Best Storage Tank Water Heater Malaysia 2021

Building a house doesn’t just stop at putting bricks together. The contents of the house and the comfort it provides is what adds value to the house. You would agree with me that water takes the most percentage when qualifying a house.

  • Where can I get the best storage water heater in Malaysia?
  • How do I know what kind of water heater to buy?
  • Are there storage water heaters?

In this article, I would be addressing water heaters in respect of their storage and what to look out for before getting one. Relax and read on!

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What does a Storage Tank Water Heater Mean?

The name may look too long and hard to comprehend, but simply put, it is a water heater that has a tank for storing the water! The storage water heater uses a hot water storage tank to store water. The water in the tank is kept at a constant temperature and delivered to you instantly on demand. 


  • Fast delivery of hot water
  • No flow rate, water is provided as demanded
  • Low one-time installation cost
  • Require no special electrical power load
  • Constant water temperature even in absence of power supply


  • Energy waste through radiation
  • Requires large space
  • Shorter life expectancy 

Guide to Choosing a Storage Tank Water Heater

After knowing that there is something called a storage tank water heater and how it works, the next plan is to get one for your house! However, how do you know which of the numerous options cooling & heating are best for you? This section of the article is to guide you on things to look out for or factors to consider before choosing the best water storage tank in Malaysia.


Many companies have produced different models and overtime, the recent storage tank water heaters have been designed to provide more than just hot water storage features. There are now storage tank water heaters with new advanced technology which are definitely more expensive. Nonetheless, if you are on a low budget, you can consider a basic storage water heater.


Choosing the size of the water heater tank you want to procure should be determined by the purpose it serves. If you run a coffee store, you should get a bigger tank size but if its only for a few people, save some extra money and get a smaller tank.


If you would be getting a storage tank water heater, you have to choose one that is compatible with the energy source available to you. Most storage tanks usually work with gas, oil or electric power sources. 


Most water heaters have between 3-12-years warranty. The longer the warranty, the more expensive, though, they usually have thicker insulation to preserve heat energy. So, if you want a more durable storage water heater, get one with a longer warranty period.

The Top 8 Storage Tank Water Heater in Malaysia

JOVEN 35L Horizontal Multipoint Hot Water System 

 The multipoint storage tank!

Capacity: 35 litres | Power Consumption: 3000 Watts | Water Heating Energy: Electric | Warranty: 1 year|

The JOVEN multipoint hot water storage tank is the perfect choice for any point where hot water flows, be it for the Jacuzzi, Bath tub, kitchen sinks and so on. It is designed with anti-rust material which makes it durable for a very long time. You can connect this single tank to a normal shower and a wash basin simultaneously. In addition, the tank has a high-density Polyurethane insulation Foam that is free from CFC. This feature ensures that the hot water lasts long.

Midea MSH50VH Storage Water Heater 50L 

Comfort and quality certified storage tank water heater

Capacity: 50 litres | Power Consumption: 1500 Watts | Water Heating Energy: Electric | Warranty: 2 years general warranty | Size: 385(W) x 385(D) x 711(H) 

With the Midea MSH50VH storage water heater, you can get a sum of amazing features for its’ price. To eradicate the issue of space for installation, the tank is designed flexibly such that you can install it either horizontally or vertically. You can bath directly from the tank with its electricity shock proof feature. This product also has safety measures that cuts off automatically when there is a surge in the electricity supply.

CENTON Multipoint Storage Shower Water Heater Neptune Series 

The multifunctional storage tank water heater 

Capacity: 70 litres | Power Consumption: 3000 Watts | Water Heating Energy: Electric | Warranty: 6 years | Size: 935mm(L) x 380mm(D)

If you need a storage tank water heater that can supply multiple areas in your home, this CENTON Multipoint Storage tank is perfect for you. It can be installed above your bathrooms’ ceiling which enables it to supply water to several outlets. Furthermore, for a longer lifespan, improved heat insulation and a leak resistance, the tank is coated with a blue Diamond Enamel. 

Elton 68 Litres EWH68R Horizontal Model 

Malaysia’s prime storage water heater

Capacity: 68 litres | Power Consumption: 3000 Watts | Water Heating Energy: Electric | Warranty: 5 years |

The ELTON brand was among the first brands to produce storage water heaters in Malaysia. One of their top rated water heaters is the Elton EWH68R Horizontal tank which features an over heat protection. This feature automatically cuts off power supply once the water is heated to above 70-degree Celsius. In addition, the tank comes with an inbuilt Europe safety valve that provides protection against backflow and excess pressure. 

ALPHA ALP 50L-V (Vertical Model) 

The final touch of flair to your bathroom

Capacity: 50 litres | Power Consumption: 3300 Watt | Water Heating Energy: Electric | Warranty: 1 year

With the ALPHA ALP 50L-V storage water heater, you can be assured of the best quality water heater tank. The storage water heater makes use of copper heaters to which it owes it durability. This model comes with new improved isolation barriers. In addition, similar to their older models, the tank is made of stainless steel with Polyurethane insulation. The heating element of this super tank is the Incoloy. With this tank, the water in it can remain warm for as much as 8 hours.

ALPHA ALP 35L-H (Horizontal Model) 

Premium quality storage tank!

Capacity: 35 litres | Power Consumption: 3300 Watts | Water Heating Energy: Electric | Warranty: 1 year

Though very alike with the ALPHA ALP 50L-V, the only variance is the tank capacity and direction. The ALPHA ALP 35L-H just as indicated in the name, has a capacity of 35 liters, and is designed to be fixed horizontally. Therefore, if you have limited space in your bathroom, this option would be better off! The tank can effectively supply multiple taps within the home simultaneously. If you require less quantity and want to maximize space, I would recommend this storage tank from the ALPHA brand.

Faber 30 Litre Dual Storage Water Heater

The budget storage water heater

Capacity: 30 litres | Power Consumption: 1500 Watts | Water Heating Energy: Electric | Warranty: 1 year general warranty, 4 years heating element warranty and 7 years tank leaking warranty     

With the Faber Dual storage water heater, you do not have to compromise quality for price. You get all the basic features you need in a water heater tank for a token! The tank features a temperature control function, inner tank made with Sapphire Enamel and multiple fold protection properties. In addition, the tank is suitable to be installed either horizontally or vertically so you don’t have to be so bothered about if it’ll fit in your space.     


In essence, storage tank water heaters are cost effective and provide a backup supply of hot water in the absence of power supply. Though they might be space consuming, they save you a lot in terms of your electricity bills. 

In my opinion, if you need a budget wise water heater, I would recommend the Faber Dual storage water heater. However, for comfortability and convenience, I would recommend the JOVEN multipoint hot water storage tank. In the real sense, it is my best pick, because, for a very little cost, you get the numerous features it offers.                


What is a storage tank water heater?

A storage tank water heater is a type of water heater that uses the tank as a reservoir for storing hot water at a constant temperature for a duration of time.

Which is better? An instant or storage water heater?

Both of them have their peculiarities, pros and cons. An instant water heater heats up the water on demand with the energy source it is connected to. If there is no energy source, for instance, outage of power supply, there won’t be supply of hot water.

On the other hand, the storage water heater has the hot water on standby whenever you need it. This makes it time saving and awesome when there’s no power supply.


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