1. Electrolux EQE6909A-B 648L Black Quattro French Door Fridge
Electrolux EQE6909A-B 648L Black Quattro French door fridge

Together with its black glass design and 360 cooling, the Electrolux EQE6909A-B 648L refrigerator can change your kitchen to a place to be inspired. It has been designed to meet modern-day requirements while keeping the energy bill low. You just have to adjust to the handless design. 

Key Specs

  • Door alarm.
  • Integrated handle.
  • 648L capacity.


  • Inverter technology keeps energy bill low.
  • Twist and Ice Serve makes it easier to serve ice.
  • 360 cooling keep things fresher.


  • Not ideal for small spaces.


Choosing the best Electrolux fridge in Malaysia is not as difficult as it sounds. Yes, there are many options but you can easily narrow them down. Make sure you consider small details like where you will place it or the type of food you would like to put in. 

For this review, the best Electrolux double-door refrigerator is Electrolux ETB3400H-H 339L NutriFresh® Inverter Top Mount Fridge. It has loads of positive reviews and worth the money. 

However, if you are looking for something with more space and of top quality, Electrolux EQE6909A-B 648L Black Quattro French Door Fridge is a better choice. 


  1. Is Electrolux a Good Fridge?

Electrolux is a high-end and high-tech refrigerator with energy-conscious mechanics. It is largely reflected in the price. Almost all of the models come with a swathe of features that focuses on energy conservation and usability. In fact, it is the best in class when it comes to energy efficiency. If you are looking to change your fridge, this can be a good choice. 

  1. What Are the Benefits of Buying Electrolux Refrigerators? 

Electrolux ranks higher among brands. They have great design and dimensions when it comes to the refrigerator. Moreover, you get to enjoy additional features like FlexStore and NutriFresh Inverter. The brand takes product reliability quite seriously. It also offers 10 years warranty on the compressor. 

  1. How Was the Electrolux Fridge Warranty?

Electrolux considers product reliability to be of great importance. This is the reason it offers a 1-year general warranty on the refrigerator. Apart from this, the brand offers a 10-years warranty on the compressor. So, you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong with the compressor. It is fully guaranteed against defective materials.

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