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So, you own an iPhone and want a smartphone. Naturally, the Apple Watch is the first choice since it has become more affordable than ever. However, there are many drawbacks other than the price such as square design and the single-day battery life. This causes many to look for an Apple Watch alternative. You will find a host of Apple Watch alternatives in the market. 

Smartwatches are not just high-tech gadgets. With time, more and more people are appreciating what smartwatches can bring to their lives. 

Hence if you are looking for the best smartwatch for iPhone, read our guide to learn about the awesome collection of top iPhone-compatible smartwatches. By the end of the smartwatch review, you will have a clear idea of the smartwatch you can buy for your iPhone. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Smartphone

Buying a smart watch in Malaysia can be quite challenging at times. You have to make sure that it checks all the boxes: features, looks, compatibility, hardware, and more. This is the reason you need to do a little research before spending your hard-earned money on something that isn’t compatible with your smartphone or is going to be obsolete in some time. 

So, here are a few factors you need to consider before you buy your preferred smartwatch. 


No one would like to spend a good portion of their saving on a watch. Also, you should not make your decision based solely on the price tag. Smartwatches are expensive but don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to get a good one. You need to prepare a list of features that you would like in a device and find out an option within your budget. This way you will be able to save some money while not compromising on the required features.


Another most important thing that you need to take into consideration is if the smartwatch you are choosing is compatible with your smartphone model. You do not obviously want a watch that will gather all details about your day but will not send it to your device.

For this, you need to focus on the OS version. An OS version or later implies that iPhones that have been updated properly beyond the listed OS number will sync easily and quickly to the given watch. Make sure you check if the watch has a phone limit. It is important because of the hardware requirements that a smartwatch can demand to link your phone and ascertain that the watch doesn’t cause both the devices to slow down. 


You are going to wear this thing on your wrist. Unlike your regular watch, it is not going to remain in fashion for years. So, you should check out all smartwatch styles before you find something that you actually want to wear.

You also need to decide the kind of smartwatch you are looking for. Unless you want a gadget for both your wrist, get something that will double duty as the fitness tracker. A majority of the smartwatches can track basic activity such as steps or calorie burn but you have to pay attention to the additional features. 


Perhaps it is a good idea to stick to a popular brand such as Samsung or Huawei. It is better to avoid the no-name ones for obvious reasons. You will find many rip-offs that is either not going to work after some time or put you through great troubles such as connectivity and display problems. So, it is better not to settle for the cheap ones. Instead, save a little more money and go for a better alternative.


With a cellular connection, you can make calls, stream music, send texts, download apps, and do everything that requires an internet connection without even connecting to your phone.

Whether the feature is worth it or not depends on why you want to get the smartwatch. In case you plan on streaming music while you are exercising but don’t want to carry your phone with you, a cellular connection will come in handy. Nevertheless, if you have your phone with you, you can save money and avoid it. 


Looks are subjective. Hence, it is up to you to determine if you are a square or a round smartwatch. A majority of the brand provides smartwatches in different color variants.

Battery Life

Battery life is another crucial factor you need to consider when you are making your purchase. This is true for any gadget you get. Obviously, you do not want a smartwatch that will die before you even make it home from work. Even though most smartwatches don’t have a good battery, if you dig a little deeper, you will find ones that last over a week.


Repairing a smartwatch can be pretty expensive, particularly if you have got one from a no-name brand as it is going to be difficult to get the spare parts. This is another reason you should get a knock-off product as you will end up spending more on repairs than the actual price of a new smartwatch. 

So, when you are getting the smartwatch, look for the warranty tag. Almost all branded smartwatches come with a minimum of 1 year of replacement and repair warranty. 

Price Factors

Smartwatches come with a big price tag. However, you do not always have to spend a lot of money to get a new smartwatch. In case you are getting a smartwatch for the first time, you can consider going the less-expensive route. 

Type of Smartwatch You Get for iPhone

A smartwatch can do so much more than simply telling time. It will alert you when you receive new messages. A few of them are compatible with different apps. From fitness tracks to hybrids, there are different types of them. 

Basic Smartwatch

These are notification centers on the wrist. Some of these smart watches come with a basic design. However, a majority of them look like conventional analog watches from a distance. Taking a look at it closely will show it really is a screen showing pop-up messages from the phone.

Bluetooth Smartwatch With Basic Functionality

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers come with the functionality of smartwatches. It can tell time. However, its primary focus is to track your activity by encouraging you to achieve your goals.

Get Fit With A Smartwatch

Hybrid Smartwatch

This is a classic analog watch with a slight twist. Even though they do not have a screen, the hybrid smartwatches can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. So, you are going to receive alerts through alarms and vibration of the smartwatches. You can configure them to point their hands at different numbers when you receive messages from specific contacts. Hence, if you see your watch suddenly pointing to 6 o’clock, it might be that you have your boss on the line. Hybrid is a combination of analog clock with tech sophistication.

E-Ink Hybrid Smartwatch

Benefits of Using a Smartwatch for iPhone

Many people are of the opinion that smartwatches are just a waste of money. Unfortunately, people saying this do not understand what a smartwatch is capable of. Here’s why you should consider getting a smartwatch for your iPhone. 


Smartwatches do not just tell the time. It is highly fashionable. A good smartwatch will look great on your wrist. 

However, watches are becoming less popular with time because of the advent of the smartphone. People don’t need a watch when they have a phone that tells times and has an alarm. Nevertheless, smartwatches have beaten this trend since they come with some great promise. They provide the basic features but they can do things that a smartphone cannot. 

Also, unlike fitness trackers, these smartwatches are fashionable and stylish. You can wear them on almost all occasions. 


Unlike smartphones, smartwatches are lightweight. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying them everywhere. You can just put it on your wrist and go about doing your work. 

Time-Related Features

The smartwatches are a convergent device and you can see it in every aspect including how it shows time. When you have to check the time on your smartwatch, there is no need to dig into your bag or pocket. Just turn your wrist and the screen is going to light up to show you the date and time. Without any complication, you can check the time. 

Some smartwatches for the iPhone come with the features of alarms, stopwatch, sunrise and sunset, the weather, and more. 

Smart Features

A smartwatch for iPhones comes with great smart features. One of its essential functions is to show notifications to the users. Hence, users will have quick access to them. Receive texts, calls, email notifications, news alerts, calendar alerts, and much more. In fact, you can also receive a Facebook notification. So, there is no need to take out your smartphone from your pocket or bag. After checking the notification on the smartphone, you can decide if you want to reply or just ignore it. 

In case you are the kind of person who is always on the go, you might often have to miss out on calls. When you are outside, you might not get to hear your phone ringing. However, a smartwatch will make sure that you do not miss a text or call. The vibration on the watch is going to alert and notify you. 

There are many other smart features that you can enjoy when you get a smartwatch. 

Health and Fitness Benefits

Several smartwatches have fitness tracking as its core feature. In case you are a fitness freak and want to keep up with your fitness goals, you need to get a smartwatch. It can count calories, steps, distance, pulse rate, heart rate, sleep, and more. With these details, you can reach your fitness goals. 

A few smartwatches come with sensors which makes it easier for you to track fitness. Some have dedicated workout modes like running, swimming, walking, weight lifting, cycling, etc. 

Best Smartwatch for iPhone 2021

Apple Watch Series 6 (Best Overall Smartwatch)

Apple Serie 6 is the best smartwatch Malaysia for your iPhone. In fact, it is great not just as a counterpart to an iOS device but also as a watch for any purpose you can think of. 

It comes with all good features and high-end health tech. For starters, it has the best GPS signals of all smartwatches compatible with the iPhone. Thus, it can easily track your location. It comes with other excellent features such as the proprietary ECG app that helps you meet your fitness goals and maintain an active lifestyle. 

Apple Serie 6 can measure your blood oxygen level thanks to the app and sensor included with the smartwatch. However, the most interesting feature is the ‘always-on’ displays. It is about 2.5 times brighter outdoors and whenever you keep your wrist down.

Stylish Apple Serie 6

The watch is available in 5 different colors. Almost all of them can be worn by men, as well as women. 


  • Made of a durable and lightweight aluminum case.
  • Display 2.5 times bigger than its competitors. 
  • Many functions and apps well-designed to be used with iPhones and other Apple devices. 
  • Unique sensors measuring blood oxygen level.
  • Incredible Bluetooth connectivity ensuring the best GPS function, even in spotty areas.


  • The 18 hours battery life could have been a little better in comparison to the price. 

Apple Watch 5 (The Second Best Apple Watch)

The Apple Watch 5 might not be the best Apple Watch out there but it comes close. It isn’t the cheapest option in the market. 

The greatest upgrade in comparison to the previous models is the ‘always-on’ display. It doesn’t drain the battery life as much as you might expect. The watch is going to dim the screen light so that you can check the notification at all times instead of having to raise it to check the stats.

New Watch Series 5

Even though it shipped with watchOS6, you can upgrade it to watchOS7. Thus, the software is brand new, even if the hardware isn’t. 


  • It comes with an always-on display. 
  • You can enjoy better storage options. 


  • Battery is not that great. 

Apple Watch SE (The Best Value Apple Watch)

Even though Apple Watch SE isn’t the best Apple Watch, it is the easiest option to recommend as it comes with all the core features at a lesser price than Series 6. However, don’t take it to be a cheap Apple Watch. Given the competition out there from Amazfit and Huawei, it is on the pricey side. 

However, by spending a little less, you are not going to miss out on much. Apple Watch SE only makes a few compromises. With this, you are not going to get the always-on display. Hence, you have to tilt your wrist to check the time. Also, there are no SpO2 or ECG sensors. So, it doesn’t come with in-depth health-tracking features.

Best Smartwatch For iPhone

Nevertheless, you get a larger screen size in comparison to Series 3. Moreover, sports, GPS, fitness tracking, LTE options, swim-proof designs, Apple Pay, are the stuff that makes Apple Watch SE the favorite of many. 

The only drawback of this smartwatch is the single-day battery life. In case you aren’t bothered about the high-end medical features, you can consider Apple Watch SE. 


  • The watch has a smart design and looks stylish.
  • It comes with extensive special features. 
  • The larger screen makes it easier to check the time and notification. 


  • Average single-day battery life not enough for all. 
  • Doesn’t come with an always-on display. 

Apple Watch 4 (A Solid Apple Watch Option)

With the introduction of the Apple Watch 5, there has been a certain drop in the excitement for Apple Watch 4. However, what’s good is it is now available at a cheaper price than ever. Also, it isn’t all that dissimilar to the latest iPhone. 

Apple Watch 4 is the first smartwatch by Apple that has a big display size of 1.78-inch OLED. It looks great on your wrist and the device is available either in the 40mm or 44mm version.

The Smartwatch King

Perhaps you will like the fact that the speaker is louder. Furthermore, the ECG monitor tech has been a great upgrade. You might not find the feature of the ‘always-on’ display but if you have to save a little money, you can consider this option. 


  • Large display with a lightweight design. 
  • Comes in 40mm and 44mm versions. 
  • It has a loudspeaker that is loud enough. 


  • Doesn’t come with the always-on display feature. 
  • Battery-life could have been better. 

Apple Watch 3 (The Best Affordable Apple Watch for iPhone Users)

This is another Apple brand watch on the list. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as the watches are designed from scratch to be compatible with iPhone devices. This older version of the Apple Watch is on the list since it is a cheaper option but offers some of the same benefits as its counterparts.

It has a bright retina display that enables you to check all information on the watch during bright daylight. Apart from this, you can enjoy a sharp GPS tracker that works in remote areas. The watch has a swim-proof design.

Apple Watch Series 3 Is Significantly Cheaper

It is one of the faster smartwatches available in the market. This is primarily due to the dual-core processor inside the smartwatch Malaysia. So, it can perform multiple functions at the same time. 

However, the battery life is capped at 18 hours. Also, the watch has an old Apple aesthetic and has a thick band. It is available in 2 color options. 


  • It can easily be linked with all Apple devices. 
  • Let’s store Apple media and browse through the App Store on the wrist. 
  • It has an emergency SOS beacon and a good GPS function. 
  • Has a bright retina display that makes it easy to check notification in broad daylight. 

Smart Watch DT78 Smart Watch (An Affordable iPhone Smartwatch Alternative)

In case you are looking for a budget smartphone for your iPhone that comes with amazing features, you can check out Smart Watch DT78 Smart Watch. In this case, cheap doesn’t mean low quality. 

Smart Watch DT78 Smart Watch has a large viewing angle. Also, the smartwatch is dust and water-proof. It is available in different color options.

Smart Watch DT78 Smart Watch

Nevertheless, the smartwatch has a low power chip for solving the problems of battery life. It has a 230mAh battery that can last for 10 days. Apart from displaying the notifications, it offers classic functions like sleep monitoring, a pedometer, and heart rate. It can also check oxygen and blood pressure levels. 


  • It is available at a much cheaper price than its competitors. 
  • The watch has additional features like sleep monitoring, pedometer, and blood pressure and oxygen level detection. 
  • It comes with more than 8 sports modes. 
  • Has a great battery life of up to 10 days. 


  • Not a great design. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (Best Non-Apple Smartwatch for iPhones)

It would not have been a good smartwatch list with a Samsung watch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is an excellent choice for combining with iOS and Apple devices because of its robust Bluetooth connection. 

It comes with a plethora of features. The watch has been specifically designed to record ECG for 30 seconds. Nevertheless, there are some features that can be unlocked only for Android devices. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as it is mostly designed for Samsung Galaxy phones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

This doesn’t mean it isn’t compatible with iOS. So, iOS users can benefit from features such as activity trackers, automatic sleep trackers, and integrated voice functionality. 


  • It has a leather band rather than a rubber one providing additional flexibility. 
  • Has many functions and apps like ECG tracker. 
  • Voice commands work for texts and calls. 
  • It has a built-in fitness coach which you can engage with a voice command. 


  • Some of the features are locked for iPhone users. 
  • Battery only lasts for a little over a day.

Smart Watch Bluetooth with Step Counter (The Most Stylish Push Step Counter)

The smartwatch by Docooler is another affordable option for iPhone users. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. With this, you can enjoy low consumption and faster connection. 

The smartwatch comes with many attractive features such as phone notifications, health trackers, daily activity trackers, and data analyzing functions. You can check the details by accessing the clear and simple function menu. It has 3 groups of sound alarms. Hence, you are not going to miss a notification. What’s more, it is dust and water-resistant.

Stylish Docooler Lokmat MK18 Smart Watch

Under saving mode, the battery has 12 months standby time. However, it doesn’t come with a warranty. 


  • Great features like health tracker and daily activities tracker. 
  • Has 3 group buzzers that ensure you don’t miss out on any notification. 
  • 12 months standby time under saving mode. 


  • Doesn’t come with a warranty.
  • Not too many color options.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 (Best Option for Fitness Tracking)

Garmin Vivoactive 4 is an innovative model in the market. it displays animated workouts on the watch face. These animations are instructive and helpful. The displayable workouts contain yoga, strength training, pilates, and also cardio workouts. 

With this watch, you can easily download songs from Spotify, Amazon Music, and other providers. There are GPS apps that let you track your fitness efforts. Also, the watch has an amazing 8-day battery life.

Vivoactive 4 Is A GPS Smartwatch

You can personalize the smartwatch, thanks to the selection of several apps, widgets, and watch faces. 


  • Has minimalistic aesthetics and a comfortable wristband. 
  • Works well with almost all iPhone apps. 
  • Comes with several unique features and safety settings. 
  • Uses animated workouts that prove to be quite useful. 


  • GPS and music features drop down the battery life.

Smart Watch with Bluetooth & GPS (Best Value for Money Smartwatch for iPhone)

TicWatch E2 has many excellent functions and features easy connectivity. This is mainly due to the OS built into the device by default. However, since this smartwatch has been designed by Google, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will not sync with the latest iPhone devices. 

It has a plethora of excellent features like 24-hour heart-rate monitoring along with a built-in GPS feature that works exceptionally even outside metropolitan hubs. Additional fitness apps like Google Fit and TicMotion enhance the value of the watch as an exercise tool.

Ticwatch E2 Wear OS Smartwatch With Swimproof Design

The watch boasts of 2-day battery life. Just charge it for an hour and you will have a fully functioning device working for 48-hours. 


  • Comfortable and lightweight case that offers waterproof. 
  • It has many great features and apps including several exercise-specific functions.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee and manufacturer warranty.


  • Call audio quality can be a little spotty. 

Huawei Watch GT2e (Best Smartwatch In Terms of Battery Life)

This smartwatch might not offer much over its predecessor GT2 except for a visual redesign that is a tad more sporty. However, considering its 14-day battery life it is a great Apple Watch alternative

The smartwatch has a round display and boasts of a 1.39-inch AMOLED display. It doesn’t compromise on the feature either. There are a bunch of sport profiles including running and cycling.

Huawei Watch GT2e Is Sportier And Affordable

The only drawback is that since there are no third-party plugins, you will not be able to boot data out to Strava. But its sleep tracking feature is excellent. 


  • Comes with a bunch of sport profiles. 
  • Has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display. 
  • Excellent sleep tracking feature. 


  • Doesn’t have third-party plugins.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Best Sporty iPhone Smartwatch)

This is the second time Samsung makes it to the list. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an earlier model but it comes with many attractive features such as a built-in sleep tracker, automatic heart-rate tracker, and stress-level monitor. 

With a single charge, the battery can run for 5-days. However, you cannot take advantage of the power boost feature as it is only available with Samsung Galaxy phones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Is Durable And Feature Rich

The watch is light to wear and is comfortable. Like the other Samsung option, this too features a built-in coach that can be engaged with voice commands. It tracks your exercise automatically. 


  • Affordable option with the innovative voice-command feature. 
  • Available in multiple material types and colors. 
  • The materials are waterproof and resistant to corrosion damage. 
  • Good overall battery.


  • Some features are only available for Android smartphones. 


No matter what you buy, you need to keep in mind that smartwatch designs keep changing. Hence, you need to find something that you would actually like to wear. Smartwatches are still gadgets. 

The battle for the best smartwatch for the iPhone is really heating up. This is good news for consumers as it is likely to result in better-looking devices. So, the list might read differently the next time you see it. However, if you are looking for the best smartwatches for the iPhone today, these are some of the finest options. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Smartwatches for iPhone

  1. What Smartwatches Are Compatible with the iPhone? 

Apart from the Apple Watch collection, there are many other watches that are compatible with the iPhone. Some of them have been listed above. You can choose one as per your requirements. Google’s Wear OS also works great with iPhones. But these smartwatches might omit a few features that you can only enjoy with an Android phone. 

  1. Which Is the Best iPhone Watch to Buy?

Apple Watch Series 6 is the best iPhone watch that you can get. It features everything that is appreciated about Series 5. Along with the always-on display, you will find a host of health features and a blood oxygen reader. The watch also features a brighter screen. 

  1. Can Any Smartwatch Connect to iPhone?

Apple has developed the Apple Watch to work with your iPhone. They are almost a perfect pair if you are looking for a connected device on your wrist. However, the alternatives that are mentioned here can also be connected with your iOS device via Bluetooth.

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