Best Water Heater to Buy in Malaysia 2021

There’s nothing better than unwinding with a hot bath or shower after a long day or warming up with one to get your morning started right. The problem is there are so many options on the market for good water heaters, which is why we did the hard work to find the best water heater to buy in Malaysia.

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How Different Water Heaters Work

When you’re shopping for a shower heater, you’ll come across a few different categories of heaters, so you’ll want to know which ones will be best for your needs as you start your search. These vary in terms of power charge, water source, and how they heat your shower water.

AC or DC

DC water pumps are typically safer, especially for indoor use. DC water pumps are also more flexible and do not require an external power grid, unlike AC pumps. AC water pumps are sufficient for limited use, but if you’re looking for a long-term water heater, you should go with DC.

While DC pumps are more expensive, they are also more energy-efficient and longer-lasting. DC water pumps are also less noisy than AC pumps, making for a more relaxing environment.

Pump or Without Pump

Water heaters with pumps use electricity to move heat around through the system, unlike water heaters without pumps, which generate heat themselves. Water heaters with pumps can be much more energy-efficient than water heaters without pumps.

Tank or Tankless

Tank water heaters are the most popular kind as of right now, but tankless water heaters are becoming more popular. 

Tankless water heaters create hot water on demand, like when you turn on your faucet or shower, rather than storing hot water as traditional tank water heaters do. Tankless water heaters also bring the benefit of saving money.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Water Heater

It’s also essential to keep a few key ideas in mind when investing in your next water heater. Read on to find out what you should think about when shopping and how to find the best shower heater for your home and your needs.


One of the most important factors when choosing a water heater is your budget and the water heater price. Water heaters are products to invest in, so it’s a product you should devote more money to, but don’t go over your budget.


Capacity is an area where you’ll have more freedom with your water heater. Depending on the amount of water you’re planning on heating or how large your home is, you’ll want to think about how much water your water heater should hold.

If you live alone, you’ll need a smaller capacity water heater. If you have a large family and a large house, you’ll want to get a higher-capacity water heater.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is not only good for the environment; it can also be excellent for your wallet. Like certain types of water heaters, energy-efficient products can help lower your water bills and help keep you from having to replace your products as often.


You want to find a water heater with a more extended and very protective warranty. Water heaters are valuable products, and if something goes wrong, they could present real damage to your home. Water heaters with more extended warranties can be serviced by the manufacturer if there are issues.

12 Best Water Heaters to Buy in Malaysia

With all of these ideas to consider, the good news is there are dozens of options for excellent shower water heaters in Malaysia. Read on to find our picks for the top 12.

#1 Midea Non-Pump Water Heater MWH-38Q

Midea Non-Pump Water Heater MWH-38q is one of the most popular water heater brands in hotels, where luxury and comfort are two of the top priorities, so it makes sense to bring that luxury to your own home. 

This model prevents overheating and has an autoflow sensor, which automatically turns on the heater.

#2 Alpha Water Heater Smart 18i with DC Pump

This Alpha Water Heater Smart 18i with DC Pump is quiet, with a less than 70-decibel operating noise output. It also offers a one-year general warranty and five-year heating and DC pump warranties. It also has four times the water flow rate of other similar pumps.

#3 Panasonic Instant R Series Water Heater DH-3RL1MW

The Panasonic Instant R Series Water Heater is a 3600 Watt water heater offering an onsite, Malaysia-specific warranty, making it an easy choice for Malaysian customers without complicated foreign return policies. 

It also has electric power controls and an easy-to-clean water filter for ultimate convenience.

#4 Joven [SB11P-RS] Rain Shower Instant Water Heater

This Joven Rain Shower Instant Water Heater has two shower heads, one of which is handheld. It also offers a 30% energy efficiency rating and less than 65-decibel operating volume. Its thermostat also has a safety temperature cut-off to keep you safe from accidental overheating.

#5 Joven SA10e (White) Instant Water Heater Without Pump

This Joven SA10e Instant Water Heater Without Pump not only features safety protections and a copper heating element — it looks sleek while doing it. This Joven heater in a designer casing will make a stylish upgrade to any bathroom. 

Its three-spray shower head also ensures a relaxing shower at any time, with a local warranty to let you keep your Joven heater running as long as possible.

#6 Joven I Series [i88P] Instant Water Heater DC Pump 

This Joven I Series Instant Water Heater DC Pump features a three-setting shower head, step-less power control, and one-touch safety switch. This water heater is easy to use and compact, plus it can spray up to 8 liters of water per minute.

#7 Joven Instant Water Heater With Pump 880 Series – 880P 

This Joven Instant Water Heater 880 Series unit features surge protection and electronic power controls. It also has a volume control that helps you to save water when you use it. Finally, the water heater has a five setting shower hand sprayer.

#8 Deka Water Heater AC Turbo Jet Pump DK 1 

This Deka Water Heater AC Turbo Jet Pump DK 1 model comes with a massage showerhead and AC turbo jet pump to help you have a warm, relaxing shower. The system has easy-to-use controls with separate switches for the pump and power.

#9 Deka Water Heater DC Inverter Pump Pro 

This Deka Water Heater DC Inverter Pump Pro model has water flow speeds of up to 58 psi, giving you a high-speed water flow for your shower. 

It also comes with a multi-massage shower head and runs on a DC inverter pump. This heater is also available in many different colors, able to complement any shower.

#10 Rubine RWH-FS390N-MAW Water Heater Non-Pump ELCB

The Rubine Water Heater Non-Pump ECLB model comes with step-less electronic controls, an adjustable showerhead, and instant water heating. Plus, this Rubine model has a 10-year anti-leak warranty, making it one of the longest-lasting warranties on this list.

#11 Rubine Rain Shower Water Heater RWH-SSE891D-RCB 

The Rubine Rain Shower Water Heater promises five settings, from mist to massage, including a combination, giving you a relaxing shower. The Rubine model also features two shower heads, one of which is detachable. It also comes with safety controls and an auto flow switch.

#12 Alpha IM9EP (Black) Instant Shower Heater with Pump 

This Alpha Instant Shower Water Heater with Pump has a silent AC pump, a durable nylon material that helps prevent electric shock, and a safe thermal cut-off. It’s also splash-proof and operates at 3600 Watts, giving you the ultimate shower experience.


When you’re looking to take a warm, relaxing shower, there’s no easier way than with a shower heater. They give you a calming experience in an instant with almost no startup time required.

There are plenty of options for water heaters in Malaysia, including multiple different options, warranty packages, and safety features, giving you the best water heater for your budget.

One of the best water heaters on the list for convenience is the Panasonic Instant R Series. It offers a Malaysia-specific warranty and has a user-friendly design with an easy-to-clean filter.

Another great pick from the list is the Joven Instant Water Heater Without Pump. It offers multiple settings for a relaxing shower and features a sleek casing to complement your bathroom.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions Malaysian customers have when thinking about their next water heater purchase.

What are Popular Water Heater Brands in Malaysia?

The most popular water heater brands in Malaysia are Joven, Deka, and Alpha. Panasonic, a famous global brand, is also a significant water heater seller in Malaysia. 

How Many Years Does a Hot Water Heater Last?

On average, water heaters last about ten years, with either more or less time depending on the manufacturer’s specifications and warranty. If the water heater is in good working condition and isn’t being overworked, you should have no problem making it last for a long time.

How to Choose the Right Water Heater

It would be best if you chose the water heater that best suits your home, based on household size, budget, and any efficiency considerations you have. Remember that more expensive water heater elements, like DC pumps and tankless heaters, might be worth the cost in the long run.


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