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Pressure cookers make it possible to cook healthy meals fast.

Everyone loves super fast and fuss-free food. Remember those long weekdays that leave you too tired to cook? Things would be different with a pressure cooker.

Pressure cooking simplifies the overall cooking process and frees up your time.

Pressure cookers have been around for several years. However, today’s pressure cookers have made major technological advancements over the screeching steam-blowing pot from decades ago.

They now come with several safety features with the advantage of allowing you to cut down on time spent on preparing meals by up to 70%.

A pressure cooker is a kitchen appliance that depends on a build-up of significant pressure inside an airtight container in order to cook food. This device can be placed on a stovetop or powered by electricity.

There are different types of pressure cooker Malaysia models. This can make finding the right pressure cooker for your needs a little difficult. In this article, we review 7 of the best pressure cookers in Malaysia you can compare for purchase, as well as a guide for choosing the best pressure cooker for you.

Types of Pressure Cookers

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Pressure cookers can be categorized based on what they are used for and how they are powered.

Electric Pressure Cooker

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Electric pressure cookers are also known as third generation pressure cookers.

As against stovetop pressure cookers that are placed on a stove to slow cook, electric pressure cookers are powered by electricity. A good quality electric pressure cooker Malaysia is typically more advanced, with various features and settings. They are commonly referred to as third-generation pressure cookers.

An electric pressure cooker has a spring-loaded valve that is used to control the pressure. They also feature pre-programmed chips with different settings and automated features that make it easier to cook meals and provides a seamless hands-off cooking experience.

Some of the extra features of an electric pressure cooker include dual pressure settings, automatic pressure release function, an easy to program timer, and so on.

Single Purpose Pressure Cooker

As the name implies, a single-purpose pressure cooker typically has a single-pressure setting which makes them quite limited in their application. They are designed to deliver at a specific pressure and there are no extra settings to adjust or vary the pressure.

This makes them suitable for only cooking one type of meal . Most conventional pressure cookers are single-purpose units but modern appliances are multi-functional.

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Multipurpose pressure cookers have multiple pressure settings which allow you to cook different types of food.

Multi-Purpose Pressure Cooker

Multi-purpose pressure cookers feature multiple pressure settings which makes them suitable for cooking different meals. They feature various temperature controls and a range of pressure settings.

Most modern pressure cooker units do offer multiple cooking methods. They can be used to cook rice, steam food, warm food, for slow cooking, and so on.

Although a multifunctional pressure cooker tends to be more expensive, a good multifunctional pressure cooker is a good investment since they are versatile and they replace several kitchen appliances. The best pressure cookers can act as ideal one-stop appliances for a variety of your cooking tasks.

Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers allow you to cook food within an airtight, pressurized environment. This presents several benefits over conventional cooking methods. Here are some of the benefits of cooking with a pressure cooker.

Cook Faster

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Cook delicious meals faster with a pressure cooker.

This is perhaps the most notable benefit of pressure cooking. Because this device cooks food within a pressurized system, the best pressure cooker can reduce cooking time by as much as 70%. This makes it such a handy device for preparing quick meals.

You simply throw in all the ingredients, cover the cooker, and plug it in and your meal will be ready to serve in just minutes.

Versatile Appliance

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

A pressure cooker can replace multiple appliances and cooking utensils for different meals.

The best pressure cookers are well-known for their versatility. Multi-purpose pressure cookers especially may be used as rice cookers, food warmer, slow cookers, or simply to steam food quickly. Other pressure cookers (modern units) may also help in canning food.

These other models tend to be larger and are also known as pressure canners because they can deliver the high pressure needed to cook and can food in order to preserve them for future use. How much you can get out of your appliance depends largely on the type and model you purchase.

Save on Electricity and Gas

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

With a pressure cooker, you spend less time on cooking and save costs in the long run.

A pressure cooker is far more efficient for cooking than using regular pots and cookers. Because less time is spent on cooking, it can help in saving significantly on electricity and gas.

With the best electric pressure cooker, the initial cost of purchasing will be offset in the long run since you will spend less time cooking and save money on your monthly energy bill.

Lock in More Nutrition and Flavor

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Cooking food in a closed system provided by a pressure cooker helps to lock in nutrients and flavor.

Pressure cooking is generally considered the more nutritious and delicious option. This is because nutrients in most foods tend to get destroyed with longer cooking time.

With a pressure cooker, meals are cooked faster and using less liquid which is soon boiled away leaving most of the nutrients in the food. This reduces the chances of the meal losing its flavor and color.

Nutrients are also locked into the meal as they are less likely to evaporate or get diluted inside a large volume of water. Overall, using a pressure cooker will enhance the natural flavor and richness of foods.

Easy and Safe to Use

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Modern pressure cookers are simple, safe and easy to use for preparing meals.

With modern pressure cookers, there is nothing to fear. They come with various safety features that prevent the build-up of excess pressure. For instance, the automatic pressure release function ensures that you won’t get scalded by the steam. Many models also feature locking lids that will not open until pressure has been safely released. Pressure cooker delivers a hands-free and safe cooking experience that you’ll love.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Using a pressure cooker helps to reduce the chances of a messy countertop.

Asides from the obvious stress of cooking meals, one of the problems with regular cookware products is that they tend to leave residues, splashes, and stains on the stovetop, counters, and walls.

With a pressure cooker, all the oil and steam are locked within the pot. If you want to cook rice, slow bake, cook food, or bake or stir fry, this appliance reduces spatters, splashes, and boil overs that make cleanup difficult. Also, its single inner pot is used to prepare your meal. This means that there are fewer pots to wash after.

How to Choose Pressure Cooker

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

There are several brands and models of pressure cookers each with their unique features.

If this is your first time shopping for a pressure cooker, it is normal to feel overwhelmed considering the array of different types and models available to choose from. To make it easier to make your choice, the following are some of the important considerations in choosing the best pressure cooker Malaysia has to offer.

Pressure Indicator

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Pressure cookers with pressure indicators allow you to monitor the pressure within the cooker.

Many modern pressure cookers feature a digital display which indicates the pressure and temperature at which the unit is operating. This display makes it easy to set and monitor your pressure cooker as it cooks. The pressure indicator also serves as a safety mechanism since it lets you know if the content of the pot is still pressurized.

Size / Capacity

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Pressure cooker sizing depends largely on the size of your household and cooking needs.

Sizing is one of the major considerations in choosing a pressure cooker. Choosing to buy a pot that is too small or too large can be a problem. With a small, slow cooker, you worry you will end up cooking multiple times and a large cooker will only waste your fuel.

The main factor that determines the size of the pressure cooker to choose is the number of people you are cooking for. If it’s just for one or two people, then a small to medium-sized pressure pot (about 3quart) will be great.

However, if you have a large family or you intend to cook for a party or small gathering then a large pot (6 to 8 quarts) will be a better option.

However, you should bear in mind that a pressure cooker should be filled to only half or two-thirds of its capacity depending on the type of food you are cooking.


Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

There is a pressure cooker for every project. But quality units don’t come cheap.

The good news is that there is a pressure multi cooker here for pretty much every budget. However, you should know that quality is sometimes more expensive. When it comes to pressure cookers in Malaysia, a digital multi pressure multi cooker for example, will likely cost way more than a stovetop pressure multi cooker will.

You will get a low-tech affordable electric pressure cooker for as low as RM 200. However, for a more feature-packed unit, you may spend over RM 500. There are mid-range options of course that will still serve your needs very well.

To make it easier to find a unit, you can simply set how much you intend to spend then look for a pressure cooker that fits within that budget range. A budget pressure cooker will be limited in versatility but should function well enough.


Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Stainless steel pressure cookers are more recommended since many cheap aluminum models can be easily deformed.

Pressure cookers can be made from a wide range of materials. A cheap pressure cooker tends to be made with aluminum which is soft and can become easily deformed.

Some materials also react to contact with your meals then hot and this can be a problem when cooking. Generally, a stainless steel pressure cooker would make a better choice because they are stable and durable. You should also aim to get a non stick inner pot, as this will make cooking and cleaning much easier.

In addition to durability, the cooker material also determines whether the cooker will be dishwasher-safe or not. You should keep this in mind in choosing between pressure cookers in Malaysia.


Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Pressure cooker handles are important for safety and convenience.

The handle of your pressure cooker will have a major impact on safety and how easy to use the unit will be. Look out for pressure cookers with ergonomic and heat-resistant handles.

Heat resistance will ensure that the handle stays cool to touch while in use which makes it very easy to carry or hold if you need to.

Lid Type

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Pressure cooker units with inner lids mechanisms are commonly considered safer.

As far as the lid is concerned, there are two options. Some units come with an inner lid while some come with an outer lid. In this inner lid type the lid top goes inside the pressure cooker.

But for other models, with an outer lid, the lid top remains outside the cooker container. Units with inner lids are considered safer because they have an extra locking mechanism compared to outer lid types.

Generally, larger-sized units tend to have an outer lid while the smaller cooker typically features an inner lid system.


Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Pressure cookers with safety features will prevent potentially dangerous accidents or injury caused by hot pressurized steam.

With a pressure cooker, you are dealing with a lot of built-up pressure and very hot steam. This means, your pressure cooker should at least have some safety features in place.

Some of the safety features to look out for include locking lids that stay closed when there is excess pressure in the cooker, valve steam release, heat-resistant ergonomic handles, a pressure relief device, and so on.


Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Good quality products typically have a longer warranty.

Although not a sure indicator, a longer warranty most times means the product is better and more reliable. Therefore, it is better to go for a unit that offers a longer warranty duration. This way you can get the unit repaired or replaced for free in case it is faulty.

Health Factor

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Health-wise, go for pressure cookers that do not react with food under heat and pressure.

Some pressure cooker stainless steel materials such as aluminum tend to react with food (usually acidic ingredients) especially under high temperature and pressure.

This is not a healthy way to prepare meals. This is why stainless steel or hard anodized pressure cookers are more recommend as far as health is concerned.

 Easy to Clean – Coating / Non-coating

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Ease of cleaning is an important consideration in choosing pressure cookers.

Going for a pressure cooker that is easy to clean will reduce the stress of cleaning your utensils after cooking. Some pressure cookers are dishwasher safe. This means you can simply put them in a dishwasher after cooking.

Stainless steel and aluminum cookers tend to be dishwasher safe. However, some units (like hard-anodized cookers) are not dishwasher safe. Be sure to look out for this when buying a unit.

Similarly, you should also consider whether the unit is has a non-stick coating or not. Although having a non-stick coating means food particles are less likely to stick to the pot.

But a coated or non stick pot tends to get scratched easily and this will affect its performance. If you must buy a unit like this, then you have to handle it carefully when washing.

7 Best Pressure Cookers To Buy Online In Malaysia

Here are 7 of the best pressure cookers you’ll find on the Malaysian market. Out of all the pressure cookers in Malaysia, we believe that any of these 7 would be a great investment for your kitchen.

1. Russell Taylors 8L Electric Pressure Cooker

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Russel Taylors pressure cooker has an 8 liters capacity which makes it perfect for large families.

The Russell Taylors 8L Electric Pressure Cooker is a large 8 liters pressure cooker with an innovative design that you’ll love. This unit features a detachable plastic inner lid design that is quite easy to clean for your convenience.

As far as safety goes, there is an auto-pressure release vent system that helps to vent and get rid of excess steam build up. There is also a child lock system that ensures safe operation around kids.

This is an easy-to-use electric pressure cooker. It features advanced micro-compressor technology with 10 smart pre-set programs for cooking. It is faster than conventional cooking and there is an easy-to-program timer that makes hands-free cooking possible.


  • Nutritional keep warm system
  • A Detachable inner lid that is easy to clean
  • Auto-pressure release
  • Easy to program


  • The cooker exterior may be prone to dents.

2. Philips Electric Pressure Cooker 5.0L

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

This Philips stainless steel pressure cooker is well built and durable.

The Philips Electric Pressure Cooker has a 5-liter capacity and is made of stainless steel material. This is a durable pot with a non-stick and scratch-resistant inner for easy cleaning.

In addition to being very well-built, the Philips electric pressure cooker is very easy to operate as well. This unit is very efficient and can tenderize tough ingredients in just minutes.

On this Philips pressure cooker, there is a large digital display as well as a preset timer for convenient the cooking time. This device also features an automatic pressure lock and release system. This, together with the auto-timer makes it possible to do other things while your meal cooks.


  • Durable and scratch-resistant inner pot
  • Easy to read display
  • Preset timer (for up to 24 hours)
  • Long warm feature


  • Warranty is limited (does not cover exterior damage)

3. Midea 5.0L Pressure Cooker

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

This Mdea pressure cooker help you to cook tastier meals effortlessly.

With this Midea Pressure Cooker 5.0L, cooking tasty meals effortlessly just got better. This multi-functional pressure pot features 7 different pre-set menus that makes it easy to cook different meals under various conditions.

There is a power-off memory function which means the cooker will still retain your last setting after it has been switched off.

The Midea pressure cooker has a working pressure of 40Kpa and a dual inner ceramic pot top. The inner ceramic pot is non-stick and durable. There is a pressure indicator  that shows you the exact pressure status of the cooker.

This unit is big on safety as well. There are 10 different safety features on the cooker including overheat protection, coverless protection, pressure limit control, pressure relief feature, and so on. These safety mechanisms make it safe and convenient to use this pressure cooker


  • Mechanical controls that make it easy to choose pre-set menu and set timer
  • Non-stick inner pot
  • 45 minutes timer
  • 7 preset menus


  • Limited instructions on usage

4. Butterfly Pressure Cooker 16.5 Liter

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

This is a large capacity pressure cooker with a sturdy but elegant design.

With a 16.5Liter capacity, the Butterfly Pressure Cooker is one of the largest units you will find around. If you have a large family or need to do a lot of cooking with a pressure cooker, this electric pressure cooker is an excellent candidate.

It has a one-piece body made with pulling and stretching technology. This makes it quite sturdy and durable with an elegant design that will look great on your countertop.

This pressure cooker has a multi-safety system that ensures safe cooking. The unit itself is quite easy to use. It has a thick base but a thin sidewall. This design ensures fast and efficient cooking and reduces the chances of the bottom burning.

It has a silicon ring sealing system designed to make opening and closing the lid quite seamless.


  • Large capacity pressure cooker
  • Strong and durable build
  • Fast cooking
  • Multi-safety mechanism


  • The cooker body is made with aluminum material

5. Philips Electric Pressure Cooker

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

With 14 different present menu, this pressure cooker can be used to prepare different types of meals. 

With a 6L capacity this Philips Electric Pressure Cooker is a larger and more versatile unit that can handle meals for as much as 10 people at a time. It has a durable, scratch-resistant and non-stick inner pot designed to make cleaning a breeze.

This unit comes with 14 different preset menus. This makes it suitable for cooking various foods. You can choose your desired setting with just a click. This pressure cooker features different advanced features.

There is a digital display screen that is quite easy to read. The electric pressure cooker also features a 24-hour preset timer, automatic pressure release, front heating and a 12-hour keep-warm function as well as several safety mechanisms


  • Durable pressure cooker
  • Large digital display
  • Non-stick inner pot


  • This is not a stainless-steel pressure cooker

6. HETCH Smart Pressure Cooker

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Quality pressure cooker with advanced safety features prevents accidents and injuries.

The HETCH Smart Pressure Cooker is a high-quality pressure cooker with loads of smart features. It features 8 different programs for cooking various meals from rice to soups, stew, meat, bean, saute, fish and porridge.

This is a large capacity unit with a 6L size. It features an easy to clean inner lid as well as a detachable condensation collector.

For safety, there is a lock on the lid which helps to prevent accidents. The handles of the cooker is made with heat-resistant material which makes it safe to touch and carry.

There is a 24 hours delay timer which allows you to delay meal prep for convenience as well as a food warming feature that helps to keep food warm for a long time.


  • Large 6L capacity
  • Preset timer and warm timer
  • Condensation collector
  • Quality metal housing with cool to touch handle


  • Warranty is just for one year

7. Birkeshire 6L Digital Multi Pressure Cooker & Slow Cooker

Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia - ShopJourney

Truly digital pressure cooker with more than 36 preset menus for cooking.

The Birkeshire 6L Digital Multi Pressure Cooker can also be used as a slow cooker. It can slow cook for up to 8 hours. This Birkeshire pressure and slow cook top cooker also has a 6L capacity which is suitable for a wide range of applications.

This is a heavy-duty pressure cooker. It is one of the best electric pressure cookers in Malaysia made by a local brand. The inner pot is triple coated plastic and also non-stick for easy cleaning without worrying about scratch.

There are several pre-set programs on this unit including an option for sauteing. There are 36 different presets and you can also customize cooking based on your preference. For a product in its price range, this cooker is feature-packed and quite versatile for a wide range of applications.


  • 36 cooking presets
  • Fully programmable unit
  • Can be used for slow cooking and warming
  • Affordable cooker


  • The Exterior is prone to dents and other damages


These are some top-quality pressure cooker Malaysia that you can consider buying. They come in different size capacities and a wide range of features depending on your specific needs.

It is best to define the features that are a high-priority for you and look for a product within your budget that offers these features. For this review, our pick of the best pressure cooker is the Philips Electric Pressure Cooker 5.0L.

It is a well-built and durable pressure cooker and very efficient for cooking. However, if you want a bigger, pressure cook put that is just as functional, the Russell Taylors 8L Electric Pressure Cooker is another good quality product to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which electric pressure cooker is the best

The truth is there are plenty of different types and models of pressure cookers each with its own unique features. The best pressure cooker Malaysia depends largely on your personal preferences, the specific features you need for your cooking, and of course, your budget.

2. What do you cook in a pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers can be used to cook most foods. However, it is common for people to use it for foods that are likely to take a long time. Some of the foods you can cook in a pressure cooker include beans, soup, though cuts of meat, chicken, mashed potatoes, squash, artichokes, and so on.

A multifunction pressure cooker can be used to brown, poach, steam, boil, steam roast, roast, or braise food.

3. Which is better stovetop or electric pressure cooker

Generally, there is no clear-cut winner between these two products. Although an electric pressure cooker is typically slower than a stovetop pressure cooker, it is more convenient to operate with multiple preset menus and settings.

This ease of operation is one of the reasons why many people prefer electric pressure cookers since they require less attention during the cooking process.

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