Best Smart Watch Malaysia 2024 – Review & buying guide

A smartwatch is basically a miniature phone that you wear around your wrist. These have become sort of a big deal nowadays and everywhere in Malaysia you go you’ll see people wearing them.

Does the perfect smart watch exist in Malaysia? You bet! Today’s smartwatches are sleek and above all, functional. But how can you tell which one is the most suitable for you?

Well, this piece will give you an idea on how to find an appropriate one and we don’t stop there- we have put together an extensive list to make things much easier.

Thing to consider when choosing a smartwatch

If you want your watch to serve you well, you have to ensure that you choose the right one. So now, onto the most important features that one should look for when buying a smart watch Malaysia:

1. Phone Compatibility/Connectivity

Does the smartwatch have the right selection of apps to match your phone’s functionality? Go for a watch that serves as a good companion to your smartphone.

If you get a watch that isn’t compatible with your phone, then all your money will have gone to waste.

2. Style

Global Smartwatch Market Revenue up 20% in H1 2020

Find a smartwatch that offers a choice of straps and the ability to change them. This way you can easily color coordinate with whatever you’re wearing.

When it comes to style, you should also check the comfortability which also counts for a lot. Ensure that the straps are comfortable around your wrist. They should also easy to wear and change.

3. Battery Life

Dos and don'ts for better battery life

Pay attention to the watch’s battery life. This determines how long it’ll stay on without needing to be recharged.

Generally, a smartwatch should last a day or two between charging sessions.

4. Price Factors/Budget

OnePlus' first smartwatch promises a two-week battery and speedy charging |  Engadget

The fact that a watch is ridiculously expensive doesn’t mean that it’s the best one in the best smartwatch Malaysia.

You can still get some fantastic smartwatches on a budget. Depending on the brand, a smartwatch should cost you anywhere between $70-$500.

Top-tier smartwatches Malaysia

The pieces that made it to our list have a wide range of features and functions.

Which smartwatch should you buy? Now that you know some of the features that you should be on the lookout for, here are some of our top picks:

1. Huawei Watch GT2

Looking for a phone that’ll give you value for your money? Then the Huawei Watch GT2 would be it! The Huawei Watch G2 is designed with all the fitness fanatics’ needs in mind.

The AMOLED display supports both touch and slide gestures and is very sharp with a 454*454 pixel resolution.

·       Long battery life but may vary depending on usage·       Limited software. What this means is that the watch doesn’t allow third-party apps so isn’t very customizable.
·       Beautifully designed·       The heart rate sensor is quite inconsistent hence unreliable
·       Does an amazing job with fitness tracking·       No NFC support

2. FK78 Smart Watch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker

This sporty smartwatch Malaysia monitors the body during rest/sleep and also tracks movements during vigorous sporting activities in real-time. This will motivate you to get up, start working out, and stop all your unhealthy lifestyle habits.

The wearable’s square dial resembles that of an Apple Watch. The FK78 Smartwatch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker is a standalone smartwatch that has a 1.78 inch screen with 320*385 pixels resolution. If you lose your phone, the “find mobile phone” feature will help you locate it. This function works both ways i.e. if you lose the watch, you can still find it using your phone.

·       Waterproof so its suitable for swimming·       It’s not a touchscreen watch
·       Supports Bluetooth calling·       Doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi

3. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple watches take the uncontested top spot in the market when it comes to making the best smart watch. Not only does the apple watch series 6 allow you to take calls, but users may also reply to messages from on there. Let’s not forget that you can always check your heart rate in real-time and track your daily activity levels.

The Apple watch Series 6 smartwatch can detect when the wearer takes a hard fall and responds immediately by reaching out for help. How cool is it getting emergency services from your wrist watch?

·       Has excellent haptics·       Expensive
·       Speedy performance·       Doesn’t support Android
·       Allows for faster charging
·       Allows you to set quiet hours so that notifications don’t come in as you sleep

4. FT50 Smart Watch Series 6 with Fitness Tracker

Are you a fitness aficionado? The FT50 Smart watch series 6 with Fitness Tracker will offer a great app platform and show most notifications from your phone. The watch also measures your heart rate, tracks your steps, and gives you a detailed performance analysis that goes above and beyond the capability of most smartwatches.

Other general functions that this watch supports include a stopwatch, calendar, and alarm.

·       Affordable·       The sleep monitoring feature is erratic
·       Supports Bluetooth calls·       For it to function properly, the smartphone has to be closely
·       Supports multi-language
·       Calorie consumption monitoring

5. Smart Watch DT78 Smart Watch

The round-face Smart Watch DT78 Smart Watch fitness bracelet has a host of features such as Bluetooth, time, distance tracking, sleep monitoring as well as real-time heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen measurements. The watch’s minimalistic design showcases fine craftmanship that’s reproduced in the details

The straps are available in leather, black, or silver.

·       Waterproof and dustproof ·       Shouldn’t be worn when swimming or taking a bath; can only handle daily handwashing or a little rain
·       Free-size watch·       Leaves a large print on the wrist when removed
·       Functions well as a daily health reference point·       Heart rate measurements aren’t medical standard

6. Ocean Smart Watch Sport Tracker with Water Resistant Function

The brilliant KL Ocean smart Watch Casio design is available in wine red, camouflage, and stripe-shaped blue. It also come in more than six sports modes that all support running, walking, climbing, and riding.

Feel free to take a bath or go swimming while still wearing this watch. The only condition is that you do not press the button while the watch is underwater.

·       Water resistant – suitable for professionals·       Bulky
·       Convenient and easy to use·       To some people, the watch-face looks a little too traditional
·       Has a rich and beautiful dial style
·       Made using high strength and wear-resistant materials

7. Xiaomi Haylou LS01 1.3 Inch Smartwatch

All you need to do for the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 1.3 Inch Smartwatch screen to light up is to raise the watch and tilt it inwards. The watch has an excellent design that’s not only comfortable to wear but also durable.

Major functions include health monitoring, motion tracking, sleep analysis, and sending alerts along with intelligent reminders. The watch has nine sports modes that are: running, walking, hiking, cycling, treadmill, spinning, mountain climbing, yoga, and fitness.

·       Excellently crafted·       The watch interface only supports Chinese language (apps support English)
·       Raise to wake screen
·       Long lasting battery; goes for several days without charging depending on the usage
·       High resolution square color touchscreen

8. IWO MAX 2.0 Smart Watch

The IWO MAX 2.0 Smart Watch is an affordable yet functional watch and this makes it a great option for fashion enthusiasts who are into trendy tech stuff.

One thing that we love the most about this watch is that you can set your own picture or any other image as the wallpaper. The water and dust resistance features will guarantee a worry-free usage. This means that you can wear the watch to wherever you want without a care in the world.

·       Light weight so it doesn’t bother you throughout the day·       Doesn’t replace your smartphone
·       Has heart rate sensors·       Has to be within Bluetooth range to use apps (approx. 300ft)
·       Powered by a 380 mAh battery which gives 7 days standby time

9. Huami Amazfit Verge Lite A1818 Smartwatch

This waterproof smartwatch with an AMOLED high-resolution display is an absolute must-have! The Huami Amazfit Verge lite A1818 features a 1.3 inch screen that makes it easy for you to read the information displayed on there.

Working out will be made easier for you because you can easily tell how many calories you burn per exercise. The watch comes with seven sports modes which are outdoor running, walking, treadmill, indoor cycling, elliptical trainer, and exercise.

·       Fits the width of the wrist for comfort·       No Qi charging
·       Accurate measurements and recordings
·       Can go for up to 20 days in between charging after its fully charged

10.  P9 SmartWatch Built-in Fitness Tracker

Color brightens up our lives. The P9 SmartWatch Built-In Fitness Tracker is available in a wide range of color choices i.e. black, grey, pink, orange, and blue.

The P9 Smartwatch looks like a standard watch but this multicolor sports assistant has a lot more to offer. It supports several sports modes and analyzes the data that’s collected to give an appropriate report depending on the sport.

·       Affordable·       Doesn’t support touchscreen
·       Exchangeable straps·       Limited third-party app support
·       The sleek design is close to perfection
·       Pushes almost all notifications to the watch

11.  Huami Amazfit Verge Lite A1818 Smartwatch

The Huami Amazfit Verge Lite A1818 Smartwatch allows it’s users to receive smart notifications be it from email, messages, and other smartphone apps.

When you get this watch, the last thing you need to worry about is a swiftly diminishing battery. All this is thanks to the introduction of the low-power consumption sensors and battery optimization.

·       Sharp AMOLED display that sparkles·       Limited color options. The wristbands are only available in grey.
·       Lasts more than 20 days in typical use scenarios
·       Supports both Android and iOS
·       Comfortable wristband fitting with a stylish touch
·       Customizable watch faces

12.  Y10 Smart Watch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker

What’s cooler than being able to control the music directly from your phone as you take a stroll? This means that you don’t need to keep taking out your phone. Is this reason enough for you to get the Y10 Smart Watch Bluetooth with Fitness Tracker smart watch? We’ll give you more reasons. This watch syncs up with your smartphone like a Bluetooth speaker does.

The watch also has a fancy metallic face that’s paired with a well-fitting silicone band. This duo makes such a great duo. So if you prefer something more traditional looking, this would be the perfect selection.

·       Water resistant·       Only supports partial functions especially for iPhone
·       Black, brown, green, and orange straps·       There’s no push notification function for various social media platforms
·       Standalone nano-SIM card so the watch may be used as a phone support TF card to take and make calls

13.  Garmin Venu SQ

The Garmin Venu SQ features a bright color display and combines daily style with health sensing and fitness tracking capabilities. If you’re seriously considering turning your lifestyle around, then this watch will inspire you to keep moving. Now it’s time to start participating in your favorite sporting activities like golfing and biking without having to worry much about your health.

We guarantee that this watch will exceed your expectations and what’ll shock you the most is

·       Come preloaded with more than 20 sports apps·       The battery life is a bit limited compared to other super watches on this list
·       Supports Bluetooth
·       Sleek and elegant design

14.  T500 T5S Smart Watch

Amidst all the new smartwatch releases, you ought to admit that the T500 T5S Smart Watch beats several brands to still makes it to the list of the best smartwatches. If you like the idea of a smartwatch that bags a little extra functionality, you ought to give this model a try.

The health assistant feature helps to monitor your heart rate in real-time. This is very useful in laying out care solutions and suggestions for your health.

·       Pocket-friendly price·       No warranty
·       Receives and makes calls
·       Promotes a healthy lifestyle

15.  Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 R820

The Samsung Galaxy Watch active 2 R820 has excellent battery life coupled with some dope health and wellness tracking features. The software upgrades also play a huge role in making the watch stand out from competition.

The watch offers a simple look and an easy-to-operate-and-read display with a backlight. The face is made of stainless steel and the screen measures 14inches. Big enough for a watch right?

·       The screen is activated by wagging your wrist·       A bit pricey
·       Several color options are available·       Doesn’t support iOS
·       Comes with different hope pages and you can download more
·       Small and lightweight

16.  DT78 Smartwatch

The round shape DT78 Smartwatch is a sporty smartwatch that comes with two buttons on the side. These buttons are used to navigate through menus. It’s available in black, blue, green, and brown colors.

This watch may be kept on when you wash your hands or even on rainy days. Other features that you’re going to love include the heart-rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, sleep monitor, an alarm, calendar, camera remote control, and call/message reminder.

·       Affordable·       Not a touchscreen
·       Features and auto-light up screen
·       Waterproof smartwatch
·       Weighs 59g so it’s pretty light
·       Made using durable material – zinc alloy for the body and silicone for the straps

17.  Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm (R840)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm features a 14inch color display that’s always on. The display shows an analogue face by default. As a result, some people may feel like this isn’t “smart” or modern enough. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

This is one watch that’s take care of you – your well-being will literally be in your hands. Now it’s time to take your health into your hands with one of the few watches on this list that has the best and most advanced health monitor.

·       Supports NFC and Bluetooth·       Quite expensive
·       Features gorilla glass·       Screen isn’t responsive to touch
·       Supports NFC and Bluetooth·       Only supports Android
·       Superior quality may be felt from the stainless steel housing to the genuine leather straps

18.  T500 Pro Smartwatch Sport Tracker with Water Resistant

The T500 Pro Smartwatch Sport Tracker with water Resistance is one of the best-selling watches in the Malaysia smartwatch market at the moment. This watch performs most of its functions very well. For example, the touchscreen can recognize a series of commands issued through physical touch such as swiping and pinching.

The 1.54 inch screen allows you to see more detailed pictures and words too. The screen has 240*240 pixel resolution.

·       Supports Bluetooth voice call, call dial pad, and address book synchronization·       The watch shouldn’t be worn wen showering or swimming
·       Offers multiple sports modes·       The screen size is quite big (1.54 inches), this makes it a little bulky
·       Quick access to notifications
·       Removable straps so can be personalized

19.  Fitbit Versa 3

A couple of years back, who could have imagined that we would have GPS built into our phones leave alone watches? No one! But the Fitbit Versa 3 and other smartwatches have proven us wrong. This model is available in midnight and soft gold aluminum colors.

This inspirational health smartwatch comes with all the motivational features you need to move closer to your goals. This brand is quite promising so you ought to keep an eye on it in the future.

·       Great battery life·       Expensive
·       Attractive color options·       You need to download a number of apps to further enhance your experience
·       The straps are super flexible and attractive
·       Improved performance over time
·       Helps you stay abreast of various happenings with a quick glance of your wrist

20.  Lokmat MK18 Smart Watch

The Lokmat MK18 Smart Watch has been in the game for quite a while now and so we expect that it does an amazing job creating apps that keep tabs on steps, calories, and sleep. This watch is not only great for tech addicts but for the general public too.

This watch is designed to work seamlessly with various apps. You can use the watch to listen to music, monitor your breathing, send messages, and track some fitness activities like walking.

It’s available in black, green, and orange.

·       The battery performance is excellent·       Doesn’t have some of the more advanced features when it comes to fitness
·       Supports multiple sports modes·       Leaves a large footprint on the wrist
·       Always on display so you don’t have to keep raising your wrist when you want to check the time·       Limited software functionality


Choosing the best smartwatch Malaysia is no different from selecting a smartphone. While there are endless options to choose from with many similarities, you have to go the extra mile and do your research thoroughly.

In this review we break down different features that we believe make a smartwatch a “must have” accessory. Which one of these watches do you feel would work best for you?

According to us, the best smartwatch 2021 has got to be the Smart Watch Men Fitness Tracker IP67 Waterproof Heart Rate Blood Pressure Oxygen followed closely by the Smart Watch Custom Wallpaper 1.78 Full Screen Bluetooth Fitness Tracker. These two offer a wide range of useful features and the best part is that they’re quite affordable going for RM 89 and RM 135 respectively. Functionality should always be a top priority. What do you think?

We hope that this smart watch review makes it a little bit easier for you to choose the best watch that suits your needs. If you found this piece useful don’t forget to share with your friends and family : -)


1. How do I choose a smart watch?

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the technology in smart watches keeps evolving with each passing day. This makes the selection process a little overwhelming. Here are some of the things to put into consideration when choosing a smartwatch:

·   Touchscreen or Touchless

Most people opt for touchscreen smartwatches and this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Although it can be quite difficult to select items of the watch’s small touchscreen, it simplifies swiping left and right.

·   The features you need

A smartwatch will offer its user so many features including the GPS, heart-rate monitor, female cycle tracker, and the fitness feature. All these have a significant impact on its usability.

2. What do Smartwatches actually do?

Should you get a smart watch and not know how to use it, we’re here to help. Smartwatches add convenience to the user’s life. Here are some of the functionalities that you can enjoy:

·   You get instant notifications without having to check your phone. Once you take a peek, you can decide whether it’s urgent and requires your immediate attention or not. This guarantees continuous connection without constant interruptions

·   You get a timepiece that does so much more but you still won’t break the bank. All that traditional watches did was just tell the time. Thanks to technological advancements, users now have access to customizable watches that have limitless capabilities.

3. How does a smart watch measure heart rate?

This intelligent device uses a technology known as photoplethysmography. It uses flashing LED light that’s green in color to illuminate the blood flowing underneath the skin. This specific color is effectively taken in by our blood.

The changes in the amount of light absorbed are measured by the sensors. This information is transmitted to the monitor and is used to gauge the heart rate.

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