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Are Vacuum Cleaners Necessary for Modern Life?

The indoor rooms receive little sunlight and air but still accumulate a lot of particulate matter and dust invisible to the eyes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency and Health and Family Welfare Department, this particulate matter can be up to microns in diameter. So, how can you deal with these and keep yourself clean? If you want everyone in your household to remain healthy, you should vacuum it daily.

Among so many brands in the market, the ability to choose the right one for you is always a challenge. Because, electronics is a difficult subject and making an informed decision should be based on functions, budget, value for money, and pros and cons of the product.

We offer a brief overview and comparison between corded and cordless vacuums and understand how they can help in our modern life in 2021. Also, as per the Malaysian market, what are the best options for a consumer?

Factors to Consider When Buying a Corded vs. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an essential appliance for the home because it can become a breeding ground for dust mites and allergens. Based on technology like the presence of HEPA filters, quiet operation, ability to collect more dust, and brand value you can choose the best vacuum cleaner in Malaysia. Brands like Dyson, Electrolux offer some of the best suction technology in affordable and convenient packages.

Below you will find a list of factors to consider before making your purchase of a vacuum cleaner in Malaysia.

1. Price

The main reason why prices fluctuate is because of the functions the product provides. While a cheaper one from a non-reputable brand may not have the best features, it may just be able to do the bare minimum. The expensive and top-notch models have good suction capacity and can be used to clean the floors of a big house.

Vacuums with easy to use handles.

Key Takeaways

  • The average price of handheld cordless vacuum cleaners in Malaysia varies between RM700 to RM2500.
  • The average price of the robot, smaller, best cordless vacuum Malaysia varies between RM165 to RM1400.
  • The average price of branded items from Philips, Electrolux varies between RM350 to RM700.
  • Mini-vac or handheld portable cordless mini vacuum with less capacity are cheaper than the bigger ones by RM700 on average.

The differences in price points allows you to opt for something affordable. You can choose smaller, lightweight models or handheld vacuums that are easy to control. If you choose a model with a lower price point, you might be compromising on the quality. Lower price point models tend to have trouble removing dust less than 0.4 microns. You can get products that have very good filtration but those tend to cost more.

2. Suction Power

If you wish to use a high-quality cordless or stick vacuum, then the suction power is a big factor. This is because corded vacuums tend to come out on top when it comes to power. The higher the suction power, the better is the performance and it can remove the most stubborn dust particles from your hard floors, curtains and fabrics. Even removing pet hair from carpets is no big deal for such vacuum cleaner models.

Key Takeaways

  • Experts recommend that the vacuums with suction power 250-300 watts are good enough for a small apartment.
  • In that way, these are about 25% more energy efficient than the bigger corded vacuums.
  • The power consumption of a bigger corded vacuum cleaner is about 1000-1200 watts, which is relatively high.
There are many types of vacuums available.

The Midea MVC-V12K-GR Bagless Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter is an example of one of the best low-budget options. It comes with 130W suction power and total energy consumption of 1000W. Higher suction power usually means that you can expect more noise. If the suction power of the model is too low, it also means it is not recommended for deep cleaning (sofas, carpets, and fabric cleaning). Exposed hard floors are unlikely to pose a problem, though.

3. Comfort & Convenience

When it comes to convenience you must look at the ergonomics of the product because many products may not give you a great experience. These aspects can include the design, the placement of handles and the power cord, and so on. When you have a big house and a lot of corners and hard-to-reach spaces, opt for longer handles and corded vacuum. However, some portable vacuum cleaners are also handy enough to reach higher places that may pose a challenge for cords that are too short.

Some of the best combinations can be using a cordless one for such unreachable places and a corded one for the hard floors, difficult to remove places like carpets.

Key Takeaways

  • A cordless model has portability and reach on its side
  • You should always think of more than hard floors (consider beds, sofas and bookshelves)
  • A flexible design gives you the ability to vacuum horizontally or vertically, and as needed.
  • Materials like stainless steel and high-absorption filters may add additional power.
Corded vacuums can be lightweight compared to cordless ones.

You want a product that is designed for convenience and efficiency. A cordless stick vacuum may be more ergonomic to you because it may be easier to operate and lightweight. However, you might have to recharge these models frequently because run times may be between 30 to 40 minutes. If your space is big, this feature might impede your cleaning schedule.

The cordless lightweight Dibea T8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for example has a carbon fiber rolling brush along with additional brushes that help it to vacuum different surfaces efficiently. However, it can operate on high power for approximately 20 minutes and its charge time is considered relatively long (4-5 hours).

4. Filtration: HEPA Filters

Filters and filtration technology should be a key part of your decision-making process because according to EPA guidelines, fine dust particles and allergens can be the biggest problems. HEPA refers to high-efficiency particulate air filters and because of their name, they are also highly flexible and durable. These filters can trap pollutants and fine dust particles like allergens as small as 3 microns. Thus, they are also expensive.

Key Takeaways

  • HEPA filters are mostly used in hospitals, nurseries with babies, and day-care centers.
  • If you have any breathing-related issues, you should use a HEPA filter.
Many vacuum cleaners have in-built storage.

HEPA filters do not produce any by-products, and is just a passive filter. It does not involve the use of toxic substances or chemicals. However, these filters are porous in nature which means they may clog up faster. You might need to clean them more frequently.

Cordless vacuums at lower price points usually do not have HEPA filters while most corded ones do. This means you might need to clean your corded vacuum’s filter more often. HEPA filters also are not likely to pick up dust particles and pollutant particles that are smaller than 0.3 microns

Why Should I Buy a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

You should get a cordless vacuum cleaner if you live in a small room and have hard-to-reach corners, furniture, and spaces. If you can complete the cleaning under 30 minutes every day, then a cordless vacuum cleaner is space-saving because it requires less space to store, and is also power efficient. If you are a student living in a dorm or a hostel, cordless vacuums are perfect for you.

1. Weight

Cordless stick vacuums are light and easy to handle.

The weight is an important factor as we have talked about before because as you might guess, a cordless or stick vacuum is usually lightweight by design. Predictably, handheld vacuums need to be easy to hold and handle. Most of the handheld mini-vacs are around 5kg, but you can find that some of the best cordless stick vacuums you can find in Malaysia can be as light as 3kg.

2. Accessibility

Handheld models are lightweight and easy to carry.

Under this category, convenience also comes hand in hand with these models. Yes, you can find that the best cordless vacuum cleaner is very accessible because of its weight and portability, but it can also be very quiet. For example, the Dyson Cordless Vacuum V11 Absolute+ has an Eco mode which makes a considerably low level of noise.

3. Battery Life

High-tech vacuums have large battery life.

Speaking of battery life, the best cordless vacuum Malaysia products usually go up to 40 minutes but only if they are very less powerful. Instead, getting a good one with enough suction technology and good filters will cost you a little more but get you the best of both worlds.

4. Power and Comfort

Up to 14 cyclone separators can be available with whole-machine filtration. With fade-free cleaning, you can save precious batteries.

Clean rugs with special vacuum nozzle.

Then, digital motors and acoustics help reduce the noise. The recharging time is also important which goes in hours. Most of them use the vacuum only when cleaning and automatically shut off power when not in use. The Dyson Cordless Vacuum V11 Absolute+ can give you up to 60 mins of usage using this technology.

5. Dust Capacity

Most small cordless vacuum cleaners come with 1.5 to 2L bag capacity, but they may even be smaller for different configurations.

Regularly clean vacuum dust bags.

The accessibility, lightweight quality, and portability are the main reasons to go for a cordless one. However, the lack of immense power, the usage duration, and regular recharging may be bothersome.

Are Cordless Vacuums Good at Cleaning?

The true potential of cordless vacuums cannot be understood without seeing them in action. For example, the Dyson Cordless Vacuum V11 Absolute+ we mentioned above is a very good choice because it has different modes of cleaning and offers you a highly adaptable cleaning experience. Its high suction power and power adaptability allows it to clean hard floors as well as deep clean carpets.

Because of advanced electronics and state of the art battery technology, cordless vacuums are expensive, but if you can afford them, they are truly the best.

How Well Does it Clean?

This depends on its suction power. With the suction power of a few hundred watts, it can pick up fine dust, pollens, mites from carpets and fabric. It can help you clean the surroundings in no time. It can even reach corners and hard-to-reach areas because there is no cord that limits its reach. You don’t have to drag the bag all the time because it comes with easy-to-hold mini bags.

What About the Battery Life?

The cheaper models don’t really excel in this aspect. That’s why we recommend avoiding cheap cordless models. Though their prices may begin at around RM700, the ones above RM1500 are the good investments.

  • The battery runtime is usually around 40 minutes to 60 minutes for the expensive models.
  • Their charging times vary from as low as 1 hour, to 4 hours to even 8 hours, depending on the capacity.
  • Some cordless models offer only 15 to 16 minutes of usage in regular mode, and even less with a motorized tool.

So, the battery capacity can be highly affected and vary across different configurations and models.


If you really want something powerful and with very high suction power and no interruptions, go for the corded vacuum cleaners. From trusted brands like Philips and Electrolux, you can get good products in an affordable price category averaging about RM 800. However, if we talk about the overall convenience and ergonomics, a cordless vacuum cleaner may be a better option. An average household is not super spacious and can be cleaned in under 30 mins or so, unlike industrial spaces or offices.

So, going with a cordless cleaner is the best choice for Malaysian residents. We think that the cordless vacuum is the best choice in terms of portability, accessibility, and overall functionality. 

Kindly let us know your thoughts on these topics and what you think is best for you. Also, make sure to go through the FAQs below for any unanswered queries regarding this article. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Corded vs Cordless: FAQs

1. Is it Worth Buying a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

Yes, one should definitely go for a cordless vacuum cleaner if you are in a small apartment or living space. It is good for saving space, energy, and power consumption. It can be used any way you wish and even carried out for outdoor cleaning if necessary.

2. Are Cordless Vacuums Less Powerful?

Yes, compared to corded ones, these cordless stick vacuums are less powerful and have less suction power. They are fashioned this way to keep their battery runtime longer and improve the power consumption. People want appliances that consume less electricity so that it is both cost-saving and eco-friendly.

3. Can a Cordless Vacuum Replace a Corded One?

Not entirely. But depending on your application and area of usage, it surely can be a better and more practical replacement. If you work in a big complex and have access to power, and if deep cleaning is your business, then go for corded vacuums only. For the average person or student, a cordless may be more suitable.

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