Butterfly Oven Review & Best Electric Butterfly Oven Malaysia

The 21st century has seen several technological revolutions but the most important one was the invention of the modern microwave ovens that are the improved versions of traditional ovens. Every family has different cooking needs and sometimes cooking at the end of a busy day can be quite taxing.

Moreover, cooking food for a big family takes lots of time and it can take up a major portion of a day. The best way to avoid such a situation is by buying a Butterfly oven, a trusted oven that can take care of the cooking needs of the entire family. Many families enjoy cooking meals in the Butterfly oven Malaysia as it has several advantages over the traditional cooking styles like super-fast cooking time and easy preparation methods.

Butterfly ovens have auto-timers for effortless cooking.
Butterfly ovens have auto-timers for effortless cooking.

Although there are numerous types of Butterfly oven Malaysia models, it is a tough job selecting the best among all of them because every person has different needs so the best Butterfly oven in Malaysia might be different for various people. Since microwave ovens come with various types of special features, it can be perplexing to figure out which one will be better for your kitchen.

However, there is nothing to worry about as in this Butterfly oven review, you will get to know about all the special features of the top microwave oven brand in the market. Let us help you choose the best oven for your kitchen space.

Types of Microwave Ovens Available

Every family needs a good microwave oven so that they can not only cook delicious meals but can also reheat food items whenever necessary without getting into the trouble of lighting gas ovens. If you have just shifted to your new house and want to buy a microwave oven that will last for years but have no idea about the different types of ovens then you have come to the right place as in this Butterfly oven review Malaysia, you will find out about the various types of best microwave ovens Malaysia. Broadly classified, there are two types of microwave ovens and they are as follows:

  • Convection Ovens
Convection ovens offer ample space for bulk cooking.
Convection ovens offer ample space for bulk cooking.

A typical convection oven has a heating source along with a fan and an exhaust system that rotates the heated air inside the oven for even cooking. The main problem with traditional ovens is that the food items near the heating source cook faster than the items far from it so you will have to change the sides of the dishes in the traditional ovens.

But Butterfly Malaysia convection ovens have got rid of this problem by introducing the fan and exhaust system that circulates the hot air to every corner of the oven to ensure that your food always cooks evenly. The main advantages of convection ovens are even heat distribution and a faster cooking process which can save lots of money on electricity bills.

  • Conventional Ovens
Conventional ovens are traditional but durable and efficient.
Conventional ovens are traditional but durable and efficient.

The heating source in conventional ones is stationary as they are present at the bottom of the ovens and there are no fans or exhaust system to circulate the heat evenly to all the corners. So if you want to buy a conventional oven then there are higher chances of the food getting burnt if you do not change the sides of the food inside the oven.

People who regularly use conventional ovens have to stop the cooking or roasting midway and have to turn the pan around or else one side of the food will be less cooked and the other side will be overcooked. But many people are more comfortable with using conventional ovens as they do not have multiple functions and buttons so anyone can easily use them.

What Are the Benefits of Using Microwave Ovens? 

In this technological world, almost every family owns a microwave oven that can take care of all their cooking, roasting, and baking needs. This shows that these microwave ovens have lots of benefits than traditional gas burners and ovens. Some of the benefits of using a Butterfly oven are as follows:

  • Cooking Temperature

Gas ovens and stoves cook food at very high temperatures which can break down the important nutrients and vitamins in the food thus reducing its nutritional value. However, the Butterfly oven uses very less cooking temperature so you have no risks of losing the nutritional value of the foods. Moreover, in the case of cooking foods in gas stoves, the high temperature produces many carcinogenic substances like tar that can cause havoc damage to the digestive system of the people consuming the food but in microwave ovens, none of these harmful substances are produced so you will always get healthy food. 

  • Increases Efficiency
A convection oven uses less electricity.
A convection oven uses less electricity.

The Butterfly oven in Malaysia uses electromagnetic waves to cook the food and the in-built fans circulate the heat evenly so that you can cook food rapidly. It takes a lot of time to cook food in traditional gas stoves and ovens but you can prepare the same meal within minutes by using a microwave oven. Generally, it takes about 5 minutes to boil water in a gas stove but you can get the same effect within 2 minutes if you use an electric oven Malaysia

  • Even Cooking
Convection ovens use exhaust fans for even cooking.

The most beneficial factor of using Butterfly Malaysia ovens is that you will always get evenly cooked food. Even cooking is important especially if you’re looking for an electric oven or the best toaster oven. Moreover, if you are preparing meat items then using microwave ovens is your best choice as they use electromagnetic waves that can penetrate inside the meat and can evenly cook all parts of the meat without burning the surface.

  • Cost Saver

Everyone wants to save as much money as they can and using Butterfly oven Malaysia is one of the best ways to do it as it will reduce the overhead cost of cooking meals. When you are cooking meals on a gas stove then the heat from the burners will take some time to reach the foods inside the pan and so it will consume more gas. But conventional ovens use very low temperatures to cook the foods and so you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Moreover, in the case of using gas stoves, you will have to pay extra money for the gas cylinders and it takes a lot of money to maintain these stoves but with microwave ovens, you have no extra cost than the meager amount of electricity. Thus using microwave ovens is a massive cost saver for every family.

Advanced convection ovens have multiple settings to choose from.
  • Safety

Microwave ovens are much safer than traditional gas stoves as there is no chance of getting a burn from the burner. Generally, in the case of cooking with a gas stove, the person has to stand very close to the stove so there are lots of risks of getting burns from hot steam or oil. But if you use microwave ovens, then there is no chance of getting steam or oil burns as the oven is completely closed.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Microwave Oven

Buying a microwave oven is a big deal for every family and that is why you should never rush into buying just any oven. There are several factors that you should consider before buying a convection oven and in this microwave oven Malaysia review you will know all those factors.

  • Style
Modern microwave ovens have sleek and simple design.
Modern microwave ovens have sleek and simple design.

There are several different styles of microwave ovens that will compliment your cooking style so you should always consider both your cooking style and the style of the oven before buying one. If you want a microwave oven just for reheating your food or for preparing light meals then you should get the solo ovens or toaster oven, but if you love cooking and want to try out various cooking styles then you should get a grill microwave oven where you can bake, grill, and also roast all types of food items.

  • Capacity

The capacity of the microwave oven refers to the amount of food you can cook in it at one go so if you have a big family then you should get microwave ovens that are 1.4 to 1.6 cubic feet. You can also get ovens of 2.0 cubic feet if you want to buy an oven for a joint family or big offices. However, if you have a medium to a small family then you should buy the smaller ones of 0.5 to 1.3 cubic feet as they will take care of all the cooking needs for a small family easily.

  • Cost
More expensive microwave ovens tend to have more advanced functions.

Products like the Butterfly oven Malaysia models come in a range of prices so you should always consider your budget before you buy an oven. If you have a low budget then you should consider buying solo microwave ovens that do not cost much money. These solo ovens can get the job done but you cannot cook food for a big family in it. The budget microwave oven has taken over the market of the costlier ones as you can get most of the basic features in them. However, if you want some special features like grill and roasting them you should buy the costlier ones that have all the advanced functions. 

  • Warranty

Since microwave ovens cost quite some amount of money, it is always better to buy one that has a long warranty period. Although microwave ovens last for several years some of them may be faulty and can stop working after a few years. So you should always get an oven that has a warranty so that you can easily repair the oven without any extra costs. 

  • Automatic Sensor / Temperature control

The more advanced microwave ovens come with intelligent and automatic sensors that can determine the humidity, temperature, and texture of the food items so that you will never have burnt uncooked foods. These automatic sensors help in determining when the food is cooked and can shut off automatically to prevent burning or overcooking. Thus if you get these automatic temperature control ovens then you will never have to worry about checking your food when it is being cooked. 

  • Inverter Cooking Technique

Many microwave ovens use the inverter cooking technique that refers to the attached inverter that regulates the amount of energy consumed by the ovens. These inverters help in maintaining the same temperature throughout the cooking process and you will get evenly cooked foods.

  • Brands

Numerous brands sell microwave ovens but you should always buy from trusted and leading brands so that you will always get the best product that will function efficiently for many years. Butterfly for example, is one of the best brands when it comes to manufacturing quality kitchen appliances.

Butterfly is a trusted brand for kitchen appliances.

Best Butterfly Oven in Malaysia

In the next section of the Butterfly oven review Malaysia you will find all the exclusive Butterfly ovens and their special features and cooking functions. 

1. Butterfly 20L Electric Oven – BEO-5221

Butterfly 20L Electric Oven – BEO-5221

The Butterfly 20L Electric Oven – BEO-5221 is one of the best cost-efficient electric ovens that you will get in the market. It has a small capacity of 20 liters and runs on 1380 watts. This basic electric oven has an advanced heater that can reach the optimum temperature for cooking very rapidly. Thus you will not have to spend a lot of time or electricity while cooking which will reduce your electricity bills by huge amounts.

This 460 mm x 335 mm x 291mm electric oven weighs around 6 kg and is also equipped with a 60 minutes timer selector that will ring a bell after the cooking is done. The electric oven also has a 1-year warranty so you will not have to worry about getting it repaired if it malfunctions. Moreover, you will also get additional accessories like crumb trays, removable baking trays, and baking racks free with the oven so it is a wonderful deal.  


  • Removable trays.
  • 60 minutes timer selector.
  • Warranty available.


  • The grill option is not available.

2. Butterfly Electric Oven 100L – BEO-1001

Butterfly Electric Oven 100L - BEO-1001.
Butterfly Electric Oven 100L – BEO-1001.

The butterfly Electric Oven 100L – BEO-1001 is a high-end electric oven that also has several added features like the convection functions that will circulate the air inside the oven for better cooking. The oven has dimensions of 685 mm x 600 mm x 440 mm and weighs about 23.73 kg. If you love trying out various cooking styles then this oven is perfect for you as it has a rotisserie function that can broil, roast, bake, and even toast food items. So you can try out various sorts of delicious dishes without having to spend lots of time cooking.

This 100 liters electric oven has a sophisticated 4 stage heater controller and you can adjust the heat according to the food that you are going to prepare. The oven also has a lamp attached to the insides so that you can see whether the food has been cooked properly without opening the oven. The product comes with a 1-year warranty but it becomes void if the malfunction is caused by self tampering. 


  • 4 stage heater controller.
  • Large capacity.
  • Attached inner lamp.


  • Heavy-weight.

3. Butterfly 70L Electric Oven – BEO-5275

Butterfly 70L Electric Oven - BEO-5275.
Butterfly 70L Electric Oven – BEO-5275.

The Butterfly BEO-5275 electric oven has brought the features of the advanced microwave ovens at a low price as it uses convection technology but still costs less than the advanced ones. This 403 mm x 652 mm x 428 mm electric oven weighs about 15.3 kg, has a capacity of 70 liters, and has separate lower and higher temperature control functions. It also has an inner lamp along with a fan for even heating and runs on 2200 watts. The oven has a 1-year warranty along with rotisserie & fermentation function. You will also get crumb trays, 2 baking racks, and 2 baking trays with the oven.


  • Convection technology.
  • Rotisserie & Fermentation function.
  • Free baking trays and racks.


  • No automatic sensors.

4. Butterfly 34L Electric Oven – BEO-5238

Butterfly 34L Electric Oven - BEO-5238.
Butterfly 34L Electric Oven – BEO-5238.

If you have a medium-sized family then you should go for this standard size Butterfly 34L Electric Oven – BEO-5238. It has dimensions of 528 mm x 335 mm x 350 mm and weighs about 10 kg so you can easily change its position in your kitchen according to your needs. This 34 liters oven runs on 1500 watts and has a timer selector with an auto ring bell that will give a notification when the food is completely cooked. It has a 1-year warranty and also supports rotisserie and convection functions.


  • Standard size.
  • Auto ring bell.
  • Has rotisserie and convection.


  • No shortcut keys.

5. Butterfly 46L Electric Oven – BEO-5246

Butterfly 46L Electric Oven - BEO-5246.
Butterfly 46L Electric Oven – BEO-5246.

There are several costly microwave ovens in the market but none of them can beat the Butterfly 46L BEO-5246 electric oven as it has numerous special features as it comes with a crumb tray so that you will not have to worry about the crumbs from the food you are cooking.

So if you use the crumb tray then you can easily clean the oven after cooking but you should always clean it after some time so that it will have cooled down. This 46 liters oven has dimensions of 410 mm x 581 mm x 376 mm and has a 1-year warranty for the oven and 6 months warranty for the hot plate. It also has convection features so you will not have to worry about burnt or undercooked food.


  • Crumb trays.
  • Convection feature.


  • No auto-defrost option.


Thus in this Butterfly oven review, you will find all the best microwave ovens in the market that are both cost-efficient as well as well equipped with special features like auto-timer selector and convection features. If you are looking for buying an oven for a big family then you should consider buying the Butterfly Electric Oven 100L – BEO-1001 as it has a large capacity and comes with a 4 stage heater controller. 

However, if you have a small family and want to buy a budget microwave oven then you should go for the Butterfly 20L Electric Oven – BEO-5221 as it has an average capacity and has a cheap cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Butterfly Knob Oven-Safe?

Yes, the Butterfly knob oven is completely safe to use for cooking as it has been rigorously tested by professionals under extreme temperature and pressure.

  1.  Which Butterfly Oven Is Best for Home Use?

The convection Butterfly ovens are the best for home use as they have a fan and exhaust system that helps in circulating the heated air inside the oven for even cooking.

  1. Is it Better to Bake in a Gas or Electric Oven?

Although electric ovens cost more than gas ovens, you will save much more money with electric ovens in the long run as you will not have to worry about gas charges. Moreover, gas ovens may break down the nutrients in the foods but the best microwave ovens will never do that. So it is always better to bake in electric ovens.

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